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When you write, the sky is the limit. 

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smutty cannibal prince

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:20 pm
NOTICE:: Although I've been writing pretty much everyday, I've fallen very behind on the prompts for this lovely challenge. Because of this I've decided to scratch the ones I already have done and start a new project through these.

Week I
001. New Beginnings
002. Cause/Effect
003. Peace of Mind
004. Childhood Memories
005. Speed 006. Mayhem
007. Gilding a Lily

Week II
008. First Romance
009. Orchards
010. Disillusionment
011. Guardian Angels
012. Different Ways of Thinking
013. Consequence
014. Gratitude

Week III
015. Explosion
016. Money
017. Traveling Alone
018. Irony
019. Lust
020. Identity Crisis
021. Being Replaced

Week IV
022. Jealousy
023. Insanity
024. Snow Day
025. Sculpture
026. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
027. Monsters Under the Bed
028. Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Week V
029. Wonder
030. Highs and Lows
031. Catastrophe
032. Betrayal
033. Rules
034. Tomorrow
035. Rock 'n' Roll

Week VI
036. Refugee
037. Queen of Hearts
038. Hangman
039. Magic Tricks
040. Radio
041. Prostitution
042. Celebrating a Birthday

Week VII
043. Swearing
044. Parade
045. Phobias
046. Suicide Notes
047. Emotional Paranoia
048. Missing Puzzle Pieces
049. Black Balloon

Week IIX
050. Graffiti
051. Empathy
052. Strangers
053. Pockets
054. Having a Stroke
055. Promises
056. Medicine

Week IX
057. Social Ladder
058. Four-Leafed Clover
059. Divorce and Separation
060. Brothers and Sisters
061. Perfume
062. Adoption
063. Blue Jeans

Week X
064. Paper Airplanes
065. Marijuana
066. An Open Door
067. Hiding Behind Lies
068. Archery
069. 1990s Cartoons
070. An Asian Food Market

Week XI
071. A Night to Remember
072. The Moon
073. Guidance
074. Dyed Flowers
075. Wheelchairs
076. Dedication Pages on Books
077. A Panic Attack

Week XII
078. Black and Blue
079. A Beautiful Place
080. Innocence and Guilt
081. Romance Addiction
082. Selfishness
083. Mockingbirds
084. Always a Bridesmaid .

085. "Break a Leg"
086. Taking Initiative
087. College
088. Drama Queens
089. Unforeseen Tragedy
090. Loving Across Time
091. The Four Seasons

Week XIV
092. Abortion
093. Gunshots
094. A Masquerade
095. An Unexpected Twist on the Ending
096. Restless
097. Running Away
098. An Unknown Truth

Week XV
099. Persephone
100. Enlightenment
101. The Martyr
102. Alice in Wonderland
103. Wiseman
104. Natural Wonder
105. The Island

Week XVI
106. Eden
107. Drowning
108. Gamble
109. Thicker than Water
110. Clear Blue Sky
111. Rain
112. Halfway Home

113. Dead End
114. Stargazers
115. Insomnia
116. Skyscrapers
117. Butterfly
118. Smoke Screen
119. What Lies Beneath

120. Losing Control
121. Unfaithful
122. Asylum
123. Injury
124. Karma
125. Dancing
126. Enchantment

Week XIX
127. Shadow
128. Red
129. Eagle
130. Extreme Behaviors
131. Soundtrack
132. Books
133. Lithium

Week XX
134. Paralysis
135. Holiday
136. Safety
137. Secret Wishes
138. Dishonor
139. Accusations
140. Motorcycle

Week XXI
141. Requiem
142. The American Dream
143. Solo
144. Leaving Home
145. Climb
146. Pressure
147. Test

148. Electricity
149. Amber
150. Bible
151. Shock
152. Glass Jar
153. Dragonfly
154. Truth or Dare

155. Relativity
156. Reaction
157. Winter
158. Dolls
159. Ink
160. An Instant
161. Lullaby

162. Spider Webs
163. Fortune Telling
164. Yin and Yang
165. Slavery
166. Confetti
167. Rooftops
168. Justice

Week XXV
169. Scream
170. Fabric
171. Circus
172. Observation
173. Sand
174. Love Letters
175. Orchids

176. Owl
177. Metal
178. Exhale
179. Intoxication
180. Color Blindness
181. Flesh
182. Diary

183. Vacancy
184. Sickness
185. Playing with Fire
186. Before
187. Sweet Nothings
188. Asthma
189. Stormy Skies

190. Red Lipstick
191. Scissors
192. Reflection
193. Black Cat
194. Siren
195. Shallow
196. Little Things

197. Choke
198. Static
199. Snowflake
200. Honey
201. Catch
202. Stars in the Attic
203. Fairy Tales

Week XXX
204. Misunderstood
205. Illumination
206. Photograph
207. Imagine
208. Strawberry
209. Stripes
210. Spontaneously

211. Dust
212. Chastity
213. Daybreak
214. Werewolf
215. Eyes
216. The Thirteenth Floor
217. Goodbye

218. Computer
219. Just Hold On
220. Cross
221. Concepts of Hell
222. Remembering 9/11
223. Monsters
224. Practicing Tolerance

225. Broken Frames
226. Drive
227. No Time
228. Wind
229. Flag
230. Rules
231. Rebellion

232. Hybrid
233. Sweet Sixteen
234. Poison
235. Sleeping Beauty
236. Burning
237. Buzzed
238. Pearl

239. Sword
240. Wizard of Oz
241. Freedom
242. Blue Rose
243. Codes
244. Decisions
245. Trickery

246. Peril
247. Million
248. Beauty
249. Tattoo
250. Whip
251. Tactics
252. Battlefield

253. Tomorrow
254. Daily Life
255. Language
256. Adolescence
257. Paradise
258. St. Mark’s Place
259. Blessings

260. Thunder
261. Prison
262. Train
263. Abandonment
264. Sacrifice
265. Do Not Disturb
266. Traps

Week XIL
267. Challenge
268. Starvation
269. Alcohol
270. Spiral
271. Ashes, Ashes...
272. Triangle
273. Introverted

Week XL
274. True Colors Shown
275. Portrait
276. Model
277. Shutterbox
278. Diamond
279. Puppet
280. Actor

Week IXL
281. Two Roads
282. Beauty
283. Murder
284. Lost
285. Value
286. Sobriety
287. Sweaters

288. Tulips
289. Resting Place
290. The Folly
291. Love Stories
292. Crows
293. Sunsets
294. December

295. A Room
296. Victory
297. Defeat
298. Tiger
299. Peach
300. Candle
301. Personality

Week VIL
302. Dreams of a City
303. Ice
304. Fire
305. Legacy
306. Law
307. Flying
308. Fight

Week VL
309. Single
310. Hesitation
311. Healing
312. Fantasy
313. Building
314. Hero
315. Disguise

Week IVL
316. Soul Reborn
317. Between the Lines
318. Fireworks
319. Can’t
320. Soccer
321. Heat
322. Raising the Bar

323. Live Your Life
324. Parents
325. Transcending Time
326. In Spite Of Which
327. Naked
328. Further
329. Outcasts

Week IIL
330. Calling
331. Alternatives
332. Elevator
333. A Bad Decision
334. Slow Down
335. Past Forgiven
336. Tree

Week IL
337. Last One Standing
338. Drifting
339. Soldiers
340. The Right Reasons
341. Lists
342. Open Relationship
343. Riot

Week L
344. Invisibility
345. Second Chance
346. Bridge
347. Disturbed
348. Stitches
349. New Year’s Day
350. The Mile

Week LI
351. Perfect
352. Hurt
353. Exit
354. Good Riddance
355. Funhouse
356. Dark Horse
357. Sin

Week LII
358. If I Stay
359. Misguided Valentine
360. Pick Up the Pieces
361. The Bitter End
362. Missing You
363. Follow Me
364. Leave Together

365. Returning Home
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:21 pm

Week I- Day: 001- Prompt: New Beginnings- Word Count: 1061

Entry- for 28 Oct. 12:

There wasn't a single thing that he wanted more than freedom, more than revenge. The damp cell from where he sat offered little comfort and amplified his desires. Murder they had said. Murder, they had said, he commited. He neither remembered the incident nor remembered ever seeing the victim. His pleas went unheard and he was faced with some jail time and a death sentence that was to be carried out in a matter of a few hours.

The aroma filled the room before he could see the last meal he requested. The contents grotesque to view and the smell worse than previous meals. They were taunting him. They were just waiting for the hours to pass. One less criminal to take care of. He wasn't hungry but poked around the food on the tray in front of him. A few minutes passed when he noticed something odd about this last meal, a crumpled piece of paper was buried beneath the goo.

"I believe you. Believe you aren't guilty. I can help you. Do you wish for freedom? Do you think you can escape?"

He reread the note in his hand several times before deciding that it was simply a cruel game. Nobody believed him. Why should they? The world had been told that he commited such an atrocious crime and the world had believed it. He needn't be guilty for the world to pin him as such. The paper crumpled in his fist as a new flame of fury over came him at this new taunt.

There wasn't a knock at the door before the guards marched in. There were two of them to escort him to his death. He knew that it was time. One guard glanced at the unedlible mush that still filled the tray and remarked about the quick death from a lack of substance. What a pity that there wouldn't be any fight. The inmate clutched his fists together, the note still held firmly in his right hand. Perhaps this is what it had meant. Perhaps they wanted a fight. As much as he didn't want to give them what they wanted he had contemplated fighting his way through. Although, it was nearly impossible to escape maybe they would kill him during the chase and be unable to present him to the unlookers looking for a good death.

Before he had thought of his actions he slammed the palm of his left hand against the bottom of the nearest guards nose ramming it up into his brain. Turning quickly he narrowly missed being hit with the baton of the other guard who noticed the fight. The guard remarked again, this time joyed by the fight against death. The inmate couldn't recall the events or his actions. He did only has he had done for years. Allowed instincts to save him from the inevitable.

Both guards laid against the cold cement floor unmoving. He stripped one of the ear com he had been wearing and put it in his own ear. This way he may have a little heads up of where the guards were coming from. They all communicated through the ear coms. As soon as he put it on he knew that others were headed to subdue him while the building was being put in lock down. He didn't have much time.

"You actually did it," the voice echoed in his ear. He couldn't tell it to be a male or female voice but he definatly new it wasn't a voice he had been hearing as he tried to make it quickly and unoticed to the exit. He didn't respond to the voice but he didn't have to either, "Funny, you are beginning to think you will make it to the exit." He tried to ignore the voice, though it was right. "What is the point of the effort though. Once you are on the outside they will hunt you. Never to be free again."

He stopped moving and stood there. The voice was right. They were just going to hunt him down relentlessly. He would never be free to do as he pleased. What was the point in fighting? The voice spoke again. "Do you gamble?" He didn't answer. He didn't want to answer. He didn't want to care. The voice spoke again into his ear, "You do gamble. Everyday you gamble your life. Today let us again gamble your life." The voice paused then resumed, "Escape and I'll make you a free man but you will owe me a favor or two." He chuckled outloud. That was definatly a gamble. Nobody could make him a free man the whole world had known of his guilt and one couldn't just erase the minds of the world. But the offer was intriguiging. Besides perhaps he could live just a few more days, have a few more days to seek his revenge. That was all he asked within his thoughts. A few days.

The voice in his ear warned him of oncoming guards, told him where to go in order to avoid the most of them. He dealt with the few he came across as quickly as possible so he could move on. His own ability to continue to move only pushed forward with adrenaline. He hadn't the strength to pursue this from the beginning. The few good attacks from the guards were beginning to wear on him. The only thing that kept him moving forward was adrenaline. Adrenaline and that voice in his ear that the others could not hear.

Finally he reached the open air outside of the compound. He had not the slightest idea where to go. He did know that he would not be able to go much further. He had not yet spoken to the voice and just when he was about to it answered his question. Telling him that shelter could be found to the west only a few hundred feet. It seemed unlikely but he didn't care. It was a good run even if he was caught. He was tired, he was nearly unable to move. He reached the area and found himself a cozy little area mostly hidden. Collapsing where he stood he could feel his eyelids heavy. Just before he passed out he heard the voice one last time.

"Good night Zachariah. Welcome to your new beginning."

Week I- Day: 001- Prompt: New Beginnings-

Entry- for 28 Oct. 2012 ::

Dear Diary,

I write because I'm told I must. It will please the people around me. I suppose that is all I can ask for now. I'm just so sick of their nagging. They say they want to help me but in reality I know that they just want to change me. Change me at the very core of who I am.

The main problem about all of this is, I'm not entirely sure what they are trying to fix. I see no problem with anything about me. They do, obviously, but I do not see or feel it.

ugh, Now all I feel like I'm doing is whining onto an empty notepage. I guess I feel a little better being able to vent. Maybe this will help for that at least.

I'm being called now. I'll leave with this short entry.


smutty cannibal prince

smutty cannibal prince

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:24 pm

Week I- Day: 002- Prompt: Cause/Effect- Word Count: 269

Entry- for 29 Oct. 12:


The understanding that those creatures have been with us since the beginning of time is a horrible misunderstanding. A lie told repeatedly by our government to cover up the circumstances of their existence. It wouldn't be the first time that a situation such as this has arose but it is, without a doubt, the most extensive cover up that had been done as of yet.

The following is the true cause for the existence of those creatures:

Many years ago there was a compound a few miles from Caser City in what is now a forbidden area. This compound was created to house individuals for experimentation. Although, intentions were good the reactions of this experimentation wasn't as the scientists had hoped. Willing to work with whatever had been created scientists built off of the monstrosity. During a field experiment in which these beings were to interact with people of the outside world (against the knowledge of the outside world) the compound was destroyed. The remaining creatures were forced to survive and did so by becoming part of the human population where they reproduced with humans. The genetic differences forged the creation of Walkers.

It is learned that very little is known about Walkers. In fact, quite a bit is known and they have and are being studied continuos. Each variation have five levels. Most Walkers are v1 or v2. Very few ever reach v5. With each development there is a strain in their bodies and minds that usually kills them.

For now this is what I leave you with. The attached documents further to tell the truth.

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