Siobahn wasn't surprised to hear what he said. It seemed like the mean kids were always pouncing on her when she was sad about something. Lately that was quite often. She missed her grandmother so much, and even now just thinking about her caused tears to fill up her eyes.

"Then I shall have to try and not cry so much. It's hard though; especially when I get so homesick for my grandmother." Siobhan admitted, wiping away the tears on the sleeve of her robe.

She was surprised to learn that swans were so powerful. She listened to Basil feeling even more inspired and enthralled by the description of the birds. She really should try and learn more about them. "they sound so amazing. I will definitely have to try and research more on them." She replied.

Siobahn noticed that his stutter came back when he had to turn his words back to the dragons. She tilted her head to the side and wondered if the dragon was a symbol for someone in his life that caused him a lot of grief and trouble. If that was so then the swan must represent someone who helped him or inspired him to do better.

"It is very fitting," she agreed. "My mother's been called a dragon lady. I imagine it's because she's so prim, proper, and so strict. She comes across as very cold hearted, kind of like how a reptile is cold blooded." She had no idea that in comparing the dragon to her mother that this would probably cause Basil to freak out a bit.

Siobahn's gaze was drawn to him twirling his quill between his fingers and wondered just how he managed to do that. "That is so cool, maybe you can teach me how to do that." She said pointing at it. "Oh that's great! I can hardly wait to hear more." She added, grinning at him.