As of this Friday or Saturday, October 31/November 1, I am going or on a hiatus. I do not know how short or long my hiatus will be or if I will return at all if it comes to that. It could be for a few months, a year, or more. I am taking this hiatus for various reasons that I rather not get too detailed about. Additionally, this hiatus was both expected and 'unexpected'. Either way, I am on a hiatus. To show that I am serious about this hiatus, or rather this hiatus is serious, I have turned off PMs, gifting is off, my settings are changed to something basic or more etc. I have, basically, cut off all ways to contact me on Gaia and turned off any stats/quotes etc. from going to my email as well.

I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused, please know that it is unintentional.

If you really need to contact me, please feel free to look me up on Solia Online and/or recolor.me and PM me through those sites. My username is exactly the same on there as it is here. I am rarely on either site, an hour at most on most days, but I do check them when I can. Please do not contact me to ask me to 'return to Gaia' UNLESS, again, it is for unfinished business (art payment for example). If I want to return, I will in due time, or not at all if it comes to that. I am, once again, not sure if I will return or not. If I do, obviously I will change many of my things/settings back to the way they were prior to my hiatus. Until then though, I am taking a hiatus from Gaia.

Thank you for reading and for understanding.

There were no rules about this as far as I know. If this is against the rules, feel free to remove/delete this topic and/or move it to the appropriate area/place if possible.

Hello everyone~

So, I have been posting in the 'Writing Shops' area for awhile now, and I only have about 6 that will write for me...and they will take months and/or there is a chance that they will not get back to me at all. So now, I am going around into 'Public' guides, anime/manga one especially, posting my 'ad' for request. When I do post my request, either the person is not familiar with the series, or they are, but can't write for it because they did not watch the series as much or read the manga.

In my case, I am looking for fanfiction of various fandoms and for my OCs. I'll let this speak for me:

User Image

So feel free to check it out! I have 25 categories to choose from for Fan-fiction and 8 OCs to choose from. So there is diversity in the thread.

The funds shown in the first post of the thread is mostly accurate. If you want to be sure, feel free to PM me and/or subtract at least 1 mil from whatever is shown in that post. If you want to be on the real safe side, take off 2 million gold.

The minimum I want at this time is 1k to 5k words. I will pay based on various things, and/or if you have a set price (though I am not rich, so please do not expect too large of a payment).

If you are interested, please, PLEASE PM me and/or post in the thread that it links to (make sure you fill out the correct form). If you post here, there is little to no chance that I will see it. It would be better to post in a thread that I visit often and/or a thread that is more familiar to me. Not sure if quoting me will work, but feel free to try.

When I shop/lurk in writing places, here is what I usually say:

Username: kitty868theonly

Type of Work I Want: One-shot/Short-Story/'Novella' ; mostly up to you

Style Preferred: I usually want 3rd person, but sometimes 1st person works/is better. It really depends on what you pick. 3rd person is default if either is fine and/or you don't mind.

Approximate Length I Would Like/Want: 1k to 5k words, depending on price. Will/Can order more words depending on price and category you pick, up to 11k words max if offered/ok.

Characters/Fandom: It is up to you. For fan-fiction related, see this post. For OCs/Original Content, see this post. Information and details depending on what you pick is automatically provided once you click the '***' OR the image if it is my OCs (including their bio etc.). Concerning fan-fiction, please click the ones that are either RED and/or BLUE. Any other color you choose, I may or may not want to buy it at the moment. If you picked my OCs, please know that I would like to see a small sample of the material, this is to make sure that my OCs are being written 'correctly' is all, and any changes can be made early/as soon as possible.

Extra Info/Notes: If you are interested in knowing what I want and do not want in any of my material that I am buying, see this post; although if I am ordering from you, there is little to worry about. See this post for genres meanings (I shorten genre words, so you may not understand what they mean without seeing this post). Feel free to go through the thread for something else that may interest you. I try my best to tip when I can, although I usually do, unless the work is completely unsatisfactory and/or you do not correct any spelling/grammar errors I see (usually minor ones) etc.. In addition, as I wrote in the request thread, 'my' wait time is 3 months from when I ordered and when it was approved by you. For example, if I order on 10/10/2013, and you accept the order 10/20/2013, my wait time would be based on the date of when you accepted the order, which would be 1/20/2014. Though, I prefer a draft or progress report etc. throughout the wait time, more so if it is long. If I don't hear from you within 3 months, I will send a PM with my concerns and wait an extra week. If I still hear nothing back, I will have no choice but to cancel the order. This is not done to offend you, but I hate gold sitting there with little to no word coming from the other individual (the writer/author), which may be you in this case.

While it is true that I hardly come onto Gaia, this does not mean that I do not log on at all. I check back on trades etc., and sometimes I lurk off my account to see if anything new popped up in my thread(s).

I apologize in advance if my post sounds demanding/rude, please know that this is unintentional. smile

My Offer: It depends on the amount of words you want to write, but if you want to go by my offer/cost instead, it can range from 250k to 1mil+ (not including potential tip). So, whatever 250k gives me would be the least, and 1mil+ would be the most I am willing to go. If it's 1mil+, I am guessing the word count would exceed at least 6k and/or+ words. If this is not true, let me know as soon as you can.

Thank you for your time~!