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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:41 am
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Name: Pheona (pronounced like Fiona), no last name, no earth bound family.

Age: Age is unknown but takes form as a young adult female.

Sex: Female

Race: Witch

Mentality: Good, very pure, but with a slight aditude problem.

Powers: All the Power of 3, including Prue's powers.

Strenghts and weakness: Pheona's strength lies in her heart, her weakness is she tends to jump before she thinks.

Additional info: Pheona, who is more likely known as The Divine was created by The Powers That Be in case the Charmed Ones should fail. She holds all the Charmed Ones abilities. Pheona didn't learn of her gift until much later in life. Like the Charmed Ones in the beging, she doesn't want them, but later accept herself. Criss Halliwell is her Guardian, and later on love interest.

Creator Notes: This character is based on a character I'm using in a Charmed fiction right now. It's still in the process.  
PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:34 am
Name:Alex Silverman
Powers:Orbing, Telekinesis
Strengths & Weakness: Alex is weak at hand to hand combat, but she has very good aim.
Weapons (if any):handgun
Background:Her mother is a whitelighter and her father a witch. Her mother was ordered to not contact her after she was born and has stuck to that. Her father hasn't taught her much about demons or potions because he wants her to be carefree a little longer and plans to start seriously teaching her when she turns eighteen.
Additional Information:She has little practice using her whitelighter powers and is only capable of orbing. She isn't very good at that either and has a tendency to miss were she was planing to land. Not to mention she is afraid of heights.  

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:54 pm
Name: Krystal Westbrooker
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Half Witch/Half Demon
Looks: Blonde hair just past her shoulders. Blue eyes, but red when using her fire power.
Mentality: (Good or Evil) Mainly good, but likes to spend a lot of time in the Underworld on the evil side.
Powers: Firestarter, shimmering.
Strengths razz owerful, but not yet trained
Weakness: Doesn't like to listen to people
Weapons (if any): Just her powers.
Background: Mother was a witch who fell in love with a demon. He never knew he was father. Krystal was raised by her mother who taught her magic and helped with the demonic powers. Krystal wants to find her father.
Additional Information: (optional) At first, her firestarting powers are weak, but they get stronger the more she trains. She has an attitude and tends to be a flirt. Sometimes, she'll light a flicker on someone for fun. (They never like it for some reason.)  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:50 pm
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Name: Katherine Maxine Walters
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Race: Witch/ Whitelighter
Mentality: Good
Powers: orbing, spell craft, telekinesis
Strengths & Weakness: Strengths (family, her practice of magic) Weaknesses (claustrophobia)
Weapons (if any): she does have her dagger that she uses for magical purposes and if need be it can be a weapon
Background: Her mother is a witch and her father is Leo Wyatts Second Cousin, also a whitelighter. She has two siblings a brother Paul, who is non magical but helps out with the house and her baby sister Emma who's a whitelighter but does not know it yet. Her mother is alive and lives with her in the family home and her father is away in the middle east watching over some charges there. The family does know the charmed ones and have been to the manor but are still not very close friends with them. Katherine is willing to learn how to better her witchcraft from the charmed ones and also wants to become better friends with the sisters.
Additional Information: (optional) Katherine Maxine Walters is a 25 year old student at San Francisco State University studying Interior Design; she lives 2 miles from the Manor in the Mission district.



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PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:06 pm
Name: Eric Jenkins
Age: 3
Sex: Male
Race: Witch/Empath
Powers: Premonitions,Projection,Empathy,Enchanting
Strengths & Weakness: To many unresolved feelings, Easly Suduced by evil
Weapons (if any): Pocket Knife
Background: (~tbc~)
Additional Information: (optional)  
PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:03 am
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Faith Jones
- telekinesis
- able to start and control fire
- shimmering
- Empathy
- premonitions
- energy balls
- can clone herself
- shapshifting.
Strengths & Weakness:
Strengths: lay within her soul as well as her charms She had a pendent on her neck that matches the ring pendent she has
weakness: romance, as well as revealing her past.
She has her pendents they have tremendous power and she always has her blades.
Faith's Mother was a witch her Father was a demon. Faith parents had always been battling out the good and the bad that came along with a witch marrying a demon. One night There was a disturbance in her home by a demon and Faith's parents had died trying to protect Faith that night. She had walked into the room where her parents were dead on the ground and got so upset she made the entire room burst into flames. Unfortunately the house burned down because of it. Ever Since then Faith has learned to go to the underworld and learn how to control her powers. Little did Faith know her mother was part of the charmed ones blood line. Just recently Faith learned her Father was once the source which makes everything very difficult. So Faith has a hard time deciding what side she's on.
Additional Information:
She's a very dangerous demon. She has


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