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This is a guild for Semi-lit and Literate role-players who love to roleplay. This guild is set up in a school type of setting. 

Tags: Lit. & Semi-Lit., Mythical Creatures, Roleplay, School 

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:14 pm
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A quiet place to read, do homework or do research for a project.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 7:14 am
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Arriving at the rather large, and overly done door that had been clearly labeled as the library from the sign that hung above his head, Tetsuya slowly began to remove the veil concealing his presence, as he stood in awe of the engravings on the solid mahogany door that stood several feet higher that of himself. Feeling the texture of both the history, and the life that awaited him beyond the doors. The rising anxiety causing his spine to shiver in impatience, as goosebumps ran throughout his body. His hand still pressed on the door feeling its way towards the elegantly placed handle, took a hold of it withing moments time and had in both fear and curiosity, swung open the door and viewed the scene with his eyes, astonished at the sight before him. It was unlike anything he could have imagined. For if not anything the size in itself was the only understandable feature within the entire room, seeing as this school had been quite known to him as one that had found as much grandeur equal to that of a baron or duke in the medieval times. The rest of the room however, from the amount of books, to the very air of antiquity, ceased his mind to function for quite sometime.

Standing a few steps from the doorway, with his cloak now removed and returned to what space it had originally come from, Tetsuya was frozen and left stupefied by the wonders his eyes were gazing at with sparkling anticipation. It was here he noticed nothing, and here alone where he could feel at ease. Shortly after managing to snap out of the temporal daze he had been in for sometime, ran quickly towards the first aisle of books and began to run his finger against the many spines of the books that were locked in place within the countless shelves. Taking a quick look, and getting the basic feel of the books that were shelved, had with post haste began to collect a tidy sum of 20 or so books, all with a different type of genre. Finding himself a rather comfortable seat amongst the numerous leather armchairs, Tetsuya gently place down his stack of books, and took the first book he had chosen, and in his seat began to read.

O.O.C~ Book fanatic much XD

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:51 pm
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After a while in the practice room, Uten slowly wondered off to another part of the campus. Exploring the other side, away from her usual comfort zones. She dip and dodge members of the opposite sex while walking. She suddenly stumbled into the large library. Thinking to herself for only a moment, noticing that there wasn't a soul in the place. So she sighed in relief, thinking that the boyish looking girl is alone st last. She quickly scanned the books, intrested on the older books that seemed to gathered some dust on the shelf.
Uten is fairly tall, she was able to reach the book with ease. Happy as she noticed it is written in ancient magi. It held a lot of chants, and other ancient magical spells. She smiled brilliantly as she backed up, but she didn't know who was suddenly near her. The tall fem bumped into the man known as `Tetsuya`. She quietly squeeked before turning around to apologize in her boyish tone, "Sorry! I didn't see you behind me Sir!"

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0ut 0f €ontrol; Eh all I can think of..... xD will edit in a bit
School Campus

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