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Renshu Li

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:29 pm
Shil'Ta blinked in surprise as Heketoro spoke behind him; and his tail gave a more violent swish before curling around his right hind. He'd actually managed to lose track of where he was and who he was with, and he silently berated himself for dropping his guard so completely in so unfamiliar a place. When he spoke, however, there was no trace of irritation or surprise; just his normal, even, warm tone.

"Now there is an understatement if ever I heard one." He chuckled, turning his head and letting his dark green eyes quickly take in Heketoro and assure himself that nobody- and nothing- had taken advantage of his momentary absence of mind. Then he turned back to the view, his attention roaming over the lake and the trees.
"This is unlike anything I've seen before," he confessed. "It's astounding."
PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:08 pm
Heke was glad that Shil'ta was enjoying the view. He continued to sit there and watch. He was always content just watching the view and the clouds as they passed across the sky on their journey. He listened as Shil said that the view was astounding. It made him chuckle just a little. He himself had thought the same thing, but he had been up here so much since he first came to the forest. He glanced over to Shil once more and asked simply.

"Let me know if there is somewhere here in the forest that interests you..."
He said as he turned his attention back to the lake and the clouds reflected on it. He always took time to enjoy the things around him. He pawed the ground as he caught the scent of a mouse in the brush behind him. He wasn't sure if he dared to chase it. His ears swiveled as he listened for the sound of the mouse, if it dared to venture close enough then he would not look a gift horse in the mouth. He glanced to Shil and whispered just barely for Shil to be able to hear him, there was a slight growl to it as he got into the mind of the hunter. "There is a mouse..." He paused for a moment as the rustling stopped for a second. When the mouse resumed moving he spoke once more, still in the same whispered voice. "Hes in the brush behind us... I will not go after him unless he gets closer..." He wasn't sure if Shil would understand the thrill of the hunt, or if he was used to getting food in other ways, But in the forest this was how he survived, and in leaf bare it was sometimes harder for him to find prey. He listened a bit more for the rustling of the mouse as he made his way a bit closer. He couldn't tell what the mouse was smelling, but he could only be slightly thankful that the wind was with them instead of against them. The mouse would smell them if the wind had been against them, and then he would have no chance at all of catching it.


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Renshu Li

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:34 pm
"I don't know what there is in the forest to be interested in, to be honest", Shil'Ta admitted. "I've never been out here before."

He stretched his toes; savouring the experience. The breeze, the scents and sounds; the incredible view, and the fact that his guide wasn't chatty enough to ruin it. His ears flicked when Heketoro spoke up, and he tilted his head to one side.

Perhaps foolishly, he hadn't considered the feeding habits of any Maneki Neko living out here- perhaps because he hadn't known that any did live here exclusively. He found the idea of hunting for food slightly off-putting, because to him it was not a necessity- but, to any out here, it was a necessity. The tip of his tail flicked as he contemplated it.

"As you wish," was his final, somewhat dismissive response about the mouse. If Heketoro was hungry, then of course he would need to eat. But Shil'Ta was uninterested in the idea; and would let the forest Maneki Neko do as he wished.
Luck Is On Your Side [RP]

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