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Out on the ocean, we are free... | A nautical fantasy roleplay | Ongoing 

Tags: Nautical, Fantasy, Action, Pirate, Voyage 

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James Banister | Deck Hand [INACTIVE]

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:08 pm
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James "Jimmy Bones" Banister

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Currently, Jimmy Bones is a wayfarer. Jack of all trades, and master of none. He was once a privateer, sailing on the Lady Mercy, but when the ships documents and privelages were revoked and the crew all considered pirates with warrants for their arrest, he's since been on the run. As his story progresses, he will find himself recruited as a deckhand on the Resilient Wanderer.


He is a Lycan. Unlike a Werewolf, who is forced to transform every full moon and loses controls over their thoughts and feelings, a Lycan has complete control over when they transform, and they keep their consciousness. Lycans may also partially transform. The more skilled a Lycan is with their powers of transformation determines what limbs they can easily transform. For example, a Lycan who is less skilled may be able to transform just an arm, but a greater skilled Lycan could transform just their hand or even a finger. Basically, they can transform more minute things for subtlety. Lastly, Lycans have heightened senses. Most concentrated of these are their sense of smell, sight, and hearing. Again, the use of these senses depends on how in control the Lycan is.
Jimmy isn't so skilled with transformation, but he is very skilled with his senses and has rather superior smell, vision, and hearing.


James Banister was a born slave in the American colony of Carolina. He, his family, and the other slaves worked on a sugar cane plantation. Their master was exceptionally cruel and worked his slaves to the bone. His wife on the other hand, was kind and strongly disagreed with her husband's treatment of the slaves. But, being a woman, she didn't get much say in the matter, and her husband didn't respect her opinion. Thus, that was the life James and his brothers knew. Hard work in the sweltering sun, lashes, and minimal food. But what their master didn't know, was that a family of slaves he owned were all Lycans. James' mother and father worked very hard to keep this a secret to ensure the survival of their four boys. But one day, when James turned 16, his brother Andre was subject to an extreme punishment of 20 lashes to the back for not going to the field because he had gotten sick with smallpox.

The next morning, their master was found in his home, looking as though he had been mauled by some sort of animal, and James' eldest brother, Thomas, was found in the carnage. Thomas was hanged for the murder. However, no one would believe that he had acted on his own. No man could have created such a gruesome scene on his own. They wanted his brothers hanged as well, for "conspiring." The master's wife, Elaine, didn't know what the truth was, but James' mother begged and begged, crying that her sons were innocent and that Thomas had acted alone. Elaine was moved, and decided to help the boys escape from the town so that they may find new lives away from the colony. She arranged for them to leave that night on one of the cargo ships taking their sugar to England. However, the captain of the ship would not allow Andre aboard since he was still sick with smallpox. He had to stay behind. Only James and his older brother Joseph were granted safe passage. James, outraged, had a mind to stay in Carolina with his brother, but his Joseph physically forced him into the ship. Heartbroken and devasted, James refused to speak to his brother. But after a few nights, he came to his senses. Joseph was the only one he now had in this world, and they needed to stick together. A couple weeks out to sea, Joseph gave James a satchel. Inside was the skull fragments of their old master that Joseph had snatched from his funeral pyre while they were still hot. He had the scarred blisters on his fingers to prove it. James decided kept them as a reminder of the life he was about to leave behind, so he may never forget his roots. This satchel is what earned him his nickname, since throughout his eventual privateering career, he used it as an intimidation gimmick. The bones were granted many names and came with many stories, none of them being the truth.

Once they landed on England's shores, it was an immediate scramble for them to try and find work. James found a job in the harbor. A ship known as Lady Mercy was crewed by privateers. Their last powder monkey was killed in a skirmish with a Spanish ship. James was young and fit, perfect for the job. But that meant he would have to leave his brother behind. He tried to barter with them to let Joseph join the crew as well. They allowed him to work as kitchen help, and thus, the boys set out to sea. As time passed, and James grew and learned about the ship, he moved up from powder monkey, to gunner, to a Mate, working directly under and apprenticing the First Mate. At 19, however, James suffered a terrible loss when Joseph was killed, of all places, in a tavern fight. A year after that, more tragedy befell him when the crew of the Lady Mercy was stripped of their ranks and branded as pirates rather than privateers. A warrant for their arrest was issued, their captain was caught and hanged, and the crew was at a loss. Thus, they scattered like the wind.

James found himself in the Caribbean, travelling, moving from job to job, trying to find a place and escape the law. Eventually, he meets the Captain of the Resilient Wanderer, and finds a position there.



As a Lycan, James can transform at will to a canine form. He can also do partial transformations, but he isn't very good at that, so he generally doesn't bother with it.

James has a superior sense of smell, vision, and hearing. He's very perceptive, and almost nothing escapes him. He can track people easily, and is pretty good at eavesdropping, so watch what you say when he's around.

He's very good with firearms, let's say that. Thanks to that superior sight we spoke about before, sharpshooting is easier than ever for him. He feels the most comfortable with his pistols at his hips and rifle strapped to his back. He's not much for swordsmanship. During a fight, he'll hang back or clamber up into the crow's nest and pick enemies off one by one.


His biggest weakness is when he's in mid-transformation. Since he isn't the best at it, it takes him about 30 seconds to fully transform. During that time, he can do literally nothing else. If you're to strike him, it's then. Of course, no one really knows this unless they're close to him. His comrades who do know about it help to cover him during the process so he can freely transform and wreak whatever havoc he needs to.


-His pistols
-Target practice
-The sound of waves crashing against a rocky shore


-Folks touching his guns
-Stale bread
-Folks touching his hair
-Having to transform (he'd rather use his guns)
-Over-stimulation due to his heightened senses


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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:35 pm
Here, have the creature of enigma and rainbow sparkles.

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Rhyannon Argall

Inquisitive Spirit

14,300 Points
  • Streaker 200
  • Marathon 300
  • Perfect Attendance 400

Kiaravell the Black Angel

Hallowed Hunter

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:28 am
^ It's called the Seal of Approval >:C
State yer name an' business! [Character Profiles]

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