To sum it up, Gaia's guild system is fairly dated. It has bugs. One of them, is that it has an issue with older sub-forums. Seemingly at random, they will begin "hiding" any page after the first.

To give you an example, look at HoH '08. Here.

Looking at it, you just see one page, the last thread being "Aekea Towering Framework." But of course, it's the glitch at work. If you add &start=20 or start=40 to the address, here is the 40 option, you'll see there are actually quite a few more threads.

To the best of my knowledge, there's no clean way of fixing this except for making a new sub-forum for every page before 2010 (which seems to've been when this stopped.) Obviously, we won't do that. Instead, for your convenience, here's an easy list.

[Heaven or Hell 2006]: 1 ---- works fine.

[Heaven or Hell 2007]: 1 x 2 ---- Needs &start=20 added on to see several threads.

[Heaven or Hell 2008]: 1 x 2 ---- needs &start=40 to see several threads.

[Heaven or Hell 2009]: 1 x 2 ---- needs &start=40 to see several threads.

2010 - 2013: As far as I am aware, these are not affected.

Will be updated if this issue arises more.