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Duelist of Pokemon

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:10 pm
Aibou saw it coming.
Mya saw it only a few moments after her partner did, hand reaching out to yank Judas back as one of the men pointed his gun at Kai-

Only to start in fear and dive down to the hanger floor in reaction as gunshots rang off the metal walls, hands sheltering the top of her head.

The Organiod chose not to mimic her, instead darting forwards to grab the one called Judas to finish what His had attempted to do. Jaws open, he leap up to grab at any loose part of the mans' clothing he could reach from behind.

As he did, Mya carefully started to wiggle backwards as quietly but silently as she could while dragging her bag behind her. Training was kicking in and all was screaming at her to get to the high ground-

But where was the bloody ladder to get to the catwalk?!
Was there even one?!

She lifted her head slightly and glanced around; maybe....perhaps one of the ZOIDS could serve as a High Ground?
PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:59 pm
Nicodemus' entire frame tensed at the rumble of the gun across the hanger. He moved a little to the side instinctively using his body as a shield for the soldier on the floor before him. Though his rank was important, his own muscles were far more capable of taking a bullet than most.

He looked over his shoulder to where Kai was standing at Blitz's suggestion. The given tidal was overtaken by the situation. Eyes widened. Seeing a gun being pointed at Kai's head caused an obvious panic to surface over his gaze. Kai was one of the very few he trusted wholly. One of the few friends he had let close enough despite rank and protocol. His hand moved to the custom pistol concealed at his side. No sudden movements. Don't set him off. Don't cause a panic. Which, considering his size was the hard thing to do. The gunman's eyes, something was terribly off about them.

Defender was gone, however, Ratchet was given the order to isolate the gunman carefully. If only they had more of that organoid around.

Without another word Nicodemus slowly begun to creep toward the gunman, who's attention was all on Kai.

Kreig's feather crest perked up at the gun fire. As the general's his own instinct was to crouch protectively over his pilot, well, stand before Nicodemus who was before his Pilot. It worked out. "...I can't help but think we are fortunate that your title was not heard but said G.I..."

He spoke to Blitz directly, however his head swiveled about attentively looking for the gunman.

Johndas tried to grab the gun from his brother in a swift movement. However in the blink of an eye his brother's own gun was turned on him and thus by the sound of thunder only three brothers remain. Marcus released an incoherent screech that may have been his brother's name, but was quite impossible to tell.
Judas originally avoided the Organoid's grasp only to be stopped in mid step by shock, the bullet's call echoed within his mind as the scene begun to play in his head over and over... his little brother....

Across the room the fate of the medics was being observed as they rushed to attend a young man who had been the victim of the first fire.

Kard knelt by Cruse's side as the medics worked to keep the young man alive. The blood that covered his face went completely ignored as he focused on the man who saved his life. The gunman had been apprehended, but something was strange about him, the psychiatrist that had accompanied Cruse, continued to ramble something about 'Iron Judge" and "Jury waiting to escort one to hell".

Though he was caught, any with a sense could feel this was not over yet...  

Vice Captain

Blessed Prophet


Dangerous Seeker

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:05 am
Ratchet's ears perked.

New orders. New work. Caution Caution.

Those same black ears pivoted down slightly as he lowered himself into a crouch, creeping... stalking towards the brothers. His head was only a few inches from the ground, his paw steps extremely careful, extremely slow. His path cut a half-circle around the brothers, passing briefly in front of Nic as he approached too. He laid down about ten feet behind the one brandishing the gun- though in the poise a border collie lays down. All fours still beneath him, able to leap up quicker than an eye could blink.

Every few moments or so he inched up slightly, closing the distance slowly, unnoticeably.

As per the creature he resembled, he made no noise. Every inch of him waited impatiently still for either a command or a chance. He would take either.

Kai saw nobody else as she stared at the overtaken brother. It was one of those moments that slowed time, that every breath took minutes and every word echoed over an hour. As he shouted 'iron judge' at her, her teeth grit. A flare of emotion that shouldn't be there, not in this situation, made her eyes narrow and a fist clench such that the fabric of her glove squeaked quietly under the pressure. Not now, she had to tell herself- She couldn't let her emotions in now.

It only took that instant in which he shot his brother. It was the instant both Ratchet and Kai were waiting for. The moment he switched his attention away. The moment he was distracted.

And with the thoughts of the Iron Judge clouding her mind, she had almost missed it. Almost.

As if it was planned, both the border collie organoid and the battle-hardened soldier moved forward with trained speed. Kai's left hand swung to block and grab the gunman's gun-wielding hand if he tried to swing it back towards her as she expected him to defend himself. Her right foot stepped right beside his right foot, her right shoulder made hard contact with his chest as her hip turned into him. And with a swinging motion towards his right, she stepped through with the momentum to take him down to the ground and trip him over her hip and the foot she'd placed beside his foot. If successful, he'd land on his left side, left arm pinned beneath him and right arm controlled by Kai's grip... and her knee digging into his side

Although a shepherd would have grabbed the gunman's arm, Ratchet's programming went for the legs. Which, if the pair were successful, would only help in tripping and holding him down to the ground. The mecha-canine aimed to bite the man's uncontrolled left leg and pin that to the ground as well.

Edge had, at some point, gotten closer. He wouldn't approach fully if Kai didn't get the take down. But if she had, he'd be there in an instant to grab whatever remaining standing brother was closest in his very.. very pissed off metallic fangs. The probability of killing whatever he grabbed at this point was highly likely.  
PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:09 am
Being shield by both Nicodemus and Krieg, Blitz might have been filled with 'warm fuzzies' to know he was so thought about....that was if he wasn't still in so much pain. Letting out a breath, Blitz pulled his body to his side as his hand encased it's self around the bottle. His hand worked to open the cap. Quickly his cupped hand popped two little icy blue pills to the back of his throat.

Swallowing. He let out a breath. his brow winced as he knew would take about 15-20 minutes for the meds to do their deed. Propping himself on his elbow and side, his curious teal eye couldn't help but look at the sight.

His other hand shifted to move. He had to help...It was his duty of a soldier, and some one actually thought he deserved more then just the rank of 'cadet'.

Damn it all, come on now-move...

Letting out a breath, Blitz's body quake as the sound of air moved into a grunt he stopped as the gunned man was....disarmed.

Blinking, Blitz felt his mouth drop slightly from his poetic lips. The move was skillful and flowing....graceful and poetic in it's own way.

And the sound of Kreig's words reached his ears...

"I think..you might be right, my friend."
Blitz answered.

Though his paled lips, slipped a smile at a reminding thought.

He would still say it. To her face, even. Oh the look on it before his eye caught ground....

the thought was amusing...

Turning his head up, Blitz pulled his single sight from Sakashi to his Partner.

"What is the rest of the situation." He asked of his friend, being 'gifted' with only one eye, he had to turn to see his surroundings and at the moment it was a chore to do so...

Poetic Evisceration

Duelist of Pokemon

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:12 pm
Carefully shifting a bit on her perch, the blonde quickly adjusted the scope on the dull-colored weapon before settling back down again.

The perch in question?
A black/blue Command Wolf near the back of the Hanger, one that seemed familiar yet unfamiliar to the cadet all at once. It was strange....but...it was better then cowering on the ground. And it wasnt like the ZOID beneath her was complaining about the human climbing around on it.

If anything? It was almost like it was helping her.
As Kai pinned down the gunman, sight shifted from her to the medics swarming the poor man on the ground. Yet, until the all clear was given, Mya stayed right where she was-

At ready with a finger on the trigger.

Below, with a quick glance to make sure his partner was in one piece, Aibou bounded over to the Medics and Kard. He slowed and trotted over.

One ear flicked towards the muttering man as he turned his attention towards the one who had taken care of the pods. "I don't suppose you need a hand, hm?" Neon eyes locked on Kard with interest. "Or perhaps some company?" A glance up. "Or perhaps a band-aid or two for that bump?"

His ear flicked again towards the psychiatrist.
Iron Judge?
What was it about those words that sent a metaphoric chill down his spine?
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:46 pm
Mya would seen find her ZOID surrounded with guards all about the base of her ZOID. "DROP YOUR WEAPON OR WE WILL FIRE" the one in charge called. Upon closer inspection one could notice a few of Nicodemus' personal guards were with the bunch. "GET OFF AND AWAY FROM YOUR ZOID!!"

It would be silly to be at a base and not have a few guards on the alert, especially with ready weapons. The being on the ZOID had not authorization to be in the ZOID hanger nor was she one of the guards permitted to have such a weapon loaded and ready to fire. To the lot it seemed highly suspicious. Once again recent events played against her actions. Ratchet was again noted of the suspicious culprit and beckoned to aid. Mya was aptly under arrest...

Kard glanced over to the organoid with wide eyes. He was still very shaken from the events that had taken place just moments before.. For a moment all he could do is stare at the Organoid as his mind couldn't even come up with a response to the question.

"T-the pod, take care of your sibling..." he spoke after that moment. The organoid in question he couldn't remember if it was the female persona or not. His mind was in no condition to do the remembering. "I mean, guard it."

It still showed no signs of wanting to come out yet. It wasn't ready to. Thankfully as things seemed to be going down hill.

The two brothers could only watch as their crazed brother was apprehended and sent to the floor with no resistance. Upon hitting the floor the young man begun to go into convulsions, just as the three who had died by 'poison' before him had. Blood begun to lead from his ears, eyes and nose as his flailing became more and more dangerous.

Judas finally managed to make it to his last remaining brother's side. He seemed to be the only one functional as he tried to pull the seemingly paralyzed Marcus' gaze away from the horrific sight.

Nicodemus was able to make it to Kai's side without any problems after her and Ratchet had managed to take down the suspect. More medics were contacted to be sent to this sight as well via radio. One of which was prompt to address the call was the albino medic with long white hair pulled back in a tight bun and soft, and very dull, red eyes always seeming to be off in a different place. Still, for her line of work she was pretty talented.

"Ma'am, well take over from here." She spoke softly. Her distant eyes watched the man at a side glance with sympathy. No one should have to deal with this kind of pain... Her main attention was on Kai as she waited for the soldier to move so she could begin her work.


Kreig stood tall on his legs a moment as he gave the surrounding room a glance. "Well, it looks like there is a commotion going on in the hanger.."

His head turned. "G.I.- er... Kyrea seems to have apprehended someone."
He did not catch anything but the gun being fired, so he could only assume what had happened over there. By the looks of the surrounding persons, it was not a pretty sight. "I do believe another gunman has been apprehended over near the last organoid pod. Medics are swarming near the red-headed fellow. Three medics are going to where you interested soldier is."

A tan fellow and a black skinned fellow soon joined the albino lady as Kreig spoke.

"It seems someone opened the hell-hatch."  

Vice Captain

Blessed Prophet


Dangerous Seeker

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:46 am
As soon as the gunman dropped and his seizures left restraining him a useless task, the border collie organoid dropped the pant leg he held to the ground so aggressively and bolted towards the hangar floor. His speed over ground was rather impressive as he streaked towards the black and blue Command Wolf, rapidly pacing a half-circle around the forelegs of the Zoid as the guards called out to the pilot above.

The need to halt the sniper's actions was an immediate one. He didn't want to wait. Waiting was not within the command he was given, and the workaholic organoid was all about getting the work done as fast as possible, as efficiently as possible.

Ratchet's gold eyes blazed. The abrupt glow pulsed and overtook the canine and the semi-circle became a rocket of energy that circled and then struck the Command Wolf, merging with its core. Through the command system of the zoid, the high-pitched bark-like voice of Ratchet streamed through.

"Permission denied. Permission denied.

Under arrest. Under arrest. Dismount is necessary immediately."

One of Ratchet's bonuses was a very powerful, over-taking bond with the Zoid he merged with. It would have an intense time trying to refuse him, even if the Wolf wanted Mya as its pilot- as the wolven organoid had. Ratchet knew of the Zoid's preference, but he still tipped the head of the Zoid down to threaten to slide her off its nose and have her fall to the ground if she didn't begin moving sooner than later. Or if she tried to aim for a shot.

It was Judas that the enraged black dragon approached as the gunman was subdued just as he was about to make it to Marcus' side. Whether or not the gunman was down, all these human were to blame for his action. On all fours, Edge swiped at the man with his first intent miss with one excessively bladed forelimb, hissing reverberating up through his metallic jaws. His next strike, however, would not be intended to miss. His threat would continue to advance until the man backed up or fell over, or Kai called him off- which she was distracted at the moment. He wanted someone to pay for this incident. And since the one that tried to kill Kai was down and dying, it'd be a relative.

Sakashi's hand that held his gun-wielding arm up slid up his quaking limb to take the gun from his seizing fingers. As the medics arrived at her side, she lifted her knee to release the pressure on him and let them do whatever it was they could possibly do for this blood bath. She said nothing to them, as she'd done her piece and could, and would, do no more.

She took a step back before turning around- almost running face-first into Nic's chest since her attention was on Marcus' paralyzed expression. A finger slipped the safety back into place with a soft click before she held the weapon up handle-first for the General to take.

"This doesn't look like anything medics can fix." She muttered as she side-stepped to stand more at his side than a couple inches in front of him. He was so tall, it was pretty uncomfortable to look at him from that distance, of course. "Or any of us as soldiers can fix." Her tone darkened and her cold gaze picked through the panicked crowd again.. Iron Judge. But where? If they didn't find the source soon, it was likely to get far more out of hand than it already was..

Her survey hesitated at her highly pissed off partner. Gaze unfocused for a moment as she said a few things across their mental link. The forward progression of his attack hesitated and his claw-strikes ceased, but he didn't back down or back off. They could shoot him all they wanted. It was better for him to stand there, he was certain, than for anyone else to be near.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:51 pm
"My 'interested Soldier'..." Blitz spoke letting his eyes close as he let his body rest and for the medication to take effect. It would be the last time he would so foolishly leave them in the pit. Raising a shaking hand, Blitz reached up for Kreig as he tried to stand, and perhaps use him to help himself up. For some reason he didn't feel he needed to express that, to know that Kreig would understand.

"You make her sound like a Annabelle Lee..." Masters spoke with a grimaced smile as, his other hand shifted to the ground to push himself up ageist his body's request.

"Yes, she is skilled...." Blitz answered more so quietly, not denying the soldier's skill. Closing his eyes, he stopped in his wanted raise as a slow breath left him...

He must look so pathetic...

Grudgingly Blitz tucked the hand that had reached for Krieg stubbornly ageist him and around stomach. He should be able to stand by himself-if not, then he should drop in consequence.


"Toy soldier..."
Blitz grumbled to himself, before he let out a breath and his eyes shut tightly closed. His tighten grip shook the bottle in his hand.

In a masquerading roll, one by one in tow.
Splinters for cloths, all wooden toys lined a row.

A twist of the peppeteer's hand, tighten of the key action is demand.
Willing and unwilling are urged forward, Toy soldiers are all in order.

One, by one, by one. Till the job is done there can be no fun.

Damn it....

"Just, a hatch?"
Blitz spoke, cracking a eye open he turned his head to look at Krieg in his stubborn war with himself to stand. His tightened lips tugged at a clinched grin as his teal eye looked out of the corner of his gaze.

"Forgive me, If I am curious what a 'gateway' looks like.
" Mischief breathed out with a weak attempt at a laugh....

Poetic Evisceration

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:06 am
Kreig looked down in time to see Blitz's hand retract from it's former call for help. The sly retort he had momentarily was concealed behind metal jaw as he lowered his head and offered a hand to help Blitz stand to his feet.

"Just a very large hatch... you know Blitzy, the point of me being here is to aid you when needed. Forgive your pride, but I intend to do so with or without leaving your dignity intact." Kreig's feathers rose a little at his joking yet very serious 'threat'. He would pick him up as a Mum cat would pick up her kits should he need to.

The response seemed right in his mind. His personality merge was once again proven to be picture perfect in his response and readiness to aid a friend. An Azure gaze lifted a bit to the Republic soldier in former question as a strange twinge begun to prick at the back of his circuited mind. That one...


Judas habitually shielded his little brother from the warning swipe from Edge. Eyes reddened and glossy from tears that now openly streamed down his cheeks. The look he gave Edge was that of a grieving brother, he would protect the last of his siblings despite his fear for the black dragon. Marcus continued to tremble as the reverberations of the ordeal finally hit him. So much in fact that he was unaware of the black organoid's presence. What had happened? Just the other day they were planning a fishing trip with the family... now they would be planning a funeral for two brothers lost.

Nicodemus looked down to Kai as he begun to address her claim to the soldier. Indeed, if it was the same case as before the soldier was lost. As for the mental state of his brothers, they would have to be evaluated to ensure they were still able to function properly. However, whatever words came from the general's mouth were lost to the words of another looming just behind Kai.

"You are needed elsewhere..." The cold voice of the Grand Judge whispered to Kai and Kai alone. Though the cloaked and masked figure stood in the open none but Kai and Edge would have been able to see her if they were to turn around. It was as if time stopped around them. Everyone in the room frozen in the chaos this being had created. "Go now and you will make it before any damage is done."

Kai would receive a mental image of a mud-hut under the shadow of a massive sand-dune glistening with red. "The answers you seek are there. My work is done here, the imposter has paid dearly for the crime committed. I will part without another life lost."

Should any attack come to the cloaked figure it would simply pass through as if the figure before them were nothing but fog. Just as subtle as she had appeared the Grand Judge was gone along with the heavy feeling of black fog that had blanketed the room.

"Kai? Kyrea?" Nicodemus had turned full attention to her as he tried to gain her attention, both hand were ready to be placed on her shoulders.

"He's gone.." the tanned medic called looking to the darker skinned medic who looked at his watch. Both carried on as if it had been just the two of them all along. The albino medic that had been with them was nowhere to be seen...  
PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 6:59 am
Edge snarled, metal jaws opening to show every one of those silver-metal fangs. But his display was just that- a display. He wouldn't be letting them move a muscle unseen, not after what their relative had tried to do. He settled on all fours, though glowing, creepy blue eyes remained riveted on the shocked pair.

/You know as well as I that they aren't to blame for that./

It changes nothing.

Sakashi folded her arms across her chest as she watched the medic's as she stood by Nic's side, but indeed all of his words were lost to the overwhelming whisper. A whisper of a voice that still seemed extraordinarily loud; it made her arms slowly unfold and lay at her sides as if preparing to attack that which she knew she couldn't.

Although true to her nature her emotion didn't change, her muscles became rigid as she looked beyond the people standing around the dying body and the remaining brothers to the masked figure before her. Edge's attention swept towards it too, but not even a hiss left him. Both remained unnaturally silent for the longest moment.

"What damage?" She spoke finally, brow furrowing and speaking just loud enough for those next to her to hear. "What imposter?" As the image faded, Kyrea reached forward as if to grasp for Her.. Though of course would come up empty handed. As the voice faded and the image vanished, she blinked as Nic's voice penetrated the surreal moment. Frustration coursed through her, and her fingers curled her hands into fists.

As she realized very quickly that it was a private matter, she stepped back to Nic's side.

"My apologies, sir." Her gaze swept across those gathered, mentally returning to the hangar and taking note of things.. including pausing for a confused second to where the female medic had been.

"I will need to depart as soon as the blade liger is repaired and the situation is stabilized, though based on recent findings I believe it to be as of now. Did you see where the other medic went?"


Dangerous Seeker

Poetic Evisceration

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:49 pm
If it hadn't been for the little shock of pain that shook though his body, and buckled his knee, Blitz would have rose to his full height. But with the little serge of pain, he fell unwillingly and instinctively his head jerked out to grab Kreigs.

His arm slung around the raptor's hand and arm. His body weight had fallen forward, as his legs awkwardly limped in a buckled under him. His single gaze had shot wide open in startled surprise as he felt his heart skip a beat, race with unwanted brief excitement. Letting out the caught breath in a drawn out sigh, the lone single gaze relaxed. Boot's slipped to find their footing and he pulled himself up with the help of his friend.

Standing. Finally.

Letting his eye close, his head remained tilted to his chest. His hand that had stabled himself slowly removed its self from Kreig. it then, rose and fixed up what it briefly could of his clothing. His other hand shifted the bottle of pills away, in the sweat collected garments. A fatigued look turned his head toward his partner, the raptor.

A single word left him, that summed up his whole 'titillated' feeling of the subject-gift wrapped in care with a bow's bounty of sarcasm...

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:01 pm
Kreig readied to aid his friend in any way possible. His arm moved forward as Blitz begun to stumble than relaxed enough when the man gained purchase. Well, this was one thing they would hopefully never have to do again. Perhaps he should have offered a man bag... Kreig mentally snorted at the thought.

"Indeed." He nodded slowly to Blitz's sarcastic remark. "Though, one can only go so far downward before the bottom can be used as leverage to get back to the surface."

Attention turned from the event across the way to one of the armed soldiers approaching them. "We are evacuating the hanger, you have clearance to leave."

No doubt a fun search was going to happen as they exited the hangar, but at least they were no longer confined to such a crowded place. The feathers on Kreig's head lowered as he turned attention to Blitz.

"Can you walk? Or would you prefer to have a piggy back sir?" The last bit was spoken a bit whimsically, but he was not opposed to the option of carrying Blitz to Squall.


Judas continued to glare back at Edge, shielding his brother from the black beast as well as the bloody sight of his siblings. He was far too numb to feel the fear he should have. One thing was clearly on his mind, seen through the windows of his eyes, protect his little brother.

Before Nicodemus could answer one of the medic's looked to his partner than back at Kyrea. "We were the last two to be spared ma'am." He addressed her with a slight nod before turning back to his work. Body bags were being brought for the two unfortunates, they just had to prepare.

Nicodemus' jaw tightened. A thin line of sweat could be noted on his brow as he drew a deep breath. "I have much to discuss with you, but at a later time." He turned his full attention to Kai before continuing. Concern and fatigue completely covered his features. If the repairs on your liger are not completed you may take another one that is ready to be mobilized. Ratchet has already been given orders to let you past the security line... You have somewhere to be Lieutenant, do not waste any more time here. That's an order."

With that said Nicodemus excused himself from her company. Only to pause a moment, look over his shoulder and add "Be safe..." before continuing toward the special area where Ixion was waiting. Edge was with her, there was no doubt she would be looked after properly... but there was a heavy feeling still settled within his pounding heart....

---Epilogue for the characters not in the post above.

The ZOIDs that had been ready to raffle away were taken to a place where they would wait another auction, or whatever means to be distributed again.

Kard was evacuated along with the still dormant wolf organoid. After making sure the organoid was secured with one of his father's lab attendants Kard accompanied Cruse, whom was air lifted to a hospital remaining in critical condition.

Cruse's psychiatrist was found guilty of the previous murders under the name of 'the Judge'. After trial the man was found to be insane and was to be locked up for the remainder of his life. However, the man suffered an excruciating heart attack while being transported to the asylum and passed away in one of the most horrifying ways possible.  

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Poetic Evisceration

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:44 am
Slow heavy breaths left Blitz as he tried to regain at least a bit of his regal, his hand slowly moved from Kreig to straighten his disheveled tanktop. Thank the dead ancients he hadn't been wearing a jacket-that would have been stifling. Taking in one slow deep breath, his single reviled eye closed.

His throat cleared.

"Oh, but the darkness makes one nice degrading cloak or familiarity..." Blitz huffed to the dino.

"The eyes can only stay open for so long in such darkness, and I am already partly blind...."
Masters answered before turning his head to the sound approaching soldiers.

"Oh, look the epilogue approaches..."
Mischief spoke stretching out a hand to the arm guard stepping closer, as he turned a put on 'excitement' of such a sight. As if a child point to a parade.

Oh look daddy!

His expression feel flat as he heard Krieg and his head turned, his hand dropped. Brow quarked he looked at the dapper dino....




"You be careful, sir. I just might do it."
Blitz answer raising his hand he wagged it at the raptor.
The republic territory ( republic lands RP area )

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