Hi, my name is Jake Strife
I'm only 16 and a second year student.
I'm a human, and a sword man skilled in kenjutsu (art of figtning with a katana) with a demon inside. It controls electricity. I am from new York, currently, searching for my brother.
I'm related to my brother, who I will hunt down.
A lot of people say I'm athletic, fun to be around, loud, and always happy. But that I also have sadness in my eyes.
But thats because I have been through a lot. My parents were killed by my brother when I was 4, and I became very quiet for years. In middle school, I was made fun of my freakishly athletic ability: as I was much stronger than anyone I knew. That was because of my demon. A lightning demon which I have trouble controlling. It takes over at times. I am able to control electricity at my will, and can make things out of lightning. I grew much stronger, my demon is more powerful than virtually any other one, and I opened up more by high school, and now, here I am.
I hope that my past life doesn't stop you from wanting to be my friend though.
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