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Tags: soquili, horses, breedable pets, pet horses, familiars 

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:41 pm
An icy stone rest heavily upon his heart at the look upon her face as he pulled away from her, and as she repeated the words he had uttered just moments ago. He found himself no longer able to look her in the eye and instead focused on a far off tree to the left of where they stood. He feared that, should he gaze into her eyes for too long, he would be unable to do what had to be done. So many unanswered questions floated around the odd pair but it was better that they remain unaddressed. Sometimes it was simply better to let something die before it ever began; it was the only way he could save her from him. He forced his expression to once more turn cold and complacent and only looked up when her back was turned to him.

Even then he wished to call out, to stop her from leaving, but the darkness overwhelming his sanity reminded him of why he had banished her in the first place. He could not, would not, deny that a moment had occurred between the two and that, for whatever outlandish reason, their fates had been bound but he could not let her stay. The dark heaviness of the forest, all but forgotten in their exchange, once again weighed heavily on his shoulders. He thought for sure he would be alone for good and that this mare would never return again, but that hope was dashed when she turned to smile at him. A jolt of electricity hit his heart in both a pleasant and ominous fashion.

Once he could no longer hear the sound of her hooves on the forest floor he released a breath and leaned heavily upon a nearby tree. “Please…Never return.” He murmured to the silence, hoping it would somehow deliver the message to her. Even so, a small part of him knew that she would return, that this was not the end of their story. This is what scared him the most, for he could feel the disappointment of the darkness within him as it noted her absence. It wanted her…It wanted her blood. “Never come back.” He whispered one last time before slinking off into the darkness of Evarcrest forest.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:42 pm
...Or is it?

Regal Renegade

Eloquent Elocutionist

Open/Private Canon IC RP

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