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Madness, Insanity and... Rpg's. Well okay, it's all Rpg's. Unless 1 of the members is actually insane, then maybe there is a little madness. 

Tags: Friends, Madness, Role Playing, Hang Out, Awesome 

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Sparkly Punching Bag

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 9:35 am
Ah yes, and so here the end began.

The young and old hero's sat around my round table. My reapers standing in the shadows behind them. I had collected each of them, knowing that their skills and personalities would be perfect for the mission I had set for them.

I saw one stare at me fearlessly, but I expected that. She had dealt with me often in her life, and it was nothing to her to stare Death in the face now.
As for the rest, I had trouble reading their emotions. There were so many in each of them.

In the middle of the round table sat a large, thick book.
User Image

A small grin grew on my face as I reached over to my right and held the hand of my lover, Elizabeth.

"Welcome hero's. It is good to see you all again.
Perhaps you all have a small idea why you're here...
You may or may not have noticed that people from the past, are among the present again. You may or may not have noticed that sometimes when you're walking to the bathroom in your home, you suddenly are in a restaurant ordering food.
Or the most abrupt, perhaps you're now just discovering cars and ships for the first time...

Whatever your experience, surely you're all eager to put an end to it.
And I know just how to do so.

The book in the middle of this table was a design of the early gods.
It can either destroy this universe, or give birth to the next... It depends on how fast you move.

Any questions so far?"  
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 2:22 pm
Conquest, dressed in his man's shape, grinned.
He was lounging in a chair, a drink in one hand and a knife twirling in another.
"You have to call me in the one time I have a rest from fighting Titans?
Give me a break, Locke."
He spoke without rancor or malice, as though Death was an old friend. In a sense, they were. If nothing else, they'd worked extensively around each other.
Abeline's presence surprised him, but he didn't mind that. She'd come a long way from being that lost little princess, after all.
Some of these folks, he didn't know. Probably for the best, that.

"...Ah, crap. Where's Strife? Where'd my horse go?"
He wasn't worried about his crown; that was missing to begin with. But his horse had been a dear companion for longer than many lifetimes. It was formidable in its own right, so he pitied whoever had the bad luck to steal him, but that was still his horse.  

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Sparkly Punching Bag

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 3:21 pm
I looked to Conquest.
"I'm afraid so Conquest. As much as I'd love to give everyone here a break in this room, I can't quite afford it...
Your horse though, probably been misplaced or something. Doubt anyone would steal that thing...No offense friend.

Anyways, some of you might already have an idea about what I need you to do.
As you may have noticed, I only have one book on this table. There are four others, scattered all over the universe. Each book will lead you to the next, it's all very simple.
Only part that's not simple is the fact that these books are probably guarded. I know Grandmother Bones has one, but I don't know the others who guard them. They will be tricky to get to in the first place, but it will be more difficult to get the book from them..."

Olive took a look at Conquest, she was unsure that she'd ever met him.
It sounded as though that he was from her time since he mentioned the Titans.

"You fight Titans? You must be from the 4th era, like me.
I've never heard of you though..."
Olive looked over at me, and I kept my grin.

"Yes, Olive, I thought about who to set you up with. I know you don't like working in groups, but I thought that perhaps working with experienced and powerful people might be an exception."

Abeline gave a half smile to Conquest, letting him know she acknowledged him at least before setting her attentions towards me.

"I just have a few concerns.
You sounded as if we have a limited time to do this, what does that mean?"

"It means exactly that dear. Although, unfortunately I'm unsure how much time we all have. I'm not even sure what happens if you don't get all the books 'in time'... Just know that if yah do, time and space should stabilize.
That help?"

"Not really, but I'm sure we'll figure it out."  
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 7:14 pm
(Gonna wait for a bitsies after this post, see who hops in.)

He relaxed, taking a draw from the mug in his hand.
The spinning knife found its way into a sheath at his hip, smoothly gliding into place.
"None taken, old friend. Strife's a nasty piece of work.
Must be part of why I like him so much. I just hope I come across him on this trip..."

Conquest nodded to this 'Olive' girl.
"I haven't really kept track of the eras, but yeah. That sounds about right. They don't actually die out, ya know.
You want stories about me, though, ask Abeline here. I've lived a sight longer than most of my kind. Makes sense that I'd kind of fade out."

His fingers, now bereft of their toy, found their way to the hilt of a golden blade at his hip. Never one for time/space shenanigans, he waited to know what it was he could do. Being who he was, it could only be assumed that there was someone, something to conquer, to kill.  

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Loyal Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 8:16 pm
Crow watched carefully, a certain confusion burning in her bright eyes. She had been silent, listening intently and trying to sort out the situation. Everything about this room seemed so.. so.. foreign and falsely made. She didn't sense life from the strange walls.

Crow brought her bare feet up onto the chair, sitting on her haunches. Her wild hair was tangled into a beautiful mess surrounding her head and her stark white skin contrasted with the darkness of her hair and the crimson war paint coating her skin. Finally, she decided to say something.

"You speak of.. of.. Eras and Titans." She said, a heavy accent clinging to her words. "I do not know of these things. I am Crow of the Ojibwes."

Crow watched the others intently, with eyes almost like a wild cat. The spirits she sensed from the people around her were seemingly diverse. Some of them, she warmed to instantly but others.. not so much. She narrowed her eyes, trying to place spirits with bodies. Her confusion was deepening and it began to frustrate her. She pounded the end of her large weapon roughly on the ground, which was a sign of intimidation where she came from. (her weapon is that hooked scythe/spear/staff diddly bop in her appearance photo) Someone was putting off an aura of danger and she had no idea what those burning feelings were aimed at.

"Why am I here?" She demanded, straightening up. "I must return to my tribe."  
PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2014 10:34 am
I looked calmly towards grow and changed my grin to a softer smile for her.
"I understand you feel confused Crow.
I'm sorry, I've been mainly speaking to those who are more recent.
Allow me to explain."

I stood up and patted down my suit before reaching my hand out to her.
"I'm Locke, or in other words, Death. You have been dead for over 10,000 years my dear, and much has happened in that time.
While you are welcome to find your tribe, I would suggest otherwise.
Going home to your tribe will only kill them, for without your help, everyone is going to die...

I've collected you and everyone else here because I know your skills and abilities will aid you in finding these books and finding these books is crucial to saving or beginning the new universe.
I know it may be a lot to collect and understand, your from a very early time in our history, but trust me. Ironically, I'm only trying to prevent your deaths."

Olive looked back over at Conquest.
"Oh, I know they never die out.
I'll probably be fighting those goddamn things for the rest of my life...
But I do believe you can contain them."
She looked over at Abeline, and then back to Conquest.

"We can all get to know each other another time.... "
She looked over at Crow and then Locke, and then finally my lover, Elizabeth.
The two were sitting next to each other on my table, and began whispering to each other.

Abeline gently pulled the book over to her while everyone else spoke and opened it before her. She began to study it and observe the strange language it was written in.

This book is in great condition for its age...
I wonder what it says...
I wonder why it was written?

In the back, my reapers I noticed began to become anxious. Some of them were not especially good at standing still, especially Z and Nahla...
So with a wave of my hand, I disbanded them and let them leave the room.
"Do you think you can all do this?"  


Sparkly Punching Bag

Vice Captain

Militant Bibliophile

PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2014 3:01 pm

Conquest grinned amusedly. This was entertaining already.
Looking to Crow, he shook his head with a chuckle.
"Maybe. She's getting antsy, though.
Well, may as well go the 'round of introductions, if it's gonna be that way. Won't take long.
I am Conquest, the First Rider, but I used to be someone named Sca'than, or just Scath.
If you like, my 'tribe' is the Four Horsemen."

The urge to go forth and conquer was always present, but he could keep it controlled for now. Nobody here that seemed a viable target, anyhow.
Locke could be, he mused to himself, but I like Locke. He thinks he's funny.
Never got the chance to take Apocalypse down, though. Our host wouldn't take well to that, I guess.

He took his hand off the sword, easing into a standing position.
With a grin, the Rider drained his mug and set it down on the table.
"Would'ja call us in if we couldn't, Locke?
I was getting bored of Titans anyway."  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:11 am
A yawn emanated from one of the shadows and asked, 'So basically, we're gonna fight some old weird lady for a book that leads to other books we need in order to either destroy this universe or create a new one?'
Jay stepped out, hood up of course, and sighed, 'Why not both? Why can the be two universes or none? Because that's the vibe I'm getting.'  

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Sparkly Punching Bag

PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:01 am
I sat down in hopes that Crow might as well.
Patiently, I sat as I watched them all introduce themselves to each other.

"I'm Olive Cadenza." Olive said after Scath. "Consider me Apocalypse's sister to keep stories short.
I was born on Redatella, 2450. Six years after the age of Deathless.
Nothin' else special about me."
She folded her arms.

Abeline looked up from the ancient book and spoke next.
"I am Abeline Seranade. I am Queen of the Oravian's, or at least was during the Deathless era..."

I nugged my lover, indicating she should also introduce herself. It was mostly necessary so that she could introduce herself to Crow.

"Elizabeth Cadenza, but also called Apocalypse. Was Queen of the Witches before my deaths. Now I'm Death's wife..."

"Wonderful. Wonderful." I said clapping. "Crow, Jay. Why don't you introduce yourselves? It's good for you all to know at least names. You are all going to have one hell of an event together, so might as well get friendly."

"Err yes. After that though," Abeline said looking at me.
"We should probably get going. I'm getting anxious just sitting here around a table when we could be doing something..."  
Closed Books RPG

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