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365 Days of Writing

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When you write, the sky is the limit. 

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CharIie H

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:05 am
Um... Hey. c:
My name's Charlotte but people call me Charlie. I mostly like reading romantic novels and fantasy stories, or fan-fictions. One of my favourite books are The Twilight Saga and I love The Hunger Games, too. <3

I'm not really sure what my writing style is. I kind of just write what comes to my head and then edit parts later. I usually get ideas at like 1am and type them up on my phone and then edit them in the morning on word. Some say I'm very descriptive in my writing, but I need to work on getting my tenses right. ^^ I mostly write prose, but I have written a few poems in the past but they weren't very good.

Here's the first paragraph of the first chapter of a novella I'm working on:

The faint glow of the white moon shone through my open window when I opened my eyes. The breeze from the window made the curtains blow lazily towards me, forcing me to shudder under the gentle flow of the wind. Eventually, I gave up and throw myself out of my warm bed, and trudge across the wooden floor to shut the gaping window. My eyes fix onto the seemingly growing moon. Beautiful, flawless, lighting the dark sky like a enormous halo in the distance. I quickly slammed down the window and drew the curtains together a little, leaving a small gap for the light to filter through.

Click the cupcake if you want to read the whole chapter<3
PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 11:56 pm
Done reading all of your introductions and your samples. Well then I think it is high time for me to introduce myself.

Just call me Shionne. I love to read anything that caught my fancy from novel series like: Harry Potter series, Inheritance series, Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Gray, etc;

to individual novels (mostly romance and fantasy) like novels written by Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Jackson Pierce, Paolo Coelho, Sophie Kinsela (except her Shoppaholic series);

to fanfictions: mostly from animes like Cardcaptor Sakura, Gakuen Alice, Shugo Chara;

to random members' posts such as in here (and Im planning to read other forum post in this guild in the future).

Creeped out yet? Please dont be. I am just an avid reader. ;D

I started writing roughly eight years ago when one of my friends asked me to write her a story. I wrote one overnight and she liked it so from then onwards I was hooked.

At first I started writing fanfictions, then I moved on in writing out my feelings developing them into short stories, then recently, I use my dreams as plot ideas for my stories.

Whenever I sleep, I always keep a pen and note beside me to write down the scenarios I get in my dreams.

I usually have lots of ideas running inside my head which renders me to space out a lot of times (and also making me just smile or laugh out of the blue, which confuses everyone around me), but sadly I get lazy in writing them down. ( ̄ε(# ̄)

One of the reasons that I joined this guild is for me to challenge myself to start writing down a story each day and just stop being lazy! ﹋o﹋

Btw. It is also for me to improve myselfin writing since I always have a problem in tenses.

Well then.. on with a sample.
Just to give a heads up and a point to ponder. How would you stop something that keeps on repeating itself in a loop no matter what kind of fate you choose?


“Keith, let’s make a bet.”

A voice resounded in the darkness and suddenly, a fire flickered and illuminated the room. A man—a boy in his teenage years with white-blond hair and chocolate-brown eyes turned and saw a girl seemingly of the same age as him sitting on a looming chair beside the fireplace. He saw her smirking maliciously at him but when he study her more closely, he can see no emotions betraying what she means by what she just said moments ago to him in her eyes.

“You really love to bet, huh?” the teen sigh and went to sit on a chair in front of the girl. He relaxed himself, leaning his back on it, and silently started studying the girl. At first glance, with her long platinum hair that curled softly past her knees, her small stature and delicate features, in addition with the way she dresses, donning herself with a white sleeveless dress that falls short just a bit above her knees, one might say that this girl is full of innocence and naivety. But if one should study her more closely, noticing the way her eyes would lit up when she speaks, the way her mouth slowly curves into a knowing smile, the way she brings herself with absolute confidence, it clearly shows that there is more to her than what she seems to appear to be—secrets around her that only she seems to know.

The girl hummed in agreement but did not say anything else. She just busied herself in braiding her hair and then unbraiding it again. It’s like she’s waiting for him to tell her something, to spark an interest in her for something. Knowing what she wanted to hear, he crossed his legs lazily and eyed her openly.

“But then again, you just always make the same bet.”

The girl chuckled by what he just boldly declared, since what he said is the truth anyway. She turned and regarded him deeply with her dark crimson eyes. He gazes back at her unflinchingly with his brown eyes to her crimson ones. Moments past and she smiled and nodded to herself with satisfaction. It feels like she was testing him earlier on something and he passed. He wants to ask her what it was about but knowing her, all the answer that she would give to him are smiles and a perceptive look.

“It is because I know it’ll just always end up that way, Keith.” She stated confidently.

“How can you be so sure of it, this time around?” he sighed because he knows that no matter what he’ll say, no matter what he do, he can never be able to get out of this game of hers.

How many times already has it been since they first played this game? How many years have passed? How many lives involved were lost over and over again? How many bets were made? But in the end, just as she said, it always ended up the same. And no matter how he willed for it to end differently, everything still concluded itself up to the way she bet it would be.

He’ll just be forever trapped in this never ending life with her, in her never ending game until he will be able to win against her bet.

“It’s just that I am,” noticing the troubled look in his features, she smiled at him sweetly.

He closed his eyes, blocking her taunting image from his vision. How can he do it? Always, every time it concluded, pain intensified in his chest, for himself...for them, for the pitiful people unknowingly involved in her game. He just can’t take it anymore; all he wants now is for this game to stop. For good. To let those involved be released from her entertainment, to let them attain their happiness, to let him be free of this ever-growing sorrow in his heart.

But what can he possibly do? He is just like them. Forever in a never ending loop of misery being weaved by the girl in front of him.

He inhaled deeply, and he opened his eyes and gaze back at her seriously. No. He mustn’t stop believing. He must keep firm on this. For them. For himself.

When the girl saw the newfound determination being lit up in his eyes, he noticed her smile at this. She then picked up a black apple on a basket of apples on a table beside her and regarded him mysteriously.

“Did you know that poison is not really as bitter as everyone said it would be?” She told him absentmindedly and returned the apple on the basket.

What does she mean by that? This is the first time that she told him about something that is not involved in her game. Or is she trying to tell him about something? He eyed the apples and a shiver coursed throughout his body. He remembered when he first asked her about those and the answer that she gave, gave him the chills on what those apples truly are.

His trance broke when he heard her giggled and reluctantly, he turned towards the table in front of him and focused his eyes on a large glass dome on top of the table. She too adjusted in her sit and regarded him with a solemn look in her eyes before she reached out her petite hands and touched the dome gently. The dome then slowly lit itself and at first blurry images appeared on it. Moments later, the images cleared and it focused on three people: two girls, both have long hair and violet eyes, but with one girl having brown hair while the other girl’s hair is blond; and a guy with black hair and dark eyes.

No matter how many times he has already seen them, his heart still constricted whenever they appear on the dome at the start of the game. He waited as the girl in front of him started arranging how the destinies of these people should begin. He doesn’t really consider this as cheating on her part since when he pointed it out to her a few games ago; she explained to him that she is just merely arranging their paths for them to meet. Even she doesn’t know what will traverse in between the beginning and the end of the game; everything will just fall the way how these three people should decide.

But then again, every decision they made in the end still lead to the conclusion that she bet on against him.

“Well then, shall we start, Keith?” her soft voice broke through his thoughts and he straightened out on his chair. So this is it, again.

“As you wish, Mavis.”


That's it...
Thanks for reading.
Btw...Sorry my post is kinda long >_<


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PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:07 am
Hi all. I'm Akoti, and I love reading most of the fantasy novels that I've come across. I also like a bit of sci-fi, but not as much as fantasy.

I'm home-schooled as of today, and I'm really, really worried about it. I'll probably write mostly stuff that is not planned, but I hope it will be good none-the-less. I don't really have anything here that I can type onto this post, though. I hope that's ok. Most of my writing is either on paper, or, more recently, on Google Docs.  
PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:48 pm
Hello everyone, I'm Clockwork Sparrow. You can call me anything you'd like. As long as I know you're talking to me, I'll answer.

While I prefer 19th century literature, I will read just about anything. I read a lot of non-fiction and different genres of fiction. Though I'll admit that I'm not crazy about romance novels. I do have a couple I enjoyed though. I also adore poetry.

I'm not certain how I'd describe my writing style. So, if it's all the same to you, I'll just skip that.

I don't have a sample of my work. Trust me, you're not missing anything. I'll torment everyone enough when I start the challenge.

Now I will head off to bed. I was about to do that when I received the notification that I had been accepted into the guild. Excitement overcame me. You have my apologies for that.

Good luck to everyone. I hope you all have a lovely night!  

Clockwork Sparrow

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:01 am
Good day! I'm called Sydnirella but you guys can just call me El for short.

I'm a 16 year old human who had just graduated highschool and is worried about her soon-to-be college life. It might consume me. lol. I would read just about any book thrown in my direction... except for school textbooks.

About my writing style... I'm still figuring it out, experimenting here and there to find which suits me. Buuut. Here's a piece of my work:

Europe had been plunged into chaos with the onslaught of man’s thirst for revenge – The war grew and spread across the world, leaving destruction in its wake. Countless women, children and faceless soldiers died and families were ruined, torn apart and in some cases, erased from existence.
Fear seemed perennial and death seemed to be inevitable. The sight of the German swastika armbands and the Secret Police was enough to sow fear into the hearts of the people and anger among those in resistance. Suspicion rose among the ranks of soldiers and the civilian as spies, subterfuge and sabotage became common.
As a lone British spy hidden in the enemy territory of Italy, he knew of the danger and the consequences of his failure. The stories and rumors he’d heard from the locals were enough to make him cautious, he considered himself lucky that when he was injured on a mission to retrieve a file for the British SOE that a little Italian local had given him sanctuary in his home.
“Ve~ Good morning, Signor. Arturo!”
Ah, speak of the devil... Or in this case, an angel?
The young Italian was named Feliciano Vargas. Petite, and innocent-looking, he was a known resistance member, having been one of the leaders of the Italian Resistance who went into hiding after their identity had be been compromised. He dressed himself in women’s clothing as means to hide himself, which coupled with a gentle demeanor proved quite effective against even the more suspicious people. Apparently, no one dared suspect that an innocent farm girl would be capable of anything cruel.
Arthur had honestly been surprised by this when he found out a week after he was told that he was staying with the little Italian. The boy was too feminine for his own good, he had never expected ‘Felicia’ to be anything but female. It provided quite a huge blow to Arthur's pride as spy for not figuring the young Italian's real gender and rather embarrassing, especially since he had, admittedly, held a small attraction for the woman that the boy was pretending to be.
"Signor Arthur? Is there something on my face? Arthur?"
He blinked, shaking his head to clear his thoughts out and replied, "No, no. I was just thinking... Your face is fine."
"Oh, I see. And what is it you were thinking about?" 'She' asked, smiling at him.
He felt himself flushing at the smile directed at him. Okay, so maybe finding out about her true gender hasn't changed that attraction he has for her, but it did made him question himself about his preferences.
"I-It's nothing!" He replied, looking away.

~*^*~ Tbc ~*^*~

Ahehe... I haven't even... Nevermind. ^w^  
365 Days of Writing

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