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A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite. 

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Ryuu Sanada

Divine Knight

PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2019 7:44 pm
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Jing Xiang Lui
~ Lord of the Skies ~

Those golden eyes moved over Sapphira as she rolled over in the lounge chair. It was quite a view to behold, and Jing would drink in the sight till he was interrupted by the Shinigami boy, and a spirit that was aside of him. This man brought rice wine to them in some attempt to harbor a faux peace between the two groups. A sigh leaves Jing's lips as a small cup of the liquor is given to him and the boy and spirit sit across form each of them. "Yea, no thanks Shin-i-gami." The Lord of the Skies would smirk while holding the sake cup out as if he were going to toast them, only to turn the cup upside down and pour the drink down on top of Carvin's head. The cup falling into the sands afterwards, before looking to his comrade, "I hear they have wonderful hot springs hidden in the woods, and mountains. Would you care to join me?" His golden gaze falls to the two spirits as if daring them to follow him this time.  
PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2019 8:47 pm
User Image Sapphira did her best to look back as the Shinigami who had approached started speaking. The young woman had just flipped over to start tanning her back side when the other two had arrived. Instead of simply speaking where she could respond they requested that they drink together. He would state that he was there to request forgiveness, and that he even brought a peace offering. Though she would cringe when he referred to his girlfriend as 'Lady of Mine'. It was archaic and possessive, the exact type of male she didn't like. With a quick eye roll, she released Jing's hand to turn back around. There were the two from earlier offering them Sake, the male pouring it. With a head tilt in Jing's direction she would mouth the words 'told you' since she was surprisingly right about the two of them dating. Once the glasses were poured, she wasn't sure what to do. It was probably best to just accept it, and shoo them off. This was her vacation, her time for peace and relaxation. Without a doubt she would remember their faces, and kill them when she saw them outside of the wonderful white sands. For today and the rest of the vacation these two were safe. Crimson eyes moved over to Jing as he denied their request, and poured the drink over him. Those same eyes glared at him, the temperature rising rapidly around her. The air was already hot before, now it was blistering like a desert with no reprieve. Her mood was spoiled, and she blamed all three of them. Though she blamed Jing more than the strangers. After all he knew how much this vacation meant to her, how much she loved it. Even more she was beginning to enjoy it with him. He asked her if she wanted to join him at the hot springs. She wanted to shake her head no.. yell at him. It was one of the few times of the ******** year that she wanted bliss. "Fine. You owe me for this." she replied her voice shaking from her best attempt to stay calm. There was nothing about this little scene that she wanted anymore. With haste, she would remove herself from the lounge chair, and head for the hot springs.  

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PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 3:48 pm
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Carvin couldn't believe this, he took every precaution to hopefully bring good intentions and tidings to the two but yet the male simply smirked and dumped sake on him. Carvin frowns a bit thinking"That was a waste of sake you know, how i pity you not able to relax and drink."Carvin wasn't exactly going to get upset over lost sake but the man not taking the time to consider but dump it over his head is a not good looker on life. Carvin simply gets up picking up the cups and such saying"Maybe you should of accepted my peace offering, you upset a very pretty lady, even more on her vacation. I can tell this meant a lot to her and you ruined it, i hope you take a lot of time to think on this. It would of been so easy to accept it and shoo me off, that would of been the end of it." Carvin glared Jing down for it, to him a man that can't even consider and think about the enjoyment of others is someone that doesn't get a rat's butt but himself. How selfish a man can grow into if he isn't too careful and this one doesn't care at all. Carvin moves on from Jing with the glasses but he kept his closest eye on him watching his every move even more then before. Carvin would continue to glare him down giving him the look"You better move on, selfish man." Carvin would continue the glaring like a stone statue.

Nimoira looks at the events that had happened, it was so mean and rude to Nimoira as well as her Master. Due to being his Zanpakuto Spirit, she can feel his anger and being upset specially on how Sapphira left with a body shaking at a aggressive level. It wasn't something Nimoira wanted, she wanted to enjoy her time with another female no doubt but Jing ruined it for her. Nimoira didn't say one single word to Jing at all but follows Carvin with no eye batted to him. Nimoira's mood had gone down to worse for wear as the sadness only coursed further and further. Nimoira would face away from Jing and Carvin not moving at all but staring out into the ocean wondering why this had to happen. All good intentions were there that is for certain by Nimoira but it just took one mean action to ruin the whole occasion. Nimoira even feels like she wants to disappear and not come out of the Zanpakuto for awhile. Nimoira would look at Jing with sad eyes giving the look"Why can't you be considerate for your friend?"  
PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2019 7:37 am
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riku would glance over slightly,looking at the four others they didn't seem to friendly so he would keep to himself relaxing in the chair he was in drinking some water while tanning a bit this was a nice relaxing day so far nothing to bad or terrible it was relaxed nice breezy day it was cool enough to say it wasn't hot it was nice out the beach was beautiful as ever.  

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Ryuu Sanada

Divine Knight

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 11:50 am
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Jing Xiang Lui
~ Lord of the Skies ~

The act of pouring the offered drink on the Shinigami that had offered it made him happy. Outside of his pilfering the fresh box of takoyaki from one of the seaside stands earlier. His gaze falls back to snacks with an audible sigh. Not only had the appearance of Carvin spoiled his mood, but it ruined the his view of his comrade as well. As the drinks were offered out, Sapphira had rolled back over to her sitting position to accept the tribute. Jing smirked at the act of pouring out the drink, and the look from the Shinigami only added to his enjoyment of the moment. It was the look he received afterwards; the one from the Lady of Flames, that told him that he had screwed up. She was not amused at his actions as they soured the mood of the beach for her. Remaining wordless, Sapphira seemingly tried to set him a blaze via her stares only. It was enough to make him nearly instantly regret the actions. Then once more Carvin spoke, more of ranted and lectured, to him about ruining the vacation for his comrade. Instead of just talking like a normal disappointed individual, this b*****d acted as if he knew the mind of Sapphira. The Lord of the Skies was willing to walk away and be done with this nonsense, but then he was talked down on by this Shinigami. "Stupid Shinigami. You talk as if interacting with you is pleasurable." His golden eyes gleaming with killing intent as even the Zanpakuto Spirit eyed him with such distaste. It was only then that Sapphira got up and moved out, while telling him that he would owe her. A smirk crossed his face as he simply walked by the duo of spirits to follow his comrade. "No Problem, Sapphy. I know a better hot spring than the one at the resort. Let me lead you."  
-Seasonal Events-

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