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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:49 pm
*salutes the dry-erase mark and all its noble deeds*  
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:14 pm
I absolutely love this poem. :3  

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:32 am
That is such an awesome poem. I am now sad that my school still uses primarily blackboards, and that little fleck of chalk is probably the remnants of someone's...er, c**kiness.  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:12 pm
Haha, thanks guys! I've always loved little quirky poems like this but never thought of writing any of my own until I came up with this. XD  

Je suis a toi
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Je suis a toi
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:27 pm
I really haven't touched this thing in forever and I'm sure Sphere Play is feeling rather dejected, especially knowing that I've forgotten some of it's plot points/Grimm stories that I was going to incorperate . . . poor little sad story. Anywho.


"I request to see the girl with the crystals perform again tonight."

The small man twitched nervously, wringing a handkerchief in his hands as he tried to keep from rocking on his feet. He never enjoyed being in the presence of his Majesty's sons--particularly Seth. Seth was known among the castle staff to have a rather nasty streak in him. He was not at all like his father, who was always gentle, kind, and just. The boy's humility was non-existent. His temper was short. His judgements were hasty and harsh. And his father greatly wished for the heir not to be him. It was already apparent that Seth would not be a fit leader, and the King impressed this upon his wife very often. She was the only entity protecting him. She claimed it to be because of puberty--he was only sixteen after all. But the King did not see things the same way. He even searched for ways to disallow the crown to go to his dark-hearted firstborn. If only John could be heir. He was only fourteen, but he still showed none of the cruelty Seth did at that age. John followed more closely to his father's ways. But the Queen could not be convinced. Seth was the heir, and such a birthright should not be taken from him.

The dark-haired teen looked down upon the entertainment commissioner, Monsieur Demi, from his plush elevated chair, glancing at him in between reading a large book. With a grimace, the commissioner braced for the shouting that would follow his news. Demi was a frail man. Short, waifish, and slightly awkward--his personality didn't betray these traits one bit. He was painfully quiet and always hesitant. When nervous or under stress, he would develop an impossible stutter, one that ran so rampant among his words that he was nearly incomprehensible. Of course he was very well organized and highly intelligent, the traits that made him such an adept entertainment commissioner, but one would not be able to tell this by just looking at him.

"Well?" Seth hissed, rolling his eyes as he watched Demi hesitate. "Speak up."

"I r-r-regrettably c-cannot fulfill your r-request. Performers are only p-prepared-d to perform onc-c-ce every w-week--"

"What do you mean cannot fulfill your request?" Seth demanded, his temper flaring as he dropped his book. "I am the Prince, am I not?!"

"Why y-y-yes sire, but-t--"

"Then do as I ask and--"

"Seth, darling, lower your voice."

The dark-haired prince glared at his mother as she entered from the room's side door. Their quarters were not far from each other--the room that separated them belonged to his younger brother. She must have heard him shouting. It was obvious that he woke her, even. The woman appeared sickly, and most of the time she was. On her good days, the Queen was up and moving about the castle, even though somewhat slowly. She would look her best and be out on the castle grounds, tending to her gardens and enjoying afternoon tea with her sons, or her husband. But then there were the days when she just didn't feel up to her normal routine. Those days, which were quite often, she was little seen around the castle, and if anyone did catch sight of her, her long red hair was left unbraided and looking as lifeless as she must have felt. Today was one of those days. The poor woman stood leaning against a chair just outside of the doorway, looking tiredly at her son. Her white bedclothes showed that she had indeed been sleeping. He looked away with a scowl, knowing she would chide him if he pushed Monsieur Demi any farther.

"I request," he seethed softly, "her presence today, at my afternoon tea in the gardens. There is no need for her to perform a new routine. She only need bring her crystals, perform a few side tricks, and that is all. Is that too much to ask?"

"N-No sir. It sh-shall be as y-you ask-k." Demi said in a near whisper, bowing first to the Prince, and then the Queen, and leaving with the utmost haste.

The Queen sank into the chair she had been leaning on and pressed a hand to her forehead. "Must you be so harsh, Seth?"

"I was not so." He replied, picking his book back up without an expression of remorse for having woken his ill mother. "He we being incompetent."

With a sigh, his mother stood back up and slowly made her way back to her own quarters, "Whatever you wish to believe, my son."

Rolling his eyes again, Seth returned to reading his book. It was quite an interesting read, he admitted to himself. The book was titled The Prince and written by some Machiavelli fellow. Now this man knew a thing or two about how to rule properly. By the ironclad fist. None of this nonsense his father always told him about. The only thing his father knew how to do properly was be weak. Seth already asserted in secret that he would undo all the foolish ways of his father once he ascended the throne. Just two more years now, then that tiny kingdom would see expansion and prosperity beyond imagination.

John crept into his older brother's room warily, seeing that Seth was deep in thought. It was obviously something that pleased him because a smirk was fixed on his lips. This expression quickly left when Seth became aware of his brother's presence. As if there were a terrible stench in the room, the elder brother wrinkled his nose and looked back to the pages of his book. John closed the door between the rooms so his mother wouldn't be disturbed. He didn't even want her to catch a whisper of their conversation.

"Mother is getting worse . . . you know that, don't you brother?" He said softly, lacing and unlacing his fingers hesitantly.

Seth hissed in reply, "As is obvious to anyone with eyes, John. What of it?"

The younger brother's temper flared and his face flushed red, "Couldn't you treat her right for one day in your lousy life, Seth? Instead of shouting to wake her when you know she's ill? You're killing her!"

"Oh, shut up you great louse. You know why she's ill, don't you? It's all papa's doing--if she weren't so depressed at his shortcomings maybe she might get better. The sooner the crown is mine the sooner the kingdom will become great and she'll be happy again, it's as simple as that." He reasoned in a snide way, completely convinced. This, however, was the last straw for John.

"Like hell I'm going to stand idly by and watch you gain the throne. That crown will never be yours if I can help it!"

Seth looked over his book in a menacing way, "Is that a threat?"

"A promise, you fat--"

All other insults were cut off as they started a scuffle. Seth threw his heavy book at his brother, foolishly expecting little retaliation. John, the stronger of the two, threw his hands up and knocked the book away before lunging at Seth, pulling him from his chair onto the ground. Ever since the two were little John had been the more competent fighter and hunter. He was a natural with a rapier and a deadly shot. Seth being thinner and less coordinated spent more time reading than with their coaches. In the current situation this decision did not suit him well. The two were wrestling about on the floor and John was easily getting the best of his brother. Trying to gain the upper hand, Seth used a dirty trick and was able to pin John, sitting on top of his chest. However, once there he was at a loss of what to do, and John punched him square in the nose, effectively throwing his brother off and ending the skirmish. The older brother was left on the ground, looking in shock at his hand and the fact that there was blood from his nose on it.

"I guess you're right, Seth," John panted, wiping some spittle from the corner of his mouth, "Father does have a shortcoming. And that's you."

John left his brother on the floor and nearly slammed the door behind him. He thought better of it after considering his mother. After pacing in the hallway briefly to cool off, he went to go check on her. He knew that she would have heard their fight and it was probably going to worry her. But no matter what she thought, he would reassure her, even if his mind was made up that he would stick to preventing Seth's ascension. The only way for Seth to be king would be over his dead body.  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:01 pm
Posting this heeeeere for more convenient access of it.

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Je suis a toi
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Je suis a toi
Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:39 pm
So I uploaded a select few of my assignments from this past semester onto facebook aaaaand I'm too lazy to put them here, so here's a link! XD

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:32 pm
Nyaaaaa thanks for sharing what you've been up to girl! Looks like we've been studying EXACTLY the same thing! I dunno I think I fele more connected to you know somehow^_^
WE should do homework together!!!! oh if only we could..
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* has fantasies of attending classes together with yous in some perfect idealistic-anime-private-art-school*
-something more... complicated and classy but perfectly capable of customization to the student in question!

We'd have lunch on the roof, and go the school events, and spend afternoons drawing and comparing drafts, and spotting charcoal smudges on our faces, then we'd laugh about it, and go make some tea to recharge our batteries and get back to work.

Moving into next semester now- Making my second animation exercise and LOVING IT!!!  


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