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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:24 pm
(Psssssssh, better than eating rats. Hmmp.)

“Yes,” he reassured her, smiling. His eyes scanned the street and paused on the street name. “It’s the name of the street, she said some goons would be hovering about.”

As they got closer to the alley he spotted them, just a bunch of shifty looking people who happened to be vampires with nowhere else to go. Marcel wrapped an arm around Rei’s waist in a loose way that kept her close but seemed to be more for him than for her. Underneath his smiles and mannerisms he had to use while in the Queen’s court he was still a little boy who was uncertain of the world and distrusting.

For now he looked at the men like he pitied them. Why on earth was Shentay in this hellhole, supervising criminals? It was a bizarre turn of events.

“Ah, here it is. See, the streets, the alley, and the hoarders den.” His hand moved off her hip and wrapped around her hand as they drew closer. His free hand fished a key out of his pocket for the steal door. “I suppose we turn into rats that must find their way to the cheese at the end.”
He smiled at her but it was clear he was a little grossed out. Shentay had been known as a coinsure of rats in her last kingdom.

Mean while, she looked at her latest prey, a teenager, and nodded. “Right. You get one space heater. You get as much light as you want for your rooms, more books, and you’re never eating pizza with anchovies again.” She nipped at his ear and moved him forward up two flights of stairs, down a few dingy looking halls, then to another steal door. Behind it was her own private quarters. It looked completely different than anything else in the building. Artificial light, brand new, clean things. It was obvious she had a lot of money. She had everything an apartment would have.

“Anchovies are so gross.”
PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:44 pm
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Just another vampire...

If she closed her eyes, and concentrated, she could still hear it. The first, and last time, her beloved had ever partaken of her crimson liquid. That romantic night, their honeymoon, where he had fulled embraced her, turning her after the concemated their marriage. Teasing kisses, lingering along the side of her neck, playful bites, all would antagonize her body but never truly prepare her for the bite. A loud pop. Her eyes sprung open once more as his hand fell about her waist. An action she knew to mean her safety, being pulled closer towards him, but an action that held a different meaning. He was uncertain. Perhaps it was of the place or of the small group they were coming up to, but she knew how to deal with such. As he pulled her closer, her hand rose, resting lightly against his chest, her palm, as she leaned in and lightly placed a kiss along his cheek. In terms of vampire years, they haven't been together that long but they both knew that a hand against the chest was a calming feat, a soothing action, as it meant to calm one's over beating heart, should such wish to work anymore. All in all, it was a gesture private between them. Her silence would reign as they continued to walk. When Marcel would glance up, making a comment about the green street sign, she would glance up as well, taking in the name should she venture out and need to find her way back.

"Hoarders Den?" She questions as piercing violet eyes scanned about, taking in the size of the crowd and, though she rather not admit it, the sketchy nature of the environment. It was a drastic change. Leaving the castle, where Marcel was a Prince, herself a Princess, and the servants, the never ending supply of food, the balls and fairs, all for this place. Regardless of her admiration for such a court life her loyalty and true love remained with both Marcel and his mother. They were her family now and, more importantly, she would follow both of them into the deepest parts of the after life if she needed to. Especially Marcel. She promised him, long ago, that should something happen to him that she would end herself and refuse to live without him. To this day, she still held that promise true. "Why, my love? Do you dare call your wife a rat?" She inquired, tilting her head lightly to the side and giving her beloved husband a light and teasing smile. Her soft pink painted lips slowly creeping into a larger smile as she awaited his answer. Oh how she adored teasing him.

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Dusk ll

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:01 am
Alexi grinned, opening his mouth to give a smart remark but it cut off with a slight gasp. His head tilted towards her ear his mouth hanging slightly open. Once he had snapped out of the slight daze her teeth on his ear had caused his hand held onto hers tighter again.

" Miss. Shentay I love anchovies and ...and " he frowned looking up at her in the lit room. " And you want me to have what I love right?"  
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:42 pm
He forced a smile and tried not to laugh or roll his eyes. “Of course not… I’m saying my mother thinks of you as one.” He grinned and looked around The vampires in here looked tired and closed their eyes once they saw who he was. They were new recruits who only had permission to stay in this first room. And for good reason, they were diamond’s in the rough. Petty criminals who had shown signs of loyalty and who wanted to move up in the world. For now they napped on couches or on the floor while clinging to their luggage.

Marcel wasn’t as surprised as Rei. She seemed to idolize Shentay. He knew she was just his mother and capable of irrational, illogical pursuits. With Rei he started to walk through the halls, following the directions on the paper. “She has strong roots in this city too, you know. I’m not especially worried about her well being.”


She guided him to the couch and made him sit down. “Are you trying to manipulate me?” She frowned and placed a finger under his chin to make him look up at her. “Pets shouldn’t do that.” The vampire tapped him on the nose. “Maybe you should sleep on the floor like a dog to remind you that you’re a pet.”

She stepped back and checked the closet for a coat. After not finding any she picked through a pile of clean clothes that had just come out of the drier and picked out a new long sleeve shirt for him and shorts. “Here, these should be warmer for you.”

Vice Captain

Dusk ll

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:35 pm
His smile faltered and his cheeks began to redden, first trying to look away but her finger on his chin made it certain that didn't happen.

" N...no of course not, Mistress" he stuttered in a soft whisper, " I'm sorry... I'll be good. " He didn't want to be made to sleep on the ground again, rather than in her bed. So Alexi's eyes followed her as she picked through clothes trying to think of a way to prove he was obedient.

Once the clothes were picked out for him he stood up and nodded. "Yes ,Mistress I like those. "He smiled and unbuttoned his yellow short shorts and shimmied out of them and unbuttoned his long shirt so it could slide off his shoulders. As soon as he was undressed he took the shirt from her, and slipped it on quickly and then did the same with the shorts, once they were buttoned up he smiled up at his Mistress with the blush that started out small, a little deeper on his cheeks and traveling along too his ears.  
PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:39 am
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Just another vampire...

Her lips lightly stretched as she cantered her head to the side. Glancing up at her husband, and giving him that 'wifely' look, that only meant that he was teasing her, she parted her lips finally to speak as the two continued down their path. All layed out perfectly by some sort of instructions. "My beloved Husband...there is no way your mother qualifies me as a rat. We are friends, dearest of friends. Perhaps, since she ate rats, and you share a blood line, she finds you to be the rat." She teased back playfully, giving his hand a light squeeze to ensure that it was just a teasing. Her violet eyes lifted, catching each of these new vampires, ones that she had never seen before, as they surpassed them. She would make mental notes of each. Remembering what they were wearing, the color of their hair, to any marks that could be visible. She would grow silent as they moved forth, away from the others.

Finally, as they grew distance from the other vampires, she spoke. "I had no idea she held strong ties in the city." She ushered, her head turning as they passed the oddness of the walls. An older time wall paper that Rei had never seen before. "My love, I know things are not going to be how they were but please tell me what we are in for. While I adore your surprises, and I would gladly follow you and your family to the deepest parts of hell, I must admit I'm beginning to feel a bit uneasy." She commented, alerting him to just how uncertain she was, felt, about the place they currently found themselves in. Her other hand remained at her side, lightly pressing against the black cloth where it rested.

Rei was an unusual vampire. Had she known they were coming to such a place, she would have surely worn pants, a corset, boots. But, without the details, she assumed they were meeting Shentay, her mother-in-law, at a fancy restaurant downtown. Thusly, she wore this. And how foolishly she felt by it all.

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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:25 pm
She smiled at him, her entire demeanor was unnaturally soft and gentle for a vampire. She hasn't looked for company in a long time, but this boy had made her happy. It wasn't a foreign emotion to her, she didn't live a miserable life, but if was a specific kind of happiness she couldn't pin down.

The vampire placed her hands on his hips and leaned down slightly to kill his cheek. "Good boy."


Marcel walked in silence as she spoke. He didn't look alarmed or bored, just uninterested at his surroundings.

"This place seems fitting for her." He smiled pleasantly as he said so. His tone was casual but there was bitterness on his face.

"At the castle she gambled and won it all. Here... no such luck or privilege. This," he stepped over a small pile of garbage as they walked, "Is the glory she deserves."

And it was true. Her time at the castle played out like an alternative universe. Everything fell into place and allowed her to rise above others. Here there were too many people, too many factors to plan something so noble. But as time passed over she did made a name for herself here. It took years but she found her niche of power.

He turned down a final hallway and stopped at a door. "I believe this is it." He looked at Rei, then knocked.


Shentay looked up from her pet and glanced at the door. it was either an emergency or a visitor.

"I think..." she looked at her watch, then back to her teenaged prisoner. "Ah! My son and his wife are here. Dear friends." She picked a blanket off the couch and wrapped it around him to keep warm. Shentay hadn't think of this before, but having a young man who was much, much younger than her son for a companion might be considered a little taboo. Her face didn;t show it. Instead she made him stand stand by her side went she finally answered the door.

When she saw Rei, she immediately hugged her old friend. "Hello! I'm glad you could make it!"

Marcel glanced down at Alex with a cold expression on it face.
PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:17 am
"Marcel!" She would give him the benefit of the doubt, allowing him to finish his statement, before she gripped his hand and pulled him close to her. Luckily, she had waited until both of them were over the trash before her own features fell. Not only with anger but with sadness. "Your mother, my friend, did a great deal of good back at that castle." She began, her own violet orbs, the very ones he had given to her when he turned her, narrowed slightly in more sadness and hurt as she continued, purposely lowering her voice so the conversation fell just between them and them alone.

"Do you not recall the spoiled and cruel man you were when we first met? Had your mother not brought you to that castle, straightened you out, we would have never met. You would have never sired me..." She paused, sighing softly as the next statement, even thinking it, brought her violet eyes to lower. "..and we would have never married. You're mother made many sacrifices and, just because you were not around to see many of them, it doesn't mean that her choices were poor." She explained. Silencing herself as he made forth, curling his fingers and giving the door a knock.

Before Shentay would answer the door, she pressed forth. "There is no doubt in my mind that she will not fulfill the same task here as what she did in the castle. And, it will be grand when she does so." She finished, finding the door opening in front of her. Immediately, and at the sight of her mother-in-law, and her dear friend, she pressed forth, arms extended, and embraced her fully. "Oh, Shentay! It is so good to see you!" She spoke, truthfully, and, as the hug ended, she turned towards Marcel, noticing his cold look. She would follow his gaze, meeting the younger man with the blanket over him and, in recognizing such, knowing it was Shentay's new pet.

"Marcel, my dear? Won't you embrace your mother?" She ushered lightly, gently reaching for his hand and giving it a light squeeze, trying to bring his attention away from the pet while pulling him over to her and in front of his mother. At this time, the blond haired beauty moved to where Marcel was standing, extending her own hand towards the pet. Once being such, and knowing the direct cruelness that Marcel had towards pets, she decided to soften any uncertain and cold feelings. "Hello there. I'm Rei." She offered her name. "And you are?" She encouraged. Had they the ability to mate, her kindness would have made her an excellent mother.

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Dusk ll

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:50 pm
He grinned and and went on his tippy toes to kiss her cheek as well his grin fell as the door knocked. Alexi hated visitors he hated anyone who intrupted his intimate time with his mistress, it had also been a few dayts since he had been given his 'medicine' and he was starting to feel easily irritated.

As they walked towards the door he leaned into her slightly pulling the blanket around himself waiting to see who was at the door, when it opened he was disappointed his Mistress left his side and embraced one of the two. Peaking out from behind Shentay he looked at the woman and then the man only to be met by a cold expression to which he returned with a irritated scowl.

His eyes soon shifted to the woman who extended her hand to him, " Im..um im alexi..."he kept his hands clutched to the blanket just looking at the hands and back to Rei, he didnt like touching other people, he once was bruised to the point of crying by Shentay, just from talking to a person.  
PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:17 am
Feros Derali
± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±

Appearing from the forest and out onto the streets was a black looking figure with razor sharp teeth. His eyes glowing yellow and his scent smelling like fear. Feros to be his name had recently left the forest as he was in search of a place to stay. He is currently in his black panther form and not particularly caring of his surroundings he was more on focused to just find a nice warm place to just rest for the night. He scanned his eyes around the street he walked on and seeing what looked like an alleyway nearby he increased the pace of his steps and when he came to the alley he leaned down and crawled over to a box to sleep in. Resting now he stretched out his paws before letting out a very heavy huff of a sigh which sounded like a growl. Taking one little look of the alley he sniffed the air just to see if any unwanted guest was nearby. Sensing nothing he closed his eyes and slowly drifted what seemed like into a peaceful sleep.

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