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Reply [D&D 4e] The Sapphire Stand
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SCN_ Grey_fox

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:32 am
"Unless if someone has anything else to add, I am afraid we are going to have to place Mr. Henderson and the chest in jail.". Rhaun would state, before asking. "This place does have a jailhouse, right?"

Mr Skallyn wondered if the town also had a Pigeon post, or some other method of sending messages to Shore. He may have to ask the inn keeper.  
PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:44 pm
"That seems unnecessary." Guards stands up. "The chest committed not crimes."  


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:12 pm
Cymbre the Black
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Cymbre would smile a sharky grin at Henderson, exposing her sharp serrated teeth. "Heh, my thieving days are long behind me at this point. Lets just say I have a thing for the artifacts of fallen civilizations. It runs in my blood. These things still sound pretty cool though, and dangerous! For the safety of the townsfolk here we should try to find out what happen to the one that was stolen and it sounds like Goldstar is our only lead. Lets head over and..." Cymbre would then hear Rahun's proclamation, causing her to stop mid sentence. She would turn and give Rhaun and odd look and confused look. After and long pause she would respond "....What? That seems like the opposite of what we should be doing...and for what reason? I mean, I know he's been kind of a jerk but that ain't something you can arrest someone over. I'm not even sure if we have that kind of authority. We need to go find the missing Witchmake item before someone gets hurt. "  
PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:48 pm
Could the chest be held accountable for attacking them? Why was he questioning the intelligence of a non-sentient possibly long forgotten trinket?

"It is for it's safety." The warlord stated pinching the boney part of his nose. "Everyone, including Goldstar, saw the events just outside and knows Mr. Henderson is in trouble with us. And that it has something to do with the chest. Placing both in jail would put that belief in iron. At the sametime give us an on-sight guardian for the chest."

Looking back at his allies, "In the meantime, we'll continue as our originalorders dictate. I will see to getting a message to Rocky. To see if he would have a quicker, and more secure, route than the path we took."

"I am going to assume most people in the town will know the rumor of the strange box and it's green ghosts. So, that may ease the investigation to find the missing amulet and other witchcrafted items, if this town is anything like the other small settlements I have been in."  

SCN_ Grey_fox


PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:08 pm
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Mr. Henderson

As members of the Sapphire Stand, each of the party members would understand that they are acting as agents of the king, but they lack the kind of carte blanche power their superiors in the Sapphire Shield enjoy. While each of you do have the power to imprison, interrogate, and even kill if necessary, you are also bound to uphold the kingdom's laws and your actions will be reviewed by your sponsors who enlisted you. Rhaun would understand that he would need more evidence of Henderson's involvement in a crime or crimes if he was to expect his decision to jail him to be accepted by Sapphire leadership. You have all heard of reviews of actions taken happening within as little as a few days.

However, it's not likely that the villagers know this--it's possible for you to have someone imprisoned and find evidence against him later. Nonetheless, such an action would be unlawful if discovered and would have detrimental effects on your employment and could embroil you in legal troubles of your own.

Henderson would stare dumbfounded at Rhaun for a moment. "Jail? On what charges? Just because the villagers saw you run me down like a dog in the street? I already told you Rustbeard knows exactly what I'm up to and none of it is unlawful--maybe you should be in jail for attacking a private citizen who'd done nothing wrong!"

He crosses his arms grumpily. "If you want the chest under view, I don't have a problem with that. Get those yokels with swords Rustbeard calls guards on it. But you won't put me behind bars just for wrapping it up and keeping it safe. If it wasn't for me that thing would still be in the middle of field getting poked at by farmers."

Henderson would nod at Cymbre. "Thank you, someone who takes me seriously. The amulet's power is expended, so it's probably not dangerous--at least not to a layperson. But if whoever has it knows how to figure out its spell, then people really could get hurt. You all managed against the spell's enchantments, but our mayor almost got killed. And who knows how many other witchmake items are out there. All the more reason you need me out here to help handle them."
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:04 am
"Evading arrest on foot, Failure to comply, and conspiracy to distribute," Rhaun answered with a jesters smile, but that smile quickly faded and he returned to being serious. "Look, I am taking you as seriously as a tarrasque sighting. Sir."

"You stated, you can't prove it was Goldstar. Which means it may not be him and it could be Olin, Rustbeard, or the very proprietor of this establishment. Or any other farmer made wise to the official line and looking for a quick coin. OR any number of possible collaborations of people in and around the town. Any possible digging into this rabbit hole could alert the real thief and cause him to act in any number of possible ways. The only way to keep the people safe would be to place someone I can trust as a guard in the safest place possible."

"'I am willing to put my future at risk to see those things safely stored away from the people. But, if you disagree, a little pseudo jail time is worth that at least, I will look for other options. You would be allowed to have a key to your own cell and a whatever you need to defend yourself, that you can conceal. And I will personally buy and deliver your meal dinner every day you are in."

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Please, go into jail.  

SCN_ Grey_fox


PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2019 8:26 pm
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Mr. Henderson

At first Henderson looks completely skeptical, almost hostile, but as Rhaun talks he grows more thoughtful. "Huh. Well, if it's not REAL jail time..."

He shakes his head suddenly. "Wait a minute, you're forgetting one crucial detail! There's no jail here. The village is too small. Rustbeard's personal house has a room with a lock that he uses as a drunk tank and that's it.

"But I see what you mean--and I'd gladly guard the chest personally if that's what you're saying. I'm sure we could use Rustbeard's room if we asked him. But do you have to spread the idea that I'm in jail? Can't I just be--I don't know--a person of interest? I'm not exactly popular around here and I'd hate some fake 'jail time' to make that worse."  
PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2019 9:56 am
"It is hardly an adamantium fort, but I guess we will have to make due with the local vomit closet." Rhaun would admit, "Though, I could've changed the charge to being drunk and disorderly. But, as you wish, You are a person of interest."

At best this was a play for time. Rhaun believed when word got around that a bigger artifact was found, the itch would return to the thief. And having to wait for his move to appear would make him antsy.

"I am just at a loss for a way for you to contact us if you are in trouble. Any one has any ideas?"  

SCN_ Grey_fox

[D&D 4e] The Sapphire Stand

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