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A Doctor's Pledge

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Ma Sai The Caged Tiger

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:09 am
Does love really know no bounds?

Despite his parents' wishes, young Cody Wilde has decided against following his father's footsteps to becoming the royal court physician. Instead, the brash but pleasant young man took up a rather odd path of life. Cody decided to shock his parents and their acquaintances by going into a highly unprofessional field for blue bloods. The willowy brunet took his high pedigree diplomas of medical science and set up shop in the lower city, catering to those who could not afford the high demands of his fellow doctors.

His reasons, he has said, are his own, but many gossip about the aristocratic young man. The most run through theme is that he had a lover not of their caste, which sparked an argument in the family when he tried to bring him home one evening. Though they are still on speaking terms, Cody took a small but well kept home in the middle city, preferring to be near to his practice in the lower city.

Still, when called for he comes to tea with his dearest mother, and unhappily to functions as per his fathers behest, something they must have worked a deal on. He carries on at these regal functions like any good son of a nobleman would, though many wonder just where his young lover is. After the falling out, there was no sign of such a man, adding to the mystery.

Another rumor popped up, that his father had paid the young man off to move away, adding to the insult that the peasant threw away his love for currency. It doesn't seem to bother Cody, for he remains civil to his family and others, only showing his regrets when alone with his cat in his own home.
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:12 am
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Name: Cody Wilde
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Preference: Gay
Position: Seke
Date of Birth: March 12th
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 155 lbs.

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Light Chocolate
Eye Colour: Prussian Blue
Face Shape: Heart
Skin Tone: Peach
Build: Willowy, Athletic
Clothing: Business Casual
Other Identifying Features: Tattoo on his hip, ask for clarification.

Family and Relationships

Mother: Maria Wells-Wilde
Father: Marcus Wilde
Siblings: None
Aunts:Cassia Wells
Uncles: Jody Wells
Cousins: None
Grandmothers: Deceased
Grandfathers: One dying, Collin Wells

Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None
Best Friend: His Persian, Bookmark

Star sign: Pisces
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite Colour: Forest Green
Favourite Book: Wind in the Willows
Favourite Music: Classical

What I want: I want the prince to be the opposite in this courtly romance, specifically because he would probably be confused as to why someone would rather care for the penniless and grubby people of his city (or he might be intrigued that someone would decide to do such a compassionate thing). Considering who he is, he could either be slightly spoiled and arrogant, or well educated and stoic. As he will not be the one to inherit the throne, he will most likely have little duty to do, save maybe guidance and observation. Mayhap he is a soldier son of some sort, the general while his brother is destined for king?

I can promise a paragraph or two per post, more if I am given more to go by. That being said, I would like to point out that this is to be a literate to advanced literate rp. I don't expect no errors, but repeating the same word in a paragraph three times or lack of proper grammar and punctuation is unacceptable.

Unfortunately it is not in my ability to use photobucket or what have you while I am out to sea (Currently deployed) so the most I can do is color my text and give it pretty in that aspect. Please PM me your interest and character profile so that the thread does not become clogged. Also, in said PM, reply with what your first post would be.

Ma Sai The Caged Tiger

Beloved Treasure

9,150 Points
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  • Millionaire 200
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Ma Sai The Caged Tiger

Beloved Treasure

9,150 Points
  • Marathon 300
  • Millionaire 200
  • Tycoon 200
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:13 am
My help does not come with a price tag.

Laughing daintily, women in tooled and bejeweled finery whirled about on the dance floor, accompanied by well dressed gentlemen who knew every song and dance so far this evening. To Cody, the fanciful figures down on the ballroom floor looked like glittering toys, traipsing about for the royal families' amusement. Indeed, the King and Queen were settled in their grandeur, gilded chairs at the balcony overlooking the scene with polite distance in their eyes. The two smaller seats at their sides remained empty, their sons must be somewhere in the crowd mingling with higher courtiers.

The eldest was to be wed soon, something the Spring Gala had attracted all the more guests for. Summer was always hot on the heels of spring in Cor, and summer weddings were always the most fashionable considering how much the verdant country appreciated the season. It was tradition for the heir to marry during the summer months, usually before the heat became too unbearable.

From there he and his blushing bride would steadily learn of their roles, taking over eventually as his father and mother stepped out of the spotlight. In any case, they were rambling somewhere amongst the gentry, where his own parents would have been, had they not been called away to his mother's dying father. The man had been on his deathbed for two months, and finally his only daughter had traveled to see him off.

Cody would have much rather gone to see his grandfather than come to some frivolous ball, but in his father's absence, he had agreed to make an appearance. It wasn't like the royal family didn't have a wing full of medical servants with which to supply themselves while his father was gone, but the old king and the ones before him had always trusted his family implicitly. In truth, his ancestors had a hand almost constantly in keeping the royal family well. He'd heard many stories from his father and the family histories that many a regent had been saved from poisoning or war wounds from expert and knowledgeable Wildes, furthered by court scribes and memories of old ones that had written it all down.

The Wildes had prospered alongside each ruler, giving them distinction whenever one of their children or more were sent to school for the career ahead of them. Thus it was easy to see how everyone knew the dark haired male on sight. Along with his ease of being known, came the nearly complete alienation. It suited the young doctor just fine, he had no love of cheap pleasantries and false smiles, it steamed him to watch many talk in happy chatter when he knew they would only go home and gossip behind another's back.

Some adventurous folk came to speak to the young Wilde, if only to sate their curiosity. Standing there in his well cut gentleman's attire, he cut a striking figure. Soft brown hair settled messily about his head, though the effect looked nothing like he was ungroomed, merely tousled and mysterious. It hung about his luminous blue eyes, unshaded by his thin silver framed spectacles. It wasn't often that he required them, as he was only a hair farsighted, however it did help when he was examining his patients.

As there was a lull in the shy questioning of those his own age, he deemed it safe to start heading towards the exit. The hour was not so late to the party folk, but with eleven o'clock approaching, he knew there would be a short trip home and little hours' of rest before he opened his clinic in the morning. Slipping along the corridors unobtrusively, he watched for interest, but found none. The brunet didn't like to make a scene, especially considering how much of a leper he was convicted socially as.

So quietly he made his way, eying the halls he had been somewhat familiar with as a boy, following his father on calls. Little had changed, and it was refreshing to see, even if he disliked the reason. Still, while slipping out to the balcony that hung over the vast gardens, he paused to take in the scenery. It really was a grand view, filled with soft lights, fountains, and many different colors of flowers. Giving himself a small break, the brunet moved towards the marbled railing, leaning against the cold stone as he took in the colorful sight.

I pay the price myself.
Ø Only Role playing [Yaoi] Ø

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