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NaNo 2012: excerpts (and shiny, shiny golds!)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:42 pm
I see we have at least one other person in the guild doing NaNo (and who's matching my mildly insane pace, too!), so I figured a thread for excerpts is in order for those who want to post some of what they're working on.

Since my story this year is very much erotica (even more than last year's project was/is), not a lot of it is safe to post here on gaia, so there won't be as much from me this year as there was last year.  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:45 pm
Two Dashes of Mid-Summer
Part 6

Chapter 14

We went somewhere else for Kim's banana split, since the restaurant we'd been at didn't have very impressive desserts, and notably didn't have banana splits. She drowned it in chocolate syrup, drizzled a bit of caramel on it, dusted it with nuts, coconut, and crushed toffee, and topped it with maraschino cherries for good measure. She looked like she was about ready to have an orgasm once she'd gotten her first bite into her mouth.

"Oh my god this is so super duper licious!" she enthused, stuffing another huge, drippy mess of a bite into her mouth and purring in bliss. "You are awthum," she managed to slur without drooling her bite everywhere, then went back to humming in appreciation.

Me and Sara just sucked on our milkshakes and watched her, amused.

"So we haven't hung out very much lately, right?" Kim said once she'd gotten through her sugar induced euphoria and wasn't in orgasmic bliss with every bite. "And telling me about Jason's dumb idea kind of reminded me I haven't told you yet, see."

"Told us what?" Sara asked, stealing one of Kim's few remaining cherries and slurping it into her mouth.

"I kind of sort of have a girlfriend," Kim bounced, clapping her hands in excitement. "I'm so excited!"

"Not Cindy, I'm guessing," I said, peering at her like she liked to do with me.

"Hush, Mr. Man." She stuck her tongue out at me. "No, it's not Cindy, but I do really like Cindy. We talked a lot when we weren't playing when I spent the weekend at her place. She's been through so much and still doesn't let it make her want to give up. I admire her a lot, and she's really, really smart, but she's not the sort of person I could be with, you know?"

"So who's your girlfriend?" Sara asked, setting her elbows on the table and holding her straw between her fingertips, raising her eyebrows at Kim. "Do we know her?"

"Probably... not? She's only a sophomore and you're seniors. Her name's Georgia and she's not a big socializer in your circles. She's in band and plays a few different instruments, but the only one she can play for school is clarinet. Or oboe? One of those mouth instruments." She puckered her lips and mimed playing a flute.

"Georgia Thomas?" Sara furrowed her brow, her trying-to-remember-something look coming on. "Is she the one who did the opening song at the last home game?"

"Yep! That's her. That was awesome."

"When did band start letting people beat box?" I asked, suddenly feeling rather out of the loop.

"Is that what she did?" Kim looked at me. "I don't know, but it was cool. She can play guitar and piano, too."

"She's going to have some very magical fingers, then," Sara laughed, her eyes glinting with amusement as Kim gave her a confused look.

"What do you mean? Magical fingers?"

I held one hand in front of her and curled my fingers up, flicked them back and forth really fast. Sara laughed as Kim's eyes widened in understanding.

"Ooooh, that kind of magical fingers. I... um... no. We haven't fooled around or anything yet. We're both kind of scared to come out like that, like making it official we're dating or whatever. We've kissed a few times, but haven't... you know..." She held her hands out toward Sara and mimed squeezing her breasts. "We were sitting in the theater with some of the thespians-" She gave a stern look to both of us, holding her finger up in warning. "Yes, I know a big word! Don't make fun of me! We were having lunch in the theater and we kinda have this truth-or-dare routine that we do, that group of people, I mean, and one of them's a big gamer guy. Stephen. You might know him, Mike. But he always has his bag of dice with him, lots of weird ones like ten sided and twenty and stuff like that, so after everyone shows up he picks a dice and rolls it so we know who and who are doing the truth-or-dare thing and who's giving the truth or dare."

She got distracted smashing the remnants of her ice cream into ice cream soup, the toffee and nuts set off to one end of the bowl and getting mixed in when she was done. She slurped up a big, drippy spoonful of it and bounced in ecstacy.

"Soooo goooood!"

"So what happened with this truth-or-dare you got with Georgia?" Sara asked, poking Kim to get her back on track.

"Oh. Right." She spooned more of her ice cream soup into her mouth before getting back to her story. "So I've kinda been coming out a bit to some of my friends, right? So me and Georgia have been talking a bit since we got assigned to be partners in wildlife and conservation with Ms Kerridge, and I noticed she looks a lot at girls, see? I guess Karen noticed, too, 'cause she dared me and her to kiss like we meant it, 'cause Karen's one of my friends I've told about being gay, right?"

She tilted her bowl and spooned the remnants of her ice cream to the bottom before raising the bowl and scooping it into her mouth. She let out a satisfied "aaaah" and thumped the bowl back to the table.

"Totally what I needed," she grinned and pulled me over to give me a theatrical kiss. "Mwah! You're awesome, Mr. Man. I love you." She giggled and pushed me back into my seat as she did a little dance and bounced in hers. "So Karen gave me and Georgia this kissing dare, right? And me and Georgia just kinda look at each other for a second and then she's all, "Ok" and gets up and walks over to me. I guess I was kinda grinning like an idiot, 'cause I couldn't believe I was going to get to kiss her, you know? Actually kiss her kiss her, 'cause she's really pretty even for being a little fat, and I thought maybe I might actually have a chance with her with her looking at girls so much.

"So any dares we do have a timer, ok?" She held a hand up and air pushed a button on a stop watch. "The truths aren't timed 'cause they don't take as long. We don't want things getting too crazy, so we just do it when we all show up and the first five minutes are for the dares. Well, the first thing Georgia does after getting her arms around me when I get up is ask me, real quiet, is if I like girls. Total brain melt! Like, holy crap brain melt! And this is why I want to tell you this! You're going to be so proud of me, 'cause I was so totally thinking like you guys! It was awesome!" She grinned and squealed with excitement, looking back and forth between me and Sara as she beamed. "You'll never guess what I said!"

"You invited her to bed with you?" I laughed.

"No!" She stuck her tongue out at me. "You're such a typical guy sometimes. Jeez. I told her, "Just kiss me and you'll know." See!? That's so totally like you two!" She bounced and clapped her hands, grinning like a fool. "And oh my god! She tasted amazing! And Stephen had to smack us both to get us to stop, 'cause we went over the time limit. I guess he'd been telling us to stop but we didn't hear him, and we were both totally all hot and bothered when we stopped kissing. We couldn't stop looking at each other after that, so I guess now everyone who was there knows we're total lesbos. After we were done with lunch, she was all looking at me while we walked to class, 'cause our wildlife class is right after lunch, and said, "That was definitely a yes." I just had to kiss her again right there before I bounced out of my skin. Oh my god, you guys! I can't believe this is happening!"

"That sounds like it was a lot of fun," Sara hummed, mouthing her straw and sucking on it. "Are you going to invite her over so we can watch the two of you?"

"I don't think she's really into that sort of thing. I don't know. I so want to have a sleepover with her, though. I want to get to know her better."

"Then ask her," I said, slurping up the last of my milkshake. "I've got some money if you want to order food or go out or something."

"I don't know, Mr. Man. I'm still really nervous about this. It's kinda new, you know? It's not like things were with Sara and with you. I don't know how things will go."

"Just talk with her and find out," Sara advised, sliding her milkshake glass across the table at me, still a quarter full. "That's the only way you're going to know, hon, but if she's interested in you like you seem to think she is, she'll definitely want to, and if you do a sleepover, it will seem normal. People do that all the time, so you won't look like you're dating or anything."

"Yeah, you're right." Kim heaved a sigh, staring forlornly at her empty bowl. "Man, that was so good. If I weren't about to explode, I'd totally want another one."  





PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:07 am
For those who haven't read the story (which I expect is most people in the guild), a bit of background to give this some context:

Mike is the MC/narrator, and he's in a relationship with Sara.

Sara and her sister Kim are likewise in a relationship with each other, of the incestuous type. Except for Mike and Cindy, no one knows about their sexual involvement with each other. Sara and Kim are very much the odd couple, since Sara tends toward being the quiet, bookish, and studious type while Kim is the hyperactive social butterfly.

Mike and Sara met Cindy at the movies and ended up becoming fast friends with her, even though she's at least a decade older than they are. She's also had a very difficult, almost impossible life, and tried to kill herself (she walked into traffic) at some indeterminate point before the start of the story. Because of this, she has some serious ptsd and emotional issues due to the abuse and neglect she's suffered. She's improved since her suicide attempt, but still struggles near constantly with staying stable and "normal" despite the medication she's come to rely on keep herself sane, and she has an extremely hard time dealing with relationships because of all that's happened to her.

Jen is Mike's best friend, and they've known each other pretty much their entire lives. They're as close as it's possible to be without actually being in a relationship (and they acknowledged this in the preceding chapter). Jen is also very much a goth chic (something Cindy had a major disillusionment with while she was in pt and contributes to her not-so-high regard of her) and tends to speak her mind, which isn't always a good thing, as demonstrated here.


Two Dashes of Mid-Summer
Part 7

Chapter 3

We talked for another few hours, gradually shifting away from her worries and desire for feedback and input to more every day things, and only left the library when we couldn't ignore our stomachs' rumblings any longer. I wanted to do some quick catch up with Cindy while I had the weekend mostly to myself, so I took Jen and me by the Bull Horn to see if she was working. She was, but not for another half hour, so we sat around in the parking lot and ate our burgers while we waited for her to show up.

"Cindy," I called to her, waving across the parking lot at her after having climbed out of my car when I saw her walk up.

She changed course when she saw me waving and met us - Jen and me - halfway. She eyed Jen but bit her tongue on her immediate comment, draping on me instead and staying there, her face against my neck. I stroked her hair and ran my fingers along her back while I held her.

"What's wrong?" I asked, gently massaging the back of her neck.

She shook her head as she pulled away a bit, drawing in a deep breath.

"Nothing," she said as she gave me a kiss. "Just in a funk, so I'm glad you're here today. I wasn't looking forward to being here at all."

I brushed her hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear, holding her gaze with mine.

"That's all?"

She was silent for a moment before answering, dropping her eyes.

"And worried about you three," she admitted, shifting her look to Jen. "What's up with her? New girlfriend?"

"Best friend," Jen corrected, holding steady under Cindy's scrutiny.

"I thought that was Sara."

I placed a hand gently against Cindy's cheek and turned her face to mine. She didn't resist, which was a good sign.

"It's possible to have more than one," I said to her. "I've known Jen my entire life. She can be a b***h sometimes, but she is a good person. I know she didn't leave a good first impression with you, but I don't want you baiting each other. We have enough stress right now without that, also."

"For what it's worth, I am sorry about how I treated you at the party," Jen said, sounding genuinely apologetic, although I knew Cindy wouldn't catch it, or care even if she did.

"I've had too many apologies in my life," Cindy said to Jen, shifting her eyes from mine to hers, "from people who didn't mean it and then kept hurting me, so you'll have to forgive me if it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Show me you mean it. Don't tell me."

"What would do that? I know I didn't leave a good impression, but I like to think Mike's friends can be my friends, too, so I want to change that poor first impression so we can be."

Cindy opened her mouth and then caught herself before she could say something stupid, then just shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but right now I'm not in the mood for it," she said instead. "I don't know what your plans are for the day, but Mike can tell you all about my moods if you want to know. You haven't caught me in a good one, so I'd just be telling you to ******** off and stop meddling, and not being nice about it, if I didn't have enough control left right now to hold myself in check. I'm sure you're sincere, and you wouldn't be friends with Mike if you weren't a good person, but all I'm seeing right now is the bullshit. So please, for now, just shut your mouth and stay silent."

To Jen's credit, she did so, just giving Cindy a nod, and Cindy sighed and buried her face against my shoulder again.

"I'm sorry, Mike," she breathed, hugging tighter to me. "I'm sorry I'm such a b***h to everyone - and she's included, in spite of everything I just said - but I'm so glad you're able to see past that. You have no idea how much that helps me." She drew in a long breath and let it out slowly, lifting her head again to look at me. "What brings you by? Did something else come up I need to be worrying about?"

"No, nothing else," I told her, tilting her head down a bit so I could kiss her forehead, and she smiled a bit. "I just want to spend some time catching up with you, since I've arranged the weekend mostly to myself."

"Does that mean you can come by during my lunch?" She gave me a hopeful look.

"When is it?"

"Four on the dot, half an hour, but be a little early. The last thing I want to eat today is more of the crap they call food here."

She shuddered against me and made a puke face before she let me give her a kiss.

"I'll be here."

She smiled a bit and gave me another kiss, her hand on the back of my neck, and then just pulled me into a full-on kiss.

"Thank you," she whispered, kissing the corners of my mouth. "I've missed the three of you, so seeing you will help a lot. Even just this has made my day better. I need to go before I'm late, though."

Another quick kiss before she pulled away and I grabbed her shoulders before she could turn away, moving my hands up to cup her face and give her a slow kiss. Her smile was brighter after that one, but faded just as quickly as she turned and trudged into work.

"If you think you're blunt, Cindy has you beat," I said to Jen after Cindy had walked through the front door.

"Yeah, I got that." She made a sour face and looked at me as we climbed back into my car. "When she said all she was seeing was the bullshit, did she mean what happened at the party or what happened when I ******** up on talking with you three about...?"

"Probably both, but more likely the botched talk." I turned to her after I'd turned the engine on to get the heat going. "Cindy's very protective of the people who mean something to her, so she's probably not going to be very accepting of you until everything's been smoothed over with Sara and Kim."

"My batting average on this sucks hard rainbow donkey balls." She planted her fists on her knees and stomped her feet hard against the floor board a few times, her head back as she screamed in frustration. "How did I manage to ******** this up so badly, Mikey? How!? I feel like I'm going to cry, but then I'd just feel stupid for crying about something we're already trying to fix."

"I'm blaming it on inexperience, myself," I said, reaching into the back seat and grabbing the donut box for one of the remaining donuts. "I've done some really stupid things with Sara and Kim and even Cindy, but I've learned from them. We just need to do the same with this while we work it out."

"Bah! Learning is for smart people."

"Fortunately, we are smart people."

She laughed and swatted my arm, grabbing a donut of her own.

"Stop being technical, smart a**. If I were the angry dumb girlfriend, I'd be demanding you take me home right now for trying to be all mature and grown up about this. You know this, right?"

"Looks like we're safe from that, then. None of the criteria fit."

"Thank Cthulhu for that."

"Iä! Iä!"

She grinned and stuffed half her donut into her mouth.  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:00 am
Since this is going to be an important aspect of her character, please note that Georgia's mom is Asian (unspecified as to what nationality) and her father is black. She therefore has the exotic looks of both, the studious upbringing common to Asian culture (which is why she plays three instruments, is in band, and does well in school), the family and community focused mindset of both cultures, and also, unfortunately, gets to deal with the systemic racism directed at non-whites (on top of coming to terms with her self-identity).

This excerpt has also been edited ever-so-slightly for posting here.


Two Dashes of Mid-Summer
Part 7

Chapter 13

"There's something I still don't get," Georgia said to me and Kim, sitting on top of Kim on Kim's bed, straddling her waist and braiding her hair.

We had migrated to Kim's room after about an hour of talk, seeking somewhat more privacy than what we had available in the living room. Not that any of us but Georgia were terribly worried about Sara and Kim's parents throwing a fit about anything we were talking about, but until Georgia understood that and got comfortable with the relaxed atmosphere, we accommodated her desire for some perceived privacy away from parents.

"What's that?" I asked, teasing my fingers very lightly over the back of Sara's neck.

"You and Kim slept together-"

"Just the once," Kim qualified, turning her head so Georgia could braid the other side.

"Once, but still. You slept together, and Sara knew about it, but none of you see anything wrong with that? You cheated on your girlfriend with her sister."

"It's not cheating if Sara was ok with us doing it and gave us permission, and Kim and me both understood it was just so she could see what it was like."

"Too many cooties," Kim murmured, shivering with theatrical disgust. "It was fun, but it just... didn't do anything for me like you do."

"But it's still cheating," Georgia pressed, brushing her fingers through Kim's hair to straighten it. "If you're in a relationship with someone, it should be exclusive as long as you're with them. Permission or not, you don't go to bed with someone else. That's infidelity."

"Not true," Sara said, lifting one hand to stop mine, squeezing my fingers hard. She held up a finger on her other hand in a just-a-minute gesture and continued once she'd collected herself. "You're looking at relationships in a one-size-fits-all kind of way, but that doesn't work. Not everyone works in the same way. The way you're saying it should work is like saying you can't love more than one person at any given time, but we can. Everyone does. I love Mike with everything I am, but I also love sis just as much, and I love Cindy, too, and my parents, and my grandparents, and my cousins, and my other friends. No, I'm not going to go off and sleep with all of them, but I have relationships with every one of them and I love them just the same, but in different ways and for different reasons for each of them. I don't stop loving someone just because I love someone else, too."

"That's not what I'm saying at all," Georgia countered, shaking her head. "I'm not saying you can't love more than one person. I'm not saying you shouldn't love more than person. I'm saying it's not right to sleep with someone else when you've chosen one person as your partner."

"But what if being sexual with someone else is an acceptable form of affection?" I asked, settling my hands on Sara's shoulders and gently massaging. "What if everyone involved is ok with that? What if not being sexual with them actually ruins your relationship with them?"

She finished the last braid in Kim's hair and then rearranged Kim's arms so her forehead was resting on them, taking the braids she'd just made and working the three cords at her temples into a braid down the back of her neck.

"Why should that even be necessary, though? I see that as a sign of being unhappy with a relationship, that the person you're with isn't providing what you need."

"Hon," from Sara, sighing heavily and shaking her head. "I am not in any way unhappy with my relationship with Mike. There's not a single thing I would ever change about it, and the longer we're together and the more we talk through things, the more I love him. I haven't fooled around with Cindy or Aaron or Jason because I'm unhappy with him or what I have with him. I do it because I love them, and because they give me something in a relationship that I don't have with Mike, and can't get with him because what I get with them isn't stuff Mike can provide. No one, and I say this with all honesty and sincerity, not a single person in the world can ever be everything someone needs. We get different things from different people; experience, learning, emotion, growth. You have to have different people in your life in order to grow as a person. Some people are better than others, like Mike and sis are with me, and Cindy coming close to them, but not one of them, as individuals, can give me what the others do and in the same ways.

"So you're saying we're being unfaithful and we're cheating, and then implying we're hurting each other and damaging our relationships because we're ok with being sexually involved with other people, but I don't see it that way. I see it as being open to love, and being able to love, and learning and building ourselves and each other up together. If you're closing yourself off and limiting yourself to only one relationship with one person at one time, you're going to learn so much more slowly, and if you have a bad relationship when you're approaching love like that, it's going to be so much harder to overcome that and become a better person than you are.

"Hell, we're proving it right now with Cindy, the three of us and her boyfriend Aaron. She was a wreck when we met her. Not as bad as she was when she was at her lowest, but still a wreck. But we saw the good in her, that she was trying to be better and wanted desperately to have more support so she could do that. We didn't walk away from her when she did stupid things, though we probably would have if she didn't see that she was being stupid or why she was being stupid and didn't try working things out with us so we could see things on level ground and where we were all coming from. And if you spend time with her now, she's more stable, she's more upbeat, and she's more willing to be open, in both directions. She was already working on that when we met her, but we've given her things she needed and was trying to find and couldn't hold onto. And we learn from her, too, from the mistakes and stupidity and hurt that she's been through, from her experience, and that helps us deal with our other relationships because it gives us a broader perspective, which means we're more able to keep them working, or drop them if they're just not working.

"And I'm sorry if that seemed like a rant. I didn't mean it that way, but what you're saying we should do, and that it's wrong and that it's immoral or unethical or whatever to do what we are... I just... I can't. I can't agree with it at all. It's too narrow a view for me, and I like having as broad a view of things as possible, because then I can see nuance and not just the simplistic duality of black and white, yes or no, right or wrong. The world doesn't work like that, and people don't work that way. We never have and we never will, and to look at the world and look at people as if we do is to miss so much that's good and beautiful amidst all the terrible, horrible, heart-wrenching things that we do to each other because we don't let ourselves understand.

"There's more to loving people than just who you choose to be with or who you choose to be loyal to, or how many." She wiped at her eyes and drew in a deep breath, letting it out in a long sigh, continuing more softly. "I think I'm done. I didn't mean to go off like that. I'm sorry, but you have to understand where we're coming from with this, and it's not going to work with us if you can't understand and accept it. If you get one of us, you get all of us. Every one of us is more than willing to accept you and love you in our own way, but we won't give each other up for anyone, not even each other. We can't. We'd lose part of ourselves if we did that, and if you ask us to choose, you'll lose all of us and not just the one you're wanting to keep."

She made an annoyed sound at herself and turned her head, biting at my arm near my elbow to keep herself from starting up again. I was rather surprised, myself, since it was probably the most talking I'd ever heard her do in one, uninterrupted shot.

"Just say yes, Jor," Kim said, muffled by her blankets before twisting to turn over and look up at Georgia. "We haven't talked about being together all serious like, but I want to, and I think you do, too. I don't want to hide who I am anymore, and I want to at least try things out with you and see how well we do together, but this is what you're getting into if you're also wanting to try being with each other serious like."

"I don't agree with it," Georgia said after a few minutes of playing with Kim's hair, running the braids she'd just made through her fingers. "It's not how I was raised or what I grew up being taught, so I can't see what you're talking about as anything other than cheating."

"I don't expect you to agree, hon," Sara said, her voice calm but holding firm on her stance. "I'm not asking you to. I'm asking you to understand and accept. I can accept a decision without agreeing with it. You can do the same. Everyone does it all the time. Can you accept that we're poly, even if you don't agree with it?"

"I'd just like to point out real quick that this isn't something you need to answer right now," I interjected, reaching down to take hold of Sara's hands, holding them at her shoulders and crossing her arms across her chest. "Like I said, we're not going to force you into something you're not willing to do or get into. Everything with us needs to be consensual and we need to trust each other enough to communicate about anything that's on our minds that might affect us. If you want time to think, just say it and we'll let you."

"I think that would be best," she answered, dropping her gaze from me and Sara to Kim and holding Kim's look. "Since we're doing honest, I'll admit this is my first relationship with someone I'm actually attracted to, but it's with someone I grew up being told I shouldn't want a relationship with. I'm not sure what to expect or how to approach it. So far, everything I thought would happen or how I thought it would go or how I fantasized it to be has been turned on its head, and you're dumping a lot on me already." She gave Kim an accusatory poke on the nose. "You told me we'd take things slow because I'm still trying to accept my sexuality, but nooooo. The first thing we do is jump each other's lady boners the first chance we can and then have this all-or-nothing talk with your sister and her boyfriend. You are one pushy nutter, Kimmy. One. Pushy. Nutter." She poked Kim's nose with each of those for emphasis.

"I am not a nutter!" Kim protested, lifting her head and catching Georgia's finger in her mouth, talking around it as she grinned. "I'm bounthy! There'th a differenth."

"Oh my god. Nutter! Total nutter!"

She pulled her finger out of Kim's mouth and wiped it on Kim's cheeks, Kim protesting loudly and ineffectually as she rocked her head side to side trying to get away while Georgia laughed. She caught Kim's face in her hands and bent down to give her a kiss, whispering something to her before sitting up again and looking back and forth between the three of us.

"I want to see where things go with Kim, but the only way I can know if I'll be ok with you two basically being in our relationship is to try it and see how things go. I can't and won't promise anything, though. Just being here alone with Kim for the first time and... it's already pushing my comfort zone, and now I'm not sure where I am."

"Do you want some more time alone with Kim to figure that out?" Sara asked, shifting against me. "It's no problem for me to spend the night at Mike's if you do. We do it pretty regularly."

She nodded and ran her hands along Kim's shoulders and upper arms before looking back up at me and Sara.

"I think I'd like that. This has been kind of... weird."

"Off we go, then," I said, making an airplane motion with one hand. "Whoosh!"  



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