I have a project due, so I chose Kony 2012.
Based on the research I found, my decision is undecided.

Now please read my entire opinion before raging wildly on me.

This man is a menace and deserves his death date. I strongly believe he isn't dead. Unless he just hasn't been found dead or alive yet.

NOW, here's where my opinion changes.

We all no, that it is near impossible for a charitable organization to be 100% non profit. And if you did any research on it at all, Invisible Children gives I believe 38 % of their profits to the Ugandan army, and the technologies for the soldiers and what not. Understandable, the organization needs to pay for their families, seeing as working for the project leaves them unemployed, but that's a very low percent compared to what COULD be helping the search.

Also, not long after, there was announced OIL in Uganda. Apparently, all the soldiers are now just searching for oil.

So basically, a higher percentage of people, most likely in their twenties and higher, believe the Invisible Children organization is utterly a SCAM.
Most people, teenagers, believe in promoting Joseph Kony.

Now, where I stand is I will promote him to the best of my abilities, and I will attend the cover the night in my city, BUT I refuse to purchase any Kony 2012 merchandise for the high level of profits not being given to Uganda.

Please understand, this is based on research, and emails sent from myself to the organization. My intentions are well, so please try to understand, I'm not loud mouthing anyone's opinion.