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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 5:55 pm
Name: Zaidi Maono
Stage (Cub/Juvenile/Adolescent/Adult): Adult
Gender: Male
Lines: CC
Parents: ?x?
Offspring: N/A
Domain: Intoxication
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Description: Before I get to his long description, let me say I am open to artistic liberty, so feel free to change/add as you see fit.

A light purple coat, with with a black gradient along the bottom of his paws. As the black gradient comes to an end at the tips of his toes, a light blue gradient appears and snakes up the backs of his legs. Along his legs he has teal stripes snaking mid way up, and then stopping. This is the same for each leg. He also has the same teal stripes along his back. His belly is a gradient black, and his mane is solid black as well. His tail will be purple as well, with a few teal stripes along it, but not many. His tail tuft will be black with a darker blue tint to the underside. His inner ears are teal, and along the tips and edges of his ears, he goes from the purple to a gradient blue again. He has teal eyeshadow over each eye and then a dot of black slightly above that. As far as his 'horns' go they should come off more deer like in appearance, in a ghostly blue. His wings are CCable, perhaps some wings with a smoky effect? Just have fun with them :] If possible i'd also like for his nostrils to have smoke seemingly coming out of them. A spacey/drunken facial expression would be perfect! Also - think fluffy, frizzy, and frazzled.

As for accessories - they do not have to be exact to that in his ref - have fun with the symbols and design them however you wish, but please take note of where they are - the most important being the pendant on his neck. These trinkets all glow!

For a familiar, i'd really like a wolf pup similar to this.

Reference Image(s), if applicable: Ref 1 - Ref 2
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:54 pm
Name: Judeau
Stage: adult
Gender: male
Lines: sitting
Parents: Griffith x Zimran
Offspring: none
Domain: penance
Have you had your quest approved? n/a, he already exists
Han had the adults for this litter sketched, but I haven't been able to get in touch with her to get them and I didn't think to save them at the time. From what I remember he was meant to look sad, his expression sorrowful, his head was lowered, his wings tattered, and his horn broken/cracked. I do not know what color he was meant to end as, only that he was supposed to get duller or darker with each stage and the tear streaks more prominent. otherwise, go go artistic license.
Reference Image(s), if applicable: juvenile, cub
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Name: Gaius Tiberius
Stage: adult
Gender: male
Lines:standing lines
Parents: Tanaka x Satome
Offspring: none
Domain: chauvinism
Have you had your quest approved? n/a, he already exists
Description: according to DFA, he was going to have a partial/short mane like his father, Tanaka.
Reference Image(s), if applicable: Cub Juve
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:06 pm
Name: TBA
Stage: Adult
Gender: Female or male!
Lines: Standing for female, sitting lines for male
Parents: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Domain: CC
Have you had your quest approved? N/A
Description: N/A
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:05 pm

Name: Rena'tol
Stage: Adult
Gender: Female
Lines: Old lines, preferably
Parents: ? x Abla (Goddess of Hardships)
Offspring: -
Domain: The Unwanted
Have you had your quest approved? Yes
o. Dark grey/black base. Dark Red Toes.
o. Black/Darker Grey markings around eyes / and along belly.

o . Semi-large dark gray/black wings. (similar size to her mother's, perhaps ? )
o . Long white/grey hair, with a few braids and beads (Beads and braids in elongated tail fluff as well, CC in placement/amount)
o . A Rainbow feather on a chord around her neck.
o . Silver band around her tail with glowing yellow orb attached (with a feather attached to the orb)

o . Serious/somewhat grumpy expression face.

o . A flower (a red rose) somewhere on her? (This is optional)

Feel free to adjust her design, or take inspiration from her Mother <3
Reference Image(s), if applicable: reference (any accessories on the ref pic that's not described above are not required but can be added if you want to.)

Her mother Abla, Goddess of Hardships, owned by Yin-bug
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:05 am
Name: Niobe
Stage (Cub/Juvenile/Adolescent/Adult): Adult
Gender: female
Lines: Newer
Parents: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Domain: Inner Stregnth
Have you had your quest approved? Yes
Description: Fluffier fur but still slender looking, long kirin like tail with a loong mane piece at the end, detached butterfly wings that just hoover above her shoulders. A wild slightly curled mass of mane, with random loose style braids. Use the image ref as a guilde line to play with. Silver accessories that are totally CC in her hair, a necklace/choker piece and bangles ect. A breaking heart with cross bones on her hip with a lavender glow, elvish writing of "I love you" and "I hate you" down her cheeks like tears and banded around her front legs. Her coat is a charcole gray, with white and pink stocking markings on her front legs, and ears. Her eyes are a rich purple, and her nose is white.
Reference Image(s), if applicable: Best ref for colors, markings and wings.
Mane ref
Make up idea
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:18 pm
Name: Enzi
Stage: Adult only
Gender: Male
Lines: (I'm not sure what the options are...would I be allowed to look at some? Or, if that would be too much trouble, whatever the colorist deems most appropriate for the character in accordance with the refs shown below.)
Parents: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Domain: Amorality
Have you had your quest approved? Yes - right here
Description: Please see reference pictures for physical description. As far as concept...
Concept of Amorality God
The definition of amorality is basically the lack of a moral conscience. Therefore, the polar opposite domain of Amorality would probably be Conscience, currently ruled by Shem (Honey Gee). Amorality is distintly different than morality and immorality, which are opposites of each other. I didn't see a god of selfishness, but if there was one, I believe it might have an overlapping domain with amorality, since amoral beings tend to do as they wish without a sense of right or wrong to guide them. Thus, amoral beings are capable of being both helpful and harmful to others without any conscience to make them feel guilty or proud of good or bad deeds. They cannot tell good from bad. Tricksters are usually amoral, so the Trickery domain, currently ruled by Anansi (endejester) will probably overlap. Trickery and Conscience are the only existing domains I can think of that currently have a direct relation to Amorality.
Also as a quick question...would it somehow be possible for him to have a flamingo familiar of some kind? If not, that's perfectly fine~
Reference Image(s), if applicable:
If he seems too plain, please feel free to do as you like with him, though I'd like to know what you have in mind before he's finalized. His only real 'accessories' are his wings and decorative flamingo feathers in his name. If applicable, he has the features of an 'outlander' from TLK movies, such as sharper nose, etc.
[1] - main reference (he will be permanent adult stage, if possible)
[2] - Fullbody (but without the feathers on the tail. The ones in his mane are just decoration and are not attached to him.)
[3] - the one in the center being attacked by flamingos. He has a certain fondness for them once he learns how to hunt them down.
[4] - Juvenile (not really applicable since he won't have that stage, but this is just for color refs)
[5] - Cub (also not really applicable since he won't have that stage, but this is just for color refs, though the colors of the dots over his eyes are off)
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