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The Escaped

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:58 pm
[ Second Floor ]

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About this floor

This is the second floor of ???.
  • Every window is locked and sealed closed. Nothing you do will be able to break them.
  • The staircases are now open and unlocked, but the elevator doesn't seem to be available for use. Sometimes though, you swear you can hear it whirring to life as if someone was using it.

How to search this floor:
  • Unless it is a joined room, every room is entered from the [ HALLWAY ]. Meaning you have to have your student in the hallway, with the hallway code at the top of their post, in order to try and get into any other room.
  • If a door has not yet been opened or unlocked, you must post in BOLD RED your intent to open the door, and quote The Escaped with the room number. For example - I want to try and open Room 207. I post my intent in bold red by saying something like 'Graham tries to open room 207', and at the bottom of my post I will quote 'The Escaped'. The mule will then quote me with a prompt one way or another.
  • Not sure what rooms have been opened on this floor? Want to know if they are still searchable? See the room breakdown in the next post!

Other OOC notes:
  • Each room will have a [ ROOM # ] code to put at the top of your post. Please ensure that you use these so people know where you are.
  • Some rooms have items that you may keep outside of keys and other game-specific items, so it's important to keep an inventory of the things you have found and kept. Please use the code below at the bottom of your posts.
  • If you have any questions or if the instructions don't seem clear, please either PM The Escaped or IM sanguincarn on AIM!


PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:59 pm
[ Second Floor Rooms ]

Below you will find a run down / cheat sheet of the rooms on this floor, and their status. This will be updated as often and as accurately as possible!

  • Status: Open
  • Link to Prompt: --
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx - "TO MIND'S TRUTH" is written in red paint(?) on the wall across from room 206.

[ ROOM 201 ]
  • Status: Open!
  • Link to Prompt: Game Room!
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx - It looks like you need a part to fix the game console.

[ ROOM 201A ]
  • Status: Locked
  • Link to Prompt: locked prompt!
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx -

[ ROOM 202 ]
  • Status: Open
  • Link to Prompt: Pantry
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx - Remi found a key in the Spaghetti Noodles.

[ ROOM 203 ]
  • Status: Locked
  • Link to Prompt: ???
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx -

[ ROOM 204 ]
  • Status: ???
  • Link to Prompt: ???
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx -

[ ROOM 205 ]
  • Status: Destroyed
  • Link to Prompt: An explosion hits the room
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx - You woke up in this room. It is now destroyed, and the doors remain locked.

[ ROOM 206 ]
  • Status: Open
  • Link to Prompt: ???
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx - You walked through this room to get to the [ HALLWAY ]

[ ROOM 207 ]
  • Status: Locked
  • Link to Prompt: Locked Prompt
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx -

[ ROOM 208 ]
  • Status: Blocked?
  • Link to Prompt: Blocked Prompt
  • Notable Events in this room:
    xxx -

The Escaped

The Escaped

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:18 pm
The smell of burnt coffee fills the air...
...and it's so pungent that you wake up. Your eyes slowly flutter open but you don't get move for the simple reason that you can't. Your whole body feels heavy, as if someone had placed weights on you from head to toe, and as you begin to take stock of what is going on, you begin to realize that you are sitting at a table with your head on your arms. The pain of pins and needles in your limbs is intense, and yet, for some reason, you simply can't yet move to relieve the feeling. You begin to panic as you realize the extent of your paralysis.

Your other senses begin to wake up, and you realize that burnt coffee is not the only smell in the room; there is rot. The distinct, sharp smell of meat well past its prime. From where you sit with your head in your arms you can't see where it's coming from, but you know it's there. The smell is heavy on the air, and it soon overwhelms the scent of the coffee.

You feel a breeze, but you swear that, just before it happens, you heard a tiny oops. The breeze brushes along your skin, and takes with it some of the heaviness from your limbs. You begin to get the feeling back in your limbs, and finally you are able to sit up and stretch your limbs in an attempt to ease the rest of the pins and needles. Now you can take a look around; you are sitting in a cafeteria style dining room. The walls are beige and somewhere between neglected and simply old, the floor an alternating pattern of grey tile. You turn a little bit and see a small door frame that leads to what looks like a small kitchen, and then down the hall where you see two doors side by side, but they look more like bathrooms than exits. You hear a groan that catches your attention, and you look back at the cafeteria to realize, for the first time, that you are not alone. There are three others in the room in various stages of waking up.

The scent of decay is still thick in the air, but from where you sit, you can't see it's origin.

...Where are you...?


You are now awake--

But it looks like you are not alone! Where are you, though? Now that is the question.

React to the above prompt as you wish. When you are ready you may begin to investigate the room! To do so, simply post your explorations in [ BOLD RED ], and I will reply to them as they happen, which may give you more options in your exploration!

Things to note:
The following are things you don't have to [ bold red ] investigate to learn:
  • All nat forms and FEARs are on lock down. You are unable to use them at all.
  • Your HP is unaffected (ie. Y1: 30/30, Y2: 40/40, and etc~), and you are apparently unharmed.
  • Anything you had in your pockets is now missing. Any jewellery you typically wear is missing; this also includes any articles of jewellery or clothing you may have listed as 'favoured/sentimental'*. The only piece of 'jewelry' still on you is your student skull pin.
    * - Unless you said all your clothes were special, in which case, you still get to keep them. Because being dressed is important.
  • There is nothing else in your pockets. They are empty.

carhop cavalier
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 6:11 pm
Remi woke up with his world dark, his body oddly cramped, and his nose scrunched up at the smell os clearly over-cooked coffee grounds. He was more of a tea drinker himself, but there was something sacrilegious about burning coffee.

And not just the horrible smell.

Still though he decided, like burnt popcorn, the best way to get away is to leave the room. There were just certain smells you could not grow used to if you stuck around long enough, and being a fox his senses were sharper than some.

Only he found himself unable to move. A flash of panic, his breathing hitched as he soon found himself struggling. If there was one thing he hated, it was being immobile. Though thankfully for him it didn't last long, because soon a breeze came through and like a breath of fresh air, he found himself able to move. The tingling sensation remained, but he could deal with some pin pricks now that he was back in control. Weird, had he just woken up while his body was still asleep?

Though a better question was, he thought finally as he looked around. Where the hell was he? Remi was trying to recollect his last locaton, he remembered being in the towns looking for something... Oh. Reaching in his pocket, he realized both his skellyphone and the candy he purchased were gone. Ugh, some a*****e clearly took his thing- Breathing out softly, he gently reached towards his neck hoping a certain familiar object would be there. A certain family heirloom, a treasured item.

His beads were gone.

"Okay WHAT a*****e thought it was okay to take my s**t." He growled out, instantly a LOT more angry as he pawed at his throat, the necklaces which were always there now gone. They were always there, he even wore them in his sleep or when he showered. He was never without them.

He had to fight certain tears from trying to form in his eyes. It was stupid to have such a bond with an object.

carhop cavalier


Magical Unicorn


Aged Codger

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 6:33 pm
What was that smell? He had never had coffee before, and had no idea what it smelled like (burnt or otherwise) but it was not a pleasant thing to have to inhale. His nose scrunched and he made a grunting noise in the back of his throat, trying to lift his hand to cover his face and avoid the unpleasant odor.

He couldn't move.

He tried again to move his arms and, again, they did not budge. Aurel's eyes slipped open, the impossible green giving off almost a feral, gutteral growl - like a trapped animal. Being unable to move was not okay. Aurel attempted to focus - to change his size thinking maybe if he did he could actually move. No such luck. It didn't hurt, but he felt off and nothing happened. He furrowed his brows and took a deep breath - only to have that breath choke him.

That was much, much worse than the coffee. The distinct smell of something dead and rotting came in like a wrecking ball across a sudden breeze. Aurel felt his stomach roll and he fought not to retch. Once again he attempted to move his arm out of sheer stubborn will and he found his hand suddenly on his mouth.


"Oh Jack," he groaned, trying to keep whatever it was inside of him from coming right back up and adding to the smell. Forget the other voice growling, forget the shuffling and the room - Aurel was just trying to concentrate on not hurling.

Dead animal was nothing new to him, but the combination of smells was about to send him over the edge of pukedom.

carhop cavalier
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 6:47 pm
I am not where I remember being.

It was rather a strange but important realization to have. He’d been swimming, he remembered that if somewhat hazily, but he didn’t remember leaving, he knew…positively that there had been no thick and bitter smell of burnt coffee that seemed to coat the sensitive tongue that assisted him in smelling.

He couldn’t move, everything prickled like there were ants crawling and biting under his scales, a terrible biting itch that walked on needle feet all over the exposed skin and crept around and under the smaller patches of his scales, pricking and irritating worse than molting.

There was another smell there, a creeping odor that crept along under the odor of coffee, a meaty smell, heavy and coppery that was taking over. Rot, rotting meat with that dulling to sweet coppery edge that made you think of colors as well as flavors and sensations. The green white haze of nausea and the bite of bile that wanted to chase after that heavy thick smell that ate away at the bitter burnt coffee one bite at a time.

He could feel, perhaps that meant he was not paralyzed, or perhaps he was paralyzed but could feel, could such a thing happen to monsters? There was a soft breeze, and he could swear a whispered ‘oops’, but he might have imagined. Because though his senses returned, clarity, and reason failed to follow.

He sat up slowly, flexing his wings first as though making sure they were still there, he had no idea where he was. It was all beige, dull, meaningless and yet so important in its dull unfamiliarity, and more so the sound of the soft groans of others.

Remi’s question regarding his beads triggered him to inspect himself as well, he was missing…well, everything but his most basic clothes. The green layered skirt was there but every bead, and bauble was GONE, even his leopard skin, his precious hard won proof of passage, and the one clip that he’d worn in his hair since the first day he’d set foot in the school.

“No nonono…. My… my pelt, my…” He couldn’t even find the words to describe it, just ran fingers through the spot where it should have been.

“…. Is everyone, alright?” He asked pushing aside that want to tear the room apart in search of his things for now.
“Does anyone… have any idea where we are?”

carhop cavalier


Feral Cat


Magical Unicorn

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:15 pm
At first he didnt realize there were others with him. His attention was focused on the fact his beads were still missing. Remi didn't realized until it was too late that his fingers, which were pointy with claws, were leaving red trails on his chest as he continued to paw for the missing objects. He had a few criss crossing now.

A familiar voice snapped him out of his trance, looking for the source. They took something from him too? He noticed another in the room as well, looking towards him Remi at least inclined his head in a 'hello'. "Im fine Pachua, but i want to know where we are... and where our things are."

" and UGH whats that SMELL." Instinctively, and very boyishly, he ended up smelling his right, and then left, shoulder. Nope, wasn't him. So he tried to inspect for the source of the scent.  
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:20 pm
So he tried to inspect for the source of the scent.

The smell of rotten meat is annoying you, and after you figure out that it isn't, in fact, you, you begin to follow it, searching for the source just to know what it is, or how to deal with it. You sniff the putrid air and hone in on the source; there, hidden from general view, is a body. It's too decomposed to properly identify, but you have a nagging feeling that you know who it is, and that thought sends chills down your spine.

If you are brave enough to lean in, you notice that this decomposing mass of flesh seems to be wearing some sort of gown...

The Escaped


Feral Cat

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:22 pm
“I’ll um… I’ll check the kitchen?” Pachua offered before standing carefully. Even if he couldn’t find the source of the smell perhaps he could find them a way …somewhere, out would be nice. Or weapons, weapons would be great considering they were missing their things, trapped in an unknown location and had been, for a time of unknown duration, paralyzed.

So he Stood carefully and made his way cautiously towards the kitchen like he was half expecting an ambush.  
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:23 pm
Aurel had no items of sentiment or importance. He was a minimalist. While his two roommates were fretting about losing their items, Aurel was just trying not to lose the contents of his stomach.

"Dead things," he managed to croak from behind his hand at Remi's question. "Dead and rotten, putrid meat." He looked over at Remi as he tried to see if it was him.

"...You would have more to worry about than where your things are if the smell was coming from you."

He had no idea who these two boys were. What he did know is none of them knew anything about where they were and that was a problem. "Also...our abilities will not work. Unless it is just me. Which could be my luck."


Aged Codger


Magical Unicorn

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:33 pm
"Hey man ive been told more than once that 'wet fur smell' is nothing to trifle with." He replied at Aurel, nodding at Pachua as he left to go check out the kitchen. "Besides being someone that naturally walks on four legs and is covered in fur, you can never be too careful." He used some really damn good smelling shampoos okay.

Still he followed his nose looking around for the source. Curiously at the next comment he snapped his fingers and attempted to summon an 'illusion'. Only to find nothing happened. "Yup, im dry too. This place is just getting better and be-

He paused, staring, as he found the source. Stiff as a board he stayed silent for a bit. "PACHUA" He all but screamed. "You would tell me if i was going crazy right?" He raised his voice, calling at the feathered snake who was in another room.

He didnt wait for a reply, just continued. "Because theres a stinkin' dead body right in front of me and it looks familiar somehow." His voice steadily picked up in pace, ending with a whine at the realization. He really really reaallllyyy did not want to approach any closer. Ugh, it smelled so bad. It looked like it had been there for a while. Still he tried, approaching only one step closer he tried to see why it looked familiar.  
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:39 pm
made his way cautiously towards the kitchen

It's a simple kitchen. There is nothing here of note, unless you want to flush the burned coffee and make a new batch.

see why it looked familiar

The face and body is rotten beyond indication. You think you see features that are reminiscent of someone you know, but there is no way to be completely sure.

Anyone who comes to look at the body will feel the same; they think they know this creature, but they can't place whom; it may also be someone different to each person, it simply...looks familiar.

The Escaped


Feral Cat

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:40 pm
"You know I would!" Called back the Quetz with no uncertainty in his tone. "And then I'd probably coil on you knowing your penitent for self destruction!" He added, not without a trace of irony and he knew it. But hey, he'd take in his pot shots where he could.
"Give me a moment to finish checking out this kitchen and I'll come see alright?"

He added one more question though..

"Hey… what are your names? I know Remi, I'm Pachua…"

He took a whiff of the coffee and winced swirling the mess of it around in the pot carefully You just never knew what some boils and ghouls might want to cook in their coffee.  
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:56 pm
swirling the mess of it around in the pot carefully

The coffee in the pot is so old and burnt that it sticks to the bottom of the pot. Only a little bit of it actually moves, and while it is enough to drink, it certainly doesn't look drinkable at all.


The sound is so fast and sudden; it sounded like someone had pounded hard on the wall by the coffee machine only once, but with a lot of force; it wanted to be heard. One thing was clear though: the noise didn't come from this room...

The Escaped


Aged Codger

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:07 pm
"Shared dreams and waking up in a place that smells like death and burning. The start of my new school career has been amazing." He grumbled, hand grasping at the tufts of moss hair atop his head. Aurel pushed himself up from his chair and went over toward where Remi was standing over the dead body and frowned.

It looked familiar, and he couldn't figure out why or how. "...That is disgusting." He said, trying not to think about who it could be. Maybe he had just seen them in passing. Why they were in this room and rotting - that was not a thought the derpy, naive Lesovik wanted to think about.


Aurel jumped from the sound, looking around and trying to figure out where the sound came from. It wasn't from their room - someone was outside.

"What the Jack was that? Remi, right?" He heard Pachua name him, "And Pachua. I am Aurel. Look. There are two doors. Maybe one leads out."

He didn't waste anymore time by the body, making his way instead to open the door on the left-hand side.

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