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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:24 pm
(continued from http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=20720859 )

Baton City

Crime pollutes the streets. People are afraid to leave the safety of their homes. While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and they do what they must to survive in the festering hole we call home. But there are those who fight the disease of this dying world, and even though they are few in numbers, their fighting spirits can match any army. You have the choice to join them, or you can destroy them, or you can just live life as you normally do. What will you do?
PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:25 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:37 pm
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:15 pm
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:33 am
Shanoma drove her car into Baton city calmly, looking around, she had sensed a large increase in dark power from this city recently, she planned to find out what was going on, and stop it if necessary.

Huntress dropped down from a roof into an alleyway, slipping through and examining the people on the street around her, it was filled with strip clubs, prostitutes, escort services, and sex shops.

Ferdun smirked, striding down the street casually, it had been a good few days, he had met with quite a few beautiful women, being young once more was a good feeling.

Edward smiled, leaning back in his office casually, finishing off a few pieces of paperwork and wondering what to do next.

Eileina grinned, "C'mon Eilsha, let's go find some fun." She said with a wink.

Servia pressed against Valentina, "How may I please you today mistress?" She asked.

Sara lead her sister back towards Twist Tech, "We need to get back to work, we don't want to get fired."

Lorenzo fixed up a few plates of food and set them out to be taken to their customers.

Serina sighed, heading down the stairs of Twist Tech, she had been called to one of the experimental labs, supposedly there was a fight going on between two of the scientists.

Jak'Thoo cackled madly and grabbed the girl and her boyfriend, pushing the boy to Cora and pulling the girl back towards their home.

Silitha smiled, the work was going well, she watched her children as they worked to expand the tunnels, she would be able to walk above ground soon.

Jozen smiled at Jenna, brushing her hair gently, "We did good work today, those dealers won't be doing that anymore."

Domina smiled, her class would be beginning soon, she waited patiently in her classroom.

Gina smirked, leaning back in her bed and letting one of the new boys work on her, she watched him, he wasn't bad, not the best though. She'd had better.

Liquina sat next to Amoria in the limousine, "It seems that things are going well." She said smoothly.

Andre sat in a slim tub of water at the local church, nude and praying, cleansing his body from the evil that had tainted it so recently.

Anya smiled, sitting on the couch with Sasha in her lap, arms around the girl as they watched a movie.

"C'mon maggots move faster!" Jane yelled at the people in her training class, "You can do better then that!"

Rai worked at her job calmly, helping to smelt metal at the smelting plant.

Felatia yawned and stretched in the bar, looking around lazily, wishing there was more fun to do.

Cerberus had finished his class and was walking the halls calmly.

Chris finished up with a patient and sent them home, leaning back in his seat and running a hand across his head. "That girl's always a bit off." He muttered to himself.

Eldo frowned, watching Alice, "You need to move your arms faster when you try to get the hold, if they move too quickly before you can catch hold of them, they'll turn the hold back onto you."

Eddy lay back on his bed, resting calmly, he had just finished more hours of work.

Dalliana smiled and winked at Carla, "I'll see you again sometime, come by and visit when you can." She said playfully, then left the office, and the school.

Darius frowned, examining the few old history books in the library, "This form of script is complex and strange." He muttered, shaking his head helplessly.

Gazzine nodded, "It is very strange indeed Sir Darius." She agreed, sitting next to him.

Dared smirked, "You have all done well my servants, now the night of Great Pleasure shall be tonight! Be sure to attend tonight, and bring your friends if you can." He said, grinning.

Mileena smirked, leaning back in her seat, "Mmmm, this town is wonderful."

Jeulee smiled at Olivia, "We have the day off to do, what would you like to do?"

Ima smirked, sitting in the lobby of the school, going over a few papers.

Rasta stretched and yawned, leaning against the counter of her shop, it was a slow day.

Tyrone woke from his nap and smirked, rubbing Bianca firmly to wake her up, "Time for class gal." He said, dressing easily.

Linda nodded, "The field I just erected should protect us from any evil forces and still allow us to travel, we need to get something to eat after all."

Vicky leaned back in her seat, looking over her gang members, "We need a big score..." She said to herself.

Lynn laughed, "I can't believe you crazy chicks followed us all the ******** way out here."

Jess giggled, "Of course they did Lynn, they ARE crazy, good thing they came here though, your brother can help them with that."

Roxxana snorted, "I just wanted to check out the street fighting scenes here."

Chin sighed, "I just want to get out of here, these ones dragged me here."

Ann just sat in one corner of the room, tuning her guitar quietly.

Firecracker giggled, "C'mon! We all wanted to visit, besides, we can't exactly split up the band just because Lynn wants to visit family, and anyways, we should put on a show here! It'd be great!"

Malice nodded, "Firecracker's right, a show here would be great for us, it's a huge city and everyone likes music, besides, I bet your brother could help us find a place to preform."

Telia stood on the main stage, dancing round and round, her clothes gone as she flexed her body beyond the limits of normal humans, putting on quite a show with her exotic dancing style.

Dukette smirked, watching Telia, she was good, "Yeah, shake em baby."

Bubbles giggled, sitting in the back room, pulling her clothes on, "Well my shift is over, I'm going to go to the school and visit my sister, anyone want to tag along?"

Sharessa shook her head, "I'm afraid not, I have a job in an hour."

Sierra shrugged, "I'm still on shift of course."

Zellania nodded, "Yes, of course. Tim, you're coming along."

Zaka shook her head, "No." She said simply.

Mina nodded, "Sure! I'll go along!" She said happily.

Leena just shook her head silently.

Lilith yawned, "Why not? Maybe I'll find some fun while I'm there."

The twins spoke in perfect harmony, "We would love to accompany you."

Eris was up on one of the smaller stages, dancing easily.

Ilvaria smiled, "No, I have to stay and keep working."

Isabella smirked, "No, I have to go there tomorrow, someone bought me as a gift for someone else."

Gabriella smirked, "C'mon Christie, it's just a strip club, what's the big deal?"

Aldra examined Dasha calmly, tapping her chin thoughtfully, "Hmmm...."

Pika smirked and pushed Kevin slightly, "Up you get, almost class time."

Fukarella, or Carrie, since she was off duty, smiled at her sidekick, "Would you like to go out somewhere?" She asked.

Misato slipped through the alleyways calmly, watching for any criminal activities.

Vanessa jumped over the nearest wall and up to the roof, she looked around, her glasses flicking through different view modes.

Luna yawned and got up from her bed, skipping lightly towards her class.

Darine muttered a few words and finished a spell, magic flashed and her chest grew at least three sizes larger, "Wow! It did work!" She yelled to herself excitedly.

Alvaria giggled, Keena and Eddy were doing well. She smiled and slipped out of the house, heading down the street.

E stood in the shadows, watching the city that she watched over, examining the streets for any signs of trouble.

Kisa nodded to her new servant, "Excellent, you have done well, now come, we have much to do."

Luv Lee looked around Twist Tech calmly, examining the place as she explored the building, it was quite odd. The workers had many freedoms.

Lilten smirked, "C'mon Travis, we need to go out somewhere! Have some fun. You need to take a break!"

Ursina smiled, swimming around Ariel as she slept, she was quite beautiful.

Izzy smirked, "C'mon Raq, we got a good haul, let's get some food." She said, setting out across the park.

Breedess slipped through the shadows, watching the people that passed her, searching for unique genetic alterations.

Cattleya smiled, "I'll need to go to my classroom soon, I have a lesson to prepare after all."

Camile sighed as she went back to her home, leading her ancestor to their spare room, "You can stay here, at least until you get a place of your own."

Poison yawned and sat back in her apartment, the door open as she hung out, wanting to do something.

Ibella stretched and sent a text to Tina, 'Hey, what's up? Wanna grab a bite somewhere?'

Akumi stood at the top of a tall building, arms crossed, growling softly, she wanted something to fight.

Onyxette smiled at Opal, "It's wonderful to see you, I never thought that I would find you."  
PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:52 pm
Persephone was sitting in the passenger seat of Shanoma's car, looking out the window as she held her book in her lap, "I've never been to Baton City before..."

P.O.R.T.E.L.L.E stood in the corner of Edward's office silently.

Eilsha nodded, smirking in anticipation.

Valentina smiled as she moved aside her dress, "Surprise me today, Servia."

"We wouldn't want that..." Tara said as she followed, still feeling a bit groggy.

Silvia took the food out to the customers.

Cora smirked as she held the boy, following Jak, "Better hope are better than last catch."

Jenna bounced in place, still excited after a good fight.

Mona was very sure to show up for class early.

Amoria smiled, still dirty from her most recent activities, "Yes, yes they are."

Angela stepped into the church, her new armor glistening. She had sensed Andre was there.

Sasha smiled, leaning against the much larger Anya.

Carla smiled and nodded to Dalliana before picking up the phone and calling Ima.

Alice nodded, bouncing in place as she prepared to try again.

Keena was resting in the corner of Eddy's room.

Laura just nodded as she stood on the other side of Darius, unable to read.

Trisha smiled, writing in the schedule.

Kish just grunted, still wounded from her fight with Akumi.

Bianca winced as she woke up, still sore from Tyrone's little buddy.

"That's good, I'm starving..." Cindy said as she stood.

Nancy was polishing her shotgun, "I vote we hit a bank."

Avee was out and about the club, hiding the fact she was still hurt from the beating her sister had given her.

Tim nodded.

Christie's face was red, "Th-That's just the thing, it's a strip club..." she said, not having been to one before.

Dasha twitched, currently the test subject for one of Aldra's inventions.

Kevin sleepily got up and got dressed.

Fiona shook her head, "Sorry, I have to be in class soon..."

Fia was thinking where to look for leads.

Briana nodded as she stood, wiping off her mouth.

"I'm already behind on orders as it is..." Travis said, raising up his welding mask.

Ariel was asleep.

Raq didn't hear Izzy, staring intently at the face of the tied up and unconscious Pearl, trying to think of where she'd seen the woman before.

Susan was starting to wake up.

Atona fake pouted, "Aww, I was hoping to get a quickie in before you had to go."

"I'm hoping to find a way back to my own t- What was that?" Ruby said, having heard Tina's cell go off.

Tina clamped a hand down on her phone, having hidden in the closet once she heard Camile and Ruby's footsteps approaching.

Charlotte walked up to Poison's door and knocked casually.

Margarita swung past Akumi and Breedess as she tested out the new upgrades Travis had installed in her prosthetic arm.

Opal squirmed a bit, still shy and a little unnerved by the sudden appearance of a sibling in her life, "W-Well... h-here I am..."

"Well, is there anything you want to do?" Olivia asked.  

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Zylo the Wolfbane

PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:23 am
"It's a city of sin, sex, violence, and oddities. Creatures and magics, technologies and skill sets that don't exist in any other cities." Shanoma explained calmly.

Edward glanced at PORTELLE calmly, frowning a bit, she was so cold. Travis was a good builder, he could make anything you could imagine. He was a hardware genius. But his software wasn't always the best. Edward didn't doubt that PORTELLE would do whatever he asked, but she had no personality....he wondered if he could get outside help.

Eileina grinned and pulled Eilsha through the shadows, flitting through the shadows, "See anything you like?" She asked.

"Of course mistress." Servia said, striding up to Valentina. ((TS/PM))

Sara nodded, "Exactly! So we have to make sure that we do well." She said, walking into Twist Tech.

Lorenzo was cooking easily, working quickly and efficiently, though he was worried about Margarita.

Serina swore as one of the doors down the hall exploded outwards, she ran down to see what was the matter and was hit square in the face by a cloud of blue gas, she started coughing and gagging, covering her mouth.

Jak cackled, "I can please if not enough." He said, dragging the girl into his home.

Jozen chuckled, "Excited aren't you?" He teased.

Domina smirked at Mona, "Always eager for this class aren't you?" She teased.

Gina moaned and then finished up with the boy, then pulled her skirt back down and headed to class.

Liquina nodded, "Perhaps you should take a break from your work today, you have three hours of free time until your next meeting, an event at Rosie Palms. A speech about political awareness."

Andre sat cross legged in the tub of holy water, chanting to himself, eyes closed as he cleansed his body, mind, and soul.

Anya leaned her head down onto Sasha's shoulder, "I do love you mine little doctor."

Jane frowned, "Get going maggots! Faster faster faster!" She yelled.

Rai sighed, working here was so boring, the fire was nice, but they were just melting metal, which didn't burn as nice.

Felatia sighed, this city was getting boring, she frowned, hopping up and stretching, heading out of the bar and down the street, making sure to shake her hips tantalizingly.

Cerberus wandered the halls calmly, he didn't have much else to do, perhaps he would go visit Avee. Or tell her to visit him.

Chris stood and stretched, yawning, he was off for the day, he headed out of his office and down the stairs slowly, rubbing his head.

Eldo nodded, "Go!" He said, starting the mock battle between Alice and her training partner.

Eddy was breathing slowly, he had another fight in a few hours. He stood and reached into his pockets, cleaning them out, he pulled out the receipts for the last few battles he had fought, at least fifteen battles worth of sexual favors. He grunted and walked to his dresser, opening the bottom drawer and tossing the receipts into the drawer, where hundreds of others were. He never used them, which disappointed many people who fought him, he didn't care. Sex wasn't a prize to him.

Dalliana headed down the street towards one of the more popular strip clubs in town.

Darius glanced up at Laura and frowned, her town had never taught her to read, which had always frustrated him, reading was an important skill. "When we return to our dwelling I will teach you to read." He stated simply.

Gazzine raised an eyebrow at Darius, he had always been fond of his servant, which had always struck her as odd.

"Now go, and make pleasure." Dared said, concluding the meeting as the cult stood and disbanded to their various homes and lurking grounds. Dared smirked and stepped down from the pedestal, "Mmmmm, it will be a good night." He said with a nod.

Mileena smirked, "Perhaps you should return home, mistress, this world seems more dangerous then you first believed, I can handle things here."

Jeulee tapped her chin thoughtfully, "Well there is this nice club that I know..." It was Free Stage night down at the Road to Ruin.

Ima picked up her phone, "Ima here how can I help you?"

Rasta sighed and closed down the shop, there wouldn't be much business tonight. She decided to go and eat out somewhere.

Tyrone chuckled, "Stick with me and you'll start to like that ache." He teased, heading for the door, "See ya in class babe." He said, waving to her lightly and heading for class.

Linda nodded, "I'm sure we can find a place to eat around here, the Temple gave me some money to spend as we needed to." She said, heading down the street.

Vicky laughed, "You always want to hit a bank, that's not where the money is in this city." She said, shaking her head, "No, we need something bigger."

Lynn, Jess, and the girls bumped into Chris outside of their room and, laughing, dragged him along with them out of the building and down the street, surrounding him and pestering him with questions about the city, and about Lynn, and Jess, and where the best places in town were. It was quite an odd sight to see Chris surrounded by so many women.

Telia kept an eye on Avee as she danced, she could tell the woman had been pretty beat up.

Dukette glanced at Avee as she passed, "C'mon girl take a seat with me." She said, patting her lap.

The strippers, lead by Bubbles, headed out of the back room and waved to Avee, "Hey! Boss! Come with us!" Bubbles called out merrily, "Take a break!"

Gabriella chuckled and took Christie's hand, "Don't be so nervous." She said, pulling the girl into the club with her.

Aldra examined Dasha, tied down into a large full-body case, small tendrils of technologically-animated pseudo-flesh stroked across her nude body, up and down, this way and that, teasing her.

Pika giggled and skipped out of the room and towards her room.

Fukarella nodded, "Ok, go ahead and get to class, but afterwords...." She smirked teasingly.

Misato jumped across buildings skillfully, examining the city around her.

Vanessa frowned, this Spy girl was proving difficult to track down.

Luna smiled and sat down in her class.

Darine giggled and skipped through the hallways, her newly improved chest size bouncing slightly. People were already spreading rumors about her newly increased bust.

Alvaria smiled, walking down the street cheerfully.

Kisa lead the way through the labs and then out onto the streets, frowning and examining the city, and time, she was now in.

Lilten smiled, "Then let me help, I can do basic stuff ya know." She said teasingly, she was actually not bad with technology, not nearly as good as Travis obviously, but she could at least help.

Ursina swam up to Ariel and rubbed against her, arms and tentacles wrapping around the girl and holding her close. "Mmmmm, you're fun...."

"Raq! We're eating! Move it or lose it!" Izzy said, starting to walk.

Breedess blinked slightly and nodded, darting after Margarita, feline DNA, mechanical enhancements, her DNA would be a good addition.

Cattaleya chuckled, "Maybe another time." She said playfully.

"That was my daughter's cell phone." Camile said, glancing at the closet, "I'll speak to her about hiding in the closet when we have guests another time. Tina, get out of the closet."

Akumi examined Margarita as she went past, she had lost an arm and had it replaced. If she wasn't a powerful enough warrior to avoid the loss of the arm in the first place, she wasn't worth fighting.

Onyxette nodded, "So I see. What have you been doing all this time?" She asked.

Poison looked up at her door and stood, opening the door and smirking, "Well, look what the pigs dragged in." She said lightly.  
PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:52 am
Persephone couldn't help but glance down at her spell book.

Eilsha pondered, though she couldn't get her mind off the two white mages they had spotted before.

Tara followed Sara in, getting a bad feeling.

"It was a good fight." Jenna said.

"It's a good class." Mona said with a smile.

Amoria smiled as she leaned back, "A nap does sound good about now."

Angela moved towards where she sensed Andre.

Sasha smiled and replied with a kiss.

Alice dashed in quickly, her arms wrapping around her partner as she pulled him to the ground.

Laura nodded, "Yes, Sir Darius."

Trisha finalized the schedule and stood.

"It is only a flesh wound. I will not run with my tail between my legs." Kish said.

"What kind of club?" Olivia asked.

"Yes, Ima, it's Carla. In a bit we're going to have a... special guest arriving to attend school here. Could you meet them at the gate and get them settled in?" she said.

Bianca's face was red as she dressed and gathered her stuff.

Cindy followed closely behind her sister.

"Twisted Tech?" Nancy suggested.

Avee looked to Bubbles, "Sorry, I have some business to attend to shortly."

Christie stumbled slightly as Gabriella pulled her in.

Dasha twitched again, nearly having passed out a few times.

Kevin headed to class.

Fiona nodded and hurried off to school.

Briana stepped out after Kisa, reorganizing her clothing.

Travis chuckled, "People usually don't call in for basic stuff, but let me finish this one up and I'll double check the list."

Ariel shivered.

Raq jumped in surprise. "Coming!" she said as she hurried off after Izzy.

Margarita was enjoying the extra tools, enhancing her already formidable skill at getting from one place to another. She hadn't had a chance to test the combat tools yet.

Atona stood and stretched, "I'll hold you to it."

"U-Umm... I-In a minute!" Tina replied, not really 'dressed' to be presented.

Ruby raised an eyebrow.

"Umm, stuff, j-just got home from the store..." Opal said.

"I have a fight in a couple hours so let's make this fast. Think you can do anything about these?" Charlotte said, holding up her wrists.  

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:40 pm
Ghostra appeared as a ghostly set of undergarments, a cape, a top hat, and a monocle behind Atona. "Well if she can't help you, then perhaps I can." Came her smooth echoing voice.

Dragona opened up the limo doors to let Dalliana in, "Have a good time?" She asked smoothly.

Dalliana smirked, "Of course, now, to the Road to Ruin. I want a show." She teased.

Isa smirked and stepped down the streets of the city, "Hmmm...who to play with?" She wondered.

Shanoma drove the car down the street and pulled up in front of a large motel, "We can get a room to stay at and then begin our work."

Sara walked into the building and headed up the stairs, heading for Edward's office.

Jozen smirked, "Up for any more action tonight?" He asked.

Domina chuckled, "Well I'm glad you enjoy it." She said as the class slowly filled up.

Liquina nodded, "Then perhaps we should return to the office."

Andre remained seated, closed off from the world in his chanting.

Anya kissed Sasha deeply, holding her close.

Eldo watched, examining her technique.

Darius nodded and went back to reading, frowning slightly.

Gazzine watched Darius for a moment longer, then returned to her work.

Dared smirked, "Now, Trisha, let us go and find some fun."

"Then perhaps we should call for aid from our other allies?" Mileena asked.

"The fun kind of course." Jeulee said with a laugh.

Ima nodded, standing, "I can do that. Can I ask who's coming to visit?"

Bubbles pouted, "Alright, but come join us if you can!" She said, waving and leading the other girls out.

Gabriella smirked and pulled Christie in and to one of the side stages, "Here we go, this is a good place." She said, sitting down and pulling Christie down with her.

Aldra nodded and leaned over, placing a mask over Dasha's face. The entire machine would allow perfectly simulated virtual reality. And at the moment Dasha was in the middle of quite a pleasurable orgy.

Kisa lead the way down the street, glancing around as she did.

"Ah, but most complex stuff needs simple parts." Lilten said playfully, "I can at least make the cases for most of them.

Breedess moved after Margarita quietly, following her, looking for a moment to strike.

Camile sighed, "Fine but hurry up." She said, tapping her foot impatiently.

Onyxette nodded, "Have you been researching any spells? Making any potions?" She asked eagerly.

Poison laughed, "Fine, come on in." She said, holding the door open, "We can get those off easy."  
PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:13 am
Atona spun around in surprise, blinking when she saw clothes without a body.

Cindy continued following her sister, getting a feeling something big was coming.

"Do you want to talk to the person at the desk or should I?" Persephone asked as she sat up.

Tara followed her twin sister, getting a bad feeling.

"Depends what you mean by action." Jenna said with a smile.

Mona took her seat.

Amoria nodded.

Angela continued to wait for him to be done.

It wasn't long before Alice was able to pin her partner.

Laura continued to stand by.

Trisha nodded, "Where shall we go today?"

Kish just grunted.

"I... think I'll pass..." Olivia said, knowing Jeulee's type of fun.

"Princess Melody Giganta." Carla said with a smile.

Avee nodded and continued on her rounds.

Christie blushed as she sat with Gabriella.

It wasn't long before Dasha passed out.

Briana followed Kisa.

Travis chuckled, "That's true. Again, I'll look at the list once I finish this... though for now, there was something I wanted to ask Felatia about. Think you can get her in here while I finish this up?"

Margarita grappled upwards, easily balancing on top of a billboard as she looked around.

Tina scrambled to get dressed.

"Odd girl." Ruby said.

"I-I've been working on a new omelet recipe, if that counts..." Opal said, rubbing her arm.

"I hope so, cuz so far, nobody else in town can." Charlotte said easily as she walked in.

Maria was standing on the street corner, digging through her pockets as she tried to find change for the bus ride home. "This isn't good..." she said quietly as she couldn't find any.  

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:35 pm
Ghostra smirked, a large bulge quite obvious in her floating panties. "Ever had sex with an invisible shemale?" She asked Atona playfully.

Dragona nodded and followed Dalliana into the Road to Ruin.

Dalliana slipped into the Road to Ruin and took a seat, smirking as she looked over the girls.

"I'll do it." Shanoma said calmly, stepping out and moving towards the front desk.

Sara lead the way up to the office and opened to door. "Um, Edward?"

Domina smiled, "Welcome students, today we're going to go through a rather intricate group roleplay. I'll need the room to divide itself. Everyone who wants to be a Soldier go to the left of the room, everyone who wants to be a Prisoner go to the right."

Liquina nodded and signaled to the driver to go back to the office.

Andre finished his chants slowly and then opened his eyes, frowning slightly and looking up at Angela, he jumped up and scrambled to grab clothes.

Eldo watched, examining Alice's techniques.

Jozen chuckled, "Whatever you'd like." He said easily.

"I'm not sure, where would you like to go?" Dared asked.

Mileena smirked, "I shall call for aid then."

Jeulee chuckled, "C'mon, have some fun. I promise I won't force you into anything and I promise no one else will. Just come with me to the club, we can have a few drinks, and then we can go home, sound like a plan?" She asked.

Ima grinned, "Mmmm, sounds like fun. I'll be at the gates in moments."

The strippers headed for the school with a smile.

Gabriella grinned and waved a dancer over, "Dance for my girl here!" She said and a girl sauntered up to give Christie a lap dance.

Aldra nodded, pleased, "Successful test." She said smoothly, releasing Dasha and waving a vial of liquid under her nose to wake her. "We must contact Edward Kouslan, he will help us but this into production immediately." Aldra created things for herself, but her work wasn't cheap, most of her inventions were sold to Twist Tech to be sold to Baton's citizens. Though the best were always kept for herself.

Kisa walked towards a large building that appeared to be a school of some sort.

"Sure, I'll give her a call." Lilten said, standing up and moving to the side, taking her phone out to call Felatia.

Felatia pulled out her phone and smiled, opening it up, "Lilten! What's up?"

Breedess dropped down on the other end of the billboard, hissing gently, suggestively as she eyed Margarita.

"Odd city." Camile pointed out.

Onyxette frowned, "No magic or anything?" She asked.

Poison smirked, "I have special tools. The cuffs in this city have always been special made." She said, leading the way towards her garage.  
Raving Roleplaying of Radical.....R-something

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