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A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite. 

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Ryuu Sanada

Divine Knight

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:58 pm
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Jing Xiang Lui
~ Lord of the Skies ~

With nothing more than an annoyed glance towards the pair, the other female left while only speaking to another weakling. Really?! Not a word, nor prostrating themselves before either of the pair of elder primal. Jing's golden eyes sparked with a rage akin to only the fieriest of storms. The winds would whip up, and howl, around the toned male, causing his long black hair to flutter about behind him. It wasn't till the other decided to chime in about the weak, did Jing look to him. 'He is one to talk...' Slowly the air grew more chill as a familiar presence would be sensed coming in. He would float down to the course sands below, letting his sandals sink into the loose grains. Golden orbs locking on his companion, 'Lady of the Flames', as she teasingly agrees to his idea to quelling the weak with a set target. "A good hunt would be thrilling... shame there are none to offer such a worthy challenge, but I have a few ideas on how to kill some time." His attention turning to the noble looking maid as she curtsies to him and Sapphira while speaking of it being a pleasure. "Indeed it is. When was the last time the three of us stood together?" Jing would question as he strokes his chin some. The motion of the vacating Hollows being 'friends' cause a scoff to leave him, "That we should. Come Sapphira let us introduce Skadi to our prey.... I mean... no I can not even pretend otherwise at the moment."
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[HP: 425 | SE: 140 | Clarity: 30]

Word Count: 381 + 260 [x1.6 Interaction: 416] = 797  
PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:22 am
User ImageAfter Jing joined the group on the soft sands of the realm, Sapphira would stand leaving the rock she was once resting. It would seem as though her suggestion of where to start sat well with Jing. He would speak in favor of a thrilling hunt, but made not that there was no noteworthy challenge. Sapphira would scoff rather quickly at his comment. "As if anything could stand against us." she would practically growl. It was then another figure would arrive on the scene. Another familiar form, Skadi would greet them with elegance. "It's good to see both of you again... It's been far too long." she would genuinely reply with a hint of softness. Her temper and foul mood calming down. Skadi would ask if the pair who had departed were friends, and requested to be introduced. "Skadi..." she nearly whined. Even when she had calmed down some, she wasn't in the mood to play along. It wasn't something she was very good at to begin with. Jing then somewhat play along with the 'friends' game before giving up. "We should move before they get too far." Taking the lead, she would exit the area via the same direction she watched the two depart earlier.

Sapphira Leaves the area

Word Count: 412 (206*2 Easter Bonus) + 978 = 1,390

Ra1ns of Castamere
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:02 pm
::-:: Anelle Destros ::-::
::- Gemisht-Homonculus - Bringer of War - Incarnation of Wrath -::
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Anelle Destros stepped forward from her hellish portal into the desolate sands of Muchos, but this had not been her intended target. She felt the surge of reiatsu and the power levels beyond that in sands further on in to this world of Hollow and Arrancar. It was a dangerous place to be for some, but at the same time, she didn't feel the threat. The people here didn't bother her in the slightest, in fact, she was here on a mission of diplomacy and peace... as well as helping establish the new order that would bring terror to the spiritual cosmos once again. So, she did not linger long, she instead moved forward in her quest to find those with like minds. Minds who would share her vision for a burning wasteland of tomorrow, and the screams of agony as her enemies lay broken on the battlefields beyond. Alfheim would soon burn under her might, along with her allies helping hands.


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Hueco Mundo

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