And nobody knows that better than Zane and _________. They were together, many centuries ago, and all was great. Zane was a high ranking angel, and could have turned the tides of the war for Heaven's favor. But he got distracted. By a human boy. Heaven was furious, and cursed them. They were separated. Cast down from the heavens, Zane was left to his own devices, and was forced to live in exile among the humans. But then something unexpected happened, ___________ was reincarnated, brought back. And Zane always found him, no matter what. He would get close to ________, then closer. They were soulmates, of course Zane would always find him. Always. They were reunited, it was the sweetest thing ever. And then tragedy struck. A council of angels agreed that this could not be allowed, and _____ was murdered. But he always came back, time after time. And Zane always found him.
Now it's time for _________ to come back, and Zane is ready to find him. ________ is reborn and Zane hunts him down. It takes a long time but he finally finds him. Zane enrolls into __________'s school, and uses his ties to buy a local bar, to have a place to run and live at until he's ready to make his move.

I'd like you too meet Zane. smile
During school:
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((His hair is always black though. ))

But once the night comes around:

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It's sort of like the fallen series, but for gays. smile Any questions? Feel free to ask.