User ImageSapphira wished the the vivid coloration of the sky lingered longer than they truly did. Warm colors happened to be a favorite palette of the young woman. Nature was truly beautiful sight to behold, and she wished she could remain in its embrace longer. Though the call of the night would soon spread itself across the sky. Darkness lingered in, within it though gave way to the stars in the sky. They pieced through the night, showing their splendor. Not a single cloud attempt to block their path. When was the last time she seen the star lit sky? Jing would rub her shoulders as she nuzzled into him. There was a gentleness to their intimate exchanges, one that she was certain they had not shared before. Would this disappear when their vacation ended? How would she feel about that? More importantly, he would he feel about it? As he leaned in to kiss her, she would close in eliminating any remaining space. Her delicate strawberry colored lips would gently return the kiss.