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Of Truth and Dares

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:00 pm
A Moment of Your Time Please

I consider myself to be a lit roleplayer. I do have a job and are about to head into school again so I usually get a good post at least once if not every other day. Also, I have a bit of experience with Yaoi but I do not do R scenes here in Forums so do not push for it. If you wish to continue then PM me and I shall give it a shot, never had to post about such a thing ^^;.

1. I am looking for a Semi-lit partner here. I understand writer's block but it gets kinda hard to continue a roleplay when you write a good paragraph or two and get seven sentences back.
2. Please..please! No controlling other's characters. Writing ahead of time that you and your partner's characters start doing this or walking to there is a bit of a downer :/
3. No "I's" pretty please!
4. Follow TOS rules of course and that of this fabulous guild!

If you are interested shoot me a PM :]

But anywho, The Story!

This story takes place in a small forest surrounded town. Where it yes, will snow and of course almost everyone knows everybody here. So, if you make a fool of yourself you will probably still be hearing about next week..be for warned!

Back to the story though yes?

Double dog dares, the most ultimate and highest degree of Dare that can ever be issued and one that is never refused. It is unfortunately for Mine that this was the case when Dared to kiss his life long friend Yours at a street party one evening. An evening that was a mere week ago and still seems all to fresh for the young Mines brain.
Sure, what was a simple kiss resulting from a dare among friends right? Just a stupid joke that was meant to be carried out and forgotten like no big deal. But for Mine who after so many years of hanging out with Yours doing everything from playing all the new video games, to playing practical jokes on teachers and peers, telling secrets, and even helping each other through trying times...a simple kiss was what this wasn't to Mine.
That night after the last mingling people scattered back to their own homes and Mine prepared a farewell to Yours he knew something had changed. That fluttery feelings of an on coming crush and make like like for Yours made it hard to just give a buddy buddy goodbye that evening. The fact that Mine went home thinking of the silly kiss and blushing the whole way made his fears a bit more prominent and the next day when it was difficult to even talk to Yours, he knew. Mine was Definitely crushing on his super best friend and it scared him.
Scared him because Yours had and was his best friend since five. Scared because in a town where everyone knew what was up how was he to keep this a secret. Horrified that if such a secret was to ever leek out that yes he was in fact interested in boys and correct, had a crush on Yours what would people think? What would his parents say? Most of all what would Yours think of him after finding out such a thing. So here Mine sits, trying to hide himself from the rest of the town while keeping his friendship with Yours as normal as possible. Will Mine succeed in keeping his inner desire's a hidden mystery or will students find out? Will Yours keep that night lingering within their minds as well or is it already forgotten?

Biggest of all will either of them tell the other their thoughts on that night and what will occur after such a thing...
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:10 pm
User Image

My Name is Wesley Williams
Age exactly? 17 and if you couldn't tell..
Oh! Uhh, if I had to describe I'm an Uke I suppose?

If you bring me these i'll be your friend forever!
> Iced Coffee
> Peanut Butter
> A good Time
> Hilarious jokes or adventures
> Cool breezy Days
> School Skips!

Don't you Dare..
< Deep Water
< Anger
< The fear of Others knowing
< Being Grounded...yes Its true
< Birds
< Spit...blood...etc. That's gross!
< Loosing a Soccer game

The History?
Well as previously stated Wesley was just your average boy doing stupid things to pass the time in his small drizzly hometown. If he wasn't at school being silly with his best friend then he was wondering the town looking for a bit of adventure with said buddy. The two often are not seen without one another for who can cause a bit of havoc without his wingman, partner in crime, sidekick! Pssht, Wesley being the Sidekick here but who's keeping up right?

As a celebration for reaching a new year the small town had a good old street festival. Closing down Main street and making a whole day affair of setting it up. Heck the kiddos didn't even have to go to school that day so they could roam about and help their parents or neighbors prepare for that evening. There was to be fireworks and games, out of town venders and a fabulous chance to socialize with everyone when not contained withen the schools drab walls that is. Wesley's parents were running a old fashioned taffy stand so the blonde was set to help run it for part of the night much to his temporary displeasure for how was he to go and be a idiot when sitting behind a counter?
Luckily his super best pal was there to make the time go by a bit faster until his shift was over. Shooting rubber bands and counting the colors of peoples shirts as well as other various tasks were to be had until the clock reached eight...then he was free. Free to go and collect a good hoard of snacks so they could refuel and prepare for the "Big Bang" as the mayor of the town called it or in other words the fireworks. Might as well watch them right?
With a few hours to kill they settled amongst their classmates for a good old game of Dares. Wesley was always in for such a game considering he was wild enough to try anything thrown his way. Or so he thought until one of the girls, a red head by the name of Ashley or simply Ash, dared him to Kiss his friend. That's when he's rambunctious "Bring it on!" attitude fell from his face and to the ground with the rest of him. Kiss his best friend? It wasn't hard yes, but it was awkward considering they were both dudes and second their entire class was there waiting smugly for the dare to be carried out. Wesley tried to dodge it saying the dare wasn't adventurous enough and simply stupid. After a few minutes of arguing the girl used the final note, Double Dog Dare. The Dare that no one could back out of and the only choice was to go through with. Cursing his luck and turning to his friend with a dubious expression they both shrugged and did the dare. A simple Kiss that the others whooped at and poked fun for for the next week but something that Wesley himself wasn't going to be able to shrug off like a joke.
It was a moment that would secretly change the friendship he had with his neighborhood pal for what he thought to be forever. He went home embarrassed and confused at the turmoil boiling in his gut and had to go to school the next day lost. Constantly drifting off into his head to discuss what was going on..
He liked girls! Or he told himself this atleast for Wesley had even had a girlfriend or two and was constantly gawked at for his soccer team status. Hell he sometimes admitted to himself that he would show off for them when making a goal for the team or stealing the soccer ball on the field. Yet, he after this dare event found that the whoops of the other boys giving their approval of his score..made him happy?...flushed? No! girls, he liked girls...but why did it feel wrong again to think of girls in such a nature...no, why was it he couldn't think of girls in such a nature and the image of his friend filled their place?
It wasn't until the following Tuesday that he finally came to the conclusion, he had a crush on his friend and that yes...he was gay.

I've been told that I can be,

Wesley is quite the goof ball in this duo. Searching for a bit of adventure to otherwise add some pazazz in this drab, drizzly, forest side town. A good time is usually had when he is around for he loves a good practical joke just like the next guy. Crazy in the sense that he will eat just about anything ( food wise that is ) and if dared will go skiing down the roadside on a pair of skates.
He is a lover of athletics and is in fact on the school soccer team as what he prefers to call himself the shooter. He has a wicked accurate right kick and its given them a good run so far this year so it seems to be working. Yet he isn't all wild and joker no. Wesley enjoys a quite walk in the wee hours of night simply roaming the trees and rivers. He despite popular belief is a fragile mind and often holds what people say to him to heart so his feelings tend to get hurt a bit. Though you may never realize for it can be easily erased by his go lucky attitude of excuses to go practice soccer and what not.
As for anger? Not much..
He finds the whole emotion to be ugly if not frightening so don't expect to see it much when it comes to this blonde. Or at least not serious anger anywho. Sure there are sometimes when he can get into an argument with a teammate or a teacher but never does he hold a grudge over it. There has only been one occasion when he thought he was going to punch someone and that said someone wasn't even from this school.
Stubborn and caring, silly but clever also describe this blonde.

Extras? Well..nosey pants sheesh!

Wesley has a small tattoo on his left hip. Results of an out of town dare one weekend. It is a simple symbol otherwise known as CapsuleCorp. Yes, its exactly the CapsuleCorp. your thinking of and how he got it and even its existence is only known by his friend for his parents would kill him! Besides it wasn't like he got it in a garage or anything considering his uncle owns a shop in the next town over, only a good forty five minute drive away.

[align=center][color=darkolivegreen][size=21]‡ [/size][/color][color=grey][size=18]┌ [/size][/color] [color=darkslategrey][size=15][b]Ⓦ[/b][/size][/color][size=13][color=lightseagreen]εsΙє y[/color][/size][size=15][color=darkslategrey][b]Ⓦ[/b][/color][/size][size=13][color=lightseagreen]ιllιαмs[/color][/size][color=grey][size=18] ┐[/size][/color][color=darkolivegreen][size=21] ‡[/size][/color][/align]

[size=20][color=darkolivegreen]▌▍[/color][/size] [size=17][color=darkslategrey]I[/color][/size] [size=13][color=#36648B]н αvє seen maηy[i]places[/i][/color][/size][align=right][size=10][color=slategrey]In magazines[/color][/size][/align]
[size=12][color=dimgrey]F[/size][/color][size=11][color=#A2CD5A]aced many [u]t h I n g s[/u][/color][/size][align=right][size=10][color=slategrey]Much D r a m a[/color][/size][/align]
[size=11][b]Ⓟ[/b][/size][color=darkblue][size=9]layed [i]╒ [/i]αя to m a n y games[/color][/size][size=20][color=darkolivegreen] ▍▌[/color][/size][align=right][size=10][color=slategrey]Which I s [i]Soccer[/I][/color][/size][/align]


[align=center][size=17][color=darkolivegreen]▌『[/color][/size][size=15][b]B[/b]uΤ N e v e r нα[b]s[/b] anything compared to..[/size]
[align=center][size=18] ▌☷ [/size] [color=#698B69][u]┻╤╤┛ ▌┗╤╤┻[/u][/color][size=18] ☷ ▌[/size][/align]




PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:23 am
Current Setting
Just to mix it up a bit

Cloudy with a chilly breeze

Monday Morning

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