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Keeping the Peace. 

Tags: black ops, ninjas, spys, assasins, paranormal 

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:28 pm
This is a library, and may be moved as needed when the time comes.
This topic is to file useful ideas of Crew and captains that may be instituted later. Each active crew can make their own athenaeum in order better organize and display their ideas.

This is SpellsThorns Athenaeum , but may be used by all "elite" crew who wish to play an active part in the guild, until their is more active elites.  
PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:39 pm
Leveling up and structured evolution of characters threw Guild Official Quests.

These rps should be seperate from user made rps. User made and unofficial quest DO NOT level you, only the OFFICIAL ones MADE BY CREW AND CAPTAINS.

Only crew and captains can make changes to profiles when they level up.


+ 4 to Stealth, and Agility
Abilties - sneak

Black ops
+ 4 to accuracy and tactic execution
Abilities - blending in

+4 to willpower and Chi
Abilities - one elemental spell of users choice, and Healing hand

+ 4 to Might and Honor
abilities- physical strength

Path of old
+4 to Intellect and Knowledge

Abilities- Fast thinker, encylopedia  


Benevolent Lunatic

15,050 Points
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Benevolent Lunatic

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:47 pm
An elite division comprised of the leaders of each division.
This division will not only reseive the abilities of their division but also begin with
"Word of Law" once they have earned the status of division leader.

Division leaders are voted on by Elite members , such as the captain and crew.
and will not be GIVEN the possition, it is one that is EARNED .

Showing leadership skills
Showing an ability to organize their division
Inititive to want their division to be come great , not them as a singular individual!

A good army has great individuals
a Great army is a only as great as their ability to function as a team!.

An elite squad would also allow for better communication between each division and help tie them together.

(image coming soon of structured display of divisions.  
PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:49 pm
Need a "stamp" image for each division .
A header image that can be put into signatures along with the guild banner link to signify their division to members.

These images should not have words, but be a simple image that identifies that person not only as a member of the guild but also their place in the guild  


Benevolent Lunatic

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Benevolent Lunatic

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:10 pm
User Image

Structure image

The label is to the left, its pretty much self explanatory , but if you have questions PM me.  
PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:54 pm
Profile skeleton

User Image
Status (active player, storage, NPC)
Character name -
Alignment -
Physical age -
Race -
Class -
Division -


Ability specialty






Items of interest

Quest items

Quests underway

Temporary inventory



Benevolent Lunatic

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Benevolent Lunatic

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 7:02 am
Smacked by an idea

General divisions , that each are sorted into 3 more subdivisions

K heres the idea

For one, in a way ninja's are pretty much assassins.
so having them as seperate divisions is kinda redundant

The main general Divisions (keep in mind the names dont mind, just the way i organize them in my own mind )

Shadows = Assassin / ninja

Anyone who works in secret, either in disguise , or unseen completely, this includes spies, assassins, ninjas and all of the like

Blades = Soldier/warrior
Any one who relies on their weapons above all else, guns, mortars, Blades, Devices and the sort, their strength lies not only as the individual warrior but as a whole.

Candles = Mage / Alchemist
Anyone who uses spells, chants, and Totems, Magic users in general basicly , this includes anyone who uses distructive magic as their first resort

Halo's = Healers and Passives
Any one who uses healing for others, and who alone arent threatening, and relies on passive magic, and healing above all else. These work best as aides to a team , and help out other divisions . But are good to have a around

Order of the Eye - Psionic
Those who have natural psychic abilities , And other wise use their MIND over all other abilities.

Duel Training divisions

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:12 pm
Name: Tet'Sannu'Wae 'Yahne'Et'u'Espiri'Asadyn
Alias: Spells
Age: 30 Passes of the Guiding Star Shavir
Birth date: Shavir'dali ( the holy ceremony of Shavir)
Gender: ( no physical gender)
Race: Starborn Spirit
Height: 7ft
Origin: The Dvyn Kingdom ( The 5th kingdom of the 12 kingdoms of spirits)
Hair: Silver/white w/ electric blue highlights
Eyes: Tet'sanu'wae
Stature: Lithe and spindly. Deceptively fragile appearance,
Noticeable Features: Delicate features and strange eyes
Tattoos: Tribal blue tattoo of the celestial star Shavir on her back
Intricate blue runes and sigils written into intricate patterns and signs all over her body, each depicting a Ataapi , or sacred Guardian of her faith , all over her pure silvery white blue skin
Piercings: All along her ear bridge, eyebrow, tongue, lip , and many more, all made of a strange metallic crystal called sJira, sacred Gems , and Stones made and forged by sacred spirit magic
Known affinities The time of the Rising star , Starry skies, Clear nights , and when the either the constellation of the Dragon tamer , or the Prayer is high in the sky her power is the most potent . holy , song magic and Celestial magic
Rank: Ambassador of the Night Army , High Priestess of Athkaetha , Queen of Athkaetha
Instructor: Maa'ra Iyrilt , Former high priestess of Athkaetha and Queen
Family: Daughter of T'zaeni , the Tribal leader of AsaDyn
Personality noble, kind , serene,
Fighting ability limited , Prefers to boost and heal allies. if forced into a fight, will prefer to dissuade her enemy from attacking, or immobilize them with magic, or summon and run. Or temporarily paralyze the body using electrified poles .

Weapons, Items, Etc Staff of Dreams = allows her to enter the dreams of others to speak to them, and give them guidance.
sJiran Totems , Magical /mechanical devices of her creation . Stones of Purity, Gems of Essence, Soul Gems, . Tear of the mother diamond, Star fragment of Shavir . Twin rods of Bhishir (electrified)
Weapon special - Light of the star - boosts allies with in the range of the unearthly starlike glow (strongest at night under the stars) gifting their dreams with regeneration and mediation .

TalentsMagic , Healing, Makes small devices which can help . ( Like mechanical butterflies that when tripped raise an alarm using both magic and mechanical means... and has the spell "Summon creature" laced into its call... or contact lenses that give wearer nightvision, and information ...)
Specific Magic skill Holy, Celestial, Song, Healing, and Passive Magics

Current Spells ( she has more but rarely uses them , she find doing harm to others an act of sacrilege unless it is to protect for something greater than herself)

Hand of Spirits, A soothing touch and song that speeds the mending of wounds , and sooths away pain. ( Oposite affect on evil creatures)

Light of Shavir = a Soothing presence that makes most feel at peace around her , and a chance to boost Focus and Morale but those of malicious intent or evil alignment to feel sudden inexplicable fear and a chance to inflict panic and confusion ( The more "good" or "evil" you are the more it may affect you)
Star guidance = Divines major events by watching the cycles of the stars, and speaking to the spirits of the stars to see glimpses of the future during a month long Ritual

Song of the mother - A soft hymn that Sooths away aggression and anger, and most negative emotions like sadness , and fear.

Song of the father - a Song that calls forth the passion for a righteous cause or battle .

Barrier - a magical shield / barrier of energy that can lessen the affect destructive magic, and in some cases completely block out lesser spells from a weaker mage, or dark priest

Call to Alliance - a cry out , that lowers morale of enemies, boost the morale of allies, and calls forth beast, and spirits to stand beside her.

Sacrifice of blood - her blood can revive those of good alignment , also has the ability to cure decease. (is toxic to creatures of evil and chaos)

Sacrifice of the fallen - gathers the souls of the fallen threw an intricate ritual dance , shaping them into phantoms and spirits to fight by her side.

Push - A telekinetic shield of motion energy that repels enemy away from her , but does little damage .(kinda like bumping aganst a rubber wall that "bounces" you about 12 to 20 ft , though enemies may sustain damage when they land, or being pushed against walls, trees, ect)

Psychosis- a series of telepathic sent images, and sounds that can disorient and confuse an enemy ( Its like having a bunch of strob lights go off in their head, but instead of light its seemingly random images , a high peircing wailing sound that causes debilitating migraines , disorientation and confusion , and can cause an enemy to hallucinate )

Sacrifice of Spirit - If she sacrifices her own life for the good of many, her life force is given to them , Giving all allies nearby bonus to health, speed, Agility, willpower, and all magic are doubly affective , And casting Barrier on any ally who witness's her sacrifice as well as blessing them with Holy, making their attacks 10x more affective on creatures of evil,and Chaos

Stunning Light - a beautiful mesmerizing display that can cause others to stare absentminded to watch the beautiful display.

Biography Spells was born in the spirit world , the daughter of the tribe leader, and high priestess of the Guardians, Maa'ra . Her birth was blessed by the Star Shavir,,which streaked across the sky the moment of her birth , and circles around annually.
She the first part of her life she was raised both in the rituals and ways of a priestess, and the ways of governing her tribe. She found leading distasteful. she had always had a strong will, and even stronger sense of Justice, and Honor. She found solace in her faith.
During the Dividing War , she was At her fathers side till his assassination, by her mother , Possessed and controlled by Baynlaal , But unable to raise her hand aganst her own mother, she was defeated But at the last moment was able to bring her mothers mind forth, too late to stop the spell to send her to the Void, her mother, was fortunately able to redirect the destination to the Earth.
She spent alot of time as a village healer and taught the human children .
As generations passed , she grew tired of mourning for lives that seem to begin and end so quickly, and became a wanderer .
For a short time she established a city and kingdom she lead in the moral codes and ways of her people, until She stepped down from her throne, and giving leadership to her half human son, Affectionately called "Thorn" and leaving it behind to spread the word and ways of ehr people, and to bring peace and order to a war filled chaotic world. SHe came on a small new born nation, and spent much of her time helping them grow, though unsuccessfully . Now she comes here, after a man had come to the village and posted a note about this kingdom, which interests her.



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PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:00 pm
Name: Kadrin "The Cold" Mckenna
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Fay or Faerie
Height: 6 ft 5 in
Hometown: London, England

Facial: Sharp, bright green eyes with a hint of silver when she is angry. Strong cheek bone, plump lips and pointed ears.
Body: She is tall, lithe, and strong.
Hair: Midnight Black that is waist length, usually bound in a loose braid that covers her ears.
Clothing: Usually she wears blood red pants, bodice or leather jerkin and black high heel boots. Has a bow and quiver of arrows across her back

Known abilities: when she is angry her control slips and she lets lightning loose upon her enemies therefore she usually uses her bow.
Rank: Trainer of the Night Army, Right hand of the Goddess Freya
Family: Nana, Emilia, Siobhan and several other Faye that live in the same house with her.
Personality: Cold, unfeeling, does not have emotions but can feel pain
Fighting ability: prefers long range combat with her bow and can't miss otherwise she is incapacitated by excruciating pain. If she has to be involved with hand to hand combat, she has to rely on her sisters to back her up.

Weapons, Items, Etc
Weapon of choice: Bow bestowed upon her by the Goddess Freya.
Reserve Weapons: Two wicked curved blades bestowed upon her by Freya's beloved.
Her curse: As Kadrin lay dying on the battle field, over 600 years ago, Freya chose her to be a shield maiden. She was given a curse that if she missed with her bow than she would feel excruciating pain. Therefore she protects the weak and the innocent.

Talents: None known or they are hidden from her and haven't been revealed yet.

Kadrin was born to a large family 600 years ago. Due to a clan battle between the McKennas and the McLeods, she was struck down. As she lay dying, Freya transported her to her temple and struck a bargain. When she returned to Earth, she became Kadrin "The Cold" McKenna. Her race are called Faye or Faeries. They are lethal warriors and will fight to the last breath.


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