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Discord RP log between me and AstoriaFallen

Today had started out quite special already - and it wasn't even breakfast! She had been jolted awake by a very special combination of body shakes today. First front paw, then tail, then right ear. Chione had a gift, a gift that few rarely could understand with her. She experienced often different body parts behaving in their own matter, from shakes, to cramps, flicks, to downright complete numbness. Each little movement had was a part of a much larger code, one that she had a vast mental catalog for built up already.

What made today's so special? Well she hadn't experienced this specfic combonation before!

She wasn't quite sure what to make of this one. It didn't come with full body shaking, nor numbness that she generally linked to avalanches. But with her previous logs of certain movements generally being linked with different outcomes this one was perplexing. It was all over the place, sending a mix of both ominous signs as well as positive ones!

Alas, good or bad it would seem that she would have to simply go into today completely blind. The most she could do was to cross her toes and hope that everything worked out for the best!

Muraco flicked his ears slightly as a snowflake fell on the sensitive whisers. Looking around he blinked his pale eyes and made his way through the snowy covered lands in which he lived. Blending in was fairly easy for him, save his off colored locks, but even then it was almost hard to spot him from a distance.

He rather liked that, made hunting that much easier.

While he knew most members of the pride's names, he hadn't exactly gotten to know everyone on a personal level. He didn't exactly feel bad about that because he was still young, BUT at the same time he figured it would be a good thing to have locked away for the future should anything happen. He might need to know some of the memebers a bit better than he did now.

So todays mission?

Get to know a member or two today.

Well despite not knowing what to expect for today Chione figured that there was no reason to start it off right. She had a list of tasks to do already; Hunting down a good meal for her and B'un, spend some time properly waking up, and perhaps if she had time sit and enjoy the fresh snowfall before it was ruined in the hustle and bustle of the day.

She had always rather enjoyed this time of day. The sun had fully rose not too long ago, but yet it was still early enough that most were still cuddled in the warmth of their dens. It was a better time for hunting, for exploring, for well...everything (in her opinion!)

She didn't expect anyone to be out with her, and so she didn't put too much focus on looking where she was going. Oh she saw his off-colored tuft of mane, sure, but with her half-asleep mind still processing things at half speed she bother to piece together that it was actually attached to something

...At least not until she came crashing face first into his side!

Letting out a small oof Chione stumbled backwards the moment she made impact, tripping over own tail in the struggle and landing on her rump with a thud. "Oh! Shoooooot I'm so sorry." She exclaimed as her paw rushed up to rub her sore muzzle. "Are you okay?"

As he walked along he heard the sound of another approaching and turned to see who it was, he gave her a warm smile but she didn't seem to see it, or him at that matter. Everything happened sorta quick so he really didn't have time to sidestep, nor call out in a timely fashion and suddenly there was a collision of fur covered bodies.

"Are you okay?" He asked her almost at the same time she did. "I'm alright, is your face okay?" He said looking at her with a mildly concerned look, his brow furled in a particular way. He knew his side could be rather boney and she hoped she hadn't hurt anything, at least not too seriously.

"And you'd be surprised at how often that happens, so don't feel bad." It was true, he was mistaken for snow quite a bit. He couldn't remember the amount of times he'd be trampled upon by those not seeing him as being him. Came with the territory he supposed. "I'm Muraco." He grinned, the moment already forgotten to him.

With a slight blush flushing across her cheeks Chione slowly rose to her feet. Craning her head around to glance over her should she used her tail like a extra limb quickly getting to work on wiping away the snow from her backside before it melted into her fur. No one liked wet fur to begin with but up here in their home it could be downright dangerous walking around in open weather if you weren't careful! "Nono I'm fine everything is tooootally fine." With a tick of nervous laughter she finally set her paw down, satisfied that she hadn't injured it in the collision. "Thank you for asking though, I appreciate it." She responded back as she turned her focus back to him.

Her eyes widened slightly and lit up with excitement as she scanned over his pale form. Sure, lighter colors were normal in the pride but even standing right in front of her he could easily be mistaken as a unusual lump in the snow! How extraordinary she thought to herself. "Well that's no real surprise with you coat color! My goodness you remind me of the snow spirits in the elder's stories."

Course most snow spirits were meant to simply be a metaphorical warning against the dangers of traveling alone in their territory. Bah! The facts however interesting were completely irrelevant to the teenager.

"Muraco." She rolled his name across her tongue slowly before she lifted a paw out as a friendly greeting. "Ice to meet you then! I'm Chione. Again I am sorry about that, I hadn't expected anyone else to be out and about this early in the morning."

Aww, she was cute, the way she was a little embarassed. It made him smile.

"I'm glad you weren't harmed." It was definitly a relief and he felt instantly better, not even knowing he had been worried more than he let on. He gave a small bow of his head as if to say, it was his pleasure, it was only common courtesy to make sure one was alright after such a tumble. Especially when it involved colliding into him.

"Yea, it's great for hunting, but other than that it's a bit of a pain." He chuckled. Waving a paw at her he gave a warm smile and reassured her all was well. "No need to continue to apologize, we're both okay so that's forgiveness enough. I should say sorry for not wearing something to make me stand out better." He laughed.

"It's Ice to meet you as well Chione." He was curious as to why she was up so early, he was just an early riser. "You off to do anything exciting?"

"It really is, I'm always surprised not too see more hunters up and out at this time." Course there were many reasons that the adults choose to stay asleep during these twilight hours. No doubt in the future once they had both assumed their proper roles in society they shortly would learn from themselves why few risked the early morning as a good time to be out.

She joined him in the laughter before she finally replied to him, "Alright, Alright. Well perhaps as pay back I could find a way to make you something to stand out a wee bit more." She might not have had any particular talents in crafting, but it was the thought that counted...right?

Aww, he actually responded back to her puns! "Now that we've snowballed into each other, I think it's safe to say we're gonna be friends from here." In response to his question she gave a small short of her shoulder. "I wouldn't necessarily call it exciting, I'm just out mainly to hunt up some breakfast for my bun and I. What about you?"

He gave a nod. They were probably just trying to stay warmer, longer. He personally enjoyed the cold, so he didn't mind.

"That just means more reason for us to seize the day and all it's frozen glory." Grinning he listened as she mentioned making him something. "Oh, that would be nice of you. I'm not talented in the arts at all." Which was true, he wasn't the least bit artful.

"What would you think about making?" He was curious to know the extend of her skills now that she brought it up. Hell, it could look ugly as sin and he'd still wear it proudly.

"I can agree with that." He was pleased to have made a new friend. "I thaw some prey not too far in that direction? Perhaps we can go flush them out of hiding?" He said with a cheeky grin

Letting out another small giggle she eagerly nodded her head in agreement with him. "Oh yes! Carpe diem or...however that saying goes. But seize the day like it's your last none-the-less." She cheerfully proclaimed. It was her motto to live by, though more often than not it got her in more trouble and was the main cause in almost shortening her lifespan.

She lowered herself onto her back hunches. Bringing up a paw to her face she scratched at the side of her cheek as she thought over what exactly she could make for him. She had made flower crowns with her siblings before, but she highly doubted that he would enjoy one. "The birds in the forest often drop feathers, I could try to make a necklace with some of the brighter colored ones I find?" She offered up with a mild smile. "It won't be a masterpiece but it would be something to make you stand out a wee bit more."

Oh goodness that was even bad by her standards. Covering her mouth with her paw she pressed down to hide her ear-to-ear grin forming on her face from their back and forth puns. "That sounds nice! Hopefully the prey hasn't flaked off on us, if not we're just going to have to icicle them down."

She was cute. It made him glad she had run into him, his day was looking up so far and he was curious to see where it continued to go. "If you'd like to do that, I would proudly wear it." He had never been given something before so he was a little excited if she went through with it. "I'm sure it will be lovely regardless." He grinned.

Giving a small laugh he had to say her puns were pretty good. "I'm sure the weather will snow them down at any rate." Oh gosh he was terrible at this. "Let's go." He said motioning for her to follow.