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An archive of (presently on-going) crazy role-playing with a severe disregard for the laws of physics and the 4th wall. 

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:04 pm
Axel had nodded a bit while shrugging, of course, there was a lull of things before going inside, and then there was an almost -miasmic- killing intent seeping into the area as Axel sweatdropped a bit, feeling it from outside "looks like Roveth might've caught Jack red handed..." he said, knowing full well Sora was probably well handled by Kairi and the other Destiny Islands gang, before peeking inside and seeing the slight purple smoke wafting in the area... oh yeah, -definitely- Roveth. though strangely it seemed the elves were not feeling it, or it could be that Roveth was actually directing it away from the christmastown inhabitants, and only letting the outsiders feel it because most have felt his killing intent before. "right then.. i'm going to stay out here where its safe. no need to be near ground Zero like the LAST time he was set off."

Shiro of course would get some hot chocolate himself, though once he saw Roveth head back into the workshop he knew he would probably not see his dark half for the rest of the trip, but he didn't mind, so he would head outside to at least go watch the Nobodies make ice sculptures, given they were pretty elaborate. of course, about 15 minutes after that and the steadily rising killing intent coming from the workshop Shiro cringed, especially when the blackish purple miasma started to seep out in bits and pieces showing blood red eyes staring around wildly. "... oh dear. looks like Roveth -might- have found Jack..." he said, sweatdropping a bit lightly.

Roveth of course had settled down with some egg nog, some hot chocolate, and his custom made parts just brought in, and was going to get to work when he saw Jack come in, though he probably still looked like a snowman, he could tell who it was through their soul wavelength as he twitched an eyebrow, before his eyes started becoming inverted and the yellow scelera becoming bright demonic red with the pupils turning slitted as he looked over his shoulder towards Jack, his killing intent leaking out massively given the purple miasmatic aura around him, all opening up various demonic eyes and gnashing teeth-like smiles "is there something you need Jack Skellington...? because if not you need to leave immediately before i let the shadows consume you and the beasts of the shadow realm feast on your fears and bones before they slowly devour your Soul..." oh yeah, it was quite clear he was in no mood for anyone trying to screw up his work with A: him -in- the room, and B: in the essence of trying to 'help', break something.  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:21 pm
User Image"I'm inclined to agree," Isa wanted nothing to do with an enraged Roveth. Staying outside with Lea where it was safe was totally fine with him. "Why don't we go take a closer look at those sculptures?" he suggested just to put some more distance between themselves and Santa's workshop.

Xion had eventually slipped back outside once she was finished with her own hot cocoa to catch up with Roxas and Crystal by the ice sculptures. Riku was still inside with Namine, both of them watching in amusement as Sora persisted at trying to become one with the chair he was sitting on with Kairi on his lap. At least until they felt Roveth's miasma-like killing intent wafting in from the main workshop and Riku very casually escorted Namine outside by the hand to avoid that particular zone of malice. And then they wandered over to take a look at the ice sculptures for themselves since they were outside again anyway. It took slightly longer for Kairi and Sora to vacate the premises given that not even Sora was oblivious to the waves of killing intent coming from Roveth at the moment. And once they were both outside they also headed for the ice sculptures since that seemed to be where everyone else was congregating at the moment. Being spooked by Roveth's killing intent did help Sora to get over his blushing for the moment at least.

Inside the workshop, however, Jack Skellington still disguised as a snowman was very, very taken aback by the outright terrifying air of malice radiating off of Roveth. "Oh my goodness, I thought this was Santa's workshop!" he cried out in alarm. "I didn't realize I had the wrong address!" So saying he backed out the door and out into the snowy courtyard again seeming to be in a real damn hurry to get away. Of course, later on he might become inclined to ask Roveth if he has any plans for next Halloween if he could be that scary.

Crystal shrank a little feeling the pressure of Roveth's killing intent, given she'd not only felt it before, but even been on the receiving end, although it had been far less murderous when directed at her. "Yikes, I wouldn't want to be Jack Skellington right now."

"No kidding," Roxas agreed. He placed an arm around Crystal and ushered her a bit further away from the main workshop amongst the ice sculptures to veer away from Roveth's killing intent. "He could install himself as the new security system and I doubt anyone would ever try to break into Santa's workshop ever again, but then he wouldn't be able to protect Shiro."

"Which is why Santa will have to settle for a technological security system," Crystal agreed. It was at this point that they all would see the suspicious looking snowman racing back toward the door to Halloweentown in a flight of panic. "Still, the fact that he can scare the pants of the Pumpkin King is an eerie reminder of just how much malice Roveth is capable of dishing out."

"At least now Jack Skellington will think twice before coming back out here to meddle with the Christmas preparations," noted Xion. "At least until Roveth packs up to head on home."

"I'm sure his new security measures will be top notch enough to keep him out," Crystal nodded. "Although it might not be enough to scare him off like Roveth can himself."

Zero, meanwhile, abandoned the mistletoe entirely and pounced on Shiro to lick his face, very likely tackling him into the snow in the process.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:05 am
Roveth, thankfully, would let off his killing intent once he was absolutely sure Jack was gone, and let off a tired sigh, shaking his head a bit and turning back to his work "good thing he didn't answer me and left.. otherwise i -might- have gone through with that threat." he said offhandedly while turning and returning to his work, a jovial whistle coming from the workshop causing the Elves to blink in confusion, but shrugged and worked resumed with them as well.

Axel meanwhile just sighed, feeling the killing intent fade from the workshop ,but he just grinned looking at all the spectacular ice sculptures raising an eyebrow. "huh.. interesting. i wonder what other hobbies our nobodies get into." he thought to himself thinking about his assassins and all, but shrugged, and decided to leave it be and enjoy the sculptures regardless.

Shiro f course went flying right into the snow mound nearby from the sudden pounce by Zero, making him laugh and squrim regardless "okay, okay! i get it Zero~!" of course it seemed Shiro was in a good mood despite having to be paranoid about the mistletoe, thankfully he'd avoid that fate this time it seemed.  
PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:46 pm
User Image"I don't know about the Assassins, but the Berserkers have taken over the gardening at the mansion in the absence of the monsters from Roveth's cards," Isa mentioned rather offhandedly. "I was a little surprised at first, but it turns out they're really quite skillful at it and it seems to keep them out of trouble by curbing their aggression."

Zero persisted in licking Shiro's face a little while longer and then flitted off somewhere, snatching up the mistletoe once again before he disappeared from view.

Crystal sighed with relief once Roveth eased back on his miasma-like aura of killing intent. "It feels like Roveth is done playing his intimidation card for now at least," she observed while starting to relax again.

"And it looks like it might be starting to snow," Roxas noticed as a few stray flakes began to fall from the sky.

"Well, it is Christmastown so I guess that's to be expected," Riku pointed out. "Some fresh powder will bury the mess that we all made with that snowball fight."

"Which we still won by the way," Roxas reminded him.

"Only because Roveth martyred himself by taunting Sora into retaliating with magic instead of keeping it clean," Riku countered with a smirk.

"Yeah, but even if Sora hadn't blown it like that we still would have beaten you eventually," Roxas tossed the banter right back. "Sora might have been the weak link, but even without him causing so much trouble you wouldn't have been able to break through our defense."

"You wanna go again?" Sora overheard the conversation, which wasn't hard with everyone being out by the ice sculptures right now anyway, and shot a challenging look at Roxas.

"No, I think I'll pass. Maybe some other time," Roxas brushed him off mildly. "Besides, we've torn this place up enough already and we don't want to be causing Santa too much trouble having to clean up after us."

"That's true," Kairi agreed. "We're guests here after all."

"Fine, but I'm still going to hold you it," Sora stared hard at Roxas. "One of these days I am going to beat you."

"Sure, if you say so," Roxas casually waved him off.

"That must have been some field trip away from Twilight Town," Riku commented while watching the rather one-sided confrontation. "I mean, it was pretty tense when you all left, but now you all seem pretty mellow after all that time you spent away."

"El Nido is a fairly easy-going place once you get used to some of the weirder aspects of it," Crystal explained. There was a reason she had gone there whenever she had felt miserable and needed some cheering up.

"We weren't having to fight as much since there aren't any Heartless and the monsters native to the islands are fairly easy to avoid once you learn their behavior patterns," Roxas added.

"So basically we were just hanging out and trying new things while we went exploring around the archipelago searching for the Frozen Flame, at least until we found out it would only reveal itself to the one it has chosen and then we left it up to Shiro to find it for himself," Xion continued.

"So then it really did become more like a glorified field trip," Roxas had to admit. "We kinda just ended up running around having fun together."

"I might have gotten us into some trouble with a few particular monsters that I wanted to show off, but otherwise it was a pretty relaxed visit," Crystal nodded.

"Heh, no wonder you've all been getting along so well," Riku smirked mildly. "It sounds like you've been having a real life-changing experience out there."

"Just do yourself a favor and don't ever take Sora to meet the Criosphynx," Roxas recommended.

"Why not?" Sora demanded.

"Because you'd just botch the riddles and then you'd be stuck on his island fighting him for hours," Roxas responded.

"You don't know that!" Sora protested. "I can solve riddles!"

Riku snorted and started laughing. "No Sora, you really can't. Not without help anyway."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean? You're supposed to be on my side!" Sora pouted rather loudly.

"Sorry Sora, but he's right. If you aren't familiar with the world itself, then the riddles of the Criosphynx could be really hard," Xion pointed out. "The only reason we made it out of there easily is because Crystal already knew what to expect."

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:28 pm
Shiro snorted lightly, glancing over to Sora "if you think the Criosphynx is hard, try being a machine monster from Chronopolis, in front of Roveth." he said all too amused "i'm sorry, but i still can't get the incredulous hilarity of FATE stupidly showing up to try and kill us, while in the same room with Roveth... literally tore her down to the component parts with ease with some help from the haste spell from Crystal and slow on FATE." he said, shivering "yeah, totally glad i am organic." Apocalypse spoke u, being in chibi form "not to mention that Garai guy you faced Shiro, he was no joke, keeping up with you until you brought out Unlimited Blade Works." Shiro shrugged lightly "Yes well... you know why i couldn't outpower him." he said, while the demon sword nodded "yup, couldn't use me, which is fine, but now you can use the black blood all you need to, as long as you can keep sane." Shiro snorted, looking to Apocalypse with amusement "i think sanity for me has long since left the area."

Axel would nod, humming a bit lightly "seems i'll have to ask the Assassins then sometime later. at least when we get back to Twilight Town." he said, humming a bit lightly, while looking to the others "should we make our way back to Halloween town, or at least make some snowmen while we wait on Roveth to finish up on his work inside Santa's workshop before we head off?"  
PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:54 am
User Image"That's right, we still haven't made snowmen or snow angels!" Crystal immediately agreed with Axel. "As long as we're here we might as well make our mark before we leave, right?"

"I'm gonna make the biggest snowman ever!" Sora chimed in as he became quickly overtaken by his own excitement again.

"Right Sora, you go ahead and do that," Riku snickered mildly. "Just remember that it isn't a competition this time."

"I know that," Sora replied as he started preparing the giant ball of snow that would comprise the base of his intended enormous snowman. "But if it was, I'd be winning."

Riku decided that he was going to watch from the sidelines with Namine as she brought out her sketchpad to draw everyone while the others were busy playing in the snow either building snowmen or making snow angels. It was fascinating to watch Sora in action as he actually seemed to have formulated a plan for how he was going to make his snowman so huge, namely by using a bit of Magnega magic to lift the ball for the body and the ball for the head onto the base, which would have otherwise been rather impossible.

"He's determined, I'll give him that," Isa watched Sora's antics with some amusement.

Kairi was nearby, of course, demonstrating with Crystal how to make snow angels for Xion so she could make her own attempt at it. Roxas watched appreciatively before deciding he would attempt to build his own snowman, not really interested in competing with Sora at the moment, although when his work was done he thought his at least looked more refined than Sora's gargantuan structure looming over all of them. Crystal lost interest in making snow angels and wasn't really inclined to build a simple snowman, instead going to great pains to make a snow dragon instead. Naturally, once Roxas was finished building his own snowman and noticed what Crystal was up to he wanted to see if there was anything he could do to help. From there the project took on a life of its own as Kairi and Xion both decided they wanted to help too. Naturally, Sora got jealous when no one was paying attention to him and his masterpiece, but then he saw what they were working on and decided to lend a hand too. Presumably they would be finishing up by the time Roveth finally got done with his work in Santa's workshop so they could all head back to Twilight Town together.

"A little unorthodox, but certainly impressive none-the-less," Isa remarked as even Riku decided to get in on the action of constructing the increasingly elaborate snow dragon. "I don't think she quite realizes it herself, but Crystal has a rather unique talent for bringing people together and inspiring them to get along."

Of course, the real fun would begin once the snow dragon was completed and Crystal worked a little magic into it so that it began to move around and started dramatically chasing everyone through the snow. Then Crystal got the idea to also animate Sora's giant snowman to stage an epic snow battle for the ages while they all watched the drama unfold. And, of course, Crystal put both snow creations back to where and how they were before she started using magic to move them around so there was no actual harm done.

"That was awesome!" Sora cheered once the action-packed entertainment spectacle was over.

"Crystal really outdid herself with those theatrics," Riku agreed.

"It's too bad I don't have the concentration to pull off magic like that," Sora pouted mildly. "But still, it's incredible to watch it in action!"

"Well, magic like that isn't solely about concentration," Crystal pointed out matter-of-factly. "It takes imagination. You need to be able to perceive in your mind how they should move and then will them to do so."

"Even so, it's probably way out of Sora's league," Kairi teased mildly. "But at least he gets it."

"Sora might have succeeded at building the biggest snowman, but I think we all put in some amazing work helping to bring that dragon to life," Xion noted with a smile.

"It really wasn't easy, but because we all pulled together it turned out great," Roxas agreed. And really, he knew that was the whole point. When they all started working together it halted their bickering and they were able to have even more fun trying to see things through. It worked because they wanted to see what they were all capable of. And honestly, the result was totally worth it.

Once that was all over and done with it was getting pretty late and it was about time they all headed back to Twilight Town to get some much needed sleep. Especially those who wanted to stay in Santa's good graces.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:15 pm
Shiro had been building his own snowman at least of a smaller version than Sora's, since he wasn't out to compete, though thankfully he kept his hands nicely gloved since it would mean hiding certain new elements about himself for now, as he didn't want to be pestered too much by Sora or the others until he could figure out what they were exactly.either way once he was done with his own snowman, he'd notice the dragon taking shape, and shrugged, moving over to help out, chuckling a bit in general as things progressed the way they did.

Roveth would eventually come out, cleaning his hands and putting away a rag he had used for said cleaning as he hummed, smiling a bit lightly "well, i'm also done in Santa's workshop so the elves can get back to work more earnestly with streamlined and up to date everything they need, and the security's upgraded to keep certain... pumpkin king elements out of Santa's place, well, technically -anyone- on the naughty list is barred from entry into the workshop proper, visiting Santa himself is intent based, if they have an intent of 'helping' Santa but are on the naughty reasons for those attempts (Jack i'm thinking of you..) they get teleported back to Halloween town and forget ever going to Christmas town and have something come to mind that would be more pressing than to bother Santa." he said, smirking "anyone else, well same thing pretty much, only they will have knowledge of Christmas town's entrance erased from their minds and teleported back to halloween Town with that something else urgent in mind thing."

Axel of course, once everyone was done, would at least be their path back to Twilight Town to get some rest indeed and thankfully that trip was uneventful and all, letting them be ready for the next day...  
PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:09 pm
Larry the Evil Announcer
And so the holiday hijinks in Christmastown came to a close with everyone once again returning to Twilight Town where the adventure continues...

Crystal: Well, that was a fun little diversion. And it didn't take two or three years to wrap up the episode for once. Not bad, if I do say so. But now, it's time to get back to the main event!  

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:40 pm
[Shiro] too true, too true.. Jared?

[Jared] *cracks neck, and pulls out a gun, proceeds to pull its trigger, and a small blue light-bneam fires out to hit Larry.. and turns him into molecular level ashes.* right.

[Roveth] *leaves with Shiro back to the main event.*  
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