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Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:09 pm
Kurosh*tsuji: His Butler - Punishement

- Trancy Estate

The blond boy opened up the letter, reading it he blinked with surprise then read it twice over. He began to laugh "Your serious aren't you?" Alois asked the letter-writer who was a couple of hours away on the other side of England.
Claude, who was standing there silently, raised an eyebrow at the boy's mirth.
Alois kicked his feet off the desk and sprang up with the letter in hand.
"This is so delightful! Oh Claude, this is perfect so perfect." Alois danced around his immovable butler.
"What is, your highness?" Asked Claude. "Is it a letter of challenge from Earl Phantomhive?"
"Oh nonsense." Alois paused. "This is much better then a challenge. Ciel is requesting that you go and work for him for a month."
Now Claude's eyes widened at this. "Your highness?"
" Apparently Ciel is not happy with his butler's conduct and wants you to work there. with. him." the boy said, saying the last three words with obvious relish.
"Sir, I am your butler who will be here to over see-"
"I'm sure that Hanha and the others can handle everything while your gone. At the same time, you can also find out for me all of Ciel's habits, likes, dislikes and any secrets he has." Alois sat on the desk, grinning. His tounge slid out and along his lower lip, the seal there glowed. "Claude, You will work at the Phantomhive manor, under Ciel's orders, you will show up that arrogant jerk with your superior talents.....This is an Order."
Claude bowed. "Yes, your highness."

...not that he had much of a choice.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:12 pm
-Phantomhive Residence-

Ciel stood next to his butler with an expression on his face that could only be described as smug. It was not a smirk, but pretty close to one. His whole demeanor matched the strange delight he was feeling as he waited for the Trancy butler to arrive. His eyes drifted to Sebastian who was glancing at him. Ciel knew full well how Sebastian felt about this situation. That was precisely what had Ciel in his giddy mood. This was going to be hell for Sebastian and that is exactly what the Earl intended.

It had taken a while for Ciel to figure out how to get to Sebastian. He had many ideas, but quickly shot most of them down realizing how stupid they actually were or how Sebastian just might use the situations to his advantage. This was the one idea that Ciel had stuck with. It was genius, probably one of the best ideas that he had in a long time.

"Sebastian, how much longer until he gets here?" Ciel asked the demon impatiently.

"Not much longer." the demon answered, his sanguine eyes boring into the side of Ciel's head.

His master just loved to make him as miserable as possible. Sebastian knew full well it was this little power play game that Ciel always tried to have the upper hand in. Ever sine he made the contract with his master, Ciel instigated this game. Sebastian always found ways to twist his master's words and weasel around him, turning the tables. The Earl had obviously reached the end of his fuse to do something this drastic. Even worse, Ciel looked genuinely delighted over this whole situation.

Seeing Sebastian turn his head, Ciel followed his line of sight. Claude Faustus had finally arrived. The pleased expression returned to Ciel's face as he approached. "Won't this be exciting Sebastian?"

"Yes my lord." Sebastian answered. Exciting? Not one bit. Interesting? Most definitely.


Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:58 pm
As the carriage rolled to a stop in front of Phantomhive manor, Claude frowned, the mansion was at least twice as smaller then the Trancy estate, and lacked it's grandeur, but then again Earl Phantomhive was only an owner of a toy company.

Pushing up his glasses, the Trancy butler stepped out of the carriage. As a servant he was brought to the side door. A boy with a mess of blond hair greeted him. "uh, uhm...Hello." The boy said hesitating. "I'm here to help with your luggage and-and.."
"There is no need to, I'm sure that my chest is too heavy-"
"No no! I insist!" Finnian grabbed up the large chest strapped to the back of the carriage with one hand.
Claude raised aneyebrow at the boy's display of superhuman strength. "I must see Earl Phamtomhive, I am the new servant he requested and I must report to him as soon as possible."
"Uhm....Ok,...uhm, Please come with me."

Claude was brought to the main hall, the boy had disappeared with his chest, leaving the new servant alone in his traveling hat and coat. The coldly irate demon pulled off his top hat and inspected the hall, Too many dark places along the upper walls, He thought, Too much dark stained wood, thought warm, is hardly welcoming to guests of the Earl. I should suggest an ivory wallpaper...  
PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:57 pm

After Finnian had finished depositing the chest in Claude's quarters, he rushed down to where he had last seen his young master and Sebastian standing. "Young master!" he caleld out. "The new servant you requested is here." he said, his eyes drifting to Sebastian. It was strange how much Sebastian and this new man looked alike.

"Wonderful!" Ciel said when his gardener confirmed Claude's arrival. "Let's go greet him Sebastian."

The yong Earl quickly made his way to the main hall with Sebastian right on his heels. "I'm glad to see you arrive right on schedule." Ciel said to Claude, coming to a halt a few feet in front of him. "I assume it wasn't too hard to find your way here?"

"I also assume you have been told why you were sent here. Sebastian hasn't been performing his duties as he should and I figured having you around would be good for him. We are both very glad you're here, right Sebastian?"

"It's always a pleasure when Mr. Faustus is around." Sebastian said with a friendly smile, lying through his teeth.

"Very well then. Sebastian will show you to your room."

"Follow me Mr. Faustus and we will get you settled in." Sebastian turned to head up the staircase, looking back to make sure the other demon was following. These next few weeks were going to be hell. This little act could easily be put on around his master, but it would be a whole different story when alone with his fellow demon.


Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:40 pm
The normally cold-mannered demon allowed himself a small smile, knowing that his particular orders where not only to show up Sebastian, but also do his best to annoy and irritate him. Now he was a subtle kind of demon not given to childish games.

Initially he was exasperated when Alois sent him off. The blond boy saying that he "Must make it up for not killing Sebastian" but instead to "Humiliate Sebastian and make him miserable." Claude Faustus had wondered during the 4 four train ride how he was going to do that. However hearing Ciel's greeting comment had made him realize that humiliating the other seal-bound demon in this manner under Sebastian's and his own Master's orders was in fact a rare chance. Claude would wrap his lips around this sinfully delicious irony like a decadent treat.

"Where those files I gave you, useful Sebastian?" Claude asked as he followed behind him. He meant the research papers that he'd given him during Alois Trancy's Costumes party. He wasn't really interested in an answer, but a subordinate butler calling the head of household staff by only his first name was considered rude in the domestic hierarchy. Though officially, Claude hadn't actually started work here yet. His insult was pushing it with Sebastian as his overseer.  
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:25 am
Sebastian's cold eyes drifted to the side as Claude's voice filled the empty hall. If he was not under such strict orders from his master, this peaceful journey through the Phantomhive mansion would not be happening. The demon knew full well that Claude had probably thought about his tactics during the ride to the Phantomhive estate. It was only obvious that he was already pushing Sebastian's buttons. He was just like a child, trying out minor annoyances until he got a reaction.

"They were sufficient." the butler curtly replied, his eyes returning to their forward position as the turned the corner down another hallway. They walked past a couple closed doors before Sebastian stopped, moving slightly to the side so Claude could walk into the room if he wished. "This is where your quarters are Faustus. I see Finnian already brought your things up." he said, eyeing the trunk next to the bed.

Claude then asked him if he could speak to the Earl about the latter that was sent to the Trancy residence. "As would I." Sebastian commented even though he was fully aware about the mystery of the letter. The demon just wondered what Ciel would tell the Trancy butler. He would surely concoct some story for the other demon. Sebastian's young master was not one to blatantly tell Claude he was only here because of the unmentioned power play between himself and his demon.

"The young master is in his study down the hall." Sebastian said, quickly turning around, not even looking back to see if Claude was following.

The Phantomhive butler halted just before Ciel's study. He turned his head until Claude came into view. "I hope you're aware that your time here will not be as leisurely as you would like it to be." he warned in a voice quiet enough so his master would not hear him through the opened door.

With that being said, Sebastian walked into the study with Claude at his heels. "My lord, Mr. Faustus would like to have a word with you."


Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:48 am
With one look into his designated bedroom, Claude frowned. It wasn't as spacious nor as comfortable looking as his old bedroom at his master's estate, for one thing, he got a room with a tiny window and threadbare furniture. He sighed inwardly No matter, he had prepared for this eventually.

Following the other butler in black, Claude automatically took notice of things around the manor. Which rooms appeared to be drawing rooms, a gallery and other hallways which he would remember.
To Sebastian, He merely gave him a faint smile in response.
The demon with the golden eyes gave a bow to the boy seated at the desk at the other end of the study.
"Lord Ciel Phantomhive, please pardon my interruption." he began, then waited to be acknowledged by the young earl.  
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:24 pm
Ciel's eyes flicked up from a paper that was resting on his desk as the two demons entered the study. He kept his gaze on Sebastian momentarily as the Phantomhive butler informed him that Claude wanted a word with him.

"Thank you Sebastian." Ciel said nodding his head to dismiss his butler.

Without another word, Sebastian turned to leave the room. Of course he could not leave without shooting the other demon a glance. What in the world was he up to? Sebastian had his master pretty well figured out, but it was much harder to decipher a fellow demon.

"You wanted to speak with me?" Ciel asked, looking at Claude.


Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:25 am
'Yes Lord Phantomhive." He demon walked closer to the desk and pulled out a rolled up parchment from his coat. Claude put this on Ciel's desk. "This is my temporary work contract. It has already been signed by my master Lord Alois Trancy, it requires your signature before I can officially work here." He pushed up his glasses with a finger and stepped back politely as the boy picked it up and unrolled it to read it.

I Earl of Trancy, Alois. Hearby temporarily transfer the services of my personal valet and butler Mr. Claude Faustus to his honorable Earl Ciel Phantomhive for the duration of one month to this day.

As requested, He will follow your every order as if it where myself giving it,


It continued on with the common legalities, formalities. Before being signed and stamped with Alois's personal seal. A place right below it was for Ciel's signature accepting the terms of agreement.

Claude could see Ciel's facial expression change subtly as he read it. When he was sure that that the boy had gotten thought the gist of it, he "As you are aware, Mr.Michaelis and I are not the most compatible of employees. The contract ensures that the manor is run....peacefully?"  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:32 pm
Ciel's brow raised as Claude reached into his coat, producing a piece of rolled parchment. No doubt it was a letter from Alois Trancy himself. Claude stepped forward and placed the letter on the desk in front of Ciel as he informed him that it was indeed from Alois, detailing the temporary work contract that came with Claude.

After finishing the letter, Ciel sat it back down on his desk and reached for his fountain pen. He neatly signed the line where his signature was requested. Claude was now his for one month do the day. Because of this temporary contract Claude was as much Ciel's as Sebastian was. It was going to be a very interesting month.

His eyes made their way to his new butler as Claude's voice permeated the quiet room. The statement that came from the butler's mouth caused Ciel's face to display a devious smirk. He was well aware that the two demons were not the most compatible. "Well I'm sure you can set aside your differences to work alongside each other." Ciel commented. It was almost amusing seeing the two together. The tension between the two was high enough that Ciel could feel it if he was in the same room with them.

"I want you to follow Sebastian around like a hound for the next few days. He's been... slacking in his duties lately and I know a competent man like you will be able to set him straight by any means necessary."


Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:49 pm
Claude allowed a smile to grace is normally expressionless features. If he read the boy correctly his smirk told him that he didn't actually mind the rift between himself and Sebastian. Oh, Claude thought this would be the most fun he had in ages.
Knowing that the other butler was nearby and probably listening in on their conversion, Claude remembered the night that he had stolen Ciel's soul right from under the other demon's nose and the brief conversation before. The spider-demon knew exactly how to push Sebastian's buttons. He crossed his right hand over his chest and bowed at the waist at his new master.

"Yes, My Lord."  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:26 pm
Ciel sat back in his chair as Claude bowed at his new master's order. It was such a strange thing hearing those word's come from someone who was not Sebastian.


Sebastian had not gone far after he left his master and Claude in Ciel's study. The Phantomhive butler merely moved into the next room to begin dusting as he listened in on their conversation. Just as he thought. It was all part of Ciel's damned game. He knew Ciel always wanted to come out on top, but this was a new extreme. Out of all the things he expected his young master to do, Claude Faustus was not one of them.

The demon paused for a moment as he heard Claude's voice. Yes, my lord. Those words should not be coming from his filthy lips. Sebastian continued on with his duties as he heard Claude approaching. As if the other butler could find any mistakes Sebastian was making. Of course, he knew even the things done right the Trancy butler would pick on.


Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:42 pm
Closing the door after himself he found Sebastian easily enough in the next room, it was a library. Claude stood by the door watching Sebastian dusting an half empty shelf. His smile became slightly wider. "It ill suits one such as yourself to do the dusting without an apron to protect your uniform....." Then seeing the others dark expression he made a poor attempt to flatten his smile. "...simply a suggestion, Mr.Michaelis." He gave a slight bow of his head in Sebastian's' direction. "Getting dust on your uniform would be a shame, Would you like me to retrieve one for you so that you can continue?"  
PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:23 pm
Sebastian continued on with his duties, not paying any attention to Claude even though he could feel those lutescent eyes boring into his back. His words only made the situation worse. It was bad enough that Claude had to follow him around like some lost puppy, but it was another thing when he was trying to tell him how to do his job. Sebastian was flawless at his job as the Phantomhive butler, nothing less was expected of him.

Of course the Trancy butler, nay, the newest Phantomhive butler would mention something like that. "Why use something like that when you've never had any trouble before?" he asked, looking down to his impeccable uniform. He had always managed to keep the dust off himself while keeping it off furnishings in the room.

Claude then asked if he would like him to go retrieve one. "If you think it best." Sebastian curtly replied with a tight, fake smile on his face. At least that would get him out of his hair for a few minutes. If Claude was still not satisfied then he could do the dusting himself so it was 'up to standards'. Sebastian figured that after Claude did it there would be obvious flaws in his work that would never appear in Sebastian's own.


Claude Faustus

Demonic Spectator

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:04 pm
"No...." Claude said after a moment of looking at the flawless black of Sebastian's uniform. But of course, that was to be expected of a Phantonhive butler. He looked down at the shiny polished shoes Sebastian wore, Here too, was without flaw. He could practically see himself reflected in them.

Golden eyes trailed down the perfectly ironed creases, the cut of each seam was perfectly tailored for the demon butler. It flattered his figure in a such a way that made him seem otherworldly in his elegance and grace even as he moved.

"....I do not see the necessity in covering up, since you are doing an excellent job dusting." Claude's eyes trailed back upwards Sebastian's figure with his trim form fitting uniform. Thinly veiled approval in what he was seeing before him.
Unlike the other demon, He didn't have any reason to hide behind a fake smile. Claude's smile was one of bemusement and interest.

"It is the wishes of our young master that I observe you for the next couple of days." His tone suggested that he really did not mind this at all.  
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