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Aryel is Bored. Time to Go on an Adventure!

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Aryel Amaretto

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:33 am
OOC: Time for some random adventuring! Who will we run into? Who knows! Grab your fez and your sonic, and join Aryel for some intense oddness!


Aryel sat on the couch of her mother's home, letting out a huge sigh. She scrolled through the DVR, trying to find something that she had either not already seen, or something strange enough to warrant another watch. She didn't find either. And it was a serious let down to already know what was going to happen on most of the shows when they would stop airing in the future. Some endings were just stupid to Aryel, and as a result she didn't have any interest in watching the actual show while it was being aired. Damn. Sometimes being a time-traveler sucked. Wait...no it didn't. It was awesome. More than awesome, it was horrifying. Nerve-wracking. A never-ending adrenaline rush.

She looked to the hallway door that was actually the door to her TARDIS. Adrenaline....yeah...that sounded awesome right about now. Plus, she had an intense craving for a special ramen...only sold at one place at one point in the future. Those delicious noodles, those slightly soggy vegetables, the meat of indeterminate origin...oh yeah...the munchies must be sated.

"Hey, ma!" Aryel called towards the back. "I have a need!"

Her mother's response came back to her "Okay sweetie, have a good time and be safe! When will you be back?"

"Your time or my time?"

"Start with mine then add yours."

"Okay, your time...Ima go for about ten minutes. My time...eeehhh...a week or so."

There was a slight pause. "Okay, hon. Be safe!"

"Will do!"

Aryel jumped up and headed for the door. As she turned the handle, she called back "Hey, you want me to pick anything up while I'm out?"

"Just some of that stuff from 50 years from now."

"Sure thing!"

She pushed open the door, and stepped inside.  
PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 1:44 pm
The door closed behind Aryel as she approached the center of her large control room. All around were panels with glowing lights, holographic view screens that glowed with blue and aquamarine. Strings of glowing electroluminecent wire swooped down from the ceiling, casting a pink light all over the room.

She reached the console and leaned on it, taking in the sight of the impressive machine; the center tube had a coil of glass inside that resembled a double helix which would undulate when she activated her Tardis. She pondered over the knobs, wondering where she would like to travel today. So many options...limitless, in fact. But despite her wanderlust, Aryel was in fact a creature of habit. So she decided to go to her favorite place first.

The planet Solouce Prime. A urban planet with a dense population, and all the vices a Time Lord needed. Well...this one, at least. She put in the time-space coordinates, and activated the dematerializer. The familiar wheezing and groaning of the machine's hurtle through the Time Vortex filled the control room, and Aryel smiled to herself. This part never gets old.  

Aryel Amaretto

Dapper Gaian

1,100 Points
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Gaian 50
Through Time and Space (Roleplaying)/Games

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