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Tags: Camp Half-Blood, The Potter-World, Mecha, European Folklore, Dr. Who 

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:57 pm
I can apparently put one here, and I'm gunna go with it until told otherwise. Because this is a new and clutter free space, I'll even describe it to visitors.

Band posters covering walls, a cake decoration of Harry Potter catching a snitch on my Holo-puter, and numerous art supplies (all traditional) scattered in tissue boxes, lock boxes, and lose on shelves. There's a cup filled with different permanent markers, a dozen used pencils in rice, and a file box for all those nifty but expensive things I'd like to accomplish in this guild.

One spin chair, a cheap desk, a few throw pillows for guests, and plenty of wall space to lean against. One entire wall is devoted to a window that shows random objects passing us by in space. No doors. You've entered using a keypad with animals and pressed one until you found the one that opened the trapdoor this week. How'd you get out? A portal device in the shape of a wall mirror.

Even out of character: I do have my limits.
1) No TV trope. If I have to go offsite to find the definition, you're explaining the concept behind it, avoiding popular references.
2) No Text talk. Call me old fashioned, but I like expanding my vocabulary.
3) I will not make an announcement for every. little. thing.
4) I will not compare and contrast different characters.
You want Naruto vs. Homura Akemi? Go elsewhere. If you don't, I'll direct you to at least three locals where you can. You may own one of them. My office, my place to avoid headaches I didn't ask for.
5)No, I will not check up on users, if you ask me here. We have how many active people that could take up some of that slack and aren't on the ignore list? Bug me in chit chat or something. Another user might take up that particular challenge.
6) Respect the office space. It's here so I don't have to make one more thread, or post in chitchat, or hold OOC conversations in an RP thread. Don't break it, don't diss it, and don't hesitate to post here if you've got a concern I might be able to take care of.

What I've been up to/ Why I haven't responded
Updating the active users list, updating the artists list, art challenge

On the table: My expensive ideas

Planning a Valentines day event

V-------What I'd like some opinions on. --------V
July 26th, 2013
[b]Anyway, I've been saving up for a subforum; not just ANY subforum, but a Videogames RP Subforum perhaps. The difference is this. Instead of just Castlevania, or just Kingdom Hearts, or just Pokemon..this forum would hold all of them.

Every topic there would follow a basic title layout of:
{Videogame series}-Who's modding-{area of the videogame}
example: Castlevania- X.o.P.-Outside the castle

Ordinarily, I'd ask for some opinions of this in the guild; I know there's users, however, that might have some inclination towards privacy because what they'd like to say may not be allowed within the guild itself. SO...PM X_of_Pentacles. I want your opinion on the idea, and I don't want you to hold back. Unlike the guild rules, you can make an effort to offend me. I may have accidentally deleted an entire guide. I don't know, but I would love to hear back from the user in question.

September 15:
Sent out an update, got two new forums in, and low and behold!moved some topics that fit those new areas. Decluttered one section, and filled up another. Also, half done on the translation. Kind of holding off on finishing until I hear from an excellent source if the instant translator is terrible or wonderful.

A suggestions box that looks like a brick
Yep. You can PM them too, but I'll simply delete your post with my awesome powers of VC'ing and leave you as ~anonymous~ when I've copy pasted them into this thing.
a list of complaints/requests/what have you that can safely be posted here.

Gender: I'm a shapeshifter, particularly on Fridays. Take a guess?
Color: Dark Purple, Blood red, Dark orange, royal blue
Age: Old enough to enjoy rum.
</3: Math. texting. Troping.
<3 : GSW, dictionaries, thesaurus, physics books, Vampires, RP'ing chaotic neutral characters.

UPCOMING ART/WRITING contests?*Specifically?*
My office space. October 1st.
....I've described it, and now I want to see your efforts.
1st: 5K pure
2nd: 3K pure
Runner up: 1k pure and 1 cash shop 1GC alchemist formula of choice.  
PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:43 pm
Other nitpicky stuff:
On the Hogwarts library:
I'd love some volunteers. I'll happily clean up the post for a chapter you've written, in a book I've already started. It's. Your. RP. Too. That Library is a community center for facts and trivial information that might be pertinent to your RPing.

On guild recruitment:
You don't give me a reason, I'm directing the poor soul to ask you. I'm serious. I've been in the position where I got an invite, and I didn't even know why. If you've a recommendation and don't have a reason, send it Javier Cross's way. When someone asks why they've been invited, I'd like to be able to tell them.

On skimming business posts:
I'm not poetic when it comes to business. Straight-to-the-point..mission oriented. You skip my questions concerning guild business, I'm going to assume you think I'm sitting next to you. From there, if you end up being the victim of my frustration..so be it. After two rounds of pleading for answers, I figuratively throw my hands in the air and give up. You've got your "Yes man", regardless of the consequences.

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Vice Captain

Apocalyptic Comrade

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  • Battle: Rogue 100
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:31 am
Last ridiculous post, I swear.
~I've gotten the rules for Negotiation zones. Now I just have to set up the matches.

Scheduled Matches in the Negotiation Zone:
Sometime in October
Planned worlds in attendance:
Everyone. Anyone. Their uncles.
The game?
Food Fight

Rules of the game!
Quote a user.
1, 5...you've been hit.
2,4...you've been missed.
3...up to you. We have different food preferences.
Be creative. It's a food fight.
So, you wanna play? If you fail to properly do the math, other players can summon mods like myself, and I can EDIT your math.

LIFEPOINTS to stay in Play:
You've got 16 before the Gym Teacher hauls you the Principal's office.
LIFEPOINTS to meet the Principal:
0 and you face the wrath of very angry Gym teacher.

DIE CAST? one 6 sided
PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:53 am
Random questions?
I want to invite ______ here!
Okay. Give me the reason, so _______ doesn't ask.

But you know EVERYTHING.
When did I say I was mind reader? I don't recall saying as much..

Imma send people to you anyway.
..okay. I'll just tell them you wanted ______ to be invited. I'm a Yes man.

You won't research them?! Oh Frell!
No, I won't, and it'll be on your head if something goes wrong. I won't take all the blame, when you won't do any of work. I'm generous like that.

Don't you care?!
Certainly. Don't you? You don't blame the mechanic when you knew the engine doesn't function properly, or blame your teacher for a failing grade when you didn't actually bother to study.

You'll still tell them about us right?
...if I'm in a good mood. Just because you don't want to make the effort to invite doesn't mean you shouldn't go and tell ____ why you think they should come. Why should I make the effort to explain the guild if you can't even tell them why you sent them to me. When two out of three are left in the dark, I'm left with few options. As the only individual in the know, your responsibility is to let one of us in on why they're invited.

I'll be poetic! Hehe!
No. No again. I'm not playing 20 questions. Go to another Vice if you feel like playing games.

You'll be specific though, right?
random user
______ sent me! Do you know why?

No. Here's an invite. We're an RP guild. Accept, don't accept,...on the chance you choose the former, welcome to guild.

^.....that's what they get. Be specific for me or tell them why in advance.

The guild posting is wonky! Help!
The site was recently centered. While Mozilla may be a popular brand of internet, it's a secondary option. If you have Microsoft explorer, you shouldn't encounter this error. Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and a good number of other voluntary internet search options haven't been taken into account for the recent centering, or they're still working on it. Give it time?

How am I supposed to bold,italicize, underline, and strike?!
Manually, I'm afraid. Never fear however. There are solutions.
1)Copy/ paste from some random 'reply' post, but don't actually reply.
2)Use sources where users gave them to you. I'll make a list.

A list of all known codes at this time.






Vice Captain

Apocalyptic Comrade

25,125 Points
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Vice Captain

Apocalyptic Comrade

25,125 Points
  • Happy Birthday! 100
  • Battle: Rogue 100
  • Hero 100
PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:35 pm
RPing Solutions out of the guild: an alternative to joining the guild itself, or alternatively finding out if it's to your taste.

I has an idea. Instead of dragging people IN and hoping they'll like the guild, I've briefly considered short RP's (with ending dates) in every field we happen to house, somewhere in Barton town. (Both the RP forum and Towns would work, but I'm only available for limited free time.)
Which Kind: Open Walk in's
How long: A week or two. Simple plotlines..nothing too complicated.
Who'd be hosting: Myself, unfortunately, unless someone would care to volunteer.
Can we send in ideas? Certainly. I'll say this much though. If I haven't read the series, I expect you to be there, religiously in fact. I'm not reading a series in a week, and movie nights are sort of ..hard to nail down. RP topics aren't. If you can't be there, I expect plenty of background research in a really nifty easy to read NOT tl:dr post featuring nothing but links.
Gimme a break, would ya? You've got those sites saved. I don't.  
Alliance Games, Stress Relief, and O.O.C Offices! (Word games, puzzles, offices)

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