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A breedable/changing pet shop guild for role play. 

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:39 am
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Welcome to Karayan's profile. No one is allowed to post here without permission from Orpheus Solon.



STAGE: Expert
PATH: Battler
LVL: 47
EXP: 27/47

LP: 785
ENG: 585

INT: 51
ATK: 60
DEF: 65
LUK: 35
LUK EXP: 2/3



User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - Ysali Dragon Orb x 2

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - Kiandri Dragon Orb x 13

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - Peisio Dragon Orb x 2

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - Firani Dragon Orb x 3

User Image - Shield of the Ancients x 1


- Small Hammer
- Shattered Granite x 50
- Iron Bars x 30
- Copper Bars x 15
User Image - Moonstone x 20

User Image - Plain Cloth x 2

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:56 am

User ImageCharacter Name: Karayan

Stage: Expert

Path: Battle

Race: Dovaa

Gender: Male

Clan: Gaili

Skin: Dark brown with golden scales, marked with some black tattoos of a tribal nature.

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Hair: Black with golden streaks

Distinguishing Features: Ornate antler like horns, scars on his left arm, black tattoos on his arm.


~ Temperamental: Mostly where his heritage is concerned. Karayan tends to get rather argumentative and is prone to throwing punches when people assume things about his bloodlines. He is a Dovaa, damn it, and he will defend himself against any slander when it comes to those that dare ask him if he is part Oblivionite. Not that he has anything against that race per say, it's just that there are those his age that tease him and calling him names due to his looks and he is getting pretty burnt out when it comes to their antics. Still, those that treat him like the Dovaa he is are more likely to see a more friendly side of him.

~ Loyal: Once one makes friends with him Karayan is likely to be there for them through thick and thin, ready to fight alongside them, defend, and protect them, no matter what the circumstances. Due to his boundless loyalty to his those he cares for being quite strong and at times rather biased he might stand at their side even if they are in the wrong. What matters most to him is the word of his friends and comrades, something that might very well get him in trouble in the future for defending the wrong person.

~ Studious: Karayan's Grannie has never and will never let the boy slack off. No matter what the day's lesson is, be it about history, penmanship, or the best way to fight a dragon there was never a chance for him to skip a lesson. As such listening when others give advice is something he is quite good at and tends to take said words to heart. If someone tells him the best way to defeat a Ysali in armed combat is by using a sharpened stick that has been cut from a specific tree he will believe them and go out of his way to find that very specific weapon so that he can get it right. The downside to this that it's made it so that he sort of believes everything he's told.

~ Gulible: The boy is the sort that is open to any and all information given to him but it tends to be that he doesn't question it. If someone were to tell him that they found a talking fish that grants wishes he'd not only believe them but he'd do his best to find said fish. It leaves him at a disadvantage when dealing with the more dubious types in the world and tends to leave his Grannie a bit exasperated when he comes home and tells her all about the 'interesting' things that he's learned.

~ Odd: There is a lot about Karayan that makes him a bit of an oddball. From his looks, to his mode of dress, the way he thinks, and the way he acts upon things he doesn't really tend to fit in. He doesn't seem to mind though, so long as he has his Grannie he figures that everything will be fine. Besides, he doubts very highly that he is the only odd person in the world and hopes to meet many more once he leaves the Dovaa's area of the world and get to various other people, dragons, drakein, and whatever else is out there waiting for him.

~ Flirty: This will probably develop later but he will be a rather flirty young man, the sort that has a compliment or two for anyone and everyone that he meets with. It's partially due to the fact that complimenting others gets him onto their good side but also because he genuinely enjoys seeing the reactions that he can get from others. If he can get someone to blush then his day is made!


~ Barefoot: There is never a time when Karayan is seen wearing shoes. He finds them to be restrictive and uncomfortable and he'd rather feel the earth beneath his feet instead of being cut off from the earth by shoes. It's a habit that will end up biting him in the backside when it comes to traveling to some areas of the world but for the moment he is blissfully oblivious of those sorts of places.

~ So Shiny!: Be it jewelry, accessories, shiny stones, or just things that he finds while he is out and about Karayan seems to just love shiny things! He is likely to end up carrying around a heavy pack full of various things he's find or buys while out and about. His room is likely to be a mess of things he brings home as well.

~ Feathers, please? Another think that Karayan loves, perhaps even more then shiny things, are feathers. He has quite the collection of feathers that he's gotten from various avian but there are other feathers that he needs to have, those of the Alkein and the Orderites. He won't be shy about asking said beings about having at least one of their feathers, more if they would be willing to give them up. If he could find an accessory that was both shiny and had feathers in it he would be set.

~ More Quirks to Come.

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:57 am

Biography/Background: Karayan is one of many, coming from a rather large family that is often seen gathering for grand parties on the weekends! There are also parties to be had when something important happens, like a family member picking a clan, a wedding, or just the fact that it's a day that ends with Y. They are a loud but friendly group that tends to annoy the neighbors with their gatherings but nobody really is about to stand up to the leader of the family, a powerful Firani woman that everyone just calls Gram.

Karayan was raised by Gram after his parents died in a battle. He visits their graves from time to time to chat with them, to tell them how things are going, and the like, as he strives forward to get strong and protects those he cares about.

Once the time came along to decide upon a clan Karayan choose the Gaili Clan as the one that he wanted to be a part of, often seen using rocks and sand as makeshift gauntlets in his battles against those that challenge him. His favorite things to fight are dragons and Mara, though he tends to avoid Peisio dragons mostly due to the fact that they drag forth an angry part of him that he would rather not see let loose. Things tend to end up a mess when he loses his temper, luckily it takes a lot for that to happen.

Thoughts on the Great Engagement: Seems foolish to him. Likely because he's a rather amiable guy and tends to get along with those that he meets. He's even met an Oblivionite girl and an Orderite boy in the past and got along well enough with them, as such he sees no reason to pick fights. Why fight with them when there are so many other dangerous things out there that need to be dealt with after all?

Thoughts on the Dragons and Khehora: Dragons are fun to fight with! He rather enjoys the challenge and excitement of it, preferring battles in Eowyn since he is so in his element there. As for Khehora he hasn't really met many of them but really has nothing against them. He doesn't know if he would want to bond one but he wouldn't mind meeting them.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:58 am

User Image


~ Karayan is a strange boy who seems to depend on pure luck to get him out of the strange situations that he often finds himself in. He's gotten stuck in trees before falling out of them, gotten chased by dragons, and saved by hybrids, he's made friends with Orderite and Oblivionite alike, and still he continues forward. There is so much to do in the world after all and he wants to do it all!

User Image


~ Karayan, now a member of the Gaili Clan and an Adept, has been allowed to go forth into the world without an escort. With his fairy dragon Ember at his side he means to explore the world to his heart's content, gather orbs, fight dragons, and make friends of all kinds. He's all for enjoying everything that the world has to offer... though first and foremost he means to go out and bother his friend Madryn Col.

User Image


~ A lot has happened in Karayan's life that drew him away from adventuring and battling for a while. Things at home have calmed down, those he cares for are safe, and the Mara are long gone. Now that this has happened he feels that it's a good time for him to get back out and about, his skills are wasting as he plays at home no matter how much fun he has there. With the itch to get out there and back to doing what he does best Karayan packs his things and prepares for his next trip outside the Celestial Plane.

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:59 am

Expert - Master

6 of 6 Months Time (( June 29 - December 29 ))

0 of 1 Distributed Stats

47 of At Least Level 50 (( 27/47 exp to next level ))

4 of 30 RPs (can be Solo, ORP or PRP)

[1] Karayan & Yrre (( DONE ))
[2] Karayan, Yrre, & Minerva (( DONE))
[x] Karayan, Yrre, & Minerva (( X ))
[3] Karayan & Yrre (( DONE ))
[4] Kayran & Charlotte (( Ongoing, enough to count ))

?? of ?? Journal Reflections (on all ORP/PRPs)

1 of 25 Hunting RPs (solo RPs included)

[1] Karayan vs The Mara 2 Wins, 1 Loss

0 of 15 Dragon Souls Acquired and Saved

0 of 5 Battles with other Characters

0 of 1 Solo RP with Race Leader

0 of 1 Post Growth Quest Completed
PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:00 am


~ Kavanna: A very kindly Ysali Dovaa that Karayan met. She is a lot of fun to chat with and play with, he hopes that he will be lucky enough to meet with her again.

~ Rowan: The first Oblivionite that Kara ever met and the one that gave him the wonderful gift that is Ember. He hopes to meet with her again some time as it's been a while since they last chatted.

~ Madryn Col: He seems to be a bit lacking in a sense of humor, a stern and stubborn sort, but Kara likes him nevertheless. He worries about his friend, given his injuries, and wants to check on him when he is able to do so next.

~ Kadryn: She is AMAZING! Karayan had a (very short) battle with her and fines her to be quite fascinating! He hopes to meet with her again, chat with her again, and maybe even battle with her again if she will allow it!

~ Sueno: Madryn Col's sister, a sweet girl that he enjoyed chatting with despite Madryn wanting to strangle him for doing so. The last time he saw her was when Madryn got hurt and he worries for her. He hopes to visit the family again soon.

~ Yrre: A sweet, hissy, prickly, adorable Dovaa boy that he met a while back. Yrre can be tough to deal with at times but Kara wants nothing more then to hug him, protect him, and keep him for his own. Yrre would likely kick him if he knew that though.






To be added when the RPs are finished:

~ Minerva & Esme

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:01 am

Karayan lives with his Grannie and a few other family members in a modest place that has an abundance of fruit trees in the back yard. He's spent a lot of time in the trees, finding that he has far too much fun scaling them though on occasion these adventures end with a bang as he falls from said trees. Being young he isn't allowed to wander too far on his own, his family determined to keep him safe and keep him from getting lost because he's wandered too far afield. His room is located in the attic of the house, it's a small room that requires a ladder to get into it but he's never complained, it's his space after all and he gets to decorated it how ever he likes.

Stepping into his room one has to be careful not to step on anything. There are shiny rocks, pretty baubles, and feathers from various sorts of birds all around the room. They can be seen sitting on the floor, on shelves, hanging from the walls, and hanging from the ceiling. It's a wonderland of bright colors and glitter, just the way that Karayan likes it.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:02 am

~ Nothing Yet

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:03 am

User ImageUser Image

~ An odd little critter that was a gift to Karayan from the Oblivionite girl that he met on the docks. Just an egg when he first got the little one, an egg that hatched into a cute little fairy dragon, it has been with Kara ever since. The little girl has been dubbed Ember due to her coloration. She's a bit clingy but sweet, something that Karayan can't help but to love.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:04 am

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:05 am




» physical attacks

Armed Attacks - 5 ENG
Available when ATK > 20
DMG per ATK point: 10

» defensive attacks

Advanced Defense
Available when DEF > 40
DMG warded per DEF Point: 15

» offensive magic

Advanced Magic - 20 ENG
Available when INT > 25, ATK > 25
DMG: 10 pt. per INT + 2pt per ATK

» defensive magic

Advanced Magical Defense
Available when INT > 30, DEF > 30
DMG warded: 15pt/INT + 2pt per DEF

Dovaa and Drakein Buffs:

Increased Attack Versus Ayrala and Firani Dovaa and Drakein (x2 Damage)

Increased Defense (+10 Defense)

Grants Ability Rock Tomb - Encase the opponent in rocks for one turn, allowing one hit to not be missed regardless of die roll. Costs 30 Energy.

Gains Ability Rock Body - Increases Defense and Magical Defense by 15 points for 2 turns (When INT > 10) Usable 2 times per encounter. 15 Energy Cost.

Grants Ability Heart of Stone - Revive from the dead with a vengeance. If your health or energy drops to 0, you get one last roll of 1, 10 Sided Die. If your numbers are 1, 5, or 10, you instantly are revived to 50 LP and 50 ENG. Usable 1 Time Per Encounter (When INT > 30)

Grants Ability Earth Creep - Using your earthen abilities (When INT > 30), fall down into the ground of rock, making the Gaili able to maneuver about freely and at light speed. Usable only out of combat for travel.

Grants Ability Earth Sense - Just standing on the ground for one turn allows you to sense your opponents movements with every inch that they step. Grants the user a +10 Accuracy bonus to their Accuracy roll for 5 turns. Costs 40 ENG. (When INT > 40)

Grants Ability Barricade - Create a large rock barrier around you that is impossible to break. The barrier lasts 3 turns. Each turn, you gain 30 LP and 30 ENG. During this time, you will not be able to attack and your opponent will not be able to damage you. After the three turns are over, any damage that was done to the barrier by the opponent or any damage on turn affects, you gain whatever damage was done, in ENG. Usable 1 Time Per Encounter (When INT > 50)

Dovaa and Drakein Debuffs:

Decreased Magical Attack Versus Gaili, Peisio, and Ysali Dovaa and Drakein (x.5 Damage)
PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:06 am

Apprentice Art by Remanoir, Official Art

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:08 am

Gram: Firani Clan, leader of the family. She's a powerful woman with a good heart. Doesn't take kindly to those that would harm those her family or those that she sees as family.

Gidel: Gaili Clan, a big, powerful, beast of a man. One of Karayan's many uncles. A really nice guy, always seen taking on all comers for arm wrestling matches at parties. He rarely loses. Husband to Miriam, father to Johan.

Miriam: Firani Clan, a kindly baker that does a lot of the cooking alongside Gram for the parties. Her specialty is cakes though she can make many other things as well. Wife to Gidel, mother to Johan.

Johan: Peisio Clan, a very gruff, antisocial sort that is about the same age as Karayan. Often seen hanging out with his Gaili cousin even though he acts like he doesn't like hanging out with people. An adept healer. Son of Gidel and Miriam.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:09 am

Adept ---> Expert

3 of 3 Months Time (( Nov 9th - Feb 9th ))

Distributed Stats

45 of 30 Levels (( 3/45 exp for next level ))

10 of 10 RPs (can be Solo, ORP or PRP)

[1] Karayan & Madryn (( Ongoing, enough to count ))
[2] Karayan, Madryn, & Sueno (( DONE ))
[3] Karayan & Many Others (( DONE ))
[4] Karayan, Madryn, & Sueno (( DONE ))
[5] Karayan & Yrre (( Ongoing, enough to count ))
[6-10] Karayan vs the Mara (( DONE ))

3 of 3 Journal Reflections (on all ORP/PRPs)

~ Updated 6-25-14

16 of 10 Hunting RPs (solo RPs included)

[1] Karayan vs Kiandri x 3 - 2 x Wins, 1 x Loss
[2] Karayan vs Kiandri x 4 - 1 x Win, 3 x Losses
[3] Karayan vs Kiandri x 3, 2 x Wins, 1 x Loss
[4] Karayan vs Firani x 2, 2 x Losses
[5] Karayan vs Firani x 2, 2 x Losses
[6] Karayan vs Firani x 2, 2 x Wins
[7] Karayan vs Firani x 1, Loss x 1
[8] Karayan vs Firani x 1, Loss x 1
[9] Karayan vs Firani x 1, Win x 1
[10] Karayan vs Peisio x 2, Wins x 2 & Losses x 10

5 of 5 Dragon Souls Acquired and Saved

~ Kiandri Orbs x 5

1 of 1 Battle with another Character

[1] Karayan vs Kadryn, Loss

1 of 1 Solo RP with Race Leader***


1 of 1 Post Growth Quest Prompt Completed

[x] (( Received and Finished ))

Apprentice ---> Adept

1 of 1 Month Time (( October 2 - November 2 ))

1 of 1 Completed Journal Setup

29 of 15 Levels (( 21/29 exp for next level ))

Determined Stats**

Determined Abilities and Skills**

1 of 1 Choose Your Clan (Solo RP - Dovaa ONLY)

[1] (( Chose Gaili Clan, DONE ))

5 of 5 RPs (can be Solo, ORP or PRP)

[1] Karayan Alone (( DONE ))
[2] Karayan & Kavanna (( Ongoing, enough to count ))
[3] Karayan Alone (( DONE ))
[4] Karayan Alone (( DONE ))
[5] Karayan & Rowan (( Ongoing, enough to count ))

1 of ?? Journal Reflections (on all ORP/PRPs)

Up to date as of: 11-3-13

5 of 5 Hunting RPs (solo RPs included)

[1] Ysali 1 & 2 (( 2 Losses, DONE ))
[2] Ysali 3, 4, & 5 (( 3 Losses, DONE ))
[3] Ysali 6, 7, & 8 (( 2 Wins, 1 Loss, DONE ))
[4] Kiandri 1-6 (( 6 Wins, DONE ))
[5] Kiandri 7 & 8 (( 1 Win, 1 Loss, DONE ))
[6] Kiandri 9 & 10 (( 1 Win, 1 Loss, DONE ))
[7] Kiandri 11 & 12 (( 2 x Losses, DONE ))

2 of 2 Dragon Souls Acquired and Saved

~ 1 x Ysali & 1 x Kiandri

1 of 1 Solo RP with Race Leader (Giving Acquired Dragon Souls)


Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

Orpheus Solon

Stellar Dragon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:10 am
World of Magesc: Brolis

Karayan's Art: Remanoir

Karayan's Profile/Story/Etc: Orpheus Solon
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