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Islamic Teacher

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:20 am
Signs that will precede the Dajjal (AntiChrist or False Messiah)

(a) The coming of the Mahdi
In light of many Hadiths, the Sunni scholars are of the opinion that Al-Mahdi will come before the Dajjal (Anti-Christ). The Dajjal will appear in the last part of Al-Mahdi's reign.

(b) The Great Famine
There will be a famine for three years before his appearance. In the first year of the famine, Heaven will withhold one third of its rain and the Earth one third of its crops. In the second year of the famine, Heaven will withhold two thirds of its rain and the Earth will withhold two thirds of its crops. In the third year, there will not be a single drop of rain and not a single thing will grow. Thus, all the animals with hoofs and biting teeth will die and the Tasbeeh (mentioning Subhan-Allah) will suffice the believers' hunger. (Asma-bin-Yazeed/ Mishkat)

(c) Arabs/Muslims will be small in number
From the Hadith of Umm Shareek which can be found in Sahih Muslim, we could conclude the Arabs/Muslims will be small in number (most probably, because the Dajjal appears after the famine, spread of epidemic diseases, and Armageddon War in which lots of Arabs/Muslims will die).

(d) Few Religiously knowledgeable People
At the same time, we can conclude from the Hadith of Jabir bin Abdullah which can be found in Ibn Kathir's An-Nihaya that very few people will be knowledgeable in Islamic religious principles and doctrines, and thus ignorance in religious matters will be prevalent.

(d) Al-Malhama Al-Kubra (Big War) followed by the Conquest of Constantinople
After Muslims win Al-Malhama Al-Kubra (The Big War, this is probably the Bible's Armageddon ) against the European & American Christians, some time later, Muslims will conquer Constantinople (Istanbul, New York, or European city) with Takbir (without any battle or bloodshed). Then, the Dajjal appears.

(e) Lake of Tiberias (Sea of Galilee) will dry up
According to the story of Tamim Ad-Dari, mentioned above, the Dajjal foretold that there will be no more water in this lake.  
PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:23 am
The Dajjal's Parents

The following weak Hadith is reported by Abu Bakara: "His father will be tall and thin and his nose will be pointed like a beak, while his mother will be fat with two long hands. They will both remain thirty years without a child. After thirty years, a son with visual impairment in one eye, biting teeth and of little benefit will be born to them whose heart will remain awake while his eyes sleep." (Tirmizi)

Islamic Teacher

Islamic Teacher

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:25 am
Dajjal's Physical Description & Characteristics

Based on the Hadiths listed below, the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is relatively young1, fat man2, reddish in complexion3 , with a broad chest 4,and biting teeth5. He resembles Abdul Uzzah bin Qatad from the tribe of Khuza'a.6 His head will have coarse, curly hair8 . He has a hairy body7. On his forehead, the Arabic letters ك (ka), ف (Fa), ر (Ra) (which mean unbeliever) will be appear written between his eyes which every believer will be able to clearly see and read, regardless of whether the believer is literate or illiterate 9. He has a shining forehead10.. He walks briskly11. He has no children.12

1) Nawwas bin Samaan / Sahih Muslim 7) Sahih Muslim
2) Ibn Umar / Sahih Bukhari / Sahih Muslim cool Nawwas bin Samaan / Sahih Muslim
3) Ibn Umar/ Sahih Bukhari 9) Anas bin Malik / Sahih Muslim
4) Abu Huraira / Musnad Ahmad 10) Abu Huraira / Musnad Ahmad
5) Abu Bakara / Tirmizi 11) Ubiadah / Abu Dawud
6) Nawwas bin Samaan / Sahih Muslim 12) Abu Saeed al-Khudri / Sahih Muslim
PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:28 am
Anas bin Malik narrated that Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said: " The Dajjal, between his eyes, is written (K), ف (F), ر (R) , meaning Kafir (unbeliever)..." (Sahih Muslim)

Abdullah bin Umar narrated that Allah's Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم said. "While I was sleeping, I saw myself (in a dream) performing Tawaf (circumambulation) around the Ka'ba (in Mecca). Behold, I saw a handsome (“reddish-white” according to some variations of this Hadith) man with straight hair, and water was dripping from his head. I asked, "Who is he?' They replied, 'The Son of Mary (meaning Jesus)'. Then I turned my face, and there was a stocky (fat) man, with red complexion, coarse & curly hair, and Awar (with deformed eye). His eye looked like a floating grape. They said 'This is the Dajjal '. (The Prophet added) 'Among people who resemble him (the Dajjal) most is Ibn Qatan, a man from the tribe of Khuza'a'." (Sahih Bukhari)

One of the most important distinctive features of the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is the fact he is Awar which means having one or two eyes deformed /disfigured:
- Most Hadiths indicate that the right eye is the seriously deformed /disfigured one; but some Hadiths indicate that it is the left eye.
- Most of the Hadiths that indicate both eyes are deformed /disfigured seem to portray that the condition of the right eye is more serious to the extent that he is most likely blind in his right eye, while the left eye is not blind, but just looks ugly.
Abdullah ibn Umar narrated that Allah's Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم stood up amongst the people and then praised and glorified Allah as He deserved and then he mentioned the Dajjal, saying, "I warn you of him, and there was no prophet but warned his followers of him; but I will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Ad-Dajjal is Awar (has a deformed eye) whereas Allah is not." (Sahih Bukhari )

Ubada ibn Saamit narrates that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, "I have explained Dajjal to you, but I fear that you might not have understood. The Dajjal Messiah (False Messiah) will be short and his legs will be crooked. The hair on his head will be Aja'd (coarse and curly). He will be Awar (has a deformed eye), while his other eye will be flat. It will be neither deep, nor protruding."

Ibn Umar narrates from the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم regarding Dajjal (AntiChrist), "…red complexioned, fat, with coarse hair, Awar (has a deformed eye) in the right eye which looks like a bulging grape." (Sahih Bukhari)

" The Dajjal will be Awar (has a deformed eye) in the right eye. He will have thick hair on his body ...." (Sahih Muslim)

Islamic Teacher

Islamic Teacher

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:32 am
Dajjal's Emergence & his Followers

After Muslims win the Big Battle (Armageddon) against the European and Americans, some time later, Muslims will conquer Constantinople with Takbir (without any battle or bloodshed). While the Muslim armies are distributing the war possessions acquired as a result of conquering Constantinople, someone will announce that the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) has appeared and causing Fitna (trials & tribulations) in your homes. On hearing this announcement, the Muslims will leave the war booty and head towards Syria. Later, they will realize that it was a false rumour. However, after reaching Syria, the Dajjal will truly emerge.

Amro bin Awf said that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, "The Hour (of Resurrection) will not come until the nearest enemy-watching outposts (stations) of the Muslims will be in بَوْلَاءَ Bawla." ...The Prophet said, "You will fight Bani Al-Asfar (Yellow People or Romans), and those who come after you will fight them, until the best people among the Muslims, the people of Al-Hijaz (Western region of Saudi Arabia that includes Mecca, Medina, and Jeddah), will go out to fight them, fearing nothing but Allah. They will conquer Constantinople (a variation of this Hadith says 'Constantinople and Rome') by (saying or chanting) Tasbih (Subhan Allah, meaning "praise & glory to Allah" ) and Takbir (Allahu Akbar, meaning "Allah is Greater" wink , and they will obtain booty the like of which has never been seen - they will share it out by scooping it up with their shields. Someone will come and say, 'The Dajjal has appeared in your lands', but it is a lie. Anyone who believes it will regret it, and anyone who ignores it will regret it." (Ibn Maja)

He will be accompanied by Demons and Jewish magicians.

He will first claim to be a Mahdi & Messiah and then claim to be God.

There is a Hadith that says the Dajjal will travel the World riding a white donkey (or mule), the two ears of which will be forty hands apart, moving at super speed, as fast as a cloud driven by winds (this "donkey" could be in fact a supersonic airplane). He will travel to the East and the West, entering every town on Earth, except Mecca and Medina, performing super-natural acts wherever he goes.

There are many Hadiths that mention the Dajjal will have particular influence over women.

We think his staunchest followers will most likely be Zionist Jews, Zionist Christians, and the Shia.
PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:36 am
What is certain is that the Dajjal will come from the East. To be more precise, we find that most Hadiths mention that Dajjal & his followers will come from regions either totally within Iran or partly associated with today's Iran. These Hadiths mention: (a) "Isfahan" , the second largest city in Iran, (b) Khorasan, a major region in Iran, (c) Kerman, a major region in Iran, (d) Sijistan, known today as Sistan region in Iran, historically bordering Kerman from the East. So, we can conclude that the Dajjal & his followrs most likely will come from Iran.

The "Jews of Isfahan" could be a reference to the Shia. The majority of the people of Iran are Shia. It is well-known that there are only about 25000 Jews left in Iran. So, in this Hadith, the word "Jews" could mean people, such as the Shia, who act like Jews, in the sense that they disobey God and try to change God's religion. Alternatively, the "Seventy thousands of the Jews of Isfahan" could indeed be Jews if great Jewish migration from Israel & elsewhere to Isfahan (in Iran) happens in the future, especially after Israel is conquered by Muslims.

The following Hadith is very important and it has been reported in several variations, among them:

1. Version 1:
حدثنا منصور بن أبي مزاحم حدثنا يحيى بن حمزة عن الأوزاعي عن إسحق بن عبد الله عن عمه أنس بن مالك
أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال يتبع الدجال من يهود أصبهان سبعون ألفا عليهم الطيالسة
Anas bin Malik said that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said "Seventy thousand of the Jews of Isfahan (a city in Iran) will follow the Dajjal, wearing Tayalisa (type of hoods or turbans)." ( Sahih Muslim)

2. Version 2:
حدثنا محمد بن مصعب حدثنا الأوزاعي عن ربيعة بن أبي عبد الرحمن عن أنس بن مالك قال
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يخرج من يهودية أصبهان معه سبعون ألفا من عليهم التيجان
Mohammad bin Musab said that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: " Seventy thousand from the Jews of Isfahan (a city in Iran) wearing Al-Tijan (crowns or turbans) will come out with the Dajjal." (Musnad Ahmad and Tabarani)

3. Version 3:
أبي سعيد الخدري قال : قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : يتبع الدجال من أمتي سبعون ألفا عليهم السيجان
رواه البغوي في "شرح السنة"، ورواه عبد الرزاق في "مصنفه"
Abu Saeed Al-Khudri said that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: " The Dajjal will be followed by seventy thousand from my Umma (nation of Muslims) wearing Al-Sijan (type of hoods or turbans, associated with Sijistan, known today as Sistan, in Iran). " (Al-Baghawi and Abd-Al-Razzaq)

3. Version 4:
حديث أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه؛ قال: سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول
لينزلن الدجال خوز وكرمان في سبعين ألفا وجوههم كالمجان المطرقة
رواه الإمام أحمد وإسناده حسن
Abu Huraira said that The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: " The Dajjal will go down to Khuz (lands east of Iran) and Kerman (region in Iran) with seventy thousand (soldiers) whose face look like flattened shields." (Musnad Ahmad)

4. Version 5:
‏حدثنا ‏ ‏محمد بن بشار ‏ ‏وأحمد بن منيع ‏ ‏قالا حدثنا ‏ ‏روح بن عبادة ‏ ‏حدثنا ‏ ‏سعيد بن أبي عروبة ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏أبي التياح ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏المغيرة بن سبيع ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏عمرو بن حريث ‏ ‏عن ‏ ‏أبي بكر الصديق ‏ ‏قال ‏
‏حدثنا رسول الله ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏قال ‏ ‏الدجال ‏ ‏يخرج من أرض بالمشرق يقال لها ‏ ‏خراسان ‏ ‏يتبعه أقوام كأن وجوههم ‏ ‏المجان ‏ ‏المطرقة

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (r.a.) narrated that The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: "The Dajjal emerges from a land in the East called Khorasan (region that includes Northeastern part of Iran, Afghanistan, , parts of Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, etc.). He will be followed by people whose faces are like flattened shields." (Tirmizi, Ahmad, Ibn Maja, and Al-Haakim)

There are some narrations that the followers of the Mahdi will emerge from Khorasan. This should make us more cautious about accepting the story that links the Mahdi to Khorasan because it seems like both the Mahdi and the Dajjal are linked to Khorasan.

حدثنا أحمد بن عبد الملك حدثنا محمد بن سلمة عن محمد بن إسحاق عن محمد بن طلحة عن سالم عن ابن عمر قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ينزل الدجال في هذه السبخة بمرقناة فيكون أكثر من يخرج إليه النساء حتى إن الرجل ليرجع إلى حميمه وإلى أمه وابنته وأخته وعمته فيوثقها رباطا مخافة أن تخرج إليه ثم يسلط الله المسلمين عليه فيقتلونه ويقتلون شيعته حتى إن اليهودي ليختبئ تحت الشجرة أو الحجر فيقول الحجر أو الشجرة للمسلم هذا يهودي تحتي فاقتله
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) told us in a Hadith that " .... Allah will grant the Muslims victory over Dajjal and the Muslims will kill him and his Shia; when the Shia of Dajjal hide behind a tree or a stone, then the tree and the stone will say to the Muslim that there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." (Musnad Imam Ahmad #5099)
The word Shia means followers, groupies, fans, etc. However, is it possible the Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم is giving us a hint that the Shia will be among Dajjal's main followers.

Islamic Teacher

Islamic Teacher

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:39 am
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ) said: “In every Ummah (nation), there are Magians (Zoroastrians) and the Magians of this Ummah (Muslim nation) are those who reject the Qadr (pre-destination). If anyone amongst them dies, do not attend their funeral, and if anyone amongst them becomes sick, don’t visit them and they are Shia of the Dajjal and it is the right of God to join them with the Dajjal.” (Sunan Abu Dawud and Musnad Ahmad)
The Shia reject the concept of Qadar (pre-destination) and instead have adopted the Mutazalite school of thought which rejects Qadar (pre-destination). The descendants of the Magians are none other than the Persians who mix Magianism (Zoroastrian religion) with Islam. It is well-known that most of the Persians (Iranians) today are Shia. So, the Shia of Iran are the descendants of the Magians.

The reason why the Shia will follow the Anti-Christ is that they will think he is their Imam Mahdi.
PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:51 am
The Trials & Tribulations caused by the Dajjal (AntiChrist or False Christ)

(a) The Dajjal's Trickery, Deception, and Super-Natural Acts

Two angels resembling two Prophets, one on either side will accompany him. This will be to test mankind. Hence, the Dajjal will ask, "Am I not your Lord (God) ? Do I not give life and death?" One of the angels will reply, "You are a liar." However, nobody will be able to hear this reply besides the other angel. The second angel addressing the first angel will say, "You are speaking the truth." Every body will hear what this second angel said and will think that an angel is testifying that the Dajjal is Allah (God), though in reality this second angel was addressing the first and agreeing with his reply that the Dajjal is a liar. (Safeena/ Musnad Ahrnad)
The Dajjal will cure those born blind, restoring their eyesight and cure the lepers. (Abdullah bin Mugaffal/ Kanzul Unimal)

He will approach a Bedouin whose parents have passed away and will say to him, "Will you believe that I am your Lord if I bring your parents back to life?" The Bedouin will reply, "Yes." The demons, that are accompanying the Dajjal, will assume the appearance of his parents and say to the Bedouin, "Oh son believe in him and follow him, he is your Lord.' The Bedouin will be deceived into believing the Dajjal. (Ibn Majah, Ibn Khuzaymah, and Al-Hakim).

He will come to another Bedouin and say, "Will you believe in me as your Lord if I bring your camel back to life?" "Yes", he will reply. He will make a figure for him like his camel, which will have a beautiful odour and a big hump. (Asma bin Yazeed /Mishkat)

Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم has informed us: "He (the Dajjal) will have two flowing rivers. One (river) will appear to be pure water, and the other will appear to be flaming fire. Whosoever lives to see that, let him choose the river that seems to be fire, then let him close his eyes and drink from it, for it will be cold water...and the cool water will be fire." (Sahih Bukhari). A variation of this Hadith says: "Whoever meets the Dajjal and sees the water and the fire, he should fall in the fire and not the water, as the fire will actually be water and the water will actually be fire.'' (Huzaifah/Mishkat). Another variation of this Hadith "...he will also have Paradise and Hell with him. Though his Paradise will appear as Paradise, in reality it will be Hell, and likewise, though his Hell will appear like Hell, in reality it will be Paradise." (Sahih Muslim)

(b) The Dajjal (AntiChrist) faces Opposition

Abu Saeed al-Khudri said that Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said: "On hearing about the Dajjal, a true believer will head towards him. However, on the way, he will be stopped by Dajjal's soldiers and asked where he is intending to go. Replying that he is going to meet the person who claims that he is Allah, the soldiers doubting him will ask, ''Do you not believe in our Lord (Dajjal) ?'' He will reply there is nothing hidden about our Lord Allah so how can I take Dajjal as my Lord. Angry at his reply, they will decide to kill him. But all of a sudden, one of them will say, ''Hasn't our Lord (Dajjal) prohibited us from killing anyone without his permission?" Thus, they will take him to the Dajjal. On seeing the Dajjal, he will shout, "O people this is the Dajjal the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم mentioned and warned the believers of". Dajjal will give an order for him to be killed. He will be placed on his belly and severely beaten. He will be asked, "Do you still not believe in him?" "No! You are the lying Dajjal" he will reply. The true believer will then be cut into two pieces, the Dajjal will walk in between the two pieces and address him, "Stand up." The true believer will become alive and stand up in one piece. Yet again, he will be asked, "Do you now believe in me?" He will reply, "It has only added to my insight concerning you that you are really the Dajjal." The believer will then proclaim, "O people he will not be able to do anything to any man after me." The Dajjal angry at his refusal, will grab hold of him and place a knife between his neck and throat to slaughter him, but he will be unsuccessful as Allah will place copper in that area and the knife will find no way to penetrate. The Dajjal will grab hold of his hands and legs and throw him into the fire. However, the fire will turn into a pleasant garden for him. This person will be the greatest martyr in the eyes of Allah and achieve the highest position due to his first death, which was caused by severance of the body in two pieces." ( Sahih Muslim)

(c) Believers in Allah will face hardship while the believers in the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) will temporarily rejoice

Nawwas bin Samaan said that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: "He will come to some people claiming to be Allah and they will believe him. Upon his order, the sky will rain, and the Earth will produce crops for these people. Their animals will graze on their land and return to them in the evening with large udders full of milk and their flanks full (stretched). Then, he will go to other people and call them, but they will refuse to believe in him. Without forcing them, he will leave. However, they will suffer great famine and will be left with no wealth. However, when these true believers wake up in the morning they will find that they are penniless and all their properties have been destroyed." (Sahih Muslim)

He will pass by the wasteland and say: 'bring forth your treasures' and its treasures will follow him like swarms of bees." (Sahih Muslim).
(d) Dajjal's Greed
He will have a mountain of bread with him, but he will only give bread to those that believe and follow him. (Jabir bin Abdullah/ Ibn Kathir's An-Nihaya)

(e) The Earth will uncover treasure at his command
Passing by a place in ruins, he will order it to uncover its hidden treasure. The earth will immediately uncover its hidden treasure and the treasure will literally follow him wherever he goes like bees following the queen bee. (Nawwas bin Samaan/ Sahih Muslim)

(f) The Dajjal (Anti-Christ) lures Women
The Dajjal will make a stop at a place called Markanat (near Taif, Saudi Arabia). On hearing about his arrival, the women will rush towards him, the men will be forced to tie their mothers, daughters, and sisters fearing they will believe in him and get caught up in Fitna (trial and tribulation). (Ibn Umar/ Musnad Ahmad)

Islamic Teacher

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2012 7:53 am
Mashallah brother this is very useful information biggrin  
PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:57 pm
Narrated by An-Nawwas ibn Sam'an who said: Allah's Apostle (s.a.w.s)) mentioned of the Dajjal one day in the morning..
When the Prophet was Describing Dajjal, He said:

"He will then give a command to the sky: there will be rainfall upon the Earth"

There was this article on internet about the modern day warfare & what the Science & Technology can do now days. Earthquake induction and environmental modification are part of the latest developments in waging war. The possibility now exists to conduct secret wars as you will see in this vid.
According to Dr. Bertell book, electromagnetic weapons have the ability to transmit explosive and other effects such as earthquake induction across intercontinental distances to any selected target site on the globe with force levels equivalent to major nuclear explosions.

For the past 40 years, the US military has conducted experiments on the earths atmosphere using waves and chemicals.

Attempts to gain control of the weather, through environmental engineering with experiments involving laser and chemicals to ascertain whether they could damage the ozone layer over an enemy; cause damage to crops and human health through exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays, have been carried out by the military..
When we look at what was written in Dr. Bertell book above & we match that with the Hadith , we can see it goes hand in hand with the description of The Dajjal,
The Prophet Muhammad(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) Clearly Stated:

"He will then give a command to the sky: there will be rainfall upon the Earth and it will grow crops"

I guess whoever is behind planning those secret wars & giving orders for the use of such force of nature against the humanity is the one that was described by our Holy Prophet (Sallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam) as The Dajjal..

Islamic Teacher

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