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[PRP] Midnight Munchies (Pink me up & Stardust)

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Vicious Kitten

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:07 pm
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Now Stardust wasn't the sort of girl that broke the law and casually trespassed into someone yard. She especially was not the kind of pony that wandered about in the middle of the night like someone with the intent to do something wrong. But here she was, climbing over a hedge wall that was not hers into a low pumpkin field with a basket carefully clutched in her mouth. Had this not been such a sensitive matter she probably would have flown in without a care in the world and landed exactly where she wanted, but stealth was in order so she carefully crossed the pumpkin littered ground. Taking great care to step between each vine to not harm the current crop. Really, the last thing she wanted to add to her growing possible record was property damage, but the careful steps meant she was moving unnervingly slow and her attention ended up focused mainly on the ground around the basket in her mouth. She really should have planned this better..

Yet still she continued on, her wings slowly spreading with each step to help her keep her balance as she played a game of twister with the pumpkins.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:30 pm
It was weird to say that Pink had a feeling somepony had been on his farm. Many different animals came and went over the course of the day and night, this much he knew and understood as basic life, but once or twice the marks had been different. The stallion didn't consider himself a tracker by any small means of the imagination, but he did consider himself someone who knew the soil well enough to notice hoofprints that were vastly out of place. They were his own, of course, and it was okay to say he was paranoid, of course, but maybe that paranoia would pay off eventually.

And so it was that he happened to decide to take a second nightly patrol of his fields, rather than just the usual one, in an effort to alleviate some of the unease. If it turned out it was all just him blowing smoke it would make it easier to sleep, but if for some reason he happened to actually spot a pony? Then he'd feel vindicated and also easier to sleep. Pink had just about finished his rounds when he heard something, or rather spotted somepony, and he raised up the flashlight towards where the shadowed figure was.

He didn't say a word, but rather light the light envelope the pegasus. The message was clear - they'd been caught.



Unstoppable Prophet


Vicious Kitten

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 8:54 pm
The longer time stretched on the more confident Stardust became in the idea that she wasn't going to get caught. She the little spot that she'd noticed on a flight overhead a few days prior wasn't too far ahead, and a quick glance up was enough to tell her that eventually the pumpkins were going to end. She could do this, she was doing this. Perhaps it was the adrenaline but she was feeling great, even had a smile lightly pulling the corners of her lips upwards around the basket handle. She was a bright and confident little star and had she not had to focus on the vine work at her hooves she might have even had a little pep in her step.

That all ended when the area around her was suddenly illuminated. At first she thought that maybe she'd been trying to get through the pumpkin field way longer than she'd initially calculated and the sun had risen. Yet a peek over her shoulder proved that no, no this wasn't the sun at all and she simply froze in place. Maybe she thought that if she just stood still no one would notice her blaze of colors among the orange pumpkins, or that they'd just suddenly stop noticing her. Honestly she wasn't even sure why she choose this course of action and with a deep breath she carefully set the basket down and turned to look over her shoulder at the source of light, her eyes squinting. "Um.. Excuse me, could you turn that off, please? It's very bright.." Why did she say that... Dumb, so dumb.. At least she didn't have to fake the sheepish look on her face.

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