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Reply [D&D 4e] Glimmers in the Dark
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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 12:42 pm
Outside the ward...

Irene would respond back to Ruin. "Oh, well, I can try and see what I can do. If you made them mad though and they know I'm with you they aren't going to be exactly fooled if I start asking for the same exact ritual and supplies you were asking for before."

As for the soldier Ruin addressed he would respond he did not know who he was talking about but assured him that cleric probably wouldn't leave the safety of the fort.


Inside the ward...

The feigned smile would finally drop from the clerks face as she responded. "Lady, I wouldn't let you touch one of our patents with a ten foot pole. I would suggest in the future if you want help from someone you shouldn't insult them with every sentence you utter. Now, leave my office." The clerk would nod to the soldiers at the door and they would come into the office. Flanking Kouri, one of them would say. "It's time to leave."  
PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 11:14 pm
Ruin gave Irene an understanding nod, "good point. Forget I said anything. Instead give them this." He said, placing his gold pouch on the table by her. "Best case scenario, I won't need it and they could use it to purchase tonics and what not. Worst case... I still won't need it."

"Revenge, I think you have taken one to many blows to ye old noggin. I know I told you about him... Or was it the other paladin we passed." Ruin pause for a moment to gain his mental bearings "Ok, Quick recap then... I don't know who it is either. I just know he, or she, is a devil and I stole power from it. And now it wants it's power back and will take my soul as interest. But some infernal law states it can't have either 'till I am d.e.a.d."

Taking a second moment, to scratch his head. He would add with a bit of confusion, "Technically, I didn't steal it... Only accepted it?"

It was explained in detail in a book in his master's study. From how to perform the ritual to summon the Blade of Annihilation and the precise laws that would protect him. At the time the young Ruin only wanted the power to avenge his family, quickly. And felt the wizard wasn't interested in having an orphaned apprentice

"Not that it matters, anymore. If anyone wants me will be by the front gate."  

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PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 7:45 am
She holds her hands up, "I don't have to touch them. My brother is among the wounded, I have no reason to harm them." She looks to the soldiers, "I want to do something good before I leave. There is a good chance that I won't make it back." She pauses, "If not all of them, at least let me heal my kin. Maybe if it works, he can guide us instead."

If allowed she will go to L19 (or within 7 of Augmahl, but near the center.)
She will activate her battle standard of healing, creating a zone extending 5 squares in every direction. Any time a healing surge is spent inside the zone, all others heal 1 hp.
Angellic witness to summon an angel on a square near Augmahl, double points if another injured soldier is within 1sq of it.
Healing word on Augmahl, summoning another spirit at O21 and healing Augmahl for surge value +22hp and granting him a saving throw
All others in zone heal 1
Injured Soldier near O21 gets a Healing Word for surge +22 and a saving throw
An angel appears at H22
A soldier near H22 Gets to spend a surge (weapon power) for surge+23 hp and gets a saving throw and all others in zone get 1 hp
Kuori will use her second wind to heal herself by an angel, healing for surge +5 and healing others in the zone for 1
Then she will ask the soldiers to steel themselves. If they spend surges on their own, more heals.

She will ask Augmahl if he feels well enough to help them, then she will leave, with him if he is, without him if not She will take her standard and leave with everything and everyone that she carried in.  
[D&D 4e] Glimmers in the Dark

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