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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:14 am
She managed a sigh and settled back in her chair just a bit holding that big mug of coffee near her mouth. No, she didn't have much to say after that. There wasn't much to be said without really prying. "Well, as long as she's doing okay. The General is really keeping you busy, huh, Shun?" It wasn't really a question, more like an observation.

Probably, Urania should have kept her mouth shut, but like there was anything better to do? ( ... Pretending work didn't exist for the moment was nice. Kinda. Well for her anyways. ) "So... Yeah! Now you two know one another. Yaay! " ... She was being giggly and trying to smile and laugh. To her it meant more friends in high places, which meant keeping her alive and safe, which was good for her family. Good for her. Good in general. Too many people were getting hurt.

"So~ Sargent Walkers... Got any fun declassified stories you want to tell that don't involve 'boom squish?' " she asked with a very, VERY cheerful smile.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:31 am
"You could say that," Shun nodded to to Urania. Things have indeed been busy as of late, with Rish taking control of the Empire now and declaring war on the Republic. Was this a part of the Judge's plan? There wasn't really anyway of knowing. He just recalled Ander mentioning that the Judge was planning a mass attack on both nations. If this wasn't a part of it, it probably wouldn't be hindering her much. As usual, he just kept this all to himself. It was too bad he didn't exactly have access to Talon or the Princess to discuss it.

Well... maybe Zutnic would-- Actually no, he probably didn't know much more than anyone else here.

Taking a drink, he snapped out of his thoughts and turned his attention towards Walters. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the way Urania asked that question, but while he was here he figured it couldn't really hurt to hear some stories.

He said nothing else, but he was watching and listening quietly to see if the bigger male had anything to share.  

Blade Kuroda

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Omnipresent Noob

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:14 pm
Walters gave a nod to the conversation of their friend, it was good to hear that another was doing better from the boom. It was rough, saddening all the friends and limbs lost. A breath left the dark skinned man, as his green gaze was pulled form the black cup of coffee.

Slowly he lowered the warm drink from his lips.

"Eh'nope..." Israel answered dully, he had not stories as of late to tell. His hand moved to his pant leg where he grabbed close to the knee and picked up his leg slightly to shift it more comfortably at shoulder width in his sit.

"'faird, I have no stories today,..." The man sighed brisk-fully, as he adjusted his sit in his seat. moving his hand he adjusted that beanie on his head.

"What about you hero?" Walters spoke as he nodded his head to the elite guard, before giving a smile to the Urania wanting to keep a conversation going between the three of them.

Or they could talk about those fancy dangonflies...

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:44 am
In her defense, all the really great stories were classified way beyond her pay grade. It was easier to phrase questions like that in the long run. Kinda...not really. She was trying to have fun.

Ignoring the look from Shun, Urania smiled and shrugged, "Ah. Well, maybe next time then, huh? " It was fine, the person was new to the little shop. Maybe he just didn't want to talk. Probably was just being polite and wanted to learn before he spoke of things that could upset them.

The question of story was turned to Shun. Now Urania didn't know all of what could be said, but she did turn her gaze wearily over to the former rogue. He probably had tons of stories, most of which probably weren't quite appropriate for any sort of party. Well, depending on who was in the party and what the topic at the table/bar/couch/carcass of some sort of ZOID caravan was.

... She wouldn't be opposed to talking about fancy butterflies at this point. Just SOMETHING!

( ....../headesk/ fail fail fail fail )  


Hallowed Heckler

Blade Kuroda

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:17 am
Fair enough. Walters had nothing to share, though the question was soon turned to Shun. Given everything that had happened recently, things hadn't exactly been uneventful for him, but they weren't the sorts of things that he could or would share. There was also his time before he had joined the military..

Well. He wasn't really one to tell stories.

"I doubt anything I can share would really be of real interest," he said quietly.

But in any case, it looked like Urania was really hoping to get some sort of conversation going here. Not an easy task, considering a part of the company.

"Perhaps you have something then, Urania?" he asked. She might be a cadet, but that didn't mean she hadn't experienced nothing. After all... he was still a cadet when he chanced upon that temple.  
PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:39 pm
Taking a sip of his coffee, Green eyes looked to the cup as the two others spoke....

Though he was reminded, of something...it wasn't perhaps 'declassified' or anything like that, but it was curious none the less....

"Well, I perhaps I do have something...."
The Dark man spoke as he moved a hand to his nicely groomed bead as he set the drink back down on the table. His eyes looked from Shun to Uriana. His hand then moved from his jaw to guesture to her.

"Unless, you have one...." Israel spoke as Shun moved the ask of story to her. "I can always wait..." Walters added, he wouldn't forget-after all it was kinda about what was going on now and around them....

His sharp eyes shifted to the others at the table as he waited for a reply.

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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:06 am
The urge to kick Shun in the shin under the table was huge. Would it do any good? No. It was a childish thought. And Urania didn't have any stories unless they counted that one time that Ranee and her tried to get Shun drunk... It didn't work by the way.

"No. No appropriate stories from me. " She was about to add ' Unless you don't mind me retelling the time we almost got you drunk.' when the Dark man spoke up about maybe having a story. Urania smiled and nodded, "It wasn't quite appropriate. Our friend can tell the one I was thinking much better than I. " Aka: Go ask Ranee~

Shifting in her seat, Urania settled herself with her elbows propped up on the table and the mug lip resting just below her chin. She watched Israel expectantly with a warm smile. She probably wouldn't like the story in the end, but a story was a story. Gotta be a good audience member, yeah? "Mine can wait. "
PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:29 pm
Shun stared at Urania as she hinted at one particular incident. The time where they did get him drunk. It really didn't take much for him. And while some of the details were fuzzy in his mind because of that very fact, he knew what had happened in general.

"Let's not speak of that," he muttered under his breath. Shaking his head, he turned his attention to Walters, giving him his attention.

"Go on ahead," he said. With any luck, Urania would decide to not tell that particular one. He didn't need to be embarrassed here. Shoving those thoughts aside, he simply awaited to hear what Israel had to say.  

Blade Kuroda

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:42 pm
Letting his Green eyes place themselves from Shun to Urania, A hand found it's way to his chin beard and stubble. Israel then proceeded to stroke it quizzically as he quirked a single brow at the two. It did after all sound like quite the story to listen to, perhaps over stronger drinks themselves...

"Well...If you are sure." Walters spoke a bit hesitatingly. He was loud, but he never tried to steal -all- the spot light. He though, did have a few wonderings he wanted to talk about with a few more people...and why not these two? They were after all the first he had to talk to after making the great escape from the Hospital.

Letting his hand pause in the grooming of his facial hair, Walters let it fold with the other on the table. Cupping them together neatly. His chair scooted a bit back as he leaned in closer to the two...

"So..." He spoke lowering his voice just a tidge. It only caused the gravelly undertone to deepen "Talking about the traitor..." Israel shifted his eyes between the two. "Nick..." Israel spoke more quietly.

"I have met her, ya see..." The Black Waltz widened a single crazed eye to the two as he tilted his head, just for effect...or perhaps it was too natural for him. "Not any time recently-mind you." His hand then raised to wave the idea away, as he let his face relax once more.

He grumbled the idea of seeing her so soon as he shook his head watching the two. His larger hand raised once more, as if to clarify, when exactly.

"Back further then I care to admit-she was just a pup, you know." Israel kept going as if to assume the others fallowed in his slightly rushed words.

He paused

"Well..." That descriptive hand moved back to the stubble on his chin were he it rubbed, as he thought more about it, and how to continue as he looked about the cafe'.

"I should clarify: I met half of her..." He paused once more to look at both Urania and Shun carefully. Did he have their attention yet?
PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:34 am
Urania let out a small ' oh' when the story started, watching the 'old man' begin the rambling tale about the traitor. She wasn't surprised that this person knew the Traitor before all of the stuff that had happened.

But what could he possibly know? Now she was all colors of curious and probably quite open about it, what with her eyes set firmly on Israel's actions. He was quite the animated story teller. If it wasn't such a serious subject, Urania would probably be giggling and clapping awaiting what came next.

Shun was completely forgotten, or well there was that one passing thought that maybe she should glance at Shun and see how he was handling this. It was fleeting, Perhaps not even a few seconds. Israel was just damned good at telling stories, or at least telling them in a way that made Urania want to refrain from blinking or -gasp- look away.


Hallowed Heckler

Blade Kuroda

Militant Raider

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:23 am
Shun didn't really care that Urania's attention had fell off of him. He wasn't one who typically liked the spotlight anyway. Though, when Walters brought up the 'traitor', his own attention was grabbed. So he knew her then. He probably shouldn't be surprised at that, given his experience in the military and all.

"...Half of her?" he repeated, waiting for Israel to continue on. What did he mean by 'half' of her? The Private tried to think of the possibilities. As far as he was aware, Nick didn't begin to receive her... metallic upgrades until after the whole betrayal incident, which was just about four or five years ago. He didn't think it could refer to that. Or could it?

Well in any case, he was rather intrigued.  
PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:13 pm
Seeing he had the two's attention, Israel sat back comfortably to his seat once more as hand continued to purse his chin.

Green eyes slanted as his lips stretched in a grin across his lips. A 'cheshire smile', was the perfect description of the look.

"That's what I said."
His hand broke from his chin in a mad dash to point at Shun. Sitting up, scanning eyes looked to the ceiling as he counted back the years.

Walters spoke as he got back on tack with were he was going with the story and the lead in. "...It was when I was first out of basic and just a little scrub."He chuckled softly at the memories...

Oh so long ago. To think that before the military life he was rock'n a fro.

Oh Ancients, he missed that fro...


"I had actually just finished with duty...."
Israel trilled back his thoughts as his gaze rose once more as if to read the words out of the sky as he called it to memory. "headcom had sounded, and the base was scrambled on alert. Apparently a dumb ass rogue had actually slipped on base..." Though the male paused as he thought more about.

"Don't know what to call the ones, that let him slip by though...." He trailed off letting the thought fade off a bit more.

Hmm, he never thought about that before...

Shaking his head he went back to the story.

"But-stranger still. That little dustmuchin' sandrat actually wasn't there to steal-or....so nothing went missin'. " He paused


"That they told me anyways..."
Israel spoke with a shrug, his hand moved back to the back of his head. His hand scratched, causing the beanie to shift on head as he did.

"I-donno, recalling...I hadn't seen him jus' yet."
The dark man grinned, as he waved off the comment. He would come back to that...

Though, he had always wondered why would a rogue be stupid enough-to come alone on a fully armed base...for seemingly 'nothing'. There was rumors he had been asking around for someone. But even that seemed farfetched...

"Apparently, he had been looking for someone..." Walters closed a single eye and raised his free hand for a shrug, "I still find that hard to believe..." He mumbled...

"'cus...soon after, guess who decided to show up on our door step?" Israel folded his arms across his chest as he looked to the two 'youngin's'. He stated his words so flavoraibly as if to assume they would know 'who'...

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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:01 am
She didn't quite know what to make of this story. It was starting to sound like some sort of old man rambling. ( Given what everyone had seen in the past couple of days, everyone was going to be 'old' by the time they dared reach middle age...if they did. Who knew? ) Blinking a few times, she sipped at her coffee a few times between the slow rambling and thoughts Israel put together.

Now it wasn't absolutely perfect, but it was a verbal retelling. Thoughts and words didn't always work too well together. Probably some bad blood between them, or something like that.

Still, she tried to recall that. Really, it had been in the papers that some outsider got on base. After that, it had all been hushed up and forgotten about as Politics wound up and the story soon became one of ' Are our borders really as safe as we would like? Here is political analysit Eliza Bubblegumpop with the latest update on the issue. Eliza? ' Now, though, she was older and understood ( mostly... you give up trying to understand sometimes) what really happened behind the scenes, she could believe that some person could slip onto a base un-noticed.

...But what did this person have to do with the traitor?

Why was this part important? Other half? Wait... Her 'female' was tingling...

"So, this was her Beau? " she said, unable to hold back the question. Never mind where he was from... it was a romance story. It had to be asked else that annoying voice wouldn't shut up in her head.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:32 am
The retelling was a little disjointed, but Shun supposed it was because the guy was trying to remember all the details or something along those lines. As with Urania, he only remembered vague details about the incident Israel was referring to. He didn't know too much of the surrounding information, but he supposed it didn't matter a great deal here.

It was strange that a rogue would break into a base just to try and find someone, however. Unless.. he was looking to kidnap or kill them? Maybe? Somehow, he felt like this wasn't quite the case.

When Walters threw the question at them, he remained silent this time around. He had a feeling it was Nick, herself, that had showed up. Though, when Urania decided to toss in a response, he raised an eyebrow at her. What? Really?  

Blade Kuroda

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:06 pm
Israel grin only broadened at Uraina's question, his head nodded slowly to show his own suspicions on the matter. A grin on his lips as proud as a peacock, it was one point in this story he was getting at...but not all of it.

"If I had thought the day was eventful enough, it wasn't till The bandit king himself. Thought it was a good idea to show up to the party, that things started to get really heated at the base."
Walters spoke, trying to recall which bandit King it had been at the time, something with like three heads or like that.

"He must have been looking for the little whelp-" Israel spoke and raised his index finger to the words. Though perhaps he should clarify once more. After all he was talking about multiable party members with out names. "the one that snuck on base; cause soon after he showed up-two zoids left. Not just the one the so-called-king road up on, that was hidden in the sands...."

Their sensors on base, had a hard time picking up the growing mass-but it had been obvious looking outside the base walls to know there was something -vary- big in the sands.

"You feel me?" Israel paused, wanting to make sure he hadn't lost the two. There was a lot of fallow up in the story to lead to the point he had in meeting half of the traitor Nick.

"I haven't lost you two, have I?" The Black waltz asked as his hand slipped to the coffee on the table and he let it tend once more to his lips. Gingerly his other hand moved to his thigh and knee where he kindly rubbed.

He wondered if they enjoyed the story thus far, of it he should speed it up to the point. But not to ruin a good story...it was all about the stage and the perpetration...

Though, several points were purposely left unanswered just yet: Who was the man that Snuck on base? That Uraina made a guess to be a curious lover. What was so important that the bandit king himself would show up to a heavily guarded base? Where was this talk about half a Nick, and ultimately were was the point in the story....?

Must not ruin all the secrets in the start of the story...
The imperial territory ( imperial lands RP area )

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