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PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:15 pm
Vodnitvar let out a heavy sigh, it seemed the King was rather accepting of the cubs. Even going so far as to invite sass! Something Vodnitvar and Fireheart would have to disapprove of again later, but not at the moment. Riddle Mouth may approve, but he for one knew it was a bad idea. Some of his cubs had bright imaginations. He could imagine where that one little freedom would lead them.

Instead he lost focus on the King and looked down at his legs. It seemed everytime he looked down more had accumulated there. He let out a soft chortle, looking down at Hana as she trembled and tried to tell her story. Though he could only decipher bits and pieces, a glance in the direction she had darted from told it all.

"It's fine Hana, it can not get to you. You will be safe near your Mother and I." Bending down he gently licked her cheek before patting her on the head.

"Sorry it seems Hana had a bit of an experience without us." He tried to smile in Riddle Mouth's direction, but his attention was more focused on Fireheart. They hadn't expected something like this to happen right away, he could only hope it wasn't going to scare her away from the water for life.


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Ew, so sorry for the long absence guys! School got the better of me D:
PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:38 pm
Fireheart had to roll her eyes a bit as Riddle Mouth encouraged Hana's - and the rest of the cubs - free spirits. She didn't mind that they spoke what was running through their heads, but there were ways to go about doing it without offending anyone. Then again, they were cubs. They would learn as they grew.

"No, Riddle Mouth is not related to you by blood," she said, glancing at her cubs, most of whom had gathered by their father or were looking behind them to the sea. She knew their interest wouldn't be held for much longer, and with that she turned back to the lions peering at the new addition to the pride. She bobbed her head to recognize them before turning to Riddle Mouth.

"I did promise to take them to see the sea," she said with an apologetic smile on her face. "But I'm sure you'll be seeing much more of them once they get a bit older." Right now she and Vodnitvar could keep their paws on them, but once they got a bit faster and bigger they'd be off running around on their own. At that point it would be fine.

Turning, she saw the red stain the water after Hana's noise of fright. She shook her head just a bit and leaned down to press her paw against her daughter's rump. "That's why you won't go far in the water until you're a bit older. But the hunters there never come on to the land, so you have nothing to fear. We'll teach you about the sea and its dangers so you know to avoid them."

With that she lifted her head and nodded to Vodnitvar, turning to make her way to the water. She had let the cubs 'suffer' through introductions long enough. It was time to let them explore.

(All right guys, you can make one more post if you want, but I think we're good! This'll be my last post, so it's up to you if you want to add anything more =D Don't be afraid to hit us up for more family RP if you want it, or any plots you may have.)



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PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:59 pm
At her parent's reassurances, Hana nodded and gulped back her fear. As long as that giant couldn't leave the water, she had no reason to be afraid of it, and she forced her fur to lie flat - although she still remained close enough to her father so that her pelt was always brushing his.

At her mother's words, Hana turned to Riddle Mouth and briefly dipped her head. "Good bye, King Riddle Mouth. It was nice to meet you," she said in her sweetest voice, then trotted off to follow Fireheart down to the ocean. She was determined to make up for her show of terror by bravely being the first of her siblings to the water.

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Alright, just a brief wrap-up post from me.

If anyone wants some rp with Hana, let me know! I'd really love some back-dated rp - they grew so quickly! - so feel free to offer up any K'Z you have that are around the same age, not just family. c:
PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:50 pm
(( Sorry for the long wait guys. We experienced two losses in the family last month. I should be able to get back on the ball. ))

The collective question of his lineage was met with a smirk. He would let the parents discuss that one in depth. Fireheart knew that they shared no blood between them, but there were things in life that ran much thicker than blood. He cared for Fireheart and her family and in his mind, that made them family enough. He glanced up to the young lioness and offered her a wink.

“Don’t always rely on what your eyes tell you. What I look like is myself- but that is not always what I am.”

And then Chaska spoke up. The comment had him frozen for a moment, his eyes uncertain in one instant then filled with amusement as he barely managed to contain a wild laugh. Instead, a deep chuckle boiled out of his chest and his shoulders bobbed with amusement. “Holy am I? Far from it, but I do thank you for the complement.” He brought a paw proudly to the trinkets in his mane. “I wish I could give you a story about them, but alas, they were gifted to me. Not much of a thriller. Perhaps in time.”

Straw Dog’s apology was met with a good natured smile. “Ah think nothing of it, friend.” He waved a dismissive paw. “In time the little one will see things differently. To them, I am as dangerous as a patch of seafoam. To their enemies- well that’s not for young ears.” He smirked. “Do not worry, Vod, it will pass. Curious experiences will build character. Even the unfortunate ones.”

Fireheart managed to step in just then, correcting the misconceptions of relations and ushering her young family towards the sea. The gypsy king couldn’t protest that. They had their affairs and he had his own. Word was that Magpie had grown fat around the middle as well. That. He had to see. It might cost him some flesh and fur in the end but it was still his right to give her a hard time. Of all lions she would have chosen, the outspoken oddball. Times were odd indeed.

“Very well, little sister. Don’t let the sea have its way. Keep a close eye on them and teach them never to turn their backs. The sea is a friend and a foe- but should always be respected.

The cub snorted and rolled his shoulders back. This one was strange. Very strange. He spoke in riddles, which was appropriate for his name but to a cub it was a whole lot of nonsense. He was glad, then, when his mother politely excused them from the older lion and ushered them towards the ocean.

“Good-bye.” He said quietly. He’d get a paw to the backside if he didn’t try to show some manners, so manners he would show.



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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:00 pm
Yes! Sibling RP! I'm good with them as cubs or juves. Maybe Asker and Hana (and anyone else who wants to join) can go try to find the "monster" that popped out of the sea just now? Maybe get into a little trouble and need some rescuing when someone decides to get a little too bold about the water? Riptides and currents would be impossible for them to see. twisted

I don't think Asker has had any bro time with Nicolae either! I'm good with whatever, if you'd like to RP. Most of Asker's juve-development is going to be about toning down his fiery personality, and Nicolae seems to be the calmest of the bunch. xD Maybe Asker could learn a thing or two.

Asker could barely even pay attention after Chaska's comment about the shiny things Riddle Mouth wore. He had been right. They were so shiny that they were...entrancing. The cub's green eyes grew wide as the light caught them and made them sparkle in just the right way. It stole his attention completely, making him oblivious to Hana's terror from whatever had happened in the sea. The voice of his parents, however, ingrained in him to make him pay attention at their sounds, made him snap back into focus. He silently watched the conversation between Riddle Mouth, who wasn't family but still was, and his parents. The cub wondered what wasn't for his "young ears." He hated it when that happened, when his parents (and now Riddle-Mouth) kept things from them. Asker was out of the den now, wasn't he? He had thought that was old enough to be let in on all these "adult" secrets. The cub pouted a bit, but it was quickly replaced with a gleeful expression as his mother finally told them that it was time to go see the ocean. He almost dashed off without saying a proper goodbye to the King.
Asker whipped back around to the other lion, giving him one last glance-over. He seemed strong, kind of like Papa. Maybe that was how they were family. Either way, the implication the Riddle Mouth was a fighter secured him a favourable spot in Asker's mind. "It was good to meet you, King Riddle Mouth. I hope I can see you again." He said politely, taking after Nicolae's show of good manners. After giving his farewell, the cub bounded after his siblings, not willing to let Hana beat him to the water. This was the start of the rest of his life, and he couldn't have been more excited
[IC] Kizingo'zaa Lands [IC]

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