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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:02 pm

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General rules:

gaia_crown [ Customs Fee ]: Customs flat fee is FREE. THIS IS A FREE EVENT. FREE. SO FREE. OCTOBER IS HALLOWEEN BUT EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN IDEK IM LIKE SUPER TIRED RIGHT NOW STFU I TYPE WHAT I WANT. If you win a custom slot, you are expected to pay for your character within the winning 24 hours or your slot will be forfeited. <-- I DONT KNOW WHY THAT PART IS THERE CUZ OBVIOUSLY THIS IS FREE.
gaia_crown [ Quest Thread or Customs Form ]: You MUST present to us either a quest link or fill out the customs information below. If you win you will need to have your character created as an enroll character and approved before having the art of your character started. Not sure how enrollment works? We have an amazing questing newbie guide HERE! Basically it is more beneficial for you to get started questing by reading this guide HERE. We welcome all newbies, rping in this shop is fun and easy, and the only minimum requirement we have is that you actually enroll your character XD
- We ask that if you have already won a free student OR art THIS MONTH (or in Fright Night meta) PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE and give OTHERS a chance!
gaia_crown [ Growths ]: Instead of getting a new student, you can also request growth art as long as an artist has NOT picked up your growth slot and you are already in the growth slots thread. Please note it still costs 0K and will take up your customs try slot.
gaia_crown [ Slots ]: There will be NEWBIE slots, CC slots, AND free for all slots. As this is CUSTOMS, if you are entering, you are basically willing to have your character picked up by any artists, we are not doing customs artists selections.
- The current customs artists available are:
Newbie: Lilwolfpard, Zoobey, Tig (iizbot), Nerpin (Norpl)
Free for all: Lucyal, Lividpeas, King, Bilious, Scy

gaia_crown [ Availability ]: You can try for ANYTHING (student, Hunter or Horsemen!) one or the other, not both please (Basically you can only try for one slot). You can ask for growth or alt art as well (again you can only try ONCE so CHOOSE CAREFULLY).
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:04 pm



[b]Nicknames:[/b] (if any)
[b]Age:[/b] (Should be mentally/physically equivalent to a teenager of your character's species.)

[b]Faction:[/b] Demon / Monster / Reaper / Ghost / Undead - pick one
[b]Race:[/b] (The specific species of your student: i.e. werewolf, swamp monster, vampire, frost demon, etc.!)

[b]Natural Ability:[/b] (A natural ability is something that all members of your character's race can do! For example, all werewolves can shapeshift to wolf form. These ablities are used in roleplay for fun, and are not important for battle. Shapeshifting, being able to phase through walls, and having the ability to talk to animals are good examples of natural abilities!)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Tell us about your character's personality! Don't write a novel, but let us know a little about them - their traits, character quirks, and so on!)

[b]Why are they enrolled in Amityville Academy?[/b]

[b]FEAR Ability:[/b] (A character's FEAR ability is a special attack they can use in battle, similar to a limit break or other powerful and unique attack! Their power should be related to the character's species or personality somewhat.)

[b]Physical Description:[/b]

[i]Eye Colour:[/i]
[i]Hair Colour/Style:[/i]
[i]Skin Colour:[/i]
[i]Clothing Style/Colours:[/i] (Remember, everything should be Halloween-inspired! Creepy is good!)
[i]Extra:[/i] (Your character's special features: wings, tail, pointy ears, fangs, whatever else that isn't covered above.)
[i]References:[/i] (If you have art or design sketches for your character, include them here!)


[size=12][b]DEUS EX MACHINA PERSONNEL FORM[/b][/size]

[u]The Hunter[/u]
[b]Age:[/b] (Anywhere from teen to adult is acceptable.)

[b]Category:[/b] The categories of Hunter are:
Moon & Sun - Does the 'hands on' operations, more tied to execution of missions, attacking, assaulting, defense, repair, and guarding work. Moon is related more to repair/rescue and defense while sun is related more to offense.
Death - The "intelligence" operation, in charge of gathering information and maintaining the network of Hunters. They gather the information prior to a mission.
Life - Related to "research", including research specifically OF Halloween, its specimens, and ultimately Fear and the abilities of Fear and Hunters.
Mist - The group that does not have one specified role but fills in for everyone. A jack of all trades master of none group, they are usually asked to take missions from all four categories, but as a result do not get "specialized field" missions.

[u]The Weapon[/u]
[b]Name:[/b] (This [i]cannot[/i] be the name of a famous weapon - i.e. no naming your sword Excalibur! Also, no two Hunter weapons have the same name, so look over the Hunters currently in play to make sure you're not repeating a name.)
[b]Type of Weapon:[/b] (Can be pretty much any weapon as long as your Hunter can carry it.)
[b]Former species of weapon:[/b] (All Hunter weapons were originally Halloween creatures! Pick a species! Just list a species name here, please - no further description is needed.)
[b]Gender:[/b] .

[b]Personalities:[/b] Let us know a little about both Hunter and weapon -remember, the weapon is sentient and can talk telepathically to their Hunter.)

[b]Why did your human character choose to become a Hunter?[/b]
(If your character participated in the original Hunter metaplot, then you've already written a solo that explains their reasons! Just link to that with a brief (2-3 lines, max) summary.

If not: all Hunters are human, chosen from among ordinary humans for their extraordinary ability to detect "evil beings". This abilty has affected them their entire life. The original solo guidelines are here: while, as a quest character, you do not have to write a solo yet, you should keep those guidelines in mind! Use them to develop your character's past, and their reasons for signing their life away to become a Hunter.)

[b]Weapon Ability[/b]
(A charged weapon can deliver a powerful attack in battle! This charged attack is like a limit break or other unique power, and is the Hunter equivalent of a student's FEAR ability.

The nature of a Hunter's charged attack is related to the weapon's original species. If your weapon was a mermaid, you can't have a charged attack that inflicts a stone-like temporary paralysis on your enemy - but you could do that with a weapon that was a gorgon.)

[b]Physical Description:[/b]

[i]Eye Colour:[/i]
[i]Hair Colour/Style:[/i]
[i]Skin Colour:[/i]
[i]Clothing Style/Colours:[/i] (All Hunters wear a standard 'uniform': a white coat trimmed with gold with their class sigil on the back. They also always wear a colorful scarf/sash as part of their uniform. No matter what, these two items of clothing must be included in your Hunter's design!)
[i]References:[/i] (If you have art or design sketches for your character, include them here!)


If you need help filling out this form, or if some things listed here don't make sense to you, go here for help!

[size=12][b]LOST CLAN CREATION FORM[/b][/size]

[u]The Horseman[/u]
[b]Age:[/b] -- N/A

[b]Original Clan:[/b] Famine, Conquest, Death or War

[b]Job Role:[/b] If your premade was not [b]already assigned a job role[/b] please choose one [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=22869005]HERE UNDER JOB ROLES[/url] as according to your CLAN (ie: famine, war, death, conquest)

[b]Personality:[/b] Let us know about your horsemen, the reactions they had to their world being destroyed, and their goal now, as part of the new clan, to rebuild, what exactly they are looking for/ what sort of feelings /how they might identify themselves now.

[b]Mount Form:[/b] CHOOSE A MOUNT FORM (SEE BELOW), please be REASONABLE in its appearance
[ Summon Mount: ] All horsemen are able to summon a mount to travel. This usually takes an equine form, though may vary from clan to clan:
[ Conquest ] - White horse/ horse and equine shaped mounts
[ Famine ] - Black horse/ dark coloured mounts, often rotting and zombie-like in shape
[ War ] - Red horse/ feral mounts, often wild beasts, animals, or large oversized birds of prey
[ Death ] - Pale horse/ ghost-like or shadowy creatures with no solid or discernible form.

[b]Weapon Form:[/b] USE A WEAPON THEY IDENTIFY WITH (SEE BELOW) please be REASONABLE in appearance
Weapons Summoning ]: All horsemen are able to summon a small weapon, a projection of their own Fear, similar to how Reapers are able to summon a weapon. Their weapons have very specific themes however, and are usually very simple starting off. Only Heirs have extremely ornate or powerful weapons. Horsemen are as powerful with a weapon as they are without, but many clans prefer to use weapons to attack. Horsemen only get one natural ability, while Heirs may have more than one.
[ War] : Summon a SIMPLE bladed weapon, has to be dagger OR short sword shaped.
[ Conquest ]: Summon a SIMPLE long ranged weapon, has to be bow OR short spear shaped.
[ Death ] : Summon a SIMPLE curved weapon, has to be sickle OR scimitar shaped.
[ Famine ] : Summon a SIMPLE extended weapon, has to be chained OR weighted.

[b]FEAR ATTACK:[/b] All horsemen primarily use their weapons summoned to help them attack, similar to Hunters are reapers. Try to focus on attributes related to your respective clans (ie: War = more violent, physical attacks, Death = subtle, shadow-based attacks, etc etc)

[b]Physical Description:[/b]

[i]Eye Colour:[/i]
[i]Hair Colour/Style:[/i]
[i]Skin Colour:[/i]
[i]Clothing Style/Colours:[/i] (Please keep your horseman's distinct culture in mind [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=22869005]HERE[/url]. ie, someone from clan Conquest will have an East Orient influence in their clothing choice whereas someone from Famine would have a nomadic/desert influence, etcetc.)
[i]References:[/i] (If you have art or design sketches for your character, include them here!)


[b]Proof of exam thread:[/b] GO (IF APPLICABLE, N/A FOR ALT ART)
[b]Any specifications?[/b] Ie: hairstyle change, clothing change, slight addition to their appearance without going overboard (ie: character must still look HUMANOID and VERY MUCH ALIKE their first stage art)
PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE REQUESTING A HUNTER GROWTH, you can request a SLIGHT hairstyle and clothing change, but nothing out of the ordinary, no tentacles or wings please. Please. Your weapon may also have a SLIGHT change, they might look a little more menacing or slightly more glowy- but please do not go overboard thank you.


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:07 pm


  1. all my feels (student)
  2. Saint Sergio (horseman)
  3. Pales (student)
  4. Songstress Kitsune (student)
  5. Nerpin (student)
  6. LP (student)
  7. xoxomenai (student)
  8. kurotomato (student)
  9. inle-roo (student)
  10. Yayoi (student - Y2 art)

    Page 2.
  11. Roses Are Black Killers (student)
  12. Kyrieko (horseman)
  13. E t e r n a l x Melody (student)
  14. naggeela (student)
  15. zirconmermaid (student)
  16. Smerdle (student)
  17. Draconicfeline (student)
  18. Saliru (hunter)
  19. iloveyouDIE (student)
  20. Huni Pi (hunter)
  21. Mewsings of an Angel (student)
  22. S-blacky (student)
  23. Ice Queen (student)
  24. Miliardo Kason (student - alt art)
  25. Amon Larethian (student - Y3 art)

    Page 3.
  26. Azure Desiderium (student)
  27. Beejoux (student)
  28. Face your demons (student)
  29. Shia bean (student)
  30. Kupuritama (student)
  31. Prima Aria (student)
  32. Alpha Hug Wolf (student)
  33. Az-san (student)
  34. pinchmonster (hunter)
  35. Katsura Zanshin (student)
  36. Ryndilee (student)
  37. x_Nata_x (student)
  38. graceangel (student)

    Page 4.
  39. Saiyukii (student)
  40. santime (student)
  41. Boozver (student)
  42. Niyakami (student)
  43. CheekieBirdiee (student)
  44. Revien (student)
  45. Xantara the Eternal (student)
  46. iStoleYurVamps (horseman - alt art)
  47. Ol-j-man (hunter)
  48. kuumeii (student)
  49. Kitomyx (student)
  50. Rown (hunter - Y2 art)
  51. troll toll (student)
  52. Natsuko-neko (hunter)
  53. lostandtold (hunter)

    Page 5.
  54. Tasinei (horseman)
  55. Avian Serpentine (hunter)
  56. The Time Vortext (student)
  57. Roxy_roxanna2 (student - Y2 art)
  58. Eight (student)
  59. Asahi Kumoru (horseman)
  60. Krista_Darkangel_Silme (student)
  61. mangshra (student)
  62. Sleet Tempest Snape (student)
  63. catmagick (student)
  64. DarkHeartedSorrows (horseman)
  65. Moving Pictures (student)
  66. Riffler (student)
  67. Pepzilla (student - alt art)

    Page 6.
  68. Grey Dragon (hunter)
  69. Sasha_dreamer (student)
  70. Toby Six (student)
  71. Xaki (hunter)
  72. KanamiTenjo (student)
  73. Syrie (hunter)
  74. AyeAvast (hunter)
  75. Ninjagami Ryo Kage (student)
  76. hanging gallow (student)
  77. Katarina Everard (student)
  78. Agneza (student)
  79. Nothing Yet (student)
  80. Felyn (student)
  81. LividPeas (student - alt art)

    Page 7.
  82. Torvil (student)
  83. The_Great_Book_Wyrm (student)

"Newbie" constitutes 1 character or less.
Alt art is not in this group, we're trying to spread new chars around ;o.

  1. Saint Sergio (horseman)
  2. Songstress Kitsune (student)
  3. xoxomenai (student)
  4. inle-roo (student)

    Page 2.
  5. Roses Are Black Killers (student)
  6. E t e r n a l x Melody (student)
  7. naggeela (student)
  8. zirconmermaid (student)
  9. Draconicfeline (student)
  10. Mewsings of an Angel (student)
  11. S-blacky (student)

    Page 3.
  12. Azure Desiderium (student)
  13. Face your demons (student)
  14. Prima Aria (student)
  15. Alpha Hug Wolf (student)
  16. Az-san (student)
  17. Katsura Zanshin (student)
  18. Ryndilee (student)
  19. graceangel (student)

    Page 4.
  20. Saiyukii (student)
  21. santime (student)
  22. Boozver (student)
  23. Niyakami (student)
  24. CheekieBirdiee (student)
  25. Revien (student)
  26. Xantara the Eternal (student)
  27. kuumeii (student)
  28. Kitomyx (student)
  29. troll toll (student)
  30. Natsuko-neko (hunter)
  31. lostandtold (hunter)

    Page 5.
  32. Tasinei (horseman)
  33. Avian Serpentine (hunter)
  34. The Time Vortext (student)
  35. Asahi Kumoru (horseman)
  36. Krista_Darkangel_Silme (student)
  37. mangshra (student)
  38. Sleet Tempest Snape (student)
  39. catmagick (student)
  40. Moving Pictures (student)
  41. Riffler (student)

    Page 6.
  42. Sasha_dreamer (student)
  43. Toby Six (student)
  44. Xaki (hunter)
  45. KanamiTenjo (student)
  46. AyeAvast (hunter)
  47. Ninjagami Ryo Kage (student)
  48. Katarina Everard (student)
  49. Agneza (student)

    Page 7.
  50. Torvil (student)
  51. The_Great_Book_Wyrm (student)

  52. I'm all out of love
  53. I can't live with OUTTT you

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:08 pm



also this is a post for an amazing quest called


Ilu you staff <3  

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its me debz

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:14 pm

Name: pandora 'riskyclick' jonesUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Nicknames: pan, riskyclick, risk-- but, uh, she will probably feed you an unrelated name. and then later forget what it was, and give you a new one.
Gender: female
Age: 15

Faction: reaper
Race: Cardshark - While the original Cardsharks may have used a deck of cards as their weapon, the later generations have since expanded their repertoire. Their weapons now range from anything as simple as a blade, to more extravagant designs depending on the wielder. Each of these weapons is imbued with the power of what makes a Cardshark: spontaneity and random results.

Pandora's is a giant slingshot, and the projectiles she fires from it have a chance to grant a random effect, as dictated by her natural abilitty.

Natural Ability: Odds or Evens? - When Pandora uses her weapon to fire a projectile, it has a chance to grant a random effect depending on the roll of the dice.

In this case, both literally and figuratively.

If her attack dice total is even, the launched projectile radiates an aura that's about 10ft in every direction. For ten to fifteen seconds, the laws of gravity do not apply to anyone touching a portion of the aura. If you are along the edges, you can moonwalk, jump higher, etc. In the center, you are floating. This does not affect her enemy's dice roll or restrict their combat actions.

If her attack dice total is even, the launched projectile radiates an aura that's about 10ft in every direction. For twenty seconds, your ears are pierced by the loud sounds of nails on chalkboards or a knife on glass. This does not affect her enemy's dice roll or restrict their combat actions.

((This part has been liz sanctioned!^))

Personality: Pandora Jones is a gleeful ghoul, happy to chatter anyone's ear off about the odds of her success at some random feat of the hour. Sometimes, it doesn't end well. Often, it ends in her dissipation-- but Pandora would rather live knowing that she had taken a risk instead of knowing she had passed up an opportunity.

Even if it means endangering herself, or others-- she shows no fear in the face of danger, because the idea of perishing or being in pain is known to her only as a transitory state, something that sort of sucks but will eventually end after she dissipates and reforms.

Besides gambling and betting on everything ( "Race you to the Demon Hall, bet you two seeds I can beat you!" "If I can't do this, I'll do your homework for a week!" "Fine, let's flip a coin, heads and you can go first!" ), Riskyclick is big hoarding minipets: exclusively so that she can launch them at unsuspecting foes.

Even if the minipet doesn't survive, the reaper doesn't feel any remorse. It's a common trend, actually-- she has sort of a callous disregard for what other people may think or feel, simply because her brain doesn't parse it as something that's necessary.

As an aside: Riskyclick earned her names on her skellyphone, where she'd often post questionable content, and her followers deemed anything she posted to be...well. A riskyclick.

Why are they enrolled in Amityville Academy? The middle child of the Jones', Pandora just wants a place that is more than just your average school. Why go to some snoozefest Casino High when she could attend a prestigious school that had so much action!?

FEAR Ability: All or Nothing - Gambler's Chance - Pandora launches a barrage of elements from her slingshot straight into the air-- and uh. Good luck to whoever it all lands on.


Physical Description:

Eye Colour: left eye is purple, right eye is missing and has been replaced by a rounded dice-- it changes from 1 to 6.
Hair Colour/Style: indigo, messy, short. has a little cowlick! [ x ]
Skin Colour: Pale.
Clothing Style/Colours: [ x ]
Extra: weapon is a giant slingshot with a skull motif at the top and a screw at the base of it. She has a plain white eyepatch over her right/our left eye. she also has horns! [ x ]
References: use [ x ] as inspiration but go wild with your interpretation! some outfits here [ x ]  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:16 pm
JUST IGNORE THIS HERE POST BECAUSE SCY iweohagpoeiwahgoiwahgoiehgoiahewoigaoigoawhgeoiwahgaopi  


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The Horseman
Name: Hua Bao Yu
Nicknames: Bao, Jade
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Original Clan: Conquest

Job Role: Scholar

Studious: I am a scholar like mother is. I study a bit of everything since I can't decide what I like best. Right now, though, I want to study up on the Insanity inflicted on my baby sister and her Prissy Noble.. Ah, if you're confused, it's Lifen and Mengyao. It makes me talk in kind of a random pattern if you don't know me to well. I suppose sometimes it comes off as being scatter brained, but I'm not really. Those who know me well enough can make the connections. Those that don't, well, don't hesitate to ask how I got from point A to point B, okay? I don't bite. ...Hard.

I also really like to study by myself. I tend to hole up in a room surrounded by books. Sometimes I'm not heard from in days. Usually by the fifth or sixth day is when someone comes looking for me.

This tends to get me into trouble. I get absorbed in my books and I do not always hear when someone is speaking to me. Or I do not always listen when they finally have my attention. I do not mean to, but when I'm in study mode that is all I want to do. Sometimes my replies are short and curt because I just want to go back to reading.

Musical: Since I have dabbled in everything, I attended a few classes with Lifen when she realized she wanted to be an artisan. I love music. I can sing a little bit and play a few types of instruments. I'm moved by music and love to have it playing while I'm reading. Sometimes I'll ask Lifen to play for me while I'm studying. It's how we spend some sisterly time together.

I quit music because I felt useless at it. I didn't put any soul into it and it made me very sad. It was simply not my calling. It doesn't mean I can't appreciate it, however.

Helpful: Because I study a wide array of things, people tend to come to me for help. I do not mind this, usually. I will gladly help if my knowledge comes in handy. If I do not know a subject that's brought to me, I'll study it and try to help that person out quickly. I will not say my information is always rock solid because I do study certain subjects more than the rest. I am always willing to learn something new if it helps.

Gentle and soft: I've been told I'm very gentle. I do tend to talk in a gentle voice, and have gentle movements. I do not like to raise my voice, except in song. Even when I'm excited, I've been told my voice stays on the quiet side. I was always in libraries when I was younger, so I learned to speak very softly there. I suppose that it got stuck in my head that quiet talking is normal.

This gets me into a lot of trouble. Some take it as disinterest, some take it as mumbling. I've had a few yell at me because I didn't 'speak up' when they wanted me to.

Sensitive: Because I'm studying, I'm usually not around other people. This makes me sensitive to their critiques or judgement. I have been taught not to show how hurt I am until there is no one around. If this happens, I retreat further into myself. I don't like loud noises, either. They tend to give me headaches because my surroundings are so peaceful and quiet.

Mount Form:
A white Friesian horse with see through legs like Lifen. Something like this.
Got the base for the horse from here and had permission to trace over and edit it!

Weapon Form:
Uses a short spear with a dark wood stain. There's a purple ribbon fastened near the top by a gold rope.

Battle Cry: Bao Yu will throw her spear at her target. The spear will act as a purple 'bolt' that runs into the enemy only to vanish into her target's body. The damage is like she'd impaled her target only the physical spear isn't there. The spear will then return to her hands.

Physical Description:

Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour/Style: Pitch black || Styled traditionally and adorned with a few accessories.
Skin Colour: Pale peach, almost white but not quite
Clothing Style/Colours: Like the reference. :>
-- Patterns such as her sisters. 8D
-- She doesn't have a headpiece like most of the conquest girls because she's a scholar and doesn't see the point in getting all fancy all the time unless it's an event!
-- Feel free to add as much detail as you want.
-- Feel free to make up how the back looks.

References: The only one. 8D;  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:21 pm

Name: Akubi
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Faction/Race Demon - Misfortune Cat
Natural Ability:
» Just a Minor Mishap - Some in his company may experience minor mishaps occurring such as tripping, something breaking, or perhaps a wardrobe malfunction. Nothing deadly happens though many may certainly be limping away with a stubbed toe and a bruised ego.

» Schadenfreude
He loves misfortune of others, he revels in it even. Akubi will gleefully sit down with someone to listen to them all the while demanding details about someone's very bad day. This can either be considered therapeutic or just very unnerving because he sits and grins as he awaits details. So in a way if someone needs to vent...they can go to him just don't mind that he grins and claps delightedly as he listens. Because of his love of misery that others go through it might be a bit difficult for some to befriend him.

» Why so far away?
Sometimes his dorm is just too far away and thus he does not discriminate when it comes to a bed to nap on. He will go into any unguarded dorm and flop onto the bed of another student and nap if at all possible - in a way it reflects a feline's self-entitlement of the space of others. He'd try his best to be gone before anyone returns but sometimes he's very easily caught snoozing. At least he doesn't mess with other's things or read diaries. Needless to say he's pretty lazy at times, he would probably also sleep right in hallways if he doesn't even want to pull open doors to get to a bed.

» A friend indeed...
Akubi loves his friends. He loves flopping on them and invading their personal little spaces with or without permission given. Friends of Akubi tend to find themselves unaffected by bad luck as long as he's directly touching him - they don't get any luckier but at least they stop tripping and things stop breaking. He's pretty loyal to his friends - at least he wouldn't sell them out for a desire of wealth or other things.

» The Grudge has nothing on me!
He can be very unforgiving when someone crosses him and makes him angry. Akubi will go out of his way to make the person's life a living Hell until he is either satisfied or the victim of his grudge makes it up to him somehow. Amongst friends he is a bit more forgiving but if it is a stranger then it is a bit more difficult to get his forgiveness. He will get vengeance one way or the other. Vengeance can take form of cruel pranks or just outright striking the person upon seeing them or he will say awful things about them if they are within hearing until confronted. Friends that find themselves in the center of his grudge will simply be confronted by Akubi and given a chance to repent after he's had at least a little fun at their expense making them work for his forgiveness - he values his friends since they are a rare thing for him to have.

» Feline Hubris
Akubi thinks he is fantastic, great, and marvelous. He is Jack's gift to Halloween Town. His rather full of himself attitude will likely exasperate those around him should it get out of hand - as it sometimes does. There are times that when Akubi is feeling rather high and mighty that sometimes his 'aura' of misfortune will turn inward on itself and affect him making him screw up a task or when trying to show off a trick and it goes horribly wrong making a fool of him. Usually he can laugh it off when something goes wrong but there are times where he might scamper off to sulk in his shame.

Why are they enrolled in Amityville Academy? He wants to be something more, he wants to achieve more, and he wants to be stronger than the other Halloween denizens he and his Auntie consorts with. Auntie Yana suggested the Academy to him and he decided that that would be the ideal place to hone his skills and to become something more than what he was. Akubi is determined to make his Auntie proud of him, especially since she had been the one to take such fine care of him~.

» Bad Luck Counter: Once per battle (at a moment of his choosing) he can 'reflect' his attacker's strike back at them through the use of his FEAR. The opponent will find their attack flying back to hit them instead of hitting Akubi. (Battle Mechanic: Gambler's Chance)

Physical Description:
Eye Colour: Yellowish with a bit of green around the pupils
Hair Colour/Style: Dark red-brown, messy, wild
Skin Colour: Pale
Clothing Style/Colours: Traditional Japanese style wardrobe and a pair of getas. He favors reds and dark grays. He always wears the noose around his neck. Can also do more 'modern' style of clothes as well, perhaps finding something amongst the styles of young men that go dress up and go to Harajuku in Tokyo (IE: Seems weird, doesn't seem to fit together). Just have fun with it.
Extra: Cat ears, Slit pupils, Sharp teeth, Sharp nails on hands and feet, Very short bob tail
References: Akubi Concept Piccu by Al


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Name: Reiko Yamamura
Nicknames: Rei, RP will decide others
Gender: Female
Age: Died at age 16, has been dead less than a year

Faction: Ghost
Race: Onryo

Natural Ability: The Ties of Vengeance: Reiko is able to sense anyone she has sworn personal revenge on when they are close to her. At year 1, it only works within about ten feet.

“How May I Help You?”: Rei is unfailingly polite in the Japanese model. She is deferential to everyone around her, especially those of higher status, prefers to avoid disagreement, would never criticize anyone in her group of friends, and refuses to accept credit for her accomplishments, preferring to praise friends for theirs. She is very much a “proper lady,” and finds herself aghast at girls who do not behave this way. She will almost never let this slip, unless someone were to extremely fluster or upset her.

Politeness Judo, Away!: Rei can be very good at getting people to do what she wants simply by being so darned nice. A smile and a soft request, she has found, go much further than an angry demand, and she is good at diffusing brewing arguments and making each participant walk away with the idea that they’ve won. If politeness doesn't work, she's likely to back down.

Friends Forever!: Once you get to be her friend, Rei is your friend forever. She places a high value on loyalty, and would never do anything to hurt or upset a friend on purpose. She would be extremely distressed if she did it by accident.

Silk Hiding Steel: Sweet and shy as Rei is, if you hurt her or one of her friends, you had best believe that she will not be happy. And when Rei is not happy, her goal immediately becomes to make whoever made her unhappy just as unhappy as she is.

NEVER FORGIVE NEVER FORGET: It may take forever to get Rei truly upset, but once she is, she never lets go of a grudge. Onryo are spirits of revenge, after all! She will spend months or even years paying someone back for a slight in small, subtle, almost undetectable ways. Rei’s vengeance is not loud or fast-it is slow, subtle, and effective.

Please Don't Be So Loud: Rei is naturally quiet and deferential, but around someone who is very loud and boisterous or directly bossy, she becomes even more so than usual, barely able to do more than nod and squeak out agreements.

I Do Not Appreciate Your Male-Ness: Reiko's first response to someone male is a deep, abiding distrust and discomfort. She doesn't understand where it stems from, all she knows is that anyone male is not to be trusted. It tends to lead to a desire to hurt them before they hurt her, but generally she's able to suppress it to little more than being very clipped and obviously uncomfortable around them. It would take quite a bit to overcome this. This applies regardless of whether the person behaves in a masculine or feminine manner. For instance, if she were to misidentify a male as a female, upon finding out she was wrong she would immediately become uncomfortable with him, moreso perhaps because she would feel deceived by his appearance. Conversely, upon finding out the real gender of a boyish female, she would immediately like that person much better. She is also much more likely to interpret the actions and behaviors of males in a negative light and to unleash the full power of her vengeance on them.

Conflicted: This stems from her natural distrust of males-Reiko cannot remember not feeling that way, but she also doesn't understand why she does, and on an intellectual level she realizes that the people she is so readily distrusting have not done anything to harm her and have given her no reason to feel that way.She feels guilty and conflicted about this, because she knows it's not "right" to feel this way but she can't ignore it.

Why are they enrolled in Amityville Academy? After Reiko first found herself in Halloween, she was taken in for a while by an older onryo, who told her about Amityville and indicated it might be the best place for a young ghost such as herself. For her part, Reiko liked the idea of being able to meet others and learn more about Halloween.

She attended the field trip to the Horseman islands, and made several friends at Amityville. She also developed a deep hatred of Hunters. Both of these have pushed her harder to return to Amity.

FEAR Ability:
Contort: Reiko bends herself in ways that should not be possible and develops claws on her hands and feet. Twisted like this, she can skitter quickly towards opponents and claw them multiple times.
-Follows the "Swift Strikes" mechanic(?)

Physical Description:

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour/Style: Black, reaches past her waist, usually in her face.
Skin Colour: Extremely pale, just off from white
Clothing Style/Colours: A traditional Japanese kimono and sandals; the kimono is white with extremely light pink trim and a light pink obi, the sandals are light brown. Both are stained with what looks to be very old blood and slightly tattered. She also wears a flower hairpin; what kind of flower might vary, she has a fairly large collection.
Extra: None
References: Sketch by one over three, sketch by Fatal Irony
Quest thread~  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:25 pm

Name: Eldrid Ignatius Ofenhund
Nicknames: He's open to some, but doesn't have any at this time.
Gender: Male.
Age: 16, age that his race allows children to wander.

Faction: Monster
Race: Furnace Dog

Natural Ability:
Dog Form: Eldrid's natura ability is the ability to revert back to his canine form - which is about as large as an irish wolf-hound, with the texture of a coarse wolf's fur. He feels the most comfortable in this form, but seeing as he feels he would be more vulnerable - and also possibly more dangerous around others, he only stays in this form around his den/dorm, or when needed. This form does actually have thumbs, but not as versitle as humanoid thumbs.


To sum Eldrid up, it would easy to say he's a saavy bargainer. He has spent most of his childhood keeping any temper under wraps - and has come out as someone with a calm voice, and calmer head. Everything is said once and thought twice when it comes to the way he acts. He is Passionate, with a capital P when it comes to things he wants and desires. If you have something he wants, he will try his best to get it from you, he'll even try to charm the pants off you.

But it's not like he doesn't have his blow ups, his leash is long, but when it snaps, he can and will jump for throats, his gravelly voice almost taken on the boom of the mountains that he and his family had evolved from. It can take him a while to cool down after an explosion, and usually has to sit out to the side until he's cooled down long enough to smoke out the issues.

He is a little sensative about volcano or fire jokes - he's just kind of heard them all by now. You can call him a sore sport about it, he's used to it. He's also very sensitive about the lava he oozes/seeps/drools, always worried that it will harm another student. He tries to keep his distance, but being such a people person, he's trying to get over himself.

Why are they enrolled in Amityville Academy?
The idea of school is exciting to Eldrid, all the prospects of being able to intermingle with all the different races and breeds that go through the halls of Amityville. He wants to know the ins and outs of school, the thoughts of the students and the way to barter the pants on them if he could.

Secretly, he'd love to make some friends also, because he's been with his race since he was a whelp, and just wants to meet ghouls and boils that aren't . . . made of lava.

FEAR Ability:
Lava Spit: For lack of fancy words, it's exactly what it sounds like - with so much excessive lava in his body, he uses his saliva as a weapon, forcing his system to generate more lava and using it as a projectile. Not having used this much as a youth, his aim is not the greatest, and could use more practice/training in this art, so that he can honestly consider it a brute force.

Physical Description:

Eye Colour: Lava; He has no sclera, just reds and oranges flowing around in his eyes, ever flowing.
Hair Colour/Style: Slick back black hair, he tries to keep it tame, but all the heat he contains really doesn't help.
Skin Colour: Dark skin, like someone who's been sunbathing often. Unlike his dog form, he likes to keep a humane skintone, as so not to deter anyone from any possible bartering possibilities,
Clothing Style/Colours: Actually very proper in the way he wears himself. A sleeveless vest, some slick pants and a tie the colour of lava, with a few trinkets here and there. He's not shy about the fact that he produces lava. he wears boots up to his knees, and usually tries to have a satchel on his hip incase someone is willing to barter with him.

Ears: Long, almost jackal-like black ears, the colour of charcoal, as the rest of his natural body. Furnace Dogs have average hearing for the canid family, but have grown in to their bartering ways, and are easily summoned by promises of riches and trade.
Vents: Eldrid has vents that go up his lungs and on his neck, in rows of five and four, and are considered lesser vents than the main one in the middle of his chest. They keep his body temperature in check, and are prone to shrinking and opening as his day goes by. He attempts to keep them as open as he can, as if they over-heat, he himself could over-heat himself. They give a small glow from the lava, and thus, he's a walking nightlight.
Chest Vent: Not as visible as the other vents on his body or his ears and tail, El's chest vent is very very important to him, and he will defend it tooth and nail - it's basically a gaping hole to his heart and lifeforce - the lava. There is a wiring mesh that he can pull the hole closer with, but it must stay open just a little, to vent hot air.
Tail: His tail is thin and a little wiry, spanning in to a flat, sickle like end, all black, as the rest of his natural form. Nothing spectacular, as they don't use it very often.
Lava drool: He does this, he is ashamed. For being basically created out of fur and lava, the latter keeps him going, a steady flow through the vessels and muscles that bind him. This includes his mouth, which doubles as a alternate to saliva . . . which sometimes overpowers his mouth, and came come out as drool, especially when he is excited.
Forehead Orb: Not as cared for as his vents, it's more of a visual reference for how healthy or ill the dog is.

Physical Build: Physically, he can hold his own - he's not weak, and has a small interest in physical exercises to keep one's body healthy. It doesn't really help him much in his interests outside of school, but he's definitively got the muscle mass to support him. Not to mention he's basically lava and muscle, there's not much left for him to flab out.

References: FURNACE DOOGGG - Smolder. - W/ Jack


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:29 pm

Name: Shaoquing
Nicknames: Shao
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Faction: Ghost
Race: Seiryū (Azure Dragon)

Natural Ability: Growth Spurt - Seiryū's have the ability to grow flowers or seeds quickly. This allows them the ability to have flowers growing all year round. It also allows them to attempt to charm someone that has caught their attention, by offering freshly grown flowers as a gift.


Shao loves a few things in this world, one of which is himself. The little dragon is very, very vain. Often primping and preening, he can't stand to get dirty or have his lovely hair messed up and out of it's normal style. However, despite that Shao knows there's times when he has to scarfice his looks for the greater good. He loves to tend to his flowers and bonsi bushes, and well he often gets his hands dirty, but he manages to convince himself that the dirt is good for his skin. Like a mud bath or a facial.

Despite being very vain Shao is out going, he'd do anything to help someone in need. He loves to give little presents in the terms of flowers, either potted or made into bracelets, necklaces or headpieces for others to wear. It mean to show that he appirecates them and is happy to make friends with them. He loves to talk and often does his best to get along with others even if sometimes he doesn't agree. That doesn't mean that Shao doesn't get into a good fight every once in a while.

Shao's fighting experience is rather limited to small scuffles and smirishes. While he doesn't really approve of fighting just for fighting sakes he does realize that sometimes it takes fighting to get anger out of one's system. Normally Shao's on the loosing end of that fight though, and often left unhappy because he got a bruise on his face or his hair has gotten messed up.

Shao's downfall though is perhaps his protectiveness over trivial things. While he's protective over Willow (his sister) or his close friends. Shao gets really protective of small minute things that are often unimportant. If he sees someone breaking a limb off a tree or trampling flowers he often goes and ties to make them stop. Ending up in normally some sort of altercation, be it a fight or something equally as stupid.

Shao can also be a bit whiny at a times, speically since he's so self centered. If there's something he doesn't want to do or if he's gotten injured in a fight he's sometimes found whining to the nearest person that'll listen. Even if it's because he's agreed to go out for a walk with someone and they walk longer than expected he might occasion

Why are they enrolled in Amityville Academy? Shao enrolled for two reasons. One to follow his 'twin sister' Willow, and two he wants to learn more about plants. So he's hoping the school has a club or a program that teaches about the different types and uses of plants!

FEAR Ability: Water ball - Shao can use water from the air to create a ball and launches it towards his opponents. This ends with his opponents feeling like they've been drenched in water. (Uses Battle Cry Mechanics)

Physical Description:

Eye Colour: 50d7bc
Hair Colour/Style: Blue

Skin Colour: 0096ff for most of the skin and white for the underbelly/chin (markings)
Clothing Style/Colours: (Remember, everything should be Halloween-inspired! Creepy is good!)
Extra: Horns like these on this guy.
References: don't really have any.... buttt.... I can give you a tektek as a rough idea.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. or User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. or User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(Either hair style maybe in a white color... just playing with different options)  
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:31 pm

Name: Maddox
Nicknames: Maddy
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Faction: Demon

Race: Cait Sith/Sidhe

Natural Ability: Feline Form - Maddy's natural form is that of a black cat, roughly the size of a large dog, with a white diamond mark of fur across his chest, and glowing pale eyes. In this form he is graceful and sleek, fur hackled and dark. His eyes radiate with a wispy silver glow, and his tail may be a bit more wild in form than his human appearance, with a white tip adorned with a few silver bracelets and bangles, perhaps a kerchief around his neck on occasion.


I Can Do Bad All By Myself: Maddy's a bit of a stickler. Having been raised in a world that's taught him he's the next screama-donna of enterprise, he tends to be stubborn in accepting help from others. Only if it's absolutely necessary will he behoove himself to work among lesser species. Seriously, why did his pàpa even send him to this institution?? :<

Let's hope time will change that |D [Yes, yesss it will :>]

All But Rotten: It's easy enough to see that Maddy is spoiled. Having grown up in one of the richest families of a very wealthy society to begin with, he's used to getting what he wants, when he wants. Trading in his luxury penthouse for a school dorm though, how will he possibly adjust to Amity life??

Curiosity Killed The Cat: It's well known Cait Sith have a mischievous streak. After all, why else would their ancestors have chosen to take a soul a little before it's time?? For Maddy, it's no different. He delights in the thought of torturing humans, and to some degree, Halloweeners themselves. Don't be surprised if you find your latest eyePhone has suddenly vanished from your pocket. He may be toying with you, and then again, he may be borrowing it to return later. Cats are fickle creatures, after all.

The Face of Business: Maddy can be a tough nut to crack. He's been groomed since youth to be a businessman, and succeed in the family company. He thinks very analytically versus emotionally, and is quite intelligent, often wracking his brain to find solutions to the problems he encounters. As well, he has a bit of an ego issue, and often thinks the world at his feet. But if you can manage to break through his barrier, underneath all that stony solitude is the barest bridge of friendship. When Maddy knows he can rely on you, you're a friend to the end. Don't expect him to admit it though, his lips too, are loyally sealed.

Why are they enrolled in Amityville Academy?

The Cait Sith are a longstanding and noble race living in an old community of Halloween. Some might call them 'old money'. They uphold the laws rigorously, take pride in everything they do, and seek to do the task to the absolute best of their ability. Characteristically, they can be stubborn at times, mysterious others, and while outwardly may seem more reserved and passive aggressive than most, don’t be surprised if you insult one only to one day find yourself suddenly dissipating mid-step, wondering precisely what just happened to cause your untimely death. Cait Sith see themselves as precisely what they are: A well-established race, deserving the respect and gratitude of others. In short, they are all better than you and you better believe it. Within their own circles however, they uphold a certain hierarchy, revering their elders, male and female respectively, with a mixture of pride and devotion. The youth are raised to respect their elders, and the elders are often the ones who manage and occupy the upper crust of their society, their highest positions and most wealthy pockets, and their word is all but absolute.

The Cait Sith are known for their rich and often embossed history, a history that can sometimes border on the absurd. Rumor even has it the felines predate Reapers, given that their bloodline were once charged with the task of stealing the FEAR-filled souls of recently deceased human corpses before burial, often prematurely. Historically however, timelines between the two are so blurred that nothing can be certain, though one thing is a fact: Reapers have given the Cait Sith a run for their money ever since. Even today, the two are occasionally known to hold competitions to see who can reap a soul the quickest. However, present day finds most Cait Sith running wealthy businesses throughout Halloween. Maddy's family own one of the most successful, and Maddy himself has been molded since a small child to be the ideal entrepreneur. However, youth are still brought up in the traditional ways of their race, and expected to know how to properly reap FEAR from a human soul. Maddy himself is just reaching that ripe age when he too must know how to properly reap a soul. For that reason his father and grandfather - both highly respected business tycoons - firmly insisted that he attend Amityville Academy.

And an elder’s word is absolute, yes??


A Soft Spot: Maddy has one fuzzy warm weakness in that black heart of his. He loveeeesss stuffed plushies. In fact, he collects them, and has over half his room packed with their soft, staring warmth. His most prized however, is Mr. Stitches, a stitched together black and white cat, that also doubles as his backpack when he needs one. Though 'Stitches doesn't talk, something in his large saucer eyes makes Maddy feel that he does seem to comprehend what his owner is saying, and is sure to keep all the boil's 'terrible secrets'.

Fashionista: Being in business, and the upper crust of that besides, Maddy has been exposed to high end fashion since he was a small scareling in his mother's arms. He believes religiously in dressing sharp, and in his free time enjoys going through his wardrobe matching outfits and patterns. Sometimes he even pauses to sketch new designs. Just don't question his taste.

Random Facts:

- Of all the bright and beautiful colors, pink is his favorite. He secretly hoards pink things. Don't judge him, 'kay?? :V

- He hates being touched. Kind of like a certain bubble of space around him that he hates being invaded. That doesn't mean I don't have plans for him to warm up to people >:> [Cuddle Club yesss ♥]

FEAR Ability: Nine Lives: (The Mind - reduces accuracy) - Maddy is able to summon several illusionary copies of himself that fan out around the opponent and mimic his movements and voice in an attempt to confuse the opponent. The signature technique requires summoning eight illusions besides oneself, therefore having 'nine lives'. But Maddy hasn't yet mastered this technique, and is only currently able to summon four.

Just don't ask him why it's called 'Nine Lives' when there are only five images total. He might decide to show you why >V

Physical Description:

Eye Colour: Pearly silver with a soft glow.

Hair Colour/Style: Pitch black, asymmetrical, layered, short in back, and falling across his face into long bangs at the sides.

Skin Colour: Black everywhere up to his chin, save for a large creamy porcelain skin-tone diamond-shape that stretches across his chest from waist to collarbone. His face too, is the same skin-tone.

Clothing Style/Colours: Monochrome! Black, white, and greys are much loved by this little dude. Not that he doesn't indulge in color on occasion. He simply finds the stark natural colors of his race to be complimentary to his natural appearance.

Clothing he might wear include ripped skinny jeans (skinny/close fitting jeans in general), black and white patterned shirts, long tight sleeves to his fingers, 3/4th sleeves, cropped jackets over a shirt, neck kerchiefs and scarves (always), silver and black bangles, bracelets, and jewelry, all manner and number of belts, be it spiked, studded, embossed, plain black leather, etc. as well as pointed or normal boots, black gloves/fingerless gloves on occasion, and anything else that would be considered classy, edgy, modern as long as it is in blacks/greys/whites. Go wild! :>

He definitely has a pair of chic thick-framed rectangular reading glasses he wears on occasion, both for reading purposes and fashion statement, as well as a newsboy cap (see the tektek below) that is probably one of his favorite accessories. And he is usually never without a neck kerchief of some sort, and on occasion, a scarf instead.

[Note: The tektek below is for a general idea. If used, the white of his shirt should be in a rough diamond shape, to symbolize the diamond of his skin beneath, even though it's not visible.]

Extra: His ears are tall, fluffy and pointed, and if he were ever to smile, one might notice the subtle hint of sharp canines. His tail is long, narrow but fluffy, and pitch black, with a white fluffy tip often adorned in some silver/black bracelets. And his arms fade from a pale skin-tone to solid ebony as they reach his fingers, where narrow razor-sharp white claws grace his fingertips. The same goes for his legs and feet. See Skin Colour for more information on this.


Have a general idea tektek! ovob

Have an example of his feline form!


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:39 pm

The Hunter
Name: Evan Roberts
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Category: Sun

The Weapon
Name: Gwrgenau
Type of Weapon: A two-handed executioner sword with a serrated blade
Former species of weapon: Cwn Annwn
Gender: Male


Evan suffers from PTSD as a result of the events that led to his discharge from the military. The desire to establish the same camaraderie with the other hunters that he had with his fellow Marines exists, but those he was closest to kept him at arm’s length after the incident; he’s wary of letting anyone get too close to him, but will make the effort to at least be friendly. However, even those who get to know him will find him to be soft spoken, respectful and polite with a subtle sense of humor that manifests itself without warning.

Evan learned a different set of standards in the military, a certain level of morality and honor that he maintains even now. He’s more of a follower than a leader and won‘t question an order unless it blatantly falls on the wrong side of the line. Evan retains the Semper Fi mentality and would happily lay his life on the line for any of his fellow hunters, especially the ones in his division, regardless of the situation.

As a part of Evan’s therapy, he took up a number of hobbies before settling on one: cooking. Evan’s PTSD can occasionally make him go through bouts of emotional instability where he can be anxious, irritable, or downright mean. It’s not something he wants other people to see, and he’s not always proud of his actions when his mood takes a turn for the worse. He can usually be found in the kitchen when he’s going through a bad fit. He finds the act to be soothing, and it takes up enough of his attention that it keeps him from dwelling too much on the past.

Gwrgenau is the ray of sunshine to Evan’s rain cloud. Relentlessly cheerful, he takes it upon himself to pull Evan out of the dark places in his mind. Gwrgenau was a pack animal before he became a weapon; he understands the importance of interacting and communicating with your peers, even if Evan no longer does. He acts as both partner and therapist, encouraging Evan to crawl out of the shell he’s hidden himself in and rejoin the world.

Why did your human character choose to become a Hunter?

Evan joined the US Marines straight out of high school. During his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, his convoy was attacked on a routine patrol by insurgents with homemade RPGs. When his squad mates left their jeeps to return fire, several of them were shot down. Evan saw his friends injured and dying around him--and he also saw the shadows hovering over some of them as they drew their last breaths. Outraged and terrified, Evan shot at the specters. While he didn’t hit any of his squad mates, he was later held accountable for firing at them in the first place.

In defense of his actions, Evan told his commanding officers everything--not only what had happened on patrol, but about the shadows he had seen. Evan’s life changed drastically in the months that followed. His superiors thought him crazy, and he was discharged from the military and forced to undergo psychiatric treatment. His family took him in but treated him like a powder keg just waiting to explode. The girlfriend that he had intended to propose to when he got home left him without a word. Worst of all, the shadows were still there, a mocking reminder of everything he had lost.

Evan had nothing left to lose. He knew he wasn’t crazy, even though everyone around him seemed to think otherwise, so when a man came to visit him who believed what he had to say and offered him the opportunity to fight against the creatures that had ruined his life, Evan took it.

Evan sees Deus as the end of the line. Having been effectively kicked out of the military, Evan considers Deus an opportunity to redeem himself, to do something worthwhile with his life. He feels that he has nothing left to lose and will be the first to volunteer for every mission, knowing that it could be his last. He was willing to lay down his life in service country; although that is no longer an option, he is equally willing to die in the fight against Halloween, desperate for some kind of validation--and revenge.

Weapon Ability

Rend: The "teeth" on Gwrgenau's blade temporarily grow longer and sharper, allowing him to inflict more damage on an opponent. (Battle Cry)

Physical Description:

Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour/Style: Dirty blonde, buzzed short
Skin Colour: Lightly tanned
Clothing Style/Colours: A plain colored muscle tee, military-style surplus pants and jacket, and combat boots. Scarf should be red and gold and can be worn however the colorist wants to style it.
Extra: A bulldog tattoo on one bicep, a USMC logo tattoo on the other.  



Super Sex Symbol

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:52 pm
Proof of exam thread: [Exam] Trashbot Jump
Any specifications?

- Mei's hair has begun to fade from dark brown to white and is longer in the front. Her species generally has all white hair so I figured it would be fun to play with that through her years.

- She wears a gold choker now that houses her Lost Clans fragment.

- I would like to keep the emphasis on her being thin and short.

- Light reference I doodled up if you want to play around with parts of it.

- Y1 art  
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