Name: Esther- Anne Monroe

Age: 18

Race: Angel

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pan

What's your role in the circus?: Acrobat (emphasis on contortion)

Personality: Esther-Anne is very shy, and often is too hard on herself. She is extremely dedicated to her work and never gives up. Likewise, she can be quite silly when she opens up to people, and very loving of everyone.

Fears: Blood, failure, spiders, the dark, rain storms, fire.

Likes: Dance, acrobatics, warmth (sunny days, warm fires), being outside, pink.

Dislikes: Very loud people, coldness, being afraid/startled.

Bio: Esther-Anne was born into an angel family. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember a lot of said family. As a child, she didn't fit in with the other angels; she watched humans on Earth with envy and believed that there was more to life than living in the heavens. At the age of 16 she made the choice to travel the dark route down to Earth and found herself plummeting from the heavens to a dark forest. When she landed, she found refuge in the quiet forest where she began to train herself in acrobatics in the trees and on the ground. Being fearful, she learned to contort her body to be able to fit into small spaces to hind from potential threats. Esther-Anne doesn't remember much of her life as an angel, but has a few "visions" as she calls them, that remind her of her past. She entered the school in hopes of going to the carnival, using her talents to make others happy.

Other: Esther-Anne is deaf and blind on her right side.

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