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Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:53 pm
User Image

User Image

(This handsome gal was colored by Pandorus Sphinx!)

This wolf is a member of the Sand Raiders pack!
They would love to know a little more about this lovely lady wolf and how she came to be a Raider!

ENDS: June 24th @ 8pm MST / 11pm EST / 10pm CST

Rules & Info

  • This wolf will be a member of the Sand Raiders.
  • Any rank is available except for Beta. There is a separate contest being held for one of the pack Betas, here!
  • It is up to you whether this wolf is an older or newer member of the Sand Raiders!
  • This contest will be judged by Kyrieko and Pandora Talie!
  • The contest will end at the posted time above, even if Kyrieko or Pandora Talie is not online to say so.
  • There are two contests for Sand Raider wolves. You may enter for both but you may only win one!.

The Form

[size=14][color=darkred][b]~SANDY PAWS~[/b][/color][/size]

[b]Wolf's Name:[/b]
[b]Desired Rank:[/b]

[b]Personality:[/b] (Just a brief snippet of what she's like!)

[b]History:[/b] (Does not need to be a novel, but please have fun with it!)
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:36 pm

Username: medigel
Wolf's Name: Blood Falcon
Desired Rank: Your Mother Hunter/Scout

Personality: Despite the ominous name, Blood Falcon is a pretty sweet girl who wants to make sure you’re having a good day (and hopefully a better one after chatting with her). Her mothering is eternal, with or without pups to foist herself upon, causing her to fuss over even the older wolves in the pack. Have they been cleaning themselves? Did she need to fetch them something? Were they playing nice? It’s funny to see someone this kind be a raider, but Blood Falcon treats it as a necessary evil to see her packmates flourish and sees herself as Mother To All.

What’s probably even funnier is how much she loves even the pit snakes and other creepy crawlies of the desert. She dotes upon them like any other wolf pup (or grown a** adult) and knows enough factoids about them that makes one wonder if Blood Falcon wouldn’t let a newborn snake nurse, she likes them so much. There have been times where she recklessly met and delighted over wildlife that could kill her with a single sting or bite, and nothing would make her happier than to educate you about them as she did!

History: Second daughter of two second generation healers, Blood Falcon had never really gotten the whole plant mashes and juice deal. She left that stuff to her sister Mudsullied Jackal and occupied herself more with stalking different indigenous wildlife, learning about the habits of bears, poisonous insects, and the like. As an adult, Blood Falcon parted from her family in search of Kells’s most interesting specimens of fauna to learn about and share her information with others.

Hearing that the harsh land in the south was home to even more intriguing animals, she made it into the desert and acclimated with little trouble, used to different climates during her many travels. She was scouted after a Sand Raider saw her handled a wild rattlesnake as easily as one handled a newborn, and while she didn’t naturally look like a fit for a raider, Blood Falcon was a pretty strong girl. She claimed she got fostered by a few bears for a while, and one naturally got tougher living with them; that and, well, she was used to handling herself as a single gal in the wide world. Her knowledge about a variety of snakes and their feeding habits was also a boon to the pack, though some might question why she moons over the pit pets so much.  


Anxious Spirit


Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:56 pm
I COMPLETELY forgot to add a part in the form to list what the desired rank of this lady is! I have add this in to the form. I've also let Medi know it's alright to edit this in :3 heart  
PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 11:17 pm

Username: Nymphiea
Wolf's Name: Viper
Desired Rank: Whisperer

Personality: One layer of her is friendly and bubbly she-wolf who is always leaping from toe to toe. She gets along with others easily and welcomes new wolves with a bright smile. She is confident, though, and will push back at any attempt to control her unwillingly. She may be friendly, but she won't let you push her down.

However, another side of her is persuasive, manipulative, and sneaky. She is always listening. She plays the friendliest wolf so you'll tell her things. Well, that, and she does like being nice generally. She acts as the shoulder to lean on and the compassionate ear, however her loyalty to her Alpha is unchallenged. She'll tell him everything. She'll do anything for him. The Sand Raiders are her home, and she loves the leader they have.

If need be, she'll trick other wolves with her kindness to do as she needs them to do. It's easy, honestly, when everyone trusts her and sees her as a friendly ball of fluff. The thing is, she lives for challenging expectations. She's quick on her feet and will get at your throat before you can blink. She can fight, and while she doesn't display this unless she needs to she loves knowing not many expect her to be as strong as she is.

It's thrilling, really. Like she's living on the edge.

History: Viper was not born into the pack. Instead, during a raid, she was found abandoned in a pile of sticks. No one was really sure where she came from, but she was immediately taken into the pack. Grateful, the puppy immediately bonded with the pack who rescued her. She wanted to be useful to her pack, so she immediately began preparing for her future role.

During puphood, she met the current Alpha, who was a pup a bit older than her. She instantly found she liked him. He was strong! And nice! When he became Alpha she was beyond excited, immediately offering her services in any way he would need. At the time, she was not given the Whisperer role. She instead was assigned as a Sidewinder. Then, during one of her tasks, she heard a wolf planning to challenge the Alpha.

Immediately and without hesitation, Viper ran to her Alpha and told him of the betrayal. Afterwards, once the situation had passed, she re-approached the topic; "Let me be of more use to you and the pack. I want to do right by you."

Becoming a Whisperer was perhaps the best thing that could happen to her. She was delighted. While she kept up Sidewinder duties, she held onto her secret role with a smile. She'd tell him anything she heard, and thanks to her personality she'd hear a lot.

As long as she was helping protect her pack she was happy.


Shy Wife

Ruler of Everything

Devoted Cultist

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:08 pm

Username: Ruler of Everything
Wolf's Name: Hush
Desired Rank: Whisper

Personality: Hush is a quiet but smooth-talking wolf. She sees opportunity in everything, and constantly endeavors to take it. Whatever will be to the benefit of herself and, more greatly, the pack, is what she does - regardless of what that means. As a part of her role, she rather enjoys assassination, when it comes down to that. Most often she comes off as soft and gentle due to her lack of words - wolves just often assume the best of someone as silent as her - but she is rather deadly, and nothing brings a brighter smile to her stoic face than the taste of blood.

History: Born of a long line of Whispers, Hush is of the old guard. She can trace her lineage back to two of the first wolves of the Sand Raiders, and is quite proud of that - although you'd be hard-pressed for her to tell you so. Although she's not boastful of her accomplishments, she did convince another of her rank to paint her with deep, red dye - the color of blood, one of her favorite substances in this world - as a tribute to her first big kill as a Whisper. Rumors have spread about exactly what the dye means to Hush, but she doesn't deign to correct any of them. She'd rather remain a quiet mystery.
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:46 pm
This thread is now closed to new entries. Pan and I will read through entries and announce winners in a few days! Good luck to all and thank you for participating!  


Hilarious Werewolf


Hilarious Werewolf

PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 6:07 pm
Thank you all for your patience while we read through everyone's entries. They were all amazing and we so appreciate the participation!

Now for our winner....

User Image

Congrats to Medi! We're happy to welcome Blood Falcon to the Sand Raider's! All those little critters are excited that someone cares for them~
Please don't forget to post her for certing as well as in the Sand Raider's I/T thread!

Pan and I would also love to encourage quests for any of the wolf concepts, if you so desire! Thank you again for everyone that participated!
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