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Reply Luck Is On Your Side [RP]
[PRP] Tramps & Ladies [Hiroki & Herenya]

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Tipsy Kitten

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:00 pm
User ImageWith the warm sun high in the sky, and just a slight chill to the new Spring air, Hiroki was convinced that today was optimal for exploration. He wasn't a fan of the snow, and had hid away for the majority of winter, ducking to various shops and homes to avoid the cold and the wet. He was a cat without a permanent owner, mainly by choice, and instead stuck to the streets, the park and the forest during the day, and spent the night wherever he pleased. He was a popular Maneki Neko with many of the town's residents, and never had any trouble looking for a place to spend the night. Sometimes he was in a different place each night, and other times, he lingered for a week or two, before moving on.

Stepping out the door for the first time in too long, Hiroki lifted his nose to the sky and inhaled deeply, taking in the crisp, clean air. There was a sweet edge to it, hinting at the recently blossomed flowers. He couldn't wait to sink his paws into the grass, to see the vibrant, blooming plants, and to rub against the bark of the trees.

A light hop in his step, Hiroki trotted out, his long, wispy tail upright, flicking and swaying cheerfully. The intricate color of his sleek fur fit him right into the nature he adored, but walking along the sidewalk in the urban setting of the town, he stuck out tremendously, setting him apart from the red brick and gray cement of the town.
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:47 pm
User Image
The turning of the season had come as a slight relief to Herenya. She wasn't much of an outdoors Maneki Neko, but she had come to rely on her chances to stretch her legs and perhaps exercise her mind, and the snow, cold, slush, rain, and ice all seemed to have been determined to interfere with that.

Not only that, but her human was put in a bad mood by the ice on the road. The one time he went out for a walk for pleasure, he told her about how a driver had sped up and veered to the side of the road to splash him with filthy oily road-side slush. Herenya had been astounded by the rudeness; and he'd only gone out when he had to, and then in his car. Even then he complained about the state of the roads and other peoples' driving. Herenya didn't understand when he talked about driving, but that it bothered him was evident. She'd calmed him each time, but she was glad that only normal, none-weather irritations awaited him for the next few months.

She stretched her body out luxuriously, her tail lashing from side to side before curling up above her body. Aware of the chill in the air and not wanting the cold to sink through her warm fur, she set off at a decent pace to keep herself warm, winding through the streets towards Okugi Park.

Renshu Li

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:24 pm
User ImageAfter some aimless wandering through the streets to re-familiarize himself with the layout of the town, Hiroki decided on a destination. Turning a corner, he made his way down the street in the direction he recalled Okugi Park residing. He felt better outside; liberated, more in touch with the world and with himself. The forest was his favorite place to settle, but the park could be just as nice, and as the nights were still cold, he didn't want to wander far from town yet.

He needed only to turn one more corner around the market, and then he would be in view of the park. Smiling softly to himself, Hiroki pivoted on his paws and rounded the corner, only to nearly collide head on into another Maneki Neko. Startled, Hiroki reared back, narrowly avoiding a tangle of limbs and a rather embarrassing moment. Taking a few steps back, Hiroki quickly took in the sight of the one he had nearly knocked down; a female Maneki Neko, almost as unique as he. He had never seen a Maneki Neko with a tail like hers, which made him feel better about his equally as rare tail. She had beautiful gold markings, and he had to wonder if she was new to town, as he had never come across her before.

"My apologies! I should not have rounded that corner so quickly." He greeted, his long tail waving languidly. He looked over to the park, then back to the female Maneki Neko. "Were you headed toward the park? If so, I would love to accompany you...if you would like." It wasn't every day he met a new Maneki Neko wandering about, and he enjoyed getting to know new ones.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:05 pm

Herenya had almost been at the park, lost to her own thoughts of enjoying her walk and the prospect of the park before her. She had been completely unaware that another Maneki Neko was nearby; she certainly wouldn't have reacted to avoid a collision. Thankfully he was a little more alert and prepared; but she was faintly embarrassed as she finally recoiled- far too late to have helped.

She shook herself to help settle her fur into some semblance of order and resisted the urge to groom herself to soothe her slightly jolted nerves; but promised herself that that would be the first order of business once she reached the park. The voice of he who had almost run into her shook her out of her considerations, and she turned to actually pay him attention.

He didn't appear crude or coarse, as she always feared she would find other Maneki Neko (despite there being no evidence to back this concern up), and his address warmed her to him greatly. It was proper and considerate, and an appropriate response; and Herenya felt on more balanced footing with him than she did with many of her kind- although she knew there was still plenty of time for him to surprise her. Regardless, she nodded; and when she spoke, her voice was relatively soft and even.
"It is fine... I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings. Some company would be very pleasant, thank you." She was not simply being polite- the jarring way they met aside, she saw this chance meeting as potentially being fortuitous.

Renshu Li

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Tipsy Kitten

PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:44 pm
User ImageHiroki beamed, pleased with her acceptance. He didn't have many friends in town, at least not many other Maneki Neko friends; which was a little odd, considering how many wandered about the small town. He had plenty of human friends and acquaintances, so it was nice to meet, and potentially befriend, another of his kind. "Excellent! Shall we then?" He remarked exuberantly. He cocked his head toward the park, much like a gentleman would sweep his hand forward to encourage a lady forward, as if to say "after you". Only once she resumed walking did he follow suit, falling into step beside her. They walked silently for a moment, the park looming just across the street, before Hiroki glanced over at his new potential friend, smiling. "Ah, I completely forgot...My name is Hiroki. And...your name?"  
PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:21 am
Herenya nodded and set off, her new companion alongside her. Some company would be interesting and hopefully help to counteract the slight boredom which had set in over the winter months; and such polite company would certainly be enjoyable.

Her ears flicked when he spoke, and she turned her head slightly in his direction as a polite indication of listening, although her eyes remained on the path ahead of her; determined as she was not to embarrass herself further. His address continued to be acceptable to her- at least, it was far more proper than she had come to expect from other Maneki Neko. She glanced over to him as she answered, before returning her gaze to the route they were following.

"My name is Herenya. I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Hiroki."

Renshu Li

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:46 am
              Hiroki smiled at the coincidence of her name. Hiroki and Herenya..."Our names...they sound well together. Perhaps we were meant to befriend one another." He commented and laughed softly. He thought their coats looked well together as well; green, brown and gold. They were a handsome match. Hiroki believe so anyway; coincidence wasn't a belief of his, but fate was.

              Crossing the street, the two entered the park and Hiroki paused to stretch, inhaling deeply. The grass had recently been cut, and it's fresh scent was strong. The surface of the pond glistened under the light of the sun, and the bright flowers swayed in the gentle breeze. They had been blessed with perfect weather, it seemed; a glorious day for a time in the park.

              Curiously, he turned back to Herenya, his brow raised slightly. "Is it the weather that brings you out today?" He inquired. She didn't necessarily seem like the sort who enjoyed getting her paws dirty, and so he was a little surprised she had been heading for the park.
PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:51 pm
"I suppose they do", was Heskil's slightly dismissive response to Hiroki's comment on their names. Her mottled green eyes surveyed their surroundings; a slight spring in her step. They were nearly at the park, a fact which buoyed her more than she anticipated.

As the entered the park, she realised it was possible her brief response could be seen as a little rude; she opened her mouth to say something else, she was not sure what; but before she could, Heskil spoke again. She gave a slight smile at his correct assumption.

"Yes- in part. The winter weather kept me inside. I am glad to be out- in the sun, in the open air. It gives one more to think about than staring at the inside of the same house, no matter how much it is home." She raised her head; her long ears swivelling to catch the sounds, slightly foreign after being inside for so long, yet also delightfully familiar. Her nose quivered with pleasure at the scents the breeze carried to her; it was all as wonderful as she could have hoped for, even after the months of building it up in her mind as she wished to be here.

Renshu Li

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Tipsy Kitten

PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:03 pm
              He brushed her dismissive response off without allowing it to settle and pester his mind; perhaps he had come across as too forward. He hoped she would not hold it against him; it had merely been a friendly observation. But that was all the thought he gave on the matter, not one to sulk or brood. But he was pleased to see he had, apparently, not scared her off just yet. Her smile was friendly, her tone soft, and he grinned, nodding in agreement of her opinion.

              "Oh, absolutely." He nodded again, stepping forward and away, but remained close, to ensure her he wasn't simply walking away. He lifted his nose to the air and inhaled deeply, sighing with content.

              He made his way toward a sloped boulder, situated just a few feet from Herenya. He loved to perch up high, and leaped up onto the boulder, situating himself comfortably up top. The rock was warm beneath his paws, and he purred, glancing down at Herenya. "So. Do you have a specific family you bring fortune to? One you call home?" The ratio of family and wandering Maneki Neko's intrigued him, mainly because he himself was a wanderer. He couldn't entirely grasp why one might choose to remain in the same place, and was always interested in hearing their reasoning behind such a decision.
PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:46 pm
Herenya dropped her head; her nose drinking in the scent of the grass, fresh and strong. She raised it again to look at Hiroki when he spoke, however; looking up at him on his vantage point. Her usually placid face lit up at his words; clearly, he had hit upon one of the very few subjects to animate her.

"Oh, yes," she said; her voice still mostly retaining it's calm, but an undertone of enthusiasm clear. "I suppose I would have found the winter months much more tedious if not for him- although, I believe he found the ice and the snow irritating as well." The fur on her forehead wrinkled as she frowned slightly at her memories.
"But he has always ensured I had all I could want that can be inside the house. For a long time I did not even venture outside of the grounds; so not being able to take my walks was not too much of a hardship. I did miss them though."

She turned away from the rock Hiroki was sat upon; slowly turning in a circle; her mottled green eyes drinking in the sights and the movements as her long ears swung to pick up as many sounds as possible.
"I did miss this, more than I thought I would," she said; more to herself than to him, although it was loud enough to hear. She had almost, for a second, forgotten his company in the moment of pleasure in her surroundings. The snow had been too much of a burden to her walks.

Renshu Li

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