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Where the worlds of Power Rangers and Tokusastu (Sentai and Kamen Rider) collide. 

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Dark The Dragon Emperor

Romantic Werewolf

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:05 pm
I have found three or four awesome OC Kamen Rider universes that I would love to rp with you guys. But I don't want to set up a whole RP and then have nobody join so I made this to see if anybody would be interested. I will post the ideas below this one and then people can vote in the poll.  
PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:10 pm
Kamen Rider Beat does not belong to me, I am simply turning it into a role play, art and concept and other stuff belong to heavenlymythicranger on deviantart

When the secret organization known as Control begins abducting youths from across the world and transforming them into Remnants, inhuman creatures that are but shells of their former human selves. The global agency RAVE (Rave Anti-terrorist Vice), aware of Control and is forced to use their experimental BEAT (Bio-mechanical Evolve Armor Technology) System to stop Control while their activities are relatively in the shadows. But, before the BEAT System can be activated, it is stolen by a Control spy, and then lost in the ensuring getaway. A young man then happens upon the BEAT System and is forced to use it to become Kamen Rider Beat. He is then suddenly forced into the secret war for the sake of the world between RAVE and Control.

Kamen Rider Beat
User Image

These are his forms listed from left to right.
Deck Form- In this form it's just basically lightweight armor with no offense capabilities.

Disk Form- This is his true first form and is the most balanced of all his forms. By activating the turntables on his chest he is able to activate his final attacks. In this form he also has access to the Beat Blade and the Beat Blaster.

Finishers: Beat Kick- Beat activates the turn tables on his chest and charges up energy in his legs. He then runs and kicks his opponent into the air before jumping high above them and doing a drop heel kick on their head to send them down into the ground.
Beat Slash- Beat activates the turn tables on his chest and charges energy into his sword. He then sends waves of energy that look like CD's towards his opponent.

Amp Form- In this form Beat losses his defense and melee combat skills for long range. The amps in his chest can fire sound waves strong enough to level a building when they are charged to the fullest. In this form Beat has access to the Beat Blaster and the Amp Busters.

Finisher: Stereo Blast- Beat charges up his full power into the Beat Blaster and Amp Busters before firing them both at the opponent.

Remix Form- In the form Beat losses his speed and ranged combat abilities for unparalleled attack and defense. In this form Beat only has access to the Beat hammer.

Finisher: Remix Punch- Beat charges up all his power into his fist and punches his opponent with the full power of his Remix form.

Rave Form- This is Beat's final and ultimate form. Far superior to any of his other forms but it comes at a cost. He can only use it for ten minutes at a time or else it could become fatal to his health. In this form he has access to all of the weapons.

Finisher: Techno Rider Kick- Beat jumps into the air and sends down energy clones of his other forms all slamming into the opponent with a kick before he himself delivers a final kick.

As the battle against Control escalates, RAVE unveils it's newest weapon, the BASS (Bio-mechanical Armor Sonic Stealth) System, giving Kamen Rider Beat the new ally, Kamen Rider Bass. The Bass System employs sound dampeners and chromatic camouflage, allowing the suit to be unparalleled in covert operations. Though the suit was designed for stealth, it has more-than-suitable combat capabilities.

User Image
Club Form- This is Bass's first form and takes the most advantage of his speed and camouflage tech. It's offensive and defensive abilities aren't the greatest but they are more then enough to take on any opponent. In this form he has access to the Bass Sniper and the Mute Dagger

Finishers: Bass Shot- Bass charges all his power into his Sniper before firing a piercing shot at the opponent.

Silent Slash: Bass charges all his power into Dagger before turning invisible and getting close and launching a barrage of slashes on his opponent.

User Image
Trance Form- This is Bass's second form. The stealth capabilities of the suit are greatly reduced, but offensive and defensive are increased tenfold. The chromatic cells throughout the armor begin to pulse, giving the armor somewhat of a glowing movement of energy flow. In this form Bass has access to the Bass Saber

Finisher: Tranced Rider Slash- Bass charges up his power into his saber and can either launch energy attacks at his opponent or get in close and slice them himself.


While Beat and Bass continue fighting Control, RAVE experiments with the two systems in an attempt to create more powerful weapons. While for the most part the experiments fail, one experiment proves to have something promising with the data it produces: Augment 10e. But, when Beat and Bass are caught in a dangerous situation, the scientist in charge of the development of aXe takes the untested field prototype into battle.

User Image
Fret Form- This is aXe first form and a Jack-of-all-Trades. Capable of long range, close combat, and stealth, aXe's abilities separately are weaker then that of Beat and Bass, but being a fusion of the two systems, aXe is the most versatile and can have many more fighting styles then that of Beat and Bass. In this mode aXe has access to the Fret Blade and the Fret Pistol

Finisher: Fret Slash- aXe charges up all her energy into her sword and moves quickly and slices the enemy in half before they can even tell what has happened.

User Image
Fender Form- This is aXe's second form. This is basically an upgrade of Fret mode with aXe gaining more power and speed and stronger weapons. In this form aXe had access to the Fender Ax and the Fender Cannon.

Finisher: Fender Slash- aXe charges up all of her power into he Ax and jumps into the air before bringing it down on her opponent and chopping them in two.


As the fight between RAVE and Control rages on, a Control spy is finally able to steal data on the 3 Rider Systems, allowing a base for Control to engineer two new of their own Riders: Rider Boss and Rider Break. These two new Riders sport abilities no normal human could ever control, and with the added power of the Remnant augmentation preformed on them, Boss and Break are near unstoppable, and a threat that could spell the end of the RAVE Riders.

Both Riders sport the same powerful abilities that are more powerful versions of the abilities of Beat, Bass and aXe, with their only difference to one another being primarily cosmetic and their weapons of choice: Boss wields the Boss Hammer that can also turn into the Boss Gatling Gun while Break wields the massive Breaker Sword that can become the Break Assault Rifle.

User Image
Finishers: Boss Crusher- Boss charges up his energy in his hammer and either slams it into his opponent or slams it into the ground causing a massive wave of energy and rock to slam into his opponent.

Boss Hail- Boss charges up his Gatling gun and unleashes a torrent of bullets on his opponent before firing a powerful beam at them.

User Image

Finishers: Breaker Slash- Break chargers their energy into their sword and unleashes a huge wave of energy at their opponent.

Break Shot- Break charges their energy into their rifle before firing a huge shot that destroy's everything around it.

Dark The Dragon Emperor

Romantic Werewolf

Dark The Dragon Emperor

Romantic Werewolf

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:44 pm
Kamen Rider Virtune is brought to you by this person right here!

A videogame company called MIST is developing a new videogame that uses hi tech VR technology to temporarily convert real life matter into Virtual Fields where virtual blocks can be used to create a more realistic environment for players. Unfortunately an accident caused the VR engine to overload and cause a giant V-Field to form around the city. Normally the field is harmless and unnoticeable to humans without the proper equipment but every now and then creatures called "Entities" which are modeled after the supposed enemies in the game emerge from the field. To combat these, MIST and the local government formed a small organization called AGNIS (Advanced Generation of Network and International Security)which uses state of the art weapons to protect the safety of the public.

User Image
Fighter Mode (fighting games)
Virtunes base form its pretty versatile stat wise but doesn't come with weapons so the lower corner buttons do nothing and the elements are instead fused to the fist and the feet.

Fantasy Mode (RPGs)
More durable than fighter mode but is a bit slower. It also comes with several weapons : Levelblade, Levelax, Levelspear, Levelstaff (the one that looks like a flail). True to its theme the Fantasy mode requires the user to get her a** handed on her first as the mode scans the enemy movements and gets stronger the longer the battle last (it still has its limits though)

Shooter Mode (FPS)
Intended for long range combat this form comes with the Blitzmagnum a hi power pistol, Blitzcannon a long range rifle and the Blitzmachgun a machinegun it also comes with a set of grenades as one of its skills which can be used alongside the other weapons. Too bad the main character has extreme motion sickness hehehe

Puzzle Mode (puzzle and mind games)
Probably the least powerful in terms of offensive strength and serves more as support. The Puzzle mode is capable of creating snare traps, mazes and illusions etc. to confuse its enemies. Whatever it creates stays as long the Virtune Core wants to and can still be used even if the user changes form. Therefore this form is ideal for setting up ambushes with the Shooter mode or creating makeshift dungeons for the Fantasy mode.

Mid Season upgrade : Virtune Velocity Mode (racing games)
A form dedicated to fast paced combat Velocity mode allows Virtune to move up to the speed of sound. Although to activate this form Virtune has to first switch to and stay using the Fire attribute set because this mode uses fire for the majority of its attacks and its boosters. Using this form while in another attribute will either cause the form to not work (ice), do nothing and simply turn the armor into dead weight (wind/base) or damage herself (thunder). Like the fighter mode, this form doesn't come with weapons but who needs them when you have flamethrowers and rocket powered punches and kicks. The boosters also allow Virtune to fly and hover for short distance but drains energy at a faster rate.

Final Form: Virtune Victory
Virtune’s final form accessed using the Victory Cartridge which was in turn created from the stolen design notes of the Monarch driver courtesy of Kamen Rider Rygar(tertiary rider) who just had a heel-face turn.
Victory Mode requires her to gather a large amount of V-blocks (either from converting matter, defeating entities or are provided by AGNIS) and use it to transform V.V into the Victory Core ( which turns her gold) before inserting the Victory Cartridge.
Victory mode gives Virtune an incredible boost in stats as well as give her the ability to generate a private V-field that can override weaker ones allowing her to manipulate matter and physics within the area. Thanks to AGNIS’s science team, Victory mode allows Virtune to use any weapon or ability from other cartridges. But her most powerful weapon are the Victory Bracers attached to her arms which function as both a shield, a laser blade projector, a blade shooter or simply as something to smash into enemy faces.
User Image
Virtune's most powerful form and is also the most dangerous. This form is the result of Virtune fusing with the Legendary Entities. Akatsuki the Fighter Entity, Luciel the Demon King Entity,Mystel the Goddess Entity, Morphes the Mystery Entity, remaining fragments from Colbine the Hitman Entity andEngiro the Vehicle Entity and after that Shiren Daimon, AGNIS's chief in command who was revealed to be the Spider Entity who was one of the original 2 entities and is the Bat entity's younger sister (who also had her own savings of V-fragments)
This form is capable of field conversion just like Thanatos and is armed with 8 tentacle-like wings (from the spider entity) which she can use to attack, defend or absorb matter to power up herself.

Because of its overwhelming power, V.V. is forced to focus on holding back and managing the flow of energy making sure it doesn't kill them leaving Junko to be the one doing the fighting by herself. And the even with that they can only use the form for a total of 5 minutes. Using it for longer would cause the energy to go haywire and kill them both.

Its Finisher is the Legendary Virtune Arrow where Virtune spreads out her wings to absorb V-fragments to power up one final Rider Kick.

User Image

The Secondary Rider of Kamen Rider Virtune

Kamen Rider Axess is Takuya Yuuki, Aiko/V.V's younger brother who now works for AGNIS alongside his twin sister Sakuya.
Just like the Virtune suit, the Axess suit was originally made to be used by either Takuya (using the shooter mode) or Sakuya (using the fantasy mode). The initial plan was to let Takuya have the Virtune suit since he goes on hunts more often while Sakuya gets the Axess suit as soon as AGNIS finish making it and after running a few test on the first belt. Because a few unexpected occurences such as Junko's intervention, arrival of Monarch's rider etc. AGNIS was forced to speed up the creation of the Axess suit and ditch the A.I for Takuya to use as soon as possible.

Shooter Mode
The Axess suit is similar to the Virtune suit in terms of power, the only difference being the pilot's fighting style (Takuya uses guns, Junko/V.V prefers their fist, Sakuya with swords) thus through Takuya's suggestion the suit was given cartridges that have emphasis on long range combat. Despite being a rushed down project, AGNIS managed to throw in a few more stuff for the shooter mode such as a new set of weapons the Blitzcleaver (a gunblade), Blitzeagle (pistol),Blitzbuster (grenade launcher) and Takuya's favourite the Blitzscope ( a sniper rifle) and the ability to summon 2 weapons at the same time and dual wield them (dualwielded grenade launchers anyone?)

Artillery Mode
A form that boast incredible firepower. The Artillery Mode is the result of AGNIS employees experimenting with other stuff just trying to see what works. Most exclusively made for LONG RANGE combat, this form can use either a pair of folding cannons , a pair of gattling guns or a pair of homing missile launchers which in theory could rip apart even high ranking entities. It's also capable of changing the elements of its ammunition making it even deadlier.

User Image
The Tertiary (foe-to-friend) Rider of Kamen Rider Virtune

As you see he has a some sort wolf motif. Rygar (Raiga Endou) uses a customized belt which was created from an unfinished V-driver stolen by one of MIST's rival companies. It, alongside the Encore suit were made as test models after the failure of the Rage suit. Unlike the Virtune Driver, the Rygar driver uses a built-in core which cannot be detached, and is incapable of changing forms. Instead, cartridges only give Rygar the weapons/ some abilities associated with it. Despite its minor drawbacks, the Rygar suit is naturally stronger, faster and a lot more agile than the Virtune suit and it is calso capable of turning the boosters on its back into a set of arms with claws which already probably speaks for itself.

User Image
The first main antagonist of Kamen rider Virtune

Monarch is Daigo Ouma the president of Monarch Enterprises a rival company of MIST.
The Monarch Driver is the result of reverse engineering a stolen V- Driver along with the data taken from the Rage,Rygar,Encore and Chronos suits.

Like the other pirated cores, the King's Core is fixed to the driver and is incapable of form changing but this form boasts incredible amount of power,flight, teleportation abilities, and super speed. It also comes with a really big a** sword which can be controlled at a distance ala darth vader and is capable of splitting into two. But its most dangerous skill is the ability to generate his own private V-field (similar to what V.V. uses ) that can override weaker fields and allow Monarch to manipulate matter and physics within the area. It can also concentrate his field to form a barrier that is equivalent to a rider sized AT- field.

User Image

The Final Boss of Kamen Rider Virtune

The villain of the story's final arc. Thanatos is Seichiro SuzukiAKA Kamen Rider Chronos after revealing himself to be the Bat Entity one of the 2 original entities and is the one responsible for the accident that created Virtual field surrounding the city.

After abandoning his newborn sister, he killed the original Suzuki and mimicked his appearance to gain more knowledge about humans and the V-field. He adopted the orphaned Nao and experimented on her turning her into a psychopathic super soldier. Manipulated Daigo into funding his research promising to revive his dead wife as an entity while having Nao capture entities to experiment on. Blackmailed Raiga who was raising a trio of child entities into kidnapping his "girlfriend" Sakuya promising protection from AGNIS and used her as a test subject. Secretly assisted the Hitman Entity and the Vehicle Entity in their plan to defeat Virtune. Caused the death of a few AGNIS agents after using them to test Encore's upgrades. Later betrayed Monarch after Virtune defeated him. After being defeated as Chronos by Takuya and Raiga destroying his belt and after Virtune defeated Encore, he revealed his true form and killed and ate the heavily battered Nao (who was actually happy to "help" her dad) and took her belt, and used it with the belt core he made with the V-fragments he's been saving up for years transforming into this. And the best part, it all part of his plans .....Yeah.. this guy was both savy and badass.

As an original entity, Thanatos is a master of field conversion, turning matter, people and other entities into V-fragments and absorbing them to power up himself. He is also capable of creating thousands of clones of himself (via copy paste) and using them to attack,defend ,convert and absorb even more stuff.

Thanatos is ridiculously powerful. He can beat Virtune, Axess, Rygar in their final forms without breaking a sweat. Being based on the Chronos suit, he is also really fast and is capable of levitation and teleportation.

His finishers are:

Dead End Destroyer- where he releases a surge of pulsating energy in all directions and absorbing what is left.

Dead End Devastator- His strongest attack. He slowly levitates while firing a barrage of clones doing Rider kicks at the enemy like a machinegun finishing it with his own charged Rider Kick.  
PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:56 pm
I can't find the artist that made Kamen Rider Stellation and as such he has no other riders. For this one I was thinking an anniversary season kind of like decade or if somebody can find Kamen Riders based off of constellations those would do as well.
User Image

Sagittarius Sign: Stellation's default and most balanced form. In this form the constellation sign for Sagittarius' bow appears. This form works best with the Nova Blade, as he can control fire, increasing his attack. This forms's finisher is a Rider Kick called "Round-Hell-Kick"

Nova Sagittarius Sign: Stellation's upgraded Sagittarius form. All his stats are increased in this form and he gains the ability to turn the Nova Blade into the Nova Bow. With the Nova Bow he can preform the finisher "Nova Hell Storm" where he launches one arrow into the air. It then splits into multiple arrows and rains down on the enemy. He can also preform the stronger "Nova-Hell-Kick"

Virgo Sign: Is the second form that Stellation can access. Virgo's constellation appears. On the back is a jetpack that allows him to stay in the air for a certain amount of time. He wields a halberd called the Stargazer. As Virgo Sign, Stellation can perform two finishers. The first is a Rider Kick called the "Judgement's Kick", the second a Rider punch called "Tornado Punch".

Nova Virgo Sign: Stellaion's upgraded Virgo form. In this form his jet pack allows him unlimited flight. In this form he can preform a finisher with the Stagazer called "Meteor Impact" were he launches himself into space before falling back to earth and crashing into his opponent with the Star Gazer. His next attack is called "Comet Punch" where he charges at the enemy with his jet pack at full speed and punches a whole straight through the enemy.

Gemini Sign: The Gemini constellation appears on the third form of Stellation. In this form he can wield the TwinDecker. He can also make a doppleganger of himself to fight alongside him. The finisher is Gemini Thunder. Stellation sends electricity through the ground, blasting the Zodiarts into the air. He creates a doppelganger and performs a double thunder drop kick.

Nova Gemini Sign: Stellation's upgraded Gemini form. In this form he can create up to three dopleangers to help him fight, each with their own Twin Decker. This forms Finisher is Double Gemini Thunder. All four Stellations send electricity into the ground to send the enemy into the air. They then all fly past the enemy, slashing them with the their Twin Deckers before the real Stellation strike the final blow.

Leo Sign: Stellation's fourth form where the Leo constellation appears on the chest. He gains retractable blades on the arms and legs, while having boomerang style blades on the shoulders. Unlike the others this form can't wield the Novablade and Stargazer, only relying on strength. The finisher is called "Metal Roar". Stellation removes the blades on the shoulders and throw them at the enemy. He then jumps up, delivering a deadly blade drop kick.

Nova Leo Sign: This is Stellation's upgraded Leo form. In this form his blades and his strength are stronger. This forms finisher is known as "Leo Take Down". Steallation uses all his blades to strike the opponent before delivering a devastating axe kick with all his strength.

Apostle Sign: Stellation's final and most powerful form. In this form he can summon every weapon (except the Novablade, which is replaced with the Sign Saber). An ability called "Apostle Ability" lets him unleash one of Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, or Leo's ability - but only one can be activate. Apostle Sign syncs the brainwaves of the user with the Cosphone, disabling the ability to enter a code into the form as it can be done by a command of the mind. The finisher is "Constellation Frenzy", Stellation summons weaker versions of his Nova forms. Each one does a weak weapon finisher move before the target gets hit by either the Sign Saber or a Rider Punch.  

Dark The Dragon Emperor

Romantic Werewolf

Mr Jes

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 6:39 am
Sure, I wouldn't mind RPing one of them so long as there could be some creativity and regular posting.  
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:33 pm
Mr Jes
Sure, I wouldn't mind RPing one of them so long as there could be some creativity and regular posting.
My sentiments exactly. ninja

For Kamen Rider Virtune I was thinking of some riders who would use a new rider belt that would use cd's for their transformations. There could also be a set of riders whose belts are portable gaming devices.  


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