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Reply Luck Is On Your Side [RP]
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Renshu Li

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:16 am
Raumo was slightly insulted by Nao's words; unbidden, his ears tilted back, although he tried to hide his displeasure. He was quite fond of his spotted coat, and felt slightly insulted by it's comparison to mud, as well as having what pride he had mocked.

He knew Nao meant no harm by it however, and did his best to appear as jovial as usual. Still, he couldn't help but curl his lip as his eyes roamed over Nao's mud-coated fur and his sprawl in the mud. The idea of being so filthy was... not to his taste.

"I think you would pass for mud much more easily than I, coated in it as you are." He pulled off a good attempt at his usual tone; although he couldn't entirely conceal his disgust and a hint of it entered his voice. "You are going to find it difficult and unpleasant to clean that off."
PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:53 pm
              Nao smiled, laughter gleaming in his crimson eyes. It was far too easy to get under Raumo's skin. Nao loved to tease, loved his games, but Raumo had not always shared the same sentiments. Still, the two polar opposites had always found a way around their differences, and for the most part, got along well. Nao flopped over onto his back, legs in the air, and cocked his head to the side. He wiggled around a little more, digging the mud further into his fur. "Worth it!" He chimed in response to Raumo's remark on the difficulty he was going to face in the near future. He didn't care much about the looming problem as much as Raumo might have.

              But as the mud settled, and began to cake and dry under the touch of the sun, his skin began to....itch. Squirming, he finally couldn't take it anymore, and jumped up, rushing into the water. The water washed away most of the wet mud, and loosened some of the dry, but the majority of his white fur remained hidden beneath the brown. That, however, didn't matter: he was just glad to have his skin relieved. Feeling refreshed, but unwilling to leave, he rested instead near the bank, where the water was shallowest, and soaked. Resting his head on a rock, he glanced back over to the ducks, watching as they squawked and waddled around.

              "Hey Raumo..." He mused. "Have you ever given thought to...a family?" He asked suddenly, thoughtfully. His friend had never mentioned such a thing, and while Nao had given it some thought, he wondered if his friend had.

L ii a t h

Tipsy Kitten

Renshu Li

PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:17 am
Raumo kept half an eye on Nao as he continued to sort his fur out. Although he'd never roll in the filth as the younger Maneki Neko had, playing in the lake had left him with quite enough to get one with. He still noticed Nao's fidgeting however- and his mad dash into the lake.

He concealed his smirk at Nao's apparent realisation that rolling in the mud may have been a bad idea by focusing on his paws. The water had, thankfully, washed away most- perhaps all- of the mud from the bottom of the pond; but he still wanted to ensure the fur between his toes and his pads were clean and wouldn't irritate him later.

He did look up briefly at Nao's words, however; a slight bemused wrinkle to his brow. "A family?" He shook his head, returning to his task; speaking between licks and nibbles at his fur. "Not really." Lick, nibble. "Never knew my Maneki Neko parents." Groom, sort. "My friends are enough. Human and Maneki Neko." He looked up again. "Why do you ask?"
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:42 pm
              Nao sighed, casting a brief, forlorn glance back at the family of ducks. Perhaps he was still too young to be considering such things, but the older he got, the more Nao wanted something...more. Something to call his own. A little version of himself scurrying about, someone he could teach and play games with. He didn't quite understand the process or the reasoning behind parenting, but from what he had observed, the parents were close, and enjoyed their time with their offspring. Seemed simple enough. Raumo was his best friend; that was enough, right? And they could all have so much fun together!

              But Raumo didn't seem on board. He hardly even seemed interested. And he wasn't quite ready to discuss the topic in length. Perhaps at a later day. For now, they had the rest of the day to enjoy; the sun was still high after all! But perhaps they would venture forth to enjoy something...less strenuous. "Never mind. We can talk about it later." Shaking his head, Nao pulled himself up and out of the water. Hurrying for land, Nao shook his fur out, careful to stand away from Raumo as he did so; he didn't think his friend would be pleased to be met with more water after grooming himself. He smiled over at his friend. "For now, lets go find something...warmer to do. And cleaner." He chuckled softly, taking a few steps further away from the pond.

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Tipsy Kitten

Renshu Li

PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:14 am
Raumo stretched his front legs out; savouring the tugging at his muscles, and the soft warmth of the spring sun on his legs.
"Well, for cleaner, you might want to contemplate a quick jump in the stream. The moving water will help get the rest of the mud out of your fur- and there's no mud on the bottom, and we seem to have stirred up most of the mud in the pond." He stood and took a couple of steps closer to the pond; peering into the disturbed water. It wasn't too bad- although scarcely ideal for getting clean in.

"As for warmer, well, I like to dry off in the sun. But if you're too impatient to stay still for long-" Raumo chuckled, aware that they had both been guilty of that at times, "-then perhaps we could take a walk?"
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:30 pm
              Nao titled his head to the side, eyes on the sky as he contemplated the options. A walk definitely sounded nice; another excuse to stretch out his legs and get those muscles working. However, after gallivanting in the pond, he was feeling a little wore out. The swim had been refreshing, and the sun felt warm and comforting against his fur, which certainly wasn't helping him stay awake. Shaking his head, he approached Raumo and and flopped down next to him, rolling over onto his side and stretching his legs out. Flecks and patches of dry mud still clung to his fur, but it no longer itched. He ignored the bit about washing the rest of the mud in the stream; he didn't feel like rushing all the way over there just for a little mud. The sun warmed him from above, and the dirt cooled him from below, lulling him into a state of drowsiness. "A walk sounds nice...after a nap." He murmured, snuggling closer to his friend. His eyelids drooped and he smiled, tucking his limbs close to his body.

L ii a t h

Tipsy Kitten

Renshu Li

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:02 am
Raumo smiled and settled down as well as Nao snuggled up next to him. He knew that was the way of the young; exhaust themselves with bursts of manic energy, then need to nap to recuperate.

He looked sideways at his friend's white, red and- now- brown face as he drifted off, shaking his head slightly. Nao wasn't so young any more, although it still seemed clear to Raumo that he had some maturing to do, some of that could just be him being who he was. He would hardly be the first (or the last) Maneki Neko to retain traits of one younger once they were fully grown, after all.

He twisted his body slightly so he could reach Nao's fur; and started doing what the younger male didn't deem very important- grooming his fur as he drifted off to sleep.
Luck Is On Your Side [RP]

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