Lack receives a Puff of Darkness

*Inserts gil*

Wakka's will: Jecht shot instructions, Wakka hair gel, Blitzball, Blappa (slave), Al Bhed Goggles, mini sphere pool, key to luca stadium, noxious cait sith, Kimahri's horn and Dream team weapon, Alchemist dress sphere, frog card, tiger racket, chainsaw, Excalibur two, chocobo plushie, A CHICABO!!! and a scribble drawing of Tifa (Seriously was this actually an item?), 3 mega ethers, a piece of magicite and Lightning gleam, Solemon ring an ice materia, mini moomba (awww It dances!) , Black mage staff (now it be super-ice-fury-time) , Wakka outfit (uses hair gel blitzball Wakka outfit to tranform into....WAKKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) , Topaz, Murasame , Heavens Cloud (YAAAAAAAAA!!!! BIGGER SWORD!) , Chocograph, shovel (....oh joy), Barret outfit, smaller size barret outfit , Keystone , chocobo lure materia (YAY it's chocobo breedin time!), Gippal's Sphere, Heavens Gospel, pumice piece, Death penalty , leviathan scales, moogle flute, tin armour , reflect ring, gauntlet (YEA FISTFIGHT!!!) , Staff of Zeus, Brotherhood, manipulate materia, butterfly sword, elixer, tissues , Toy cait sith, Tidus hair gel (for that "I don't exist" look), Clouds alter Ego, Card mod. ability (Hah this is useful!), air freshener, space of air where there is nothing , Aurons sake, fire safety manual, free coupon, set of throwing knives, Botta, water rod, pet nova dragon, Wakkas left hand , Red XIII Feces , mini red XIII and poo launcher, Machina for dummies (o0o0o0 basic robot making!) , a note saying "Stop Throwing Poo, especiialy when it has NOTHING to do with Final Fantasy" , mystery sword, otherworld cd, moggle plushie *huggles* , Vivi's hat, lapis lazuli (very useful for teaching "Ability up" wink , chocomog materia, staff of zeus, Aurons Coat (GOD YES!!!!!) , Cerbrus, ultimate book of potion mixing (YAY now to invent everlasting orange juice), Ribbon (I know it's for girls but what the hell its powerful!), Sand worm, monopoly (midgar style: Shinra HQ= Mayfair collect two hundred gil as you pass Reactor 1) , dead pepper , Pierre gets the ultimate book of magic that has "magic may cause some side affects. consult yor doctor before use" wrotten on it (o0o0o Ultimaga time! *Booms himself* oops) , Magic for Dummies 4 (Casting fire Like I can't cast that *Booms Hair* oops), petrifyed seto, Rikku's mixing kit , Spiras world map, Lulu's dress (joy now I can cross dress), Ragnarok, Odin card, evil eye, Ronso Fangs outfit (extra small), Intructions for omnislash (YAHHH!!!! wait.... I need a sword hmmm), cure for geostigma (can't remember what that is) , FF dictionary (hmm now lets see...geostigma) Kilika beasts (*sigh* gonna need to let Wakka whip these guy into shape they be pretty crap), Kuja's outfit (YAY now I can be mistaken for a girl too!), mage masher (hah! fear me crappy mages!), Nooj's leg (........) Rune blade, Al bhed Slang dictionary (Ez bohi let lirdec ler!) , Cait Sith Membership card (*burns* Now witness my fellow Wakka fanatics as I destroy this relic of ultimate evil now we shall march and destroy all who hold these tokens from the demonic Lord Sith who speaks in the language of lies and tricks and steals precious items from office lockers! *Crowd yells* YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!) , blitzball shoved where the sun don't shine (the sacred blitzball wasn't supposed to be used like this!), Wig liike wakkas hair (Her honour has been restored) , Zu (HAHAHAHAHAHA now the Wakka cult can cross the great seas!), Fiendish book of Fiends (Now "how to fly a Zu" ), Chocobo Whistle, Diamond Weapon (what one is this from?) , "all six weapons great and small", crimson sphere 2 (YAY into the den of woe I go!), Chocobo Pj's (for them lovely chocobo cuddling nights), Jechts left foot (seriously first nooj's leg now this? I'm gonna get arrested for these body parts.), Tifa's bra (wow lookat the size o this thing, I can fit my whole head in one cup), "Random Battles for Dummies", a pokeball containing a moogle ("Kupopo I choose you!), Zanarkand Abes (God these guys suck), Hades Summon Materia (Was Hades even in FFVII?), A love letter from Eiko (I'm so happy ^_^ if only she was a little older....), Save the Queen (now to kill some monsters I swear this vending machine is cleaning me out), a wearable pair of Viera ears (o00o0 I'm too sexy for my ears), Aurons Sake (WOO limitless Sake! Now if only I drunk), a date with Yuffie (YAY! Hot ninjas FTW!), Tifa's panties (.... icon_redface.gif ), a chocobo egg (I'll call him fluffy and I'll wuv him ever so much), a date with Tifa ( theres a perfectly legitimate reason why I have your bra and panties...), pirate ship (Arrrrrrr), Dark matter (0o0o0o soo pretty),Pupu, Xu (the character....who was she?), Rikku's wardrobe (hmm this won't fit Tifa....maybe Yuffie will like it), sexy perfume (ooh la la), a lesson from Leon (what does he teach?), gold needle, Sasuke's katana, Larsa (stay outta my way or I'll beat you), Thunder Rod (studly rod), the title of Judge Master (BWAHAHAHA FEAR MY JUDGE POWER! I impose a rule! Everyone will fight in the nude today! With sticks! BLINDFOLDED!!!), The Strahl (weeeeeeeeee), Earth Bell (ding dong), Orb of Minwu (fun for youtu), Rydia (aww she's cute), a wooden hammer, a holy lance, rainbow pudding (heh heh bet you want this don't ya Metal?), Fat chocobo riding a hovecraft (Laliho! It's the godbird!!), Enkidu, A nu mou dressed as a tonberry, A Gilgamesh (Wee! Now I can *insert Gil*!), Viera Morphing potion (used) , Auron Mask.