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What if the mainstream depiction of Satan is false?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:57 pm
Have any of you wondered if the view of Satan pushed by Abrahamic religion and mainstream society is incorrect? Many people accept this narrative without thinking about it, but after doing some research on this, it seems like there are people with other opinions. What if mainstream religion pushes a false narrative of who Satan is in order to keep people controlled? It might sound hard to believe at first, but there are other theories that present some very interesting arguments, like this one:

Anyway, what are people's thoughts on this? Do you think that organized religion is a tool used to hide the truth from people?  
PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:55 am
Even within organized christianity, there are several different views on Satan as a being: The Tempter, The Punisher, The Rebel, The Lawbreaker(of God's law) and The Most Abhorrent Being in existence. However, in practice, Satan actually mostly seem to fulfil the role of The Scapegoat, always getting blamed for EVERYTHING BAD.

Due to this, I have concluded that "Satan" do not exist as such, it is merely a literal strawman that is filled with whatever abnormalties that one consider to be unforgiveable, to be attacked and killed or burnt to ashes for the sake of maintaining one's own "purity".

...And as for Satan being able to convince the world that "he" does not exist, I just say that that is not a power that Satan has, that is the power that GOD has.

As for "pushing narratives" .....
* finally reads the link, or parts of it *
...my God, I am not surprised that the name "Satan" proves to be yet another case of "One People's God is another People's Satan or Devil".
It is the same throughout history ....
I'm not sure if the author of that article goes too far or not, though.

......but jeezzzz, are the comments afterwards occasionally flame material, so best to avoid those.  

Tiina Brown

Friendly Sentai

Religious Debate

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