To enter, send a note to MLP-Earthen-Wonders titled "Secret Santa"

If you want one of your own existing ponies to be drawn, please be sure to provide a clear reference. Ponies made in dollmakers are acceptable as references.

If you want ponification, include a lot of clear references of the person or character you want ponified.

If you want a pony designed for you, describe the pony as clearly as possible. Include a color reference if you can.

If you want an official pony drawn, My Little Wiki has a massive list of pony toys from all generations.

Entries will close towards the end of Novermber, and assignments will be handed out at that time. You do not need to be a member of MLP-EW to enter, but you must enter with an earth pony.

You can enter up to three times, but for every entry you submit, you must be willing to draw for somebody else. You are allowed to enter the same pony all three times.