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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:16 pm
"I like having someone to spoil. You're more than welcome."

Jeremy smirked some at that and chuckled. "So you wanna be my sugar daddy, then?" He winked playfully. But then of course as the conversation went on, the playful nature dissipated and for now there would be no returning to that. This needed to be addressed. Avoiding it wouldn't take it away.

He couldn't help but frown some. Every time he saw the pain and discomfort in Dante's eyes, he really wanted to cry. He knew what he was going through. He understood it too much and he wished Dante had never had to experience such a thing... to be honest, Jeremy would rather the roles be switched right now. Keep Dante safe and just suffer all over again himself. After all, Jeremy had already gone through it before. At least it wouldn't be a new experience.

But Dante's situation...was so much more complicated. The politics of it all were weighing down Dante's recovery. If only they could just runaway from anything and do as they pleased together without any consequences.

He moved closer to Dante again and allowed himself to touch Dante's cheek as he looked him in the eye. "Look at me," he instructed softly, studying his expression. "I'm here for you. No matter what. No matter how long. No matter who dares touch you, you're mine, and I'll take down anyone who tries to say otherwise, with you at my side," he swore. "I love you," he reminded. "And I want you to just...remember when I first opened up to you about my...experience. Did you ever think--for even a moment-- that I was worthless or disgusting?" He asked rhetorically. "No. You didn't. Because having someone do that to you...it doesn't mean anything about you. Bad timing, bad everything in that moment. Sick b*****d... that's all. And to be honest...it wasn't until I opened up to you about it, and you accepted me so openly that I started to realize all of this. You healed me more than you can imagine. Before you, I...well," he paused to chuckle some. "You know how I was at clubs after work and on weekends before I met you. I didn't think I was worth more than a one night stand. You proved me wrong, and I love you for that. I love you for that and so much more, Dante," he said softly, gently stroking Dante's cheek with his thumb. "I don't want you to feel ashamed or disgusted by yourself, because you don't deserve it. You're beautiful, and sexy, and smart, and witty, and strong. You were my light at the end of the tunnel, and...whenever I'm with you," he paused, knowing he was being sappy. "I'm surrounded by light. Even know. Forever and always. I just wanted to remind you of all of that, and assure you that you're worth so much more than that b*****d told you...I know it's sappy, but as embarrassing as it is...I mean it. I really do." It made him sick to think about anyone making Dante feel like less than he actually was. "And I mean it when I say I want to kill him...but I'd much prefer he rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life."

Jeremy took a deep breath, relieved that he finally managed to form the words that had been building up inside him this whole time. He only wished he could reach him, if only for a moment. But he needed to think objectively as well.

"I think those are all great ideas," he agreed, lowering his hand. "We can get everyone who enters that court room to sign a contract. We'll get that phone, or at least the pictures...and I could never hate you. Don't even think that way." He kissed him gently.

"I didn't tell you this... but I have an important business deal about to go through, it's worth billions to my company and about twenty thousand jobs. I can't jeopardize it Jeremy... so many are depending on me. If he sends anything to the media before we have a chance to cut off the vipers head, he could scare them off. It's taken me three years to even get to this point...."

Jeremy nodded. "I understand...but you realize that means we have to act fast... he may not have done anything by now, but we can't guarantee that for next week or even tomorrow. You know his name and occupation. We could hire a private eye. Figure out where he's from. Maybe even get a few picture of him and that old bodyguard of yours. From there, we'll either have to get him to relinquish the photos, be that sending them to me, or getting his phone somehow. But our key evidence would be those pictures. They'd be enough to put him away for a long time. We'll get him, Dante. It's just a matter of using our resources, playing to his weaknesses, and outsmarting him." Just like with many business deals.

"Sometimes I wish I could just be another guy on the street again... things were simpler when I worked as a PA or for you...."

He smiled some at that then rested his forehead on Dante's. "You're telling me," he chuckled. "And it was so much easier to sneak in quickies, too," he joked, trying to lighten the mood, even just a littler.
Sorry this took so long!
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:59 am
"So you wanna be my sugar daddy, then?" He chuckled at that, knowing from tone and action that Jeremy was only joking. The guy was like that, using humour to try and settle and calm him. He appreciated it a lot. "No way! Maybe I could just sponge off you, use your own money to spoil you and take credit." He winked playfully too, "You could be my toy boy though."

But damn it... everything always came back to.... THAT! Not that he expected anything different, truth was, his life pretty much felt like it was just THAT right now, that incident weighed heavily on his mind, a constant reminder and shame. It was almost enough to cause him to implode, to make him want to curl in on himself and cry.... dang! He didn't want to cry anymore, was fed up of being the victim, the weakling.... the target he had so clearly been! And why? Because his ex-body guard had wanted more than Dante had EVER been able to give? Because he was greedy.....

His wallowing in self-pity snapped when Jeremy touched his cheek and said three simple words. "Look at me," unable to do anything else he did exactly that.... and he continued to look at Jeremy despite the difficult words that were tossed at him. Intellectually speaking he knew that Jeremy was right.... but right now his emotions were in complete upheaval and he was felt like he was drowning on air! It was suffocating him, closing in.... and part of Dante wished it would just get on with it and stop bloody torturing him, stop harassing and teasing him..... he wanted the pain to end!

Something wet landed on his hand, and when he looked down he noticed a small spot of liquid.... only then did he recognise that silent tears rolled from his eyes and tumbled down his cheeks.

Jeremy was so brave! He'd been alone when his own attack had happened, and while different he knew it was similar too. "Thank you." He whispered, wiping his eyes and taking a deep breath... one that oddly corresponded at the same time as Jeremy's. His lip twitched at that. So very alike!

Regaining his hard-a** persona he repeated in his head. I'm ruthless in everything I do and in everything I go after. I'm ruthless in everything I do and in everything I go after. Until finally he felt better, stronger some how.

"...and I could never hate you. Don't even think that way." "Good to know." He nodded softly, taking another steadying breath.... would it be too wimpy to want to be held? He chewed the inside of his lip for a moment before shuffling and nestling closer to Jeremy. Feeling his warmth, stealing his comfort..... feeling whole, and pure once more.

"I understand...but you realize that means we have to act fast..." He nodded. "Yes." He said simply. "Like I said... ruthless.... by any means necessary."

Rubbing his brow he found himself thinking about different angles, different scenarios, outcomes..... either way you looked at it.... things were going to get messy before the end. But it was time to roll the dice and see exactly were they landed.

"He won't get away with this. He picked the wrong victim this time." He said, his voice laced with sheer determination.

Taking a cue from Jeremy to be lighter in their conversation he smiles and agrees. "True.... there are just no opportunities for meaningless quickies these days.... I mean.... come on! How hard should it be to summon someone to pleasure me...." He winked and smirked up at the guy, though in truth a shard of self-doubt and worry lingered in his eyes. He was trying, but things were far from perfect.

A small exhausted yawn escaped him, and he felt guilty about it. He'd been away in Japan, and this was the first time they'd really spent any time alone together and he was still feeling the effects of the plane and the stress. "Sorry." He grumbled. "I guess I'm tireder than I thought..." Or maybe it was because he finally felt safe enough to actually risk sleeping?

Meep.... March... April.... May.... June... July!!!! Oops. Hehe.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 7:16 pm
"He won't get away with this. He picked the wrong victim this time."

Jeremy watched him carefully, but never ceased his gentle touches. He smiled gently when that fighting spirit returned to Dante's eyes. Ah, there it was. His spirit may have been beaten up, but like a pheonix, he was sure it would rise from the ashes.

"I'm here for you, through it all," he reassured him and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Don't be afraid, Dante. I want you to really understand that I'm here for you no matter what. I would start all over again for you, if that's what it would take." He took a deep breath with a gentle smile. "We'll take him down. No matter what."

He paused and watched him yawn. Oh, how peaceful that looked in comparison to his earlier expressions.

"I guess I'm tireder than I thought..."

He pecked him and nuzzled him some. "Lets snuggle up and take a nap, huh?" He took his hands. "I think we both, you especially, deserve a little break. We've talked about this enough for today." He smiled some and then chuckled. "Plus, we're so rich that we could make everything happen at very inconvenient hours for whoever we decide to higher to help us," he winked.

He just wanted Dante to feel okay. He knew it was impossible for him to feel 100% better right now, but he at least wanted him to be able to relax and breathe for a while. To let him kiss him and know that it came from a place of love. That Jeremy could never be without him. That he wouldn't let Dante crumble, no matter the circumstances. But obviously the exhaustion would make it hard to process all of the emotions he was sure that the other was feeling right now. He gently took his hand and lead him towards the bed.

"Is this okay?"

((Pretty sure I take the cake in delayed responses. Wow! How time flies! Haha I still remember back when we started this RP and thought that they might just end up as friends because they seemed to dislike each other so much xD
And sorry this post is so short! I need to get back into the swing of things haha.))
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