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PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:49 pm
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Today was one of the few days where he didn't have to do anything except relax and enjoy life. For anyone else that would be easy and it would involve sleeping or resting especially when you had a difficult job like him. He was one of two Whispers in the pack and a trained assassin. He listened for any information whether it would be good or bad and he was definitely all about looking for places to raid. Sometimes he even went out looking for said places to see if it was a place they could manage easily or have to bring in more pack members. Right now, there wasn't much raiding going on because the pack was still fresh and new members were coming in slowly each day. So once they built up their force he knew of a couple places he would like to attack already and he was not shy about letting the pack leader know such things.

Though right now, he was resting by the border into their lands and opening to the forest. He came here often to see something other then dessert and while it was a bit away from where their main den was, he enjoyed the journey. It gave him time to think and usually he would go beyond this to scout out things in the area. Today however, he was just basking in the sun and listening to the calm moving river as he laid on the banks of it. Crossing it was no easy task, but it was never super aggressive and could be easily swam across if on a normal day. If it was storming forget it.

He lifted his head up when he noticed someone else close by. He remembered her from the pack lands and even if they didn't speak he pretty much knew all the members by their look. He looked away from her and felt the need to say something snarky. He wasn't good with making friends even if they were in the pack. The taint of the Moongate was always going to be there and there was no other way around it. He wasn't a kind wolf because of it and he grew up rough like all of his other siblings.

He decided to keep quiet and look away hoping she would get the hint he didn't want her to even come near him.

He is so damn friendly emotion_awesome
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:18 pm
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Of course, acting like you didn’t want company was a surefire way to get attention. At least, that’s how it was with Southern Shadow, though it wasn’t intentional this time.

Since proving themselves to Night Fell, the sisters had begun settling into life in the desert. If nothing else, it was a very different life than being in the forest, where one could always count on shade and cover to hide in. The new location was stimulating, if frustrating, so she took a little comfort being at the border back to the lands she had been born. Especially with the bonus of being able to stand in decently depthed water for once.

She tried her paw at fishing for a while, and just as it seemed like she was going to have to give up and go bother a stranger until the grumpiness passed, a flash of light caught her eye. Southern Shadow leapt for it, but somehow her trajectory was just enough that the fish launched out of the water and onto land, flopping frantically further and further away.

“Watch it!” Shadow called as the fish heaved itself closer to the other wolf, trailing behind with a pant.



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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:36 pm
His day of resting was ruined just like that. The fish flopping towards him and the loud female following behind it drove a claw right into his plans of just relaxing with no bother. "What the hell are you doing!?" He raised his voice as he stood up with anger written all over his face. He put his paw on the fish before digging his claws into it and giving it a fatal bite to stop it's flailing. He couldn't believe they were both in the same pack. Did he make a horrible choice in joining a pack with such a horrible hunter? He didn't know how to feel about it just yet, but he felt at home for the first time in a long time. "Take your fish..you should be more careful." He said with a low growl as he moved away from the dead fish and sat down looking over the water once again.

He wasn't friendly. He never was. Even when he was younger him and his siblings were like a nasty gang. They would menace others and bully whomever they came across. He was the youngest sibling while Frost happened to be the oldest. He hated him so much for leaving them especially when he looked up to him as much as he did. "Are you bringing fish back for the pack?" He asked and would help her if that were the case. If it was for her own needs then he wasn't going to budge. When it came to the pack, he would do everything he could for them 100%, but not for individuals.

"I have seen you around..your one of the Sidewinders right?" He asked knowing the other was a bear whom was pretty formidable if anyone ever dared to attack the pack. He was trying to be friendly even if it was extremely hard to do.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:51 pm
Ready to deal with having her food taken, Southern Shadow’s hackles had been raised. Just because the alpha said pack mates couldn’t steal from one another didn’t mean some things didn’t fall through the cracks. Stupid fish.

Old habits were so hard to break. But snark hadn’t earned her anything beyond loving snark back from her sister, and revealing that the fish had just been for herself might not look good for a new recruit. “Pack,” she said replied, setting a paw down on the fish in case it decided to do more death throes. “What’re you doing just sitting there?”



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[IC] The Forest

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